Kevin Doyle's Wolves future set to be resolved this summer

Kevin Doyle’s future will be resolved this summer, Wolves boss Kenny Jackett pledged today.

Kevin Doyle poses with the QPR shirt today. Picture: QPR/Twitter
Kevin Doyle moved to QPR on loan in January but hasn't ruled out staying at Wolves

Doyle is on loan at QPR until their play-off situation is resolved and Rangers boss Harry Redknapp has indicated he wants to sign the 30-year-old, who has a year left on his contract, permanently.

Wolves head coach Jackett allowed four strikers to leave in January, with Doyle, Bjorn Sigurdarson and Jake Cassidy departing on loan and Leigh Griffiths joining Celtic for £1m.

Doyle, who has scored twice in seven games for the Rs, is due back at Wolves for pre-season but Jackett feels the Ireland international’s future will be sorted out in the coming months.

“It’s something that needs to be sorted out in the summer, definitely, in terms of Kevin,” said Jackett.

“I’ve seen quotes from the manager (Harry Redknapp) saying he’s quite interested in him and I’m sure they’re thinking about things behind the scenes but with no firm plans yet depending on what division they’re in.”

Doyle admits he would be tempted to play for QPR in the Premier League, with Rangers set to play his old club Reading or Wigan in the play-offs, but admits his future is up in the air.

“It would be very attractive to play for QPR in the Premier League - but there are lots of ifs, buts and maybes and a lot of scenarios,” he said.

“QPR are waiting to see what division there in with so many players out of contract.

“Come July it will be the usual merry-go-round. I have to go back to Wolves and see where I stand.”

Jackett added: “It’s not just Wolves’ situation it’s QPR and the player himself that all need to agree on it.

“If Rangers stay in the Championship he’s a Wolves player and we pick it up then.

“My focus is on tomorrow and then we’ll watch and see what happens with QPR - that might be a few weeks away, and then pick up with that whole group as to us going forward.

“I don’t know anything officially on QPR’s stance, nor does Kevin Thelwell.

“I’m sure if we were in that situation we’d be saying: ‘We need to look at the big picture when we know what division we’re in’.”

Doyle is one of eight senior players out on loan with Roger Johnson (West Ham), Stephen Ward (Brighton), Georg Margreitter (FC Copenhagen), Bjorn Sigurdarson (Molde), Razak Boukari (Sochaux), Tongo Doumbia (Valenciennes) and Kevin Foley, who has returned to Wolves from Blackpool to undergo a successful shoulder operation last Monday.

And, while Jackett is looking to offload them if possible this summer, he acknowledges it’s going to be a tricky balancing act financially, with all of the players still contract for at least another year.

“They haven’t featured this season and so it’s not necessarily going to be a situation where they’re going to break in this year,” he said.

“But they’re under contract and they come back to Wolves.

“I’ll have to wait and see. That’s something I’ll plan during the summer.

“I’ve got enough time then to see my numbers and assess who needs to come up from the youth ranks, who’s progressing, who’s ready and who’s not, who’s in the 21s, and also any potential signings from the outside.

“Then I have to look at how that leaves me in terms of the size of my group and what spaces there are.”

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Comments for: "Kevin Doyle's Wolves future set to be resolved this summer"


1 mill for Leigh still seems cheap.

Now we are a championship team he should be worth between 2-3 million.

Not the best bit of buisness Mr Moxey


Oh, do put a sock in it, with the continual Moxey baiting.

You have absolutely no idea about the running of a professional football club. Balancing the books and maintaining a sustainable business plan can not be easy given the ridiculous wages of the players, the wheeling and dealing of various agents and the unpredictability of success or failure.

Griffith was always going to be returning to his family in Scotland. His disciplinary record both on and off field will always hamper his footballing career. We need the stable, united dressing room that Kenny Jackett seems to be assembling.

Just for once be glad that we have got a football team to be proud of in our city, that we have a fabulous stadium a stone's throw from the city centre, and that the club have had a season of success that has far exceeded what we all expected.


I really cannot believe you wrote such rubbish.

Farmer Ted

Have you forgotten his contract was up before we got near the Championship? probably didn't.


This is an article about Kevin Doyle, not Leigh Griffiths. We got a million pounds for a player who didn't want to be here. Did you ever see the miserable look on his face when he was warming up as a sub on the touchline ? Probably not !

Wolves Mick

I for one would welcome Doyle back into the fold. Class act and will be good for us in the Championship as a foil to an out and out goalscorer like Dicko or A N Other . Doyle has the right attitude and is easily good enough to command a place and respect from his fellow players.


Time to move on , never the goalscorer we expected , had a good first season , but his career like others drifted , I see that SEB has not been offered a contract by Ipswich Town , the club has moved on and so should some of the old players for their own careers.

As for Leigh Griffiths sometimes its best to get what you can at the time , have we missed him NO , Since he left ?


Erm. E&S. This article is a nonsense. If QPR go up via the playoffs, they are going to be in financial meltdown. They haev spent on a ridiculous loss this season. Due to Financial Fair Play, it is unlikely that QPR will be allowed to sign anyone at all next season if they go up.

You are making up stories for the sake of it by the looks of things.



Personally I think we should keep him. An on form fit Doyle will be one of the best strikers in the championship and will probably fit in better with the squad we have now than when he played for us at the start of the season.


In other words Mr Johnson, O'Hara and Co. you are all third and last in the row for first team consideration.

Let us hope they all get fixed up somewhere as we do not want them in our dressing room or even on the training pitch


Bangkok Wolf

This time you really have written some drivel.

The man wanted away for family reasons but probably with you living in Bangkok away from an all in family life it is something you may not understand, hence the rubbish remark.

The Flying Winger

It just underlines what a mess we go it ourselves into, since these so called strikers have left the club and have been replaced we are now capable of scoring goals.

Whilst they still struggle to score goals for their new clubs.

Funny old world!!!!!!!!!!


No Doyle MUST GO!! we have proved we can more than manage without him, get him and the other hangers on off the wage bill!

rushall wolves

I agree with the comments made that Wolves should keep Doyle. He has always been a loyal player and would probably be a useful player to have in the Championship, given his experience. He had previously played in a team devoid of any confidence, but now may be the time for him to make his mark again, and add a bit more experience to the team. As for the others, let's hope some one comes in with a bid!


Will be difficult to put a dent in recouping much of the £6M plus we paid for Doyle, owing to just one year remaining on his contract. Mat worst, let Harry and QPR pay his salary on another loan, then get him for free summer after next. Yes, too simple to actually happen, but regardless of what transpires I just don't see Kevin Thelwell or Kenny Jackett allocating this player a spot in the squad, not after such a revolutionary and evolutionary shift to a younger and hungrier team, more balanced in terms of salary distribution as well.

Still, wish Doyler all the best. He was never a part of the true rot that sunk our Premier and Championship vessels, respectively.



Kenny Jackett's comments make it quite clear that he has no inclination to have Kevin Doyle reinstated into the first team squad. Whether or not Doyle will sign for QPR, he is unlikely to be at Molineux next season.

The same seems to go for all the others mentioned in the article, although I would have thought that Sigurdarson and Cassidy might have been given a bit more time to show if they are worth a second chance. Both could go out on loan again for the first three months before making a final decision.

But at the end of the day, it's Jackett's call, and if he wants a clean sweep of all these players - so be it. We move on.

Farmer Ted

A'dek, as we all witnessed KJ put a lot of time into Cassidy and there were times when he actually led the line quite well.....but oh that woeful finishing! I get the feeling he may still have a chance to impress, but he has slipped down the pecking order.

Sigurdarson is a different matter. He has failed miserably under three managers and certainly isn't fit for purpose in the Championship. When you look at the players Solbakken signed and the dispirited, burned out, bickering bunch he inherited we were doomed. ( and then along came Deano!)

Silver Wolf

My guess is the salary will be a major sticking point. It, and others that are also legacies of the past, could hardly sit comfortably with the present squad's contracts.

As a player I believe he could still do a job for Wolves, and as a person I know of nothing to suggest he was part of the rot that grounded the good ship Molineux.

However, those are considerations for KJ et al, and whatever the outcome I wish Kevin Doyle the best of fitness, form and happiness now and in the future.


Those who think Kevin could do a job are probably correct we don't need a 20 goal a season striker.

Jack the Hat

If Doyler is out of contract expect Mick to come in for him. He would suit Ipswich and no transfer fee attached. Ipswich are a settled Championship side who will be at the top end of the league next season so why would Doyler take a the risk of going back to a relatively new Championship club as most of their players are from the lower realms.


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