No new contract for Kenny Jackett as Jez Moxey backs him to be a Wolves success

Kenny Jackett will not be offered a new contract as Wolves chief executive Jez Moxey insisted the title-winning boss can achieve all his ambitions at Molineux.

Kenny Jackett appointed Wolves boss on May 31st 2013. He had recently resigned from Millwall before replacing Dean Saunders at Molineux
Kenny Jackett appointed Wolves boss on May 31st 2013. He had recently resigned from Millwall before replacing Dean Saunders at Molineux

Head coach Jackett’s stock has never been higher after leading Wolves to the League One title in his first season in charge on a wave of a completely overhauled squad, five club records and a rebuilt relationship with fans.

But although Jackett’s achievements are sure to have attracted attention, Moxey remains relaxed about the future, with no plans to improve the 52-year-old’s one-year rolling deal.

“He feels this club has the potential to satisfy the ambitions he has,” said Moxey.

“Anyone who’s successful can become a target for bigger fish, but I’ve got no concerns in that regard because Ken has bought in hook, line and sinker into the project that is Wolves. And he understands the opportunity that’s been presented to him to come here.

“He’s totally sold on the project and we’re only just starting. In the grand scheme of things, we know where we’re trying to go with this club, and he understands the potential.”

Moxey believes Wolves have found the most committed man to take the club forward.

“He lives and breathes the game,” he said. “When you talk to Ken, you’re going to talk football.

“That’s what you want and that’s how we are as a club; unless you’re into it you’re not going to get the Wolves way.

“I remember saying to Steve Morgan when he first came in: ‘I almost expect you to call me at any time of the day or night, that’s what we do here and is that OK?’

“He said ‘of course, that’s how I am as well’, and that’s how Ken is too.”

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Comments for: "No new contract for Kenny Jackett as Jez Moxey backs him to be a Wolves success"

colehill wolf

I just cannot either understand or believe the logic in this we all know the price of failure at the Mol going right back to Stan Cullis's days and should we not get out of the championship next season what happens then plus the word loyalty has a thin meaning in football what if he is head hunted by a club in the Prem what then? This smacks of watching the pennies by Moxey so if Kenny should fail it does not cost a lot to get rid I am not a Moxey hater unlike some but talk about bursting a bubble in this happy happy weekend the man sometimes is a crass idiot UTW


A bit short sighted i think by the management sprouting long term goals. I would give him some incentive or pay rise to reflect how well he and the team has done, maybe even let him have access to your golden played GREGGS loyalty card jez?

just a wonder, are your wages going back up now Kenny J has got us promoted jez?,


My own thoughts on this are that just because he is not getting a new contract, it doesn't mean he is not getting a pay rise. My guess is he has a performance related contract which triggers bonus payments and pay rises.


Is Moxey still at the club?


Walthamstow Wolf

Of course there's no need for a new contract. Nobody in the Championship will be able to offer him a better deal, and nobody in the Premiership will want him because he has never operated at that level.

Playing at League One level has enabled him to reorganise things without too much pressure from the competition and he has brought in his reinforcements very shrewdly. The big advantage has been that League One has offered the chance to restore a winning mentality and get some genuine confidence and esprit de corps into the squad - things we haven't seen for years. My hunch is that if KJ gets the club's backing to bringing in a few more appropriate reinforcements, then he will get us into the play-offs with a genuine chance of promotion. What worries me about next season is whether KJ has the contacts and credibility to get really special young players on loan from the top clubs in the premiership - realistically that is the only way we will get the step change in quality that we need.

worcesterwolf wr5

no pay rise for Kenny WHAT ABOUT YOU MOXEY ? your creeping back in with your daily comments,please go back under ground.and by the way those who went to mk stadium experienced comfort and thought for ordinary fans please rebuild the steve bull NOW its antiquated and squahed I prefer to watch my footie from the side and the billy wright is VERY poorly thought out for the average punter.after me winge well done Kenny and the boys its been a very rewarding journey I think in my time at the molineux we have had eight ups and eight downs first went 1967 forever a wolf


While KJ's personal terms with the Club are none of our business, I would hope he has had the sense to ensure that his deal for the next 12 months reflects the step up to the Championship. I could hardly believe he would be willing to continue and be paid as if he were still a League One Manager ( or Head Coach as I believe he is called). The performances, points and enterprising way the team has played home and away deserves rewarding handsomely.

There is little doubt that KJ is key to the next season or two for the Wolves. It is refreshing to have a man in charge that is straightforward, realistic and honest in his approach towards both the players, public and the press.

Three points a clean sheet this weekend please!!!

Come on you Wolves!!!!


Okay, if you say so, Jez!

Ye Olde South Bank

To be fair to our CEO, I think you can read whatever like into Jez's words. Is he displaying that famed, tight-fisted 'prudency' that aggravates so many, or is he merely taking a common sense approach? Well, I don't know for sure (and who does?), but at this moment in time, I just cannot see KJ being lured away from Molineux. As has been said above, lack of Premier League experience means he won't be head-hunted by those above us in the pecking order. and there won't be any bigger clubs in the Championship to worry about. My only concern is that there's no (apparent) reward on offer for Kenny's efforts. Certainly, I feel he's more deserving of remuneration for his outstanding efforts than most others in senior positions at the club. And I'd love to know if Jez's salary is also being similarly restrained, despite the club's promotion.

We've had a very, very quiet 12 months since that fateful day at Brighton. Messrs Morgan and Moxey have, quite rightly, taken a back seat and allowed Kenny to be the public face of the club. As expected (and as is par for the course), our CEO only has something to say when brighter days replace the storm clouds. It's been quite refreshing having nothing to hear, or read about, from our chief Executive. It only seems to upset the natives, and none of us want that! ;-)


I've noticed the Moxey has started creeping back into the limelight.

Like a Raven or The Grim Reaper.. this usually precedes something bad happening.

Farmer Ted

When I saw the headline I guessed it would bring out Jezza's fans!

I'd make two observations.

1. None of us work closely with Kenny Jackett, certainly not as close as Morgan and Moxey, but, even from our distance we now recognise he is a man of integrity and, as Moxey says, totally engrossed in the job at hand.

2. We all need to think of the millions we are still paying out on long contracts for players who will never play for Wolves again; or have some of us forgotten that already?

Not that I care, but Man Utd have now got to settle with David Moyes for over 5 years left on his lucrative contract which seemed a match made in heaven with old whiskey face pulling the strings not 10 months ago. Oh dear!

A rolling contract is the ideal answer if both sides are happy with it and whatever insults you throw at our CEO he's doing his job.

Football loyalty, either way, has proved itself a transitory thing many many times. We shall see what happens in this case.


The word on Moyes is that he will only get a one year pay off. They waited until it was mathematically impossible to get a Champions league place, as that triggered a clause in his contract. If that is the case, it showed they had no confidence in him from day one.

The Real Bully Hoo.


I remember when Gerry Francis was doing well at Spurs and Alan Sugar wouldn't offer him an improved contract because he said, 'If a manager wants to go elsewhere he'll will just walk out anyway and if things go wrong the club and the club want to sack him they end up having to pay massive compensation.'

Sounds harsh but very true. Perhaps Moxey isn't as daft as some think.

Old Gold

Agree with Farmer Ted. Remember when Graham Turner took over from Brian Little and took us from almost no longer a club at the basement of the the old 4th. division to div. 2 status. Fans were then calling for him to be given a lifetime contract for his achievments. He didn't have that extra bit to get us to the top flight. KJ is at a top club with no reason to leave for another championship club. See how things go next season.

Jackett the Hat

Not a word all season from good old Fort Mox, now two statements in two days. Don't you get the feeling that he's after a bit of credit, even though it ain't had a lot to do with him, after all, a whip round from fans could've paid for Kenny's signings so he ain't had much 'negotiating ' to do.

Oh, don't forget the graft he does, he can be phoned anytime day or night, trouble is he's had to change his number every month for the last four years......wish I could've had it, he would've lost as much sleep as me then , and my mattress ain't got half a million quid stuffed under it.

Let's hope that the two in charge keep their side of this Wolves 'vision' cos we don't want a good manager/ head coach getting frustrated and clearing his desk cos of misdemeanors......Kenny must have strong principles, he wouldn't have left Millwall otherwise and keeping promises hasn't exactly been Jez's forte.


At least this way your breaking the ridiculous but standard take on a big contract, do a rubbish job, get sacked but still get a nice payout. It's the only industry I know of where you get a huge pay out if you get sacked.

You've only got to look at the payout Moyes has just got for achieving his personal goal of Everton finishing above ManU.


I don't disagree with the sentiment of your post - but the only industry? Not quite JJ, the banking industry has had a few "successful" failures in recent years. Remember Bob Diamond, and who can ever forget Fred "the shred" Goodwin.


Yes Albrightondek there are a few corporations like those parasites too.


Yea I suppose. I guess the term sacked gets thrown around too much and isn't the correct term. Managers don't really get sacked unless they have actually done something wrong. Termination of contract is the real term.

What should happen If clubs have a threshold on what is unacceptable then this should be written on the contract that both parties agree to and sign. Or do like wolves have done and have a rolling contract.


Blimey! Double take! Moxey has put his pith helmeted head above the trench wall and voiced his corporate cac once again. Bit of a blot on the landscape after the weekend we have had. Well he has been clearly shot at and so far every one a bulls eye! It makes me cringe they way he talks, 'a Project?!!!!'

It's a football club and a very successful one at that not a Redrow building site!

He's done this to let us know he is still in the wings like the Phantom of the Opera!

We don't need him although it is 'nice' to know that they investing in the team first instead of progressing with the ground rebuild...That's a project!

Seems the penny may have dropped after all the criticism but no doubt it will look superb when complete but get priorities right.

He looked smart in his large suit bit like Al Capone! Must have taken time off from pie making.

I do hope Moxey keeps in the wings and let KJ and the team do the business, it's much better when he is not around or given media time. But like I have posted before I still have a small doubt that Morgan and him will step up to the plate IF we win promotion next season or season after etc and stump up the investment required to sustain a quality team in the prem!

We can hope.

Se ya all at Coventry!



Corporate it!


I'm not sure that a contract in the football industry means very much these days. As we've seen many times, if another club wants a particular manager and the manager concerned wants to leave, then irrespective of a contract - he will leave.

But if Kenny Jackett is happy with the situation, then frankly, there isn't much of an issue here.


“Anyone who’s successful can become a target for bigger fish, but I’ve got no concerns in that regard because Ken has bought in hook, line and sinker into the project that is Wolves."

If so then give him a longer contract?? Many a slip between cup and lip Jez, as we well know from our double dip.

Anyhow, this is a happy time and I cant tell if this is just an add on from Moxeys interview from a couple of days ago or a fresh one.


Has Moxey got any good news for Wolves fans ?

Yesterday - no £40 Million revamp.

Today - no contract for Kenny Jackett.

More gloom and doom in store tomorrow unless he resigns !!!


Well over the past season with Jez in change the following has happened

We haven't free fallen straight though league 1.

We haven't gone bust.

We got rid off useless overpaid players.

We have established a number of home-grown players in the first team.

Our chairman hasn't been sent to prison.

We broke our attendance record.

^with 100 times more fans a certain team 2 leagues above.

We got promoted

We won the league

We got the highest point tally in England

And the best goal difference.

So what was your issue with Jez again?

Can you do a better job?


And in the previous 2 seasons you played Chelsea Liverpool, both Manchesters Arsenal amongst others. You were put out of the cup by Luton a non league club and earlier this season Morecambe. You were beaten by little old Albion and its few hundred fans 5-1 in your own backyard.You then fell through a league containing such giants as Barnsley, Millwall and Peterborough amongst others. Both Wolves and Jez appear to have found their level. SUCCESS





My old mucka. I can assure you i am not envious of Wolves and their immeasurable success. Indeed i am not envious of anything Wolverhampton. Like yourself i have supported my team since the late 1960s. In fact it was 1967 when i first visited the Hawthorns and ever since then, including when we had our two year spell in div 3, i have never really thought about the Wolves much at all. In my opinion the Villa have always been our local rivals and beating them or finishing above them is what is important to me. So envy is perhaps the wrong word. I do have a sort of pity though. I think it is the fact that because you are a bigger club and undoubtedly you are, it gives you some kind of divine right to beat smaller clubs Albion included and we all know how infrequently that happens.

Also just to let you know our second strip happens to be red this season though as a traditionalist i would prefer yellow and green. Yours i believe is lilac is it not though i am sure you would prefer grey. The club could refer to it as old silver perhaps


And you call that progress ?!!!

Montesinos Boy

What's the printable. KJ is obviously happy with the contract situation and you can bet that he as had a nice bonus for his achievements as I assume have the players.

Montesinos Boy

Sorry about the typing error it should have been problem not printable.


Why even talk about the contract of KJ?

Moxey a complete and utter buffoon!


Probably just answering journalist questions and being pressed on the subject. They have to fill the paper some way.

I agree to some extent with your view on Moxey, but maybe not on this point!


There is something about the headline and the interview with Moxey that smacks of "indentured servitude" and "we have got Kenny where we want him" .. really quite horrible.

When I initially read the headline, I mistook it for "New contract for Kenny .." .. which I was thrilled to hear .. but which made it all the more unpleasant when I figured out what was really being said ..

I have been thinking .. it has been nice this season .. very little noise from the either Morgan and Moxey. How I wish it had stayed that way. That's now two in a row from Moxey to remind us that some things haven't changed ..

Mr Moxey - please put a sock in it!


Agree with the sock, but maybe a melon!


Well done Jez, Kenny's stock has risen this season through the thoroughly excellent job he's done at Wolves. He's not only got us back up but he's done it the right way, building a young and hungry team. Everyone at the club is happy with the job he's done, including us fans (in fact especially us).

Other Chief Execs and Chairman elsewhere will be less happy with their managers, and you've very kindly just advertised to them the fact that KJ is on a short-term contract, and will be for the foreseeable. You've also gone on to extol his virtues as a manager and the enthusiasm and attention to detail he brings to bear.

Why don't you update his CV for him and email it round a few club chairmen while you're at it? You utter tool. You're making it easy for him to leave with minimal compensation, and what does any good manager do when he tips up elsewhere? Raids his old club for players - not all of them mind, just the best ones that he has a good rapport with, like Batth, Ikeme, Jacobs, Henry, Dicko etc (I imagine he'll leave us with Clarke).

Get back in your office and zip it Jez. You say it best when you say nothing at all.

spanish ray

The only thing wrong at the Mol is that you are still part of it Moxey.When are you going to get it into your thick skull that you are not wanted and most fans know you are holding this club back.Kenny Jackett would have his contract improved at any other club for his achievements this last season but you,Moxey, have to bring this money thing back into being.You are no CEO,and never will be in the eyes of most of our fans,go now,once and for all.


The Jacket deserves another term at WWFC all his signings and tactics have born that out , from laughing stock of the midlands to restoring pride , and a magnificent season after last seasons total debacle from all concerned players and management.We true supporters stand by our club through thick and thin , to the whinging Man united fans you don't have a divine right to be in the top 4 you just arnt good enough




Me thinks the Express & Rats have manufactured a few 'worry stories' for the fans to chew on because of all the good news lately? Moxey suddenly gets lots of exposure (guaranteed to get a bite), the unwanted players get exposure (another bite), the non redevelopment of Molineux (another bite) and Morgan's bits and pieces (another bite). Don't be rattled or fazed by the articles. Everything is going just fine at the moment so let's enjoy it and ignore the tittle tattle.

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