Big Debate - How far can Kenny Jackett take Wolves?

Wolves became the best third-tier in history with a record haul of 103 points.

Wolves boss Kenny Jackett lifts the League One trophy
Wolves boss Kenny Jackett has already said he has targeted promotion to the Premier League as next season's goal.

How far can Kenny Jackett take Wolves?

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Comments for: "Big Debate - How far can Kenny Jackett take Wolves?"


I am sorry to say not very but it will not be Kenny's fault we will need more finance to mount a serious challenge for the championship and I do not think that will come and I still blame M&M for that and cannot understand how Moxey is still in a job as we said that we would be getting rid of all the big earners and he is one of the very biggest it is not that he has anything to offer afterall

Farmer Ted

Okay, give us a comprehensive list of all the things he doesn't do.

Don't bottle it, be specific!


It is easy to spend money but spending money to get the quality needed to get to the premiership is not easy, look at McCarthy's record, Ohara for 7million, Johnson another few million plus others and we ended in division 3. I would suggest if we can keep this TEAM together and introduce a few good youngsters they will finish mid-table next season, top half the following season and having gained the experience and matured, possibly the play offs in 2017/2018. I hope though that I am being pessimistic.


I think he can get us promoted to the Premier League. Beyond that, I'm not sure.




Very good.....maybe Brighton ??


Given decent resources he could get us a long way if we keep the momentum. He is an under-rated manager who's done well at smaller clubs where he hasn't really had too much money so if his buys are as good as they have been this year a little money could go a long way with him. Momentum is key though, a lot of teams just become stuck in the Championship and find it very hard to re-conjure it.


With a bit of good fortune, injuries to a minimum, hopefully the gaffer can push us past mid-table and into a coveted playoff spot. Big ask, yes, but what's not to like about our momentum and the learning curve we have been on since our humbling decent the two years previous?

We will compete in the Championship, that I know, and it will be the aim to try and get promotion, no question. Whether or not we can pull it off, grab a playoff position, that won't be known until about this time next season...if we get the right bounces along the way!



My view on KJ has never changed , I predicted he would win this very very poor league. But I really feel this is as far as he will take us. I am fully expecting next season to be the complete opposite & us too seriously struggle all season. The only way we will survive is if JM& SM fully back Kenny with £10 -£20m,& even then it might not be enough to keep us up next season.


How often have you watched us this season? Surely with a few additions we would be at least mid table championship

Farmer Ted

Having read this and your previous posts, I'm not sure whether your a doom merchant or an Albion wind-up merchant. Either way your opinion doesn't make much sense. Sure, things could fall apart overnight but that's no going to happen is it? Wolves are returning to the Championship with a purpose, style of play and a winning mentality that KJ and his staff have honed over the last few months. The team as it is would hold it's own against the likes of Leeds Sheff Wed and the rest of the teams below them. It is clear that KJ and KT have already earmarked players who will raise the standard to improve on that and there is no reason to think that SM will not support him.

The £10-£20 million you talk about is nonsense. It's not the amount of money it's the quality of the player that's bought. Solbakken made a complete hash of the millions Morgan gave him, but Kenny Jackett's record shows things will be very different this time.

Promotion, even through the play offs, maybe a little optimistic first time of asking, but you never know.

For God's sake, cheer up man.


Well said Ted. Family took us for a "treat" recently to watch Leeds v Blackpool at Elland Road and we definately have nothing to fear from the likes of those two and many others in The Championship.

The Real Bully Hoo.


He could be one of ours but he might not. We get similar on our side, bloke's that completely ignore the fact that most of our best signings have cost next to nothing while the big money ones have almost always bombed. But they still come on demanding that JP splash out money we haven't got, As the song goes, when will they ever learn?


You're chatting pure nonsense squire!

There's a revolution in progress either be part of it or stay over the border in Boggie land.


you obviously read the league rules about overspending ? no did not think so.


That depends on his players but I can see them in the top half next season and maybe challenging for the PL. This is a young squad and eager to learn and learn they have now they have to learn more at the next level. Give them the chance and see what they are capable off. Don't knock them too early. Hope Sako stays with the club along with Dicko. Let the teams next season hear the wolves roar so loud that it scares them. :) It was said that in the 50's and 60's teams felt intimidated before they even got to the pitch. UP THE WOLVES


How long is a piece of string ?

How far will he get this present team ? How many new players do we need ?

How much money is he going to get?

We hope all the way to success

Thank you Kenny UTW

Stearmans overhead kick

Time will tell, But afraid he never set the championship alight with Millwall. How about a big debate on boardroom backing comparing Millwall's board with Morgan's and Moxey's board?


Who knows? - but you couldn't have wished for more from him this season. Given financial backing, I would expect him to get us in or around the play-offs next season. He seems a shrewd operator.


You all know i am not a big KJ fan but his results are the best ever in this league so i tip my hat to man, if Morgan backs him with real money then who knows how far he might take the club, its up to Morgan to put the club back in the Prem, KJ has made some very good signings and i would think deserves being backed by Morgan to take the club up again next season with the sort of players who will be able to play at prem level if they get there, so a big slice of humble pie for me, Thanks Kenny and hope you get the backing to finish the job.


I agree with you and Oldergold -with the enough money ad the right players there is no reason why we cant get into Europe. And Charie17 sorry but we need more than ''a few good youngsters'' .


"with the enough money ad the right players there is no reason why we cant get into Europe",what in gods name are you talking about.


I can see mid-table or slightly above next season with what we have. With the right buys, we could knock on the door for promotion through the play-offs. Given the three years that Mick got, I think promotion to the Prem is a very realistic possibility. How high in that Division, who knows. We will be better prepared for it, as we now play a passing game that will allow us to hold te ball better, and will mean we won't be having the ball coming straight back at us immediately it goes forward.

rushall wolves

See the Doom Mongers are out in force before the celebrations have ended! To be honest, there is no reason why Wolves should not be capable of a promotion push next season, but I think that we may need a couple of experienced players to keep their feet on the ground!

Why the constant moaning at Jez Moxey? Wolves are in a much better financial position than a lot of clubs in the Championship, so stop the moaning! Things are looking good, so let's be positive. League One may have been poor, but doesn't 103 points say something from a young Wolves team. Please give them some credit!


I honestly believe we need to look at young and gifted talent abroad, players that are comfortable on the ball, players that make things happen out of nothing, we can't compete for recognised talent here, and so why not trust Kenny Jackett. His done well with the foreign players his introduced to the current squad, and so why not look to Europe or African talent and with the World Cup on the horizon perhaps look at the so called minnows, of the competition to pick up talent. I honestly believe that the 3rd tier of the Spanish German French league and top level African league will unearth some gems, and with Kenny and co's eye for spotting talent we can go all the way and be good enough for the Premiership, the key is to prepare half the squad for the Premiership and that way we will storm the Championship. Also perhaps we should look at a few old heads who are at the twilight of there playing career and have had Premiership experience e.g. ex Man U players. Good luck Kenny Jackett, ultimately you'll make the right decisions.

Southern Wolf

The gap between League One and the Championship is not that big. Look at Bournemouth this season, Saints and Norwich previous seasons. Strong League One sides often compete well in the Championship, and we're mathematically the strongest League zone side ever. I don't think the question of how far Jackett can take us is a good one though, he will be constrained by finances and player attitude, he'll need a little bit of luck on his side. I can see him getting us to the Premier League within 2 years.

Old Gold Heart

I feel quite down reading all the rubbish written above. How KY isnt up to it and we will struggle etc etc and the least we should go for is europe. honestly, i wonder what planet some of you are on. We have just finished a brilliant season> ask leeds, mancity, sheff united, etc how easy it is to just walk out of this league. i havent enjoyed a season so much for years. i went to lots of away games and the atmosphere was brilliant, not because we won or drew but because it felt real again. I dont give a toss about getting to the prem. if we do then we should try and stay in. i think our squad is good enough to be top half in the championship. we will see more wins than losses and the football will be decent. cant you just enjoy the next 3 months and then cheer the lads on next season. to be honest i would rather be us this season than west brom (which is about the best we can hope for) . we've had bigger crowds, watched more wins and had a great time. why do we want that cobblers again.....


O G H, I can't believe you said ''I don't give a toss about getting to the prem''.

Old Gold Heart

i hated the prem years. despite beating man united, liverpolle, chelsea, city and spurs they were grim. we had to play defensively in every game. i live 200 miles away and get to about 10 games a season. when i am not there my mates take my season tickets. i went 4 years without seeing a win. We havent got the money, stadium or set up to properly compete. i used to feel bad about finishing 7th in the championship every year but honestly i would rather be doing that than being like wba and co crapping against relegation and having a negative goal difference every year. the days when we had a decent chance at winning anything are long gone. we missed our chance in the early 90s and every year it drifts further away. so, i know it sounds wierd and i accept most people wont agree with me but i just dont want us to go up

Old Gold Heart

that should have read wba scrapping but maybe it was a freudian slip...

The Real Bully Hoo.


We've stopped scrapping now... or perhaps you were right we've stopped crapping as well.


If we knew the answer to this we would all be worth a fortune.

I think KJ has already done the job he was brought into do - halt the slide. He's done that and much, much more. Promotion as champions and records falling all along the way. Now we all, quite reasonably, want back to back promotions.

Then there is the debit side - some of the players KJ has successfully brought in were not considered good enough by mid table championship clubs. Will ALL these players prove ALL their former employers wrong? It would be nice if they could but do we think Clarke is really going to set the championship on fire? KJ doesn't have a great Championship record either. Then there are the loanees to sort out.

With the current squad, probably mid table at best is realistic - consolidate then move on again.


I trust KJ knows what he's doing. He's proven that in style. Therefore, the Premier league.


well done Kenny gr8 job done with your own players ,and none of the old rabble in sight,looking forward to next season as most of us are


Around this time last year, there were supporters who were posting on this website that they thought Wolves may get relegated to league two. Frankly I could'nt see it with the senior squad that we had, and the youngsters in the U21's yet to make an appearance. Trusting my judgement, I investmented two £10 bets of Wolves to win promotion by any means, and Wolves to win the title, which has proved both lucrative and satisfying.

Already I see supporters casting doubt about Wolves chances in the championship next season. Everyones entitled to their opinion, but I would respectfully suggest that they should have a bit more faith in Kenny Jackett and the players. If Wolves had just scrapped promotion by the skin of their teeth, I would be a tad more apprehensive about next season. But that is not the case. Wolves have finished up with a record number of points for this division and nine points clear of second place. Added to that is the way in which it has been achieved: we're actually playing proper football.

As things stand at the moment, with no additions to the squad or any of the current senior first team players leaving, I think we should be capable of a top six place. We shall have to see how events turn out during the summer, with comings and goings which will have an effect on our chances for promotion. Best case scenario is that Jackett can hold onto all the players in this successful squad and add two or maybe three more quality players. Worst case scenario is that players such as Sako, Dicko and McDonald are lured away, and that Jackett has difficulty in replacing them.

Nevertheless, I believe that Wolves will certainly be competing for promotion next season. If a team like Burnley can win promotion, I see no reason why Wolves can't do it.

Putza Shiftin

This team is collectively much better than the one which was relegated from the Championship. KJ can lead us to a mid-table/upper half finish next year, possibly a play off push the year after and serious promotion contenders beyond that - if the squad continues to develop.

It's impossible to say if he can get us to the Premiership and ensure we stay there. It depends on many factors, but at least he is a manager who spends wisely and will get the best players we can afford and who buy into the club ethos.

For that reason and the fact we are playing more attractive football than we have seen for several years, he is the man for the job for the foreseeable future.


I believe that K can take us to a much higher level. He is a COACH and has collected a team of players who can adapt to play in various formations and not the 4-2-4 system which is so outdated like the managers who can only play this way. Hence he will play and has done in fact, played a formation to counter the opposition. He will now find a few more mentally aware players who have not been indoctrinated by the McCarthy's of the football world.These are the younger players and not the players of his era

You have only got to see the teams who are flexible are the successful ones. We will become a good and successful team because he is a forward looking coach. A moulder of players.

I have the faith in the man and cannot wait for the next season to start


Here we go Sandwellers are on here again trying to wind you up. look you little no hopers from West brum you escaped from relegation by the skin of your teeth. We have something something you know little of called Pride. UTW


LAST big debate of the season, hopefully!!

Jacketts done wonders with what hes got. Who would have thought 12 months ago we would be winning the league in such a outstanding way as we have.

So , how far can KJ take Wolves?

Well, easy answer.


Dougan is king...


OMG! Some moaners above are enough to make a saint cry. For god's sake, lighten up. Some of you were predicting a third relegation even. You're either comically depressed Wolves fans, or you're supporting another (nearby?) team! We've just had a record breaking season. We have momentum. We have the history. We have the facilities. And we have the support, although some of it is very fickle. My prediction remains, we are capable of a second successive promotion. Improving the team is not about money in itself! McCarthy and Solbakken proved that to our misfortune. It's about spending well, and wisely, we don't even have to spend much, KJ has proved that! Ironically we are now playing the way Solbakken wanted, but unfortunately we had overpaid cart horses incapable of stringing a few passes together in the Championship. This time it's different. Fasten your seatbelts.


No reason KJ couldn't get us to the premier with the correct backing, financial and allowance to operate with no interference. Without investment may struggle a bit, but still expect midtable, KJ has set up a real 'team' who will punch above their weight.

No wholesale changes required for the next stage, 4 players would be enough, all better than what we have and expected to be starters. Centre back, combative midfield that gets forward, striker and wider player. Then who knows, pay-offs or more!

KJ has a record of achieving on frugal budgets, no disasters anywhere, just never given the opportunity to push on. I hope Wolves give him the chance to see what he can do with sufficient resources to succeed.

KJ could have done very little more this season and must get 9.9/10. Surely there shouldn't be any doubters he has the right to see what he can do and deserves that backing. My own doubts are not with the football side (as in the last few years) but the commitment and nous of our senior management. Next season will be theirs to make or break!!!

KJ has the vast majority of true Wolves fans support, IMHO, I just hope he gets the real backing he and this present opportunity deserves.


Forgot to say, GIVE STEARS A CONTRACT!!!! Superb season, especially second half of it!


They have I believe, sorted it out already, they were holding back as didn't know what division we would be in, also tied down the crem dele crem of the under 21's. And released a load. Price, bath, Evans tied down, just waiting on ikeme now who has been outstanding between the posts this season, made some big saves.

Things are going great, positions available to fill in the under 21's now a load have left. Jackets looking to fill. Players already identified.

Think we are going to have a few gems coming through to the first team over next few years. The facilitys are top notch, look how many top players southampton have produced.


I think a lot depends on what happens to the players who have been exiled. If they are still on the books, collecting wages and not playing, then Moxey will be less likely to bring in new players.

We may have to wait a year until many of these players' contract have expired. Moxey will not do the right thing and help subsidize their wages to play elsewhere. He would rather pay their wages and try to embarrass them to leave on their own.

Also, with this wage structure that everyone is gloating about, we will never be able to attract the better players because better player want more money and Moxey will use that excuse not to buy them.


another one who is clued up about the rules each club can spend a set amount go over that they get fined and points deducted,your view is ignore the rules spend what we wish and stuff the league.


oh my god we've just won the league what's with all the moaning and dooming, what an absolute joke! Kenny and the backroom staff and fans, what a job 103points! And In the record books, Well done its been an amazing season.

All you Kenny haters said we would get relegated to league two and you weren't happy with the appointment, how wrong you have been proved.

The blokes cv speaks for itself, man city, swansea, Watford, millwall done well and gone onto better things. Kenny is the best up and coming future premier league manager now.

Got bakary sako still! Best winger outside prem, plenty of assists and goals from him this season and if we can keep hold or dicko and build on the squad we should be able to compete with the top9. 4-5-1 has worked well but will need addressing in the champ. 4-4-2

Aslong as Kenny has the time and can spend transfer money then we will be fine. Looking forward to it. Just hope we don't give in and play the outcasts that would cause friction