Kenny Jackett: George Elokobi has been a wonderful servant to Wolves

Wolves boss Kenny Jackett today paid tribute to the “tremendous servant” George Elokobi after admitting it was a tough decision to let him go.

George Elokobi of Wolves celebrates his goal at Molineux
George Elokobi of Wolves celebrates his goal at Molineux against Manchester United

The popular left-back, who is out of contract this summer, has been released after six and a half years at Molineux during which he made 103 appearances.

Elokobi joined Wolves from Colchester for around £300,000 in January 2008 and helped the team to the play-offs in his first season before being part of the squad that won the Championship title the following year and spent three seasons in the Premier League.

His highlights included scoring four goals, plus claiming one which Kevin Doyle also said was his in the 2-1 win over Manchester United in 2010-11.

Jackett only played the Cameroon-born defender nine times, and he leaves in pursuit of regular football with a glowing endorsement from the head coach.

“George has been a tremendous servant to the club and we thank him for his time here both the chairman, chief executive, Kevin Thelwell and myself on a day-to-day basis, and I’m sure past staff will thank him for his services,” said Jackett.

“We wish him all the best in his future career.

“It was a tough decision but I do feel George needs to go and at this stage of his career, he needs to be playing regularly.

“He’s capable of that and will do very well for his next club.

"Elokobi, always larger than life and a vocal presence in the dressing room, was praised for setting a good example.

“He’s an outstanding professional and a terrific man,” said Jackett.

“He has some frustration because he hasn’t played as many games as he would have liked but he has the opportunity to get in someone’s first team which he’s very capable of and it will be a fresh start for him.

“But we thank him for everything he’s done and he’s a fantastic character to have around.”

Elokobi also came through a career-threatening knee injury in August 2008 before making his comeback the following May to earn more praise from Jackett.

“He’s come through a lot and been a terrific servant and been a big part of many successful campaigns,” said the boss.

“He’s done exceptionally well for the club.”

And Jackett expects the powerfully-built defender to make his own inimitable farewell, even though he won’t be playing in tomorrow’s final game of the season against Carlisle.

“It’s up to him, but I’m sure, knowing him, there will be an opportunity and he’ll be around,” said Jackett.

“I’m sure he’ll be wishing the boys all the very best for the game and hoping for the win.

“In terms of his hamstring, he’ll be touch and go - he’s pretty much fit, but I won’t be selecting him.

“He’s recovered from it but I don’t see it as a situation where we need to take a risk on it.”

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Comments for: "Kenny Jackett: George Elokobi has been a wonderful servant to Wolves"

Jackett the Hat

Sorry Kenny,Batman had a wonderful servant and he couldn't play football either.


Alfred couldn't play football?

You do realise that he was formerly named Alfredo Di Stefano but shortened and anglicised his name when he retired from football, emigrated to the US and took the job as valet to Bruce Wayne, don't you?


Why don't you just go and play with yourself.


A very popular player with fans too. Good luck George in prospering with a new club and thanks for the memories.


All the best George, you've given me some great moments watching you at Wolves. I hope wherever you end up playing, its works out well Big Fella. UTW:

wolves 4 ever

Jacket after the explanation of why you slag the Wolves off ,I could almost see your point off view,I was beginning to think you wer,nt a bad stick after all,but you bob up like a bad penny,your mate Cantello 78 wants to learn to understand what hes reading,at least 3 times hes misquoted what I wrote.I did not call all your fans pillocks and I did not set out to get all your fans in a frenzy, the only ones I was getting at where the ones in the reply bubbles, he started getting personal with his insults and believe I don't feel as though I got goring from the two of you.Anyway its not that you both worry me, your not so bad,hes childish, whys he keep saying whatever he sounds like a cracked record anyway all the best to you no hard feelings.

Jackett the Hat

It's two in the morning and I've had a few beers, normally you can't shut me congratulations mate, cos after reading that, I'm totally stuck for words.

It's normally the ceiling that spins, tonite it's me yed...

wolves 4 ever

Sorry about that those comments they where not aimed at you, ive been having a ding dong with a couple of Albion fans,one named JACK THE HAT when I saw your bit above I was that steamed up I misread your handle, I was sticking up for you on the Albion site about their new strip,JACK THE HAT andCantelloRocket 78 got on their high horse and started slinging the insults,like you im Wolves through and through,so sorry if I gave you an headache,lets hope they get these 3points today best wishes.

Jackett the Hat

No probs W4E, but one's just banter, they wind up-we wind up. If you read a lot on their threads you'l realise that when these blokes type stuff other than WWFC, they're decent people who are passionate as you are about their club. The difference is they have been around the block and have seen it all on these threads, in getting steamed up, you're part of a buffet and every Steptoe will take a piece of you.

Just be ready for the stick that's gonna come from this, and remember they've had they're worst season for some time while we've had a good one for a change so they're whinging more than ever and looking for any morsel to cheer them up.

Enjoy the game, think of some banter and for gawds sake find your punctuation keys.