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Will I get a mortgage for my earlybird?

Pembrokeshire Wolf

Due to a mixture of age, health and travelling distance, I can't get to many matches anymore. But I'm so over the moon to have a ticket for the Carlisle match, at which I will see us presented with the championship trophy and, hopefully, pull off the record points total. What a season it has been - I am so proud of Kenny and the boys. I think the pleasure has been as great as in the all-conquering fifties with Billy Wright et al, and that's saying something!

How wonderful it is to have a team to be proud of again.


Well done guys - 100 points - let's end the season next week with celebrations and a home win to gain yet another record.



"...while Carl Ikeme didn’t have a stop to make after his heroics at Leyton Orient...."

Yeah, except for the one that got past him, he didn't have a stop to make.


The goal was a deflection off our own player. Do they have a Specsaver in Sandwell.

Bedford Wolf

Go back to your Spanish pepper mill mate and your rag bag of foreign mercenaries. You must be so proud.


Listened to match online. More or less fair result.

Not that it would ever be easy to second guess or criticize arguably the division's best manager (head coach!), but not sure why Dicko and Sako did not start this match?

Oh well, next Saturday trophy celebration at the Molineux, against Carlisle, man, that should be fantasti! And, whomever Kenny Jackett jots down on his starting XI team sheet, all will play like gang-busters for you loyal supporters and the coveted 102 points!



Hi, Seattle Wolf.

Buy a calculator, we can't get 102 points.

We can end up with 100, 101 or hopefully 103.



Good on you, because of course those are the correct calculations you noted!

I wanted to intimate we could still break Charlton's record of 101 points.

Still using my fingers and toes to count, it seems!

Cheers and UTMW!


Any insights into why Clarke was not even included in the squad? After the build up in the week in the E&S and elsewhere ... ?

Yes, my curious query as well. What went on with that thinking in KJ's team selection. Yet, when your at the helm, winning the majority of your games, hard for anyone to question the strings being pulled by the almost infallible head coach.

Anyhow, no matter what's actually going on behind the scenes with the Clarke situation, as he has not featured much since the big hoopla move a few months ago, I trust in Jackett to know what's best for the team's success.



The E & S don't pick the team

I was told here once, don't always believe what you read.


I read that he was injured in training.


Groin pull, so my ragged grapevine has said.


A rather scrappy end of the season affair, in which neither side deserved to win all three points. It was only when Sako and Dicko came off the bench that the game livened up a bit. The best that can be said about the match is that Wolves got the point to take them their total for the season to 100.

Albrighton Fred

Hi dek, Fred here, agree with yr comments on the French connection. Should have been on from the start. Could have bought the lad on later.Clarke remains a mystery though.


Fred - I saw a report somewhere that Clarke had a groin problem.


I would have thought the record points tally was important,our standing is still fragile,we need these little things to ease the pain of the last two seasons,so why not start with our best team.


My guess is that KJ is preparing for a grand finale at Molineux. I expect he will put out the strongest team - if Carlisle are still fighting for League 1 survival, they will be no pushovers.

Sedgley - Aussie Wolf

Totally agree Goughy. I know we've wrapped up promotion and KJ has rested key players, but with only two games left I thought he'd have got the points first and broken another record taking that bit of pressure off the last game of the season. Anyway fantastic job by all at Wolves and especially the fans. Good look for next season... UTW


I only ever get to to listen/watch my team via Wolves player or TV as I am in Kent. I have been following Wolves since 1958.

As a 63 year old, I am delighted to be able to go to Molyneux for the first time next Saturday, courtesy of a surprise gift from my Daughter. The cost - decorating her bedroom.....

I have seen Wolves live before, but that was in the early 70's at Palace, West Ham and Arsenal. So its about time I got up to the Mol....

Mountain Wolf

Welcome Home!


You are going to have a great time. You'll enjoy the vibes, the whole atmosphere. The Mol will be buzzing. When I was able to make the journey until a couple of years ago ( STH for 17 years), I used to park at the "Big Garage" - I don't know whether it still operates. Enjoy, WestKentWolves - give the lads a cheer for me.


Enjoy, WKW, believing you'll have a great day out. The Molineux shall be the place to be this next weekend. Should be an electric atmosphere for supporters and players. So, keep pitching in with your daughter's home improvements and you might be on the fly to more matches up at the Golden Palace! Cheers and UTMW.

Lobo para siempre

Hm! That man Edwards again.


Disapointed that we fielded a team without our leading players Sako and Dicko. It made for a pretty boring game for those 2000 supporters paying out for the day. With both on from the start we could have won this mediocre game.

Albrighton Fred

After all the reports this week on Clarke re his return to the club he left under a cloud. Knowing what returning players can do. This becomes a mystery. Though in a season so good as this and winning the league at a canter Coventry remain to date the only team we haven't beaten. Let's hope that Carlisle don't become the second as the record total of points would indeed be sweet.


Baggie come in peace (and not Jeremy:-))

Just to say a great achievement hitting the 100 point mark for the season. Enjoy it Chaps.

Ye Olde South Bank

Very kind of you, simmo, and appreciated. League One or not, it's a quite rare, highly creditable achievement.


Nice one Simmo.. Good win for you boys yesterday, so looks like you're safe now. Well done..



Cheers Stokewolf64

It was a much needed win and it certainly helps the cause. If Norwich fail to get anything at Chelsea then that just about does it for us as being safe - failing Fulham pulling off 2 back to back wins.

I would like to wish Wolves every success in getting 3 points on the last game of the season and getting that record. It would be a fantastic achievement and well deserved.

Any Baggies fan not wanting this would be very churlish IMO.


Ye Olde South Bank

This game had very much an 'After The Lord Mayor's Show' feeling to it. A slightly disappointing result given that the lads couldn't hang on to their late lead, but great credit to Dave Edwards for finding the onion bag yet again.

Like a fair few fellow fans, I really expected the Dicko/Sako combo to be unleashed on a team that's conceded a glut of goals at home. I was also surprised at Clarke's total absence, but hey, nobody's in a position to criticise Kenny, this season. The boy's done good.

Still, 100 points is 100 points and it aint very often you see three figures next to your name in the table. Now, let's take care of Carlisle United and break that League One points record. As we're playing at Molineux, maybe it was always meant to be. UTW.

Why is Moxey still here

Please, please, please lads, next week NO PITCH INVASION. I'd rather not give Moxey a reason to keep his wallet padlocked.


Cheers simmo54. At least there are ''a few Baggies with common sense''

with more to say than the EFF thing.

Bedford Wolf

One thought on the attendance - Sixfields holds 7,500, Coventry's average home gate this season is 2,200, we were given just 2,000 tickets, the attendance? 4,200. Why oh why couldn't we have been given more tickets when there were 3,300 empty seats? I thought Coventry needed the money.


I was there yesterday and two stands (south and east) were allocated to Wolves. These were full.

The other two stands were for home supporters (some of whom are season ticket holders), which included the biggest West stand.This stand was probably only half full. It would not have been practical for safety reasons to house any away supporters in these two stands.


A thoroughly decent and magnanimous post you have written there Simmo. This is how local rivalry ought to be, instead of the degenerate, low grade rubbish that appears all too frequently on some posts. More of the same please.------------ I also hope that your day out at Molineux is a memorable one WestKentWolf. I'm sure it will be. As we grow older, our pride in our football roots grows stronger. Well, at least mine does.


Thanks Derbyshire and couldn't agree more with you. You need rivalry otherwise it is all futile but within the rivalry needs to be decency and respect ..... not venom.

Life is full of ups and downs and that mirrors the fortunes of our beloved Black Country Teams, but in the end if we aren't playing each other and you don't get that stomach turning gut wrenching feeling that THE LOCAL DERBY brings then it is all a waste of time. COYB


I too miss the derby matches Simmo, but never for reasons of hatred. Though I always want my Wolves to put one over the Albion, I always retain a soft spot for all the Black Countey teams, e.g.. the Albion and Walsall.-------- I said in a much earlier post that my dad is a lifelong Baggies supporter, (possibly the oldest at 101 years), but rivalry in our house was always healthy and respectful.He always took me to see the Wolves as a kid, possibly because three buses to the Hawthorns was that bit too far, as well as costly. The winner in all of this has to be football, with local pride not too far behind, but hatred, never!


cant wait for next saturday,utw

The Real Bully Hoo.

Hope you enjoy it Nik. The bad times make the good ones all the more enjoyable, something the plastic Man Ure fans will never understand.


cheers trbh, good luck for the rest of the season.


I hope Westkent has a great day. As a season ticket holder in the King John era it pains me not to see them regularly. (I live in Somerset and work every Sat) I only got to see one game this season, my first for 3 years. Unfortunately it was the boring home match against Rotherham. I wish Westkent a special day.

Very Old Gold

Sorry Lads, but as I've said before, the record points total is held by Doncaster Rovers who in Division 3 North in 1947 reached 72 points in only 42 matches. That was under the old system of 2 points for a win. They won 33 and drew 6 matches which makes a total of 105 points using the present system. How many they would have reached if there were 46 matches is anybody's guess.


30k stay off the pitch

wolves 4 ever

Well done to all at Wolves the players have done us proud so come on supporters keep off the pitch let the team enjoy their achievement with the fans instead of having to run for safety please do us proud like the team have.


IN ALL GOOD WILL - - - -I would like to wish Wolves every success in getting 3 points on the last game of the season and getting that record. It would be a fantastic achievement and well deserved.

hopefully WE WON'T BE PLAYING YOU NEXT SEASON, but the in the very near future we need the BLACK COUNTRY DERBY to be played otherwise our rivalry is somewhat diluted.



I agree with wolves 4 ever please keep off the pitch and allow everyone young and old in the stadium to enjoy the occasion and let the season end on a high!


Fantastic support at Sixfields from the Wolves. I sat in the Cov stand and watched the singing & partying from the deserted Cov stand - I thought about asking the stewards to transfer me , like numerous others, but opted for a short queue for a half time cuppa . Imagine my surprise as I queued for a drink - Steve Morgan , Jez, Rachael HF and the rest passed by me on their way for a Bovril !! . I think I blew my cover on the way back , as I greeted them all ( not sure what Alex McGleesh was doing there too!?!) .At the final whistle - I walked up the steps back into the stand - and bumped into Sir Jack !!!!! That made my day !!! UTW .

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