Wolves crowned League One Champions

Wolves this afternoon took the League One title as Brentford failed to beat MK Dons.

Wolves were confirmed as League One champions after a late Izale McLeod equaliser for MK Dons denied Brentford the win they needed to stay in the title race.

Kenny Jackett's side recorded a 3-1 victory away at Leyton Orient in the earlier kick-off which now takes their season points tally to 99 - two points behind the league record of 101.

Wolves players celebrate their title success on the coach. Watch the video:

Wolves picked up 30 wins on their way to silverware and have lost only five games all season.

On their route to the title, Wolves broke their all-time club record of consecutive wins when they beat Swindon on March 11th. It was their ninth win in a row - a run that started against Preston in January.

Kenny Jackett introduced a new cluster of players to Wolves in the Summer of 2013 including Sam Ricketts and Kevin McDonald before agreeing loan deals for Michael Jacobs and James Henry.

Former Wolves player Tony Daley joined in the coach celebrations as the title was confirmed

Both Henry and Jacobs sealed permanent moves to Molineux in January as Jackett continued to build his new look squad. Strikers Nouha Dicko and Leon Clarke re-joined the club and the club made a move to build for the future when they signed young defender Kortney Hause from Wycombe Wanderers.

Dicko netted his first hat-trick on Good Friday against Rotherham and came close when Wolves beat Port Vale at Molineux only to see his penalty saved by Vale keeper Chris Neal.

Wolves secured promotion against Crewe with a 2-0 victory but had to wait until Easter Monday to secure the title.

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Comments for: "Wolves crowned League One Champions"








W.A.W. proud as punch,ive had 2 years of micky taking,from Tesco and the noses,not anymore thanks to KING KENNY AND THE " TEAM "bring on the Championship,no fear,it has been a joy to watch some fantastic football this season.


Mountain Wolf

I can't tell you how happy and proud this team has made me. Special thanks to Kenny Jackett for all his hard work. Congratulations to absolutely everybody. Can you remember 'Champion the Wonder Horse'? Let's all sing 'Champions, the Wonder Wolves.'


I like the sound of that mate.


Well Done Kenny Jackett. Well deserved. Great season, great football and I think us fans helped just a bit!!! About time we had something to celebrate. Come on me babbies!!!!

Stroud wolf

Great stuff well done to everybody involved ....




Double dip to double skip ? gorra be worth a bet.

Party time in Marbella



Outstanding!!! Many congratulations to the team and to KJ and all of the back room support staff. It's been a great season with emphatic results secured by a talented young team. No doubt we will need to add some more quality before next season but the foundations are in place.

Also congratulations to all the long suffering fans - being in the States it has been frustrating not to see the team play apart from highlight clips. The support has been truly amazing and it's been great to see the positive feelings flowing instead of all the negativity that we had to endure.

Onwards and upwards !!!

Come on you Wolves!!!

Never been so happy as this for a while with this club! A dept of gratitude to KJ and his staff for doing a fantastic job and to all the players. Well done lads, great team, great spirit and great players.

Truly heroes and they will go down in history having washed away the rot of the last era.

Look on in envy Ward, Johnson etc this is what you should aspire to! Look at what true professionals have done for their club.

Magnificent, absolutely magnificent.

Great times, great days, gonna have a drink tonight!


latvian wolf

don't forget those rotten lot are back at the club at seasons end. lets just hope Morgan opens his wallet and pays them off we don't need them and we certainly don't want them back at the golden palace.


Yeah, RJ & JOH will be sniffing about for a bit of Champagne and partying.


Those over paid prima donnas dont deserve to be mentioned on this blog.Good riddance.


CONGRATULATIONS. Thoroughly deserved. What a season. UTW.


Congratulations to the CHAMPIONS, Done it in style

Dougan is king...




This little part of Nottinghamshire is so proud of Kenny and the lads.


This signifies a new era for our great club.

You can feel the humble and quiet belief from Kenny Jackett, as it permiates his playing staff, then outwards to his management, the club ownership and onto the loyal supporters, all the fans far and wide who are the club's life blood.

I will not be surprised if bigger clubs start sniffing around for KJ and selected players; time to celebrate, but also to pull in, stay strong and stick together, because this could be the beginning of something very, very special.

What a great season. Congratulations Wolves!



Congratulations to Kenny and all the boys, A great season and a well deserved trophy.

chris h

Well said Noisy. I am sure I am not alone in missing your posts.


You're not chris h but where's Petenuts he's not been on for ages and some have just gone Grace,sd.richwolf64, I miss them!!


The Wolves are back , well done to all us wonderful supporters and ALL at The WOLVES :-)))))))))))

grumppy grandad

grumppy grandad

Well done to everyone at the wolves for a great season and bringing pride back to the club and a big thank you to KJ and all the players

Selly park wolf

Well done wolves!

An astonishing season breaking records galore,

Playing good football whilst scoring for fun!

Thanks mostly for restoring all our pride after the last two seasons.

Hope we can beat Coventry and Carlisle not only to go past 100 points but also if we do beat them both we would then have beat every team in our division!!!!

I can't ever recall doing that even in the d 3rd and 4th.

Champers is on ice and cork will be popped in the next hour.

Fantastic wolves!

grumppy grandad

Well done to everyone at Wolves for a great season and bringing pride back to the club

latvian wolf

Thank you Kenny Jackett and all the team for a marvelous season ! I am not too proud to admit as one of the serious doubters of your appointment as team boss that you have proven me totally wrong, sincerest apologies to you Mr Jackett for my doubts.

Congratulations to you all and hopefully another prosperous new season in the championship especially if Tesco Town are relegated.


I am absolutely elated. Well done to the lads for their.sheer guts,determination and hard work. I have always been proud to be a Wolves fan but I am exceptionally proud at this moment. Well done to all the lads and the fans for that stuck by them.


What a great end to the season. Worthy champions with a host of records along the way. Thank goodness for the appointment of KJ. Right from the start he knew what had to be done. Firstly getting rid of the absolute dross that put us in this awful mess to begin with. I wonder what o'Ha ha Hara, Johnson,Ward etc think now, probably couldn't care less. Secondly the players KJ has bought in have been a revelation apart from Clarke. They have made us proud to be Wolves fans again. Yes we need to strengthen the squad for The Championship but our young guns need to be given a chance to show us what they can do in a higher division. Now that the championship has been secured, a special mention should go to our magnificent fans. There is no other team in the country that would have followed their team in the numbers that we took away in League One. It is so easy supporting the likes of Chelsea, Man U etc, glory hunters everyone of them in my opinion, I wonder where they would be if they had been in our position, probably watching Jeff Stelling on Sky. Very well done Wolves, heroes one and all.


The main positive is the change in style which, if carried through to the Premiership, might give Wolves a chance instead of the other basic style which kept us at the bottom of that league.


50 years as a Wolves man, the good, the bad and the ugly......I will take this because it has been won with good football and quality support. Well done everyone.

Wednesbury wolves

Well done lads, ikeme fantastic yet again, been along day, just arrived in Manchester, to hopefully watch city thrash the boggies, just travelled up from London on train with 30 odd city fans with my son, and not once have I brought a drink, they were buying us drinks to celebrate us winning title wot a day we are having, champions champions champions come on city!!!!!!! And we are going to watch the match for free, wot a night to come. Well done kj, now it's time to see the colour of Morgan's money!!!!!

spanish ray

Congratulations to the whole squad and in particular Kenny Jackett.Now for the Championship.


Kenny Jackett - a real football man. He started the Swansea rise and doesn't get the credit. He's done the same for us. Whatever happens back this man to the hilt.


Congratulations to everyone connected with the club, both on and off the pitch. This has been a team effort by all concerned, and that includes the supporters.

I hope that Wolves can now go on and post a league one record points total of 105 points which will probably last for years to come.


Job done! Brilliant!

Was at Leyton Orient match. Ikeme and the back 4 were brilliant.

So proud ! So happy for the team, the club and Wolverhampton!

Thank you Kenny Jackett, the team and all connected with Wolves.

See you in the Championship X


Fantastic achievement - with 2 games to spare!! We could end on 105 points which will be marvellous - well done Wolves!


The management and the team have been brilliant. I haven't felt this happy in at least 2 years. It makes such a huge difference to know we have a decent football team again. Can't wait for the last home game and next season. I won't mind if Wolves finish in the top 8. That would be a fantastic achievement from where we were a year ago.

Old Wulfrunian

Just like to add my name to the list of contributors in congratulating Wolves and everyone connected with them in their outstanding record breaking season.

If England do anywhere near as well in the World Cup we can all enjoy an even more memorable summer in readiness for the challenges that we face in the Championship next season.



Congratulations to my beloved Wolves.so proud today.


Well done to the players and KJ now go and win the championship and put us back in the prem, only 3 or 4 players needed to take us back and reward the best fans in the land. and thanks again Kenny i hope you to can step up and be a wolves great, only time will tell.









relegation to league one will be a positive step

A chance to get rid of the deadwood and big time charlies and rebuild through a combination of the youth system and signing quality players from league one and the championship



I might have spent the last 44 years living in Derbyshire, but today I'm so proud to be Wolverhampton through and through ( born and raised on The Scotlands--Keats Road). ----------There are so many heroes, especially those players who have proved the fans to be wrong, but the greatest accolades go to the finely restructured coaching and support staff, led by K.J.and K.T.-------- Well done everyone!!!!!!


I couldn't be happier. Congratulations to KJ, KT, JG, the squad, the back room staff - indeed everyone at Molineux, and not forgetting our supporters. Pride has been restored. This has been a fantastic season, and now we have the icing on the cake - CHAMPIONS. Superb, absolutely superb.

nick york

Have had to watch Wolves from afar over the past few years, but you never lose the faith do you? So proud today, probably more than when we got up to the Premiership, because I think we all felt it was our turn. We're now hungrier, younger and more ready to hit the ground running, and that ground will undoubtedly be bumpy along the way, but keep the faith everyone, our star is on the rise!

Ye Olde South Bank

Many, many congratulations to Kenny Jackett and his team of rightful Champions.

No matter the division, no matter the opposition, nobody handed any of our victories on a plate. Over a 46-game season, Wolves have proven themselves to be the best side in this division by quite some distance so, without a shadow of a doubt, it's thoroughly deserved.

Pleased for the club, delighted for myself....but, most of all, I'm so happy for our ever-loyal, passionate fans. We've got best in the business, bar none. ENJOY THE MOMENT, lads, one and all!

Old Gold Portion of Chips

Congratulations to everybody concerned at the club but above all to Kenny Jackett who has performed a near miracle with his shrewd purchases and infusion of our youngsters . I was at the game today and at the end he shook the hands of the Orient players as they left the pitch . What a gent , it gave a small glimpse of his excellent man management skills . Full marks also to the Orient fans who applauded our players off the pitch . A happy day indeed that gives hope for the future . UTW


Well done Wolves... So pleased for KJ, the Team and all the back room staff. A great season, so let's finish it off with 2 more wins.

"Proud to be a Wolves Fan"



Keep up the Dylan references chris h. Even though we've been hurt before, we know the score! Our love (of the Wolves) certainly is not in vain.

A Lone Voice

Although I am a Baggie's supporter, I send my congratulations as well and look forward to the season after next when we can both renew old rivalries in the premiership....fingers crossed !


champions only thread mate, no time for losers


Classy post, ALV!

Even with a couple games left to go, along with a well deserved break, getting back to the Premier League is the undoubted quiet aim of the astute Kenny Jackett and his Molineux young guns!

Again, thanks for the congrats for your hoped for, soon to be again Black Country rival!



we are the champions my friend!!! well done lads great job at getting back to the championship at the first ask. lets push on next season and have a go at promotion again, may aswell not there to make up the numbers. with some investment we could do well.

oh p.s to JACK THE PRATT this thread is for champions only not losers, so stay off, we are wolves! up the wolves!

Orlando Wolves

Congratulations to all concerned at Wolverhampton Wanderers FC, for the transformation and re-building of team, and the restoration of the club`s pride, which had been severely dented in recent seasons.

Steve Morgan has to be congratulated on the youth policy at the club, it has provided Wolves with young players of quality, who played no small part in the winning of the League One Championship title . The future looks bright in this department.

Kenny Jackett and Kevin Threlwell also have to be congratulated on their homework and targeting and signing of some superb players who have blended into the system perfectly.

Congratulations also to those from previous squads under other managers who have rolled up their sleeves and performed their part in a brilliant season.

For the first time in years goals are coming from all departments in the team. I have a feeling it is because a lot more 11 on 11 training sessions are taking place, this also is evident from the passing game they now play.

Now Mr. Morgan and Mr. Moxey, let us build on this success. That means keep our better players, and not sell for a `quick buck or two`. Kenny Jackett together with Kevin Threlwell, have transformed the mentality and football prowess at this club. Leave them to deal with player and team affairs, after all, they have proved to be eminently capable.

Keep this management team together and great things could well come of it.

All in all a tremendous season - let`s have another one next year lads!


Alan in Cyprus

Well done everyone at the club and supporters. A lot of hard work to do tomorrow, but let us enjoy today.


So happy to be apart of a great football club with the best fan base anyone could ever ask for . We've had our moments but now with our new amazing team and kenny jackett we shall return back to the championship and then hopefully the premier leauge were we belong COME ON WOLVES! So proud :)


Fantastic, fantastic. I predicted we would be champions but this is something else! Record after record, and we haven't finished yet. Good to see friendly comment from A Lone Voice hoping to meet us in the PL the season after next, not a bad shout mate. I also thought last summer when KJ started his revolution that we might be capable of two consecutive promotions. Well, the harder one comes next. Realistically I think it could take 2-3 seasons but we will definitely give it a go straight away. I was at the Orient match (West Stand) and I agree with Orient fans, we were lucky, but we make our own luck in life by hard work and never-say-die attitude. Our old mate Leigh Griffiths will now collect his second Championship medal this season, as he's eligible having played sufficient games for us and Celtic. Not sure if you deserve two Leigh, but thanks for your goals, they all helped. UTW.

Lobo para siempre

Amen to most of the above, and thanks also to A Lone Voice for good wishes. That is how the relationship between our two clubs should be - others please note. I hope Albion and Villa stay up and also the Blues. Let's hope West Midlands football flourishes now. The Wolves have shown what can be done.

Are we happy? Yes we are!


Nicely written A Lone Voice, very dignified, unlike wolf's childish response.