Big Debate - If you were Kenny Jackett, where would you strengthen Wolves' side for next season?

Where would you strengthen Wolves’ team for next season and where can they realistically finish?

Wolves head coach Kenny Jackett
Wolves head coach Kenny Jackett

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Comments for: "Big Debate - If you were Kenny Jackett, where would you strengthen Wolves' side for next season?"


What a stupid question

Farmer Ted

Well done, you beat Sir Billy Quiet with the first weekly, puerile condemnation about the Big Debate.

We're all really impressed.

Sir Billy Quiet

I think the E&S are ahead of all of us in the puerile debating department.........

Ye Olde South Bank

....and I'll second that, SBQ.

Some of their intelligence-insulting debates are truly, mind-bogglingly ridiculous, at times.


We are too reliant on the Sako-Dicko combination - we need more firepower up front. We might make the play-offs, but I doubt we'll be promoted next season.


Ah, but we have Clarke.

Seriously, Henry and Jacobs have looked useful but the championship is another story. We also have the Sig who was one of the few "successes" in the championship last year. He's got a couple in 3 games in Norway I believe. Still feel there's some milage in persevering with him.


Got to give em a few months see how they cope first

Bedford Wolf

In 3 areas. Another centre back to give cover and competition to Batth, Stearman & Ebanks-Landell. A defensive midfielder, combative, strong - am not entirely convinced Price is ready and Davis has gone off the boil. A striker to complement Dicko, Clarke & McAlinden. Those 3 additions to what is a good well balanced squad will, I think, see us do well next season.


Realistically automatic promotion is a must.

The team needs strenthging with championship quality in all areas.

This can only be achieved by Moxey opening up the big fat wallet.


Their is no doubt that we need to strengthen the team. I remember walking out of the Wolves v Blackburn match on survival Sunday and thinking going to to our third season in the perm would trigger some significant strengthening - we ended up with Johnson and O'Hara. Don't get me wrong, they 'appeared' good buys at the time but we needed more attacking players and more depth to the squad.

The point is I have the same feeling coming back into the championship, I don't want Jackett to make the same mistake that Mick made and think just because they have had a good year they are world beaters. Jackett has said he knows the championship well, I hope he does something to build the squad for a much tougher season.

We lack pace up front compared to the better championship sides and we need more power in midfield both our wide and in the middle. We also need strength in depth, once you get past the best 11 we are getting a bit thin in terms of quality.

We need;

- Two strikers to support Dicko and Clark

- I would go for two from Troy Deeney, Callum Wilson, Kieran Agard,or Sam Baldock.

- Send young McAlinden out on loan until January

- Get Scott Hogan from Rochdale to play the Jacobs roll just behind the striker

- get one from Alex Prichard or Ben Pringle for the wings to add some strength in depth and 'encourage' Sako to keep his focus

- I would also pick up some younger talent for the under 21 side by cherry picking the better players youngsters from the lower leagues. Two or three 19/20 year olds for a few hundred grand could supliment our u21's because they have been poor this year.

The last piece of the jigsaw would be a commanding central midfielder with a bit more bit that Price and Evan's (both of which have been very good this season).

Off load Elikobi (nice bloke but no a footballer) and give Edwards another year.

They are not going to shout it from the rooftops but I can honestly see Morgan giving Jackett some significant funds to have a shot at promotion. I am not talking mega millions but I do think he could be giving three or four million to build the squad, although we will never know because all the deals will be 'undisclosed'

I have a good feeling. We will see 10/15 players leave if not more with the u21's who are out of contract, and I can see 5/6 players coming in to the first team squad.

Good post, agree with most of what you say.

We do need to improve the U 21 as we have spent a lot of money on the Academy & facilities and we will need to rely on a steady supply of talent if we are to survive in top flight, once we get there.

I don't know what/how Southampton do it, but there is the blue print for success.


To be fair to Steve Morgan, he is developing the facilities at our academy probably with the Southampton model in mind (they earmarked £30M to further develop theirs a couple of years ago). So Saints are not resting on their laurels. Another point which must help them is the fact that unlike Wolves, they do not have much in the way of competition from local big clubs to pick up local talent at a young age - no disrespect intended to Bournemouth and Pompey.


Hi cannock,i agree with what your saying,heres a thought for a combative midfielder, FRIMPONG,why is he at Barnsley,when he was on loan he was the bite and grit we craved for,until he got injured.He would give McDonald that little bit more freedom,by winning all the midfield battles.Anyone else agree/disagree.


3 Points Saturday

While being impressed beyond all expectation with the squads performance but more relevant Kenny Jackett as head coach, I think we should temper our enthusiasm and expectations for next season. Automatic promotion would be fantastic but only if we are certain that the club and the head coach, never mind the players, have the right mind set and the talent to sustain themselves. We know only too well what it is like to get into the Prem and then get shot down in flames for lack of planning, conviction and playing qualities. I'd like to see a top six finish next season with the Mol being a place no team wanted to visit. Plenty of high scoring wins, to build on the excellent defensive record from this season. We have to be able to attract good players and a good record in the Championship next season would be a further stepping stone. I don't want to bang on about previous managers but some signings on the way to and in the Prem were nothing short of pathetic. While I trust in Kenny Jackett in League one and probably two, he has no proven pedigree in the top flight yet. So slow down all you wannabees, we'll get there, but this time let's do it with every intention and the system in place to stay. UTW

Jez Moxeys second chin

Ah, the big debate.

Sadly, I've not seen enough of the guys this season to to be specific regarding individuals but i think the answer would be an obvious yes. I don't think there will be wholesale changes coming in as i think Kenny will try and keep the balance right in terms of competition for places and the type of personality to fit in. Outgoing will hopefully be a different matter and will see Kenny build on the foundations that he and importantly Thelwell, have laid this season.

Pembrokeshire Wolf

"If you were Kenny Jackett......................." is all very well, but unless we know how much money we have (not a lot, as usual, I suspect), then it's an impossible question to answer. This is already a better team than the one McCarthy inherited from Hoddle, so there's no reason why progress should not be maintainned. If Mick got us up, then I'm sure Kenny can - one day................


The answer to this question is not as straightforward as it first seems. Much will depend on who leaves and who stays.

Most, if not all of the senior players currently out on loan, will one way or another leave. But there could be other senior players who may leave; such as Sako, Stearman, Edwards. While I think the latter two will probably new contracts (although it's not certain), Sako might be tempted by an offer from a premiership club. Worst case scenario would be if all three left, in which case Jackett would need immediate replacements for all three of them.

However, assuming that Jackett has all the current best players at his disposal, then I don't think he needs a lot of new players. Top of my list would be a striker such as Patrick Bamford (Chelsea) currently on loan at Derby. He would certainly come into the young and hungry catagory. But there might be other options from top premiership clubs now that we've moved up a division.

Next would be a midfield player to compliment McDonald. Price, and Evans have both done well this season, but they may struggle a bit as they continue their developement in the championship. Maybe a bid for Luke Murphy who Wolves tried to sign at the start of the season might be successful bearing in mind the chaos that is going on at Leeds at the moment.

The defence looks fairly well stocked with options for full backs and centre halves. And we have two good goalkeepers so need to bring anyone else in.

What I think is likely to happen is that Jackett, having brought in a couple players, will re-evaluate the situation once the new season is underway. Then if he feels it necesssary, he might try to strengthen the squad still further before the transfer window closes.


I'd be trying to tie Stearman and Edwards to another contract now. Both have championship experience and while theyb may not have the impact they have had in division one they will, at worst, be excellent squad players.

While we have senior players on loan we also have some of our foreign contingent out there too. Perhaps one or two of them might fit in with KJs plans, wages permitting.


Yes, both Stearman and Edwards have experience at higher level which will be invaluable next season. From comments that have been attributed to them in recent weeks, both seem to be keen to sign new contracts, and for that reason I think they that more likely to here next season.

I don't think there is any way back for Johnson, Ward, Doyle or O'Hara. As for the senior foreign contingent, I think all will be moved on with the possible exception of Sigurdarson.

Stourbridge Wolf

Agree with you Albrighton about Patrick Bamford, though that depends on whether he will feature in Mourinho's plans or if Derby get promoted, they may sign him instead. It also depends on how much backing the board will give KJ. I personally would like to see Troy Deeney alongside Lewis Grabban as a front two as well as Adam Forshaw, Tom Ince on loan,Sam Byram from Leeds and swap Stephen Ward for Aaron Cresswell. That would make us contenders for promotiom. Come on Moxey, get that cheque book out!


I think if Derby do get promoted then Bamford will almost certainly sign for them - either on loan or permanantly. Good though he is, I'm sure that Mourinho will be looking at other targets to bring in during the summer, which would mean Bamford getting few opportunities (if any) at Stamford Bridge.


Some very good points made above. I think KJ is very astute and would be thinking along these lines as well for sure. Yes a CB and a combative midfielder and two strikers. Players that fit the bill have already been mentioned but I think KJ will no doubt surprise us. The returning loaness will obviously be sold generating

funds to spend on players.

Having watched many championship games on sky, I am sure we have a very good chance of competing and at the very least a play-off place. I sure the team are relishing the challenge.

Having watched some of the Burnley v Ipswich game yesterday, we ain't got nothing to worry about the way we have been playing IMHO.

Exciting times ahead and it will be great to see more fans in the Mol.


see ya on Saturday.


Need to spend some money for sure; how much probably totaly dependant on how many of the 'old brigade' are still around.

There is no point in spending for the sake of it, so would target 4 players better than we have and to be expected starters in the team. 1 striker, 1 combative midfielder that can get forward, 1 centre back for sure +1 other likely wider midfielder.

Signing Stears should be a must too.

Expect a fair few departures; which could include Sako, as although he has potential, he as a lot of rough edges and a casualness that really hasn't improved this season.

Of the 'old brigade' I could see a couple staying, but only on their fitness and willingness to conform to te new KJ way.

Sir Billy Quiet

If I was KJ I would strengthen the team in all areas to achieve promotion to the Premiership? why wouldn't he aim to do this?


He should! He has a decent squad to start with that does need strenghtening. Wholesale changes rarely work and what we have should be the basis so that a few good and better players should be the way to go. Further strenghtening in Jan if it would make the difference to get promotion or the playoffs.


I would be very happy if we get promoted whether it be automatic or through the playoffs - however Wolves attempting promotion via the playoffs is very very slim!

You only have to look at history to realise this.

A solid quality squad needs assembling now to challenge for instant promotion.

Ritchie Wolves

Agree and I'm pretty sure he has already got his targets well and truly nailed down..........

Esso Ian

I think our resent performances yesterday and against Orient show we have a lot to do to compete next season. I will say midfield and strikers are needed and if clarke is Jacketts choice god help us. Moxey will keep the money in his pocket so we be shopping in the lower league. So midd table at best like he was with millwall...


yep have to agree, going to have to spend a bit of money to compete I believe if we want to have a go at the playoffs, but looking at the league table past few weeks 5th-12th place have all been able to get in the playoffs if they put a good run of results together and finish strong, so that says a lot to me.

i am interested in this list kenny and thelwell have been putting together over the last 10months? at least we can attract most championship players again. Been impressed by the following league one strikers and think one or two or them would be good, cheap, additions to our championship squad and wouldn't break the bank or anything.

Calum Wilson

Scott Hogan

Cody MacDonald

Kieran Asgard

Mcleod from MK dons been banging in the goals.


Congratulations to all at wolves. As a large team of players backroom staff etc the work has been tremendous. From selection through individual training etc etc. As a long time support it's a great feeling to see them achieve more than one milestone and hopefully another on Saturday. As for next year, yes I do think we need strengthening. We have been very fortunate with injuries and therefore have fielded much the same squad week in week out. We may not be so lucky next year. The players we bring in need to fit the design Kenny has for us. Not just strikers for the sake of getting strikers but those who fit the profile of a wolves man. Our defense has been very good this year but next year it will be that much harder. In the last three games we have leaked 6 goals. The mid field seems to be stable. we do need strikers and another couple of wingers. I don't see Sako staying after Christmas if his form stays as good as this year. He will be scouted and we may loose him.

I am confident that KJ will do us proud.


It is hard to say how these players will shape up in the next level. I suspect Div 1 is the level of some of the squad - Stearman, Edwards, Clarke, Goldourne ? Will McDonald's lack of pace find him short in the Championship? KJ will need to be the judge. Clearly, we will have the expectation to go up again but it is big ask. The thing in our favour is we will be an unknown quantity so might surprise a few teams if we start the season strongly. I hope we keep Sako. Our box of tricks. Is there any role for the loanees Doumbia and Boukari and Magreitter and Sigurgarson. I am assuming Doyle, O'Hara and Johnson are now gone forever. Exciting times are ahead for us. Well done ona fabulous promotion.


A very happy Big Debate to be having! I trust KJ and his team to get this right, but please don't rush into wholesale buys of a whole raft of players. Solbakken did that. Most of if not all of the squad may be up to Championship standard. Norwich and Southampton proved that good League One players can take you a long way. We have momentum, whereas teams coming down from the PL will be in turmoil. We can make 2-3 signings in the August window and blend them in. A striker included. After that there is the loan window. If we're not in the mix by Christmas, the January window will be the time for reinforcements. Then there will be another loan window in February. Gradually I would expect 4-6 signings. I would probably ignore League One signings and consider proven players from the top two divisions. I find it hard to believe we will lose any of our own players unless a PL team comes in. We are now a very attractive proposition even for relegated PL players. We have the history, the facilities, the academy, the huge potential and the fans...


I'm sure you will all have your own opinions but I will try and sum up our squad individually as it stands and how I think it will cope with the step up in class next season, whilst giving pointers as to who I think could come in and make a difference.

GK: Carl Ikeme, should surely step up to the Championship with ease. He has looked a class act and although not entirely convincing in our last Championship venture, he did have an unsettled back four to contend with. Has plenty of Championship experience albeit on loan elswhere.

Aaron McCarey should offer adequate cover on a short term basis and the emergency loan market could always be exploited if need be

RB: Sam Ricketts, perhaps Jacketts most under-rated signing but will easily make the step up. He will not let the boss down and his experience and versatility will always come in handy

RB: Matt Doherty, hopefully can put his injury troubles behind him. For me he is our best right back and will only get better with age. He looked comfortable last time out in the championship so I cant see too many problems there

RB: Ebanks (not Blake) Landell, certainly one for the future. would have no worries about throwing him in at right back and think he will develop into the centre half role as he matures and fills out a little more.

LB: Scott Golbourne, have to admit that I'm a bit unsure here. He has looked at ease with League one football but I don't think a struggling Barnsley were too worried when we signed him. I'd still give him a chance though and Ricketts can offer cover/completion there too. Maybe see how we are getting on towards the January window.

CB: Danny Bathh, a tower of strength this season and is showing all the signs of being our best homegrown player since the Lescott/Keane era. Still though largely unproven at Championship level. I hope the crowd don't heap too much expectation on Danny next season but im sure he is made of the right stuff.

CB: Richard Stearman, has looked pretty impressive this season and hopefully will be offered a new deal. He is more experienced at Championship level but saying that has not always convinced there. Lets hope he will carry the confidence from a good solid season forward into next year.

CB: ???????? I think there is room for a new signing here. We don't have any real cover at centre half and perhaps have been lucky to avoid any long term injuries or loss in form here this season. A lot of people have spoken of Maguire from Sheffield Utd and he does look a good prospect. He is another unproven at Championship level though. I'd take a look at Morrison from Charlton, I think he is on a free and does come with a good reputation. A solid no nonsense type centre half and he should easily fall within our wage budget. Perhaps Jackett could use his London connections to persuade him to the Mol. Wes Morgan would be perfect but I don't think Leicester will be letting him go just yet.

CM: Kevin McDonald has looked a class act and a cut above most a this level. Will he be allowed as much time on the ball in the Championship?? Possibly with the right man alongside him

CM: Jack Price, to me a good little footballer with a big future in the game. He may take time to adjust to the step up in class but I'd certainly persevere with him

CM: ???????? I think we need another addition here. Someone proven at Championship level who would ofer competition to McDonald and Price. Realistic names that spring to mind are Johnnie Jackson at Charlton or Liam Trotter from Milwall(currently Bolton on loan), if the board are feeling ambitious how about Bradley Johnson from Norwich. Looks like they will be relegated and maybe he would appreciate a fresh challenge. Failing that, we do have Tongo Doumbia returning in the close season. I have no idea how he has done out on loan this season but would save the hassle of bringing another player in

CM: I'm not convinced about Lee Evans and would surely only be a bit part player next season. Maybe a spell out on loan would be good for all concerned. David Davis has disappointed massively, perhaps he is one that has struggled with Jacketts new modern fangled footballing philosophy (ie: pass it to one of our players and don't just run about all day)

AM: I think a fully fit Dave Edwards will be a valuable asset next season so hope is offered a new deal. the role just behind the centre forward suits him and our system if that's the way Jackett decides to play next year. He can still play deeper if need be

AM: Sako is probably our best player and its vital we hold onto him if we are to make another challenge for promotion. He is sure to infuriate and excite in equal measures as always and is sure to go through a dodgy spell of form around Christmas but I think we will add to the cover we already have here

AM: Jacobs and Henry, both have something to prove at the higher level having being deemed surplus to requirements by their previous clubs. Both have shown plenty of quality over the season though and certainly deserve a chance next year

AM/CF: Both Doyle and Sigurdarsson could fill this role but I feel their days are numbered here. The lad Hogan from Rochdale might be worth another look as I think he can play either role

CF: Dicko, looks like he will be a real handful for any defender but still unproven at Championship level. I'd certainly stick with him but we would need better cover/competition or even someone to play alongside him.

CF: ??????? It's the glaring void in our squad and one I'm sure Jackett and the board will try to fill. The stand out option for me would be Matty Fryatt, on a free from Hull and could be persuaded due to his local connections. We should be able to offer him a decent package with the likes of Doyle on his way out. Others that spring to mind are Troy Deeney, Chris Woods, Frazer Campbell but they are all depending on funds and availability. Personally, I wouldn't go for Wilson from Coventry as he is another player unproven at Championship level. If we are going to add to our squad, we need to bring in players to improve it

CF: Leon Clarke. I had serious doubts when we signed him and he has done nothing to prove otherwise. it might be worth sticking with him until Christmas to see if he can recapture the form he showed at Coventry but surely he will be a bit part player at best next season

CF: Liam McAlinden. Certainly a long term prospect but I think another loan spell will do him and the club the world of good

if you've managed to read this far then thank you and sorry if ive bored you. All in all I reckon we could get away with spending as little as £3million in transfer fees which could easily be recouped by moving on the likes of Doyle and Ward. Add to that the increase in revenue and general positive vibes surrounding the club, next season promises to be an exciting one:D


Impressive in-depth and realistic analysis from wolvesmatt. Moxey now has his chance to prove his selling skills again. I can see us not needing to spend much money after sales are taken into account, and for the best possible reasons, i.e. that we have the basis of a good Championship team. There is absolutely no point in spending just for the sake of it. (Remember the big-spenders who have crashed and burnt). Let's get selling, and at the same time start cherry-picking the right new players, as and when they are available. We've just come through a season of financial prudence and shrewd purchasing, and are reaping the rewards. This should be our blueprint for the future.

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