Big Debate - Can Wolves break the record points tally?

The record points total for League One is 101, which Wolves are just two points short of.

Wolves' Richard Stearman celebrates at full-time
Wolves' Richard Stearman

Can Kenny Jackett’s side gain another milestone and achieve that one too?

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Comments for: "Big Debate - Can Wolves break the record points tally?"


I think we have had this debate before.

Can the E & S not think of something new?


Now, with the League 1 honors secured, my feelings are almost certain that this bunch, so together and goal oriented, will certainly give their best to break the third tier end-of-season points total...

"From humble and quietly confident beginnings can spring forth mighty and greater accomplishments."



And, yes, 1wolves, agreed!

Of course, all in jubilation and unbridled euphoria, with the E&S going along with the cascading celebration, but by now the occasion to continue this "debate" is really and truly over, all because the main and most important aspect of 2013/14 has been achieved.

Happy party time at the Mol!


Should Stearman keep his beard? I say yes in case it affects his great form!


let`s get the max

it could be a long season next year

let`s enjoy the sun while it`s out

celebrating in the scottish boderers

hoo haa thank for getting shot of griffiths

anyway who`s happy again me!!!!!!!


next weeks debate, will the players be having a shave? of course wwfc will break another record. off on my holidays, cant wait. roll on summer,utw.


Watched the game in the George & Dragon in Prague old square,me an the wife the only two wolfs in there and must say whilst we never really dominated we never really looked in too much trouble either.101 points is easily acheviable and must be expected to be attained


Yes, but it will be tricky since both Coventry and Carlisle will be fighting to avoid relegation.


No debate E&S.It's obvious! Come up with a better topic.

Farmer Ted

I'd be very surprised if the didn't.


Why the hell not? They certainly have their feet solidly on the ground and play some cracking football. I'm sure KJ and the staff will ensure they don't get complacent!



If they don't party too much!!

spanish ray

Of course they will.The Wonderful E & S with nothing to write about.What a stupid Newspaper.

Farmer Ted

Nothing to write about?

Where do you dig this bunkum up from?

It is a quite legitimate question and one that most Wolves supporters are asking each other.

When it comes to accusing the E&S of being stupid I think you need to look at the man in the mirror and understand there are very few regional newspapers that allow football fans a forum like this.


Spanish Ray!

With no disrespect or malice towards your unwavering support of Wolves, or to such disposition you might show to state otherwise...

Fair play, knowing that these pages allow for your expressive jottings to find their credence, whether agreed with or not; you have the unquestionable right to slag off the E&S as, in your opinion, of being a truly "stupid newspaper."

That said, if you admit to this assertion, and it shows that you have indeed done so, all by the frequency of your visits and associated comments in these pages offered by the E&S, are you not actually contradicting yourself by continually reading and commenting on the Wolves pages setup by this "stupid newspaper," as you publicly note?

Again, only a curious view that does not question your loyalty or veracity as it related to supporting a GREAT club like Wolves!

Cheers, and here's to a fantastic season had by the club! You and so many others, the E&S included, helped Kenny and his charges win the League!


WHO CARES play the young lads who have warmed the bench and lets see if they can handle it.


I don't see why they shouldn't


Farmer Ted, I agree with you about the fact that the E&S provides this often wonderful forum for debate, which allows for often lively, and sometimes erudite posts.It is, therefore not "a stupid newspaper". ----------- However, the E&S does, on too many occasions for comfort, come up with needless "debates", and some over-dramatic, and often misleading headlines, and mis-reporting, about which you, I, and many others have the right to, and do, air our opinions. This is only right and proper, even if some respondents, e.g.. Spanish Ray, don't exactly express themselves appropriately.


I would expect Wolves to set a new points record as they only need one win to do so. The real debate should be; can they win both games and reach a total of 105 points. Hopefully the players can remain focused on their game to go on and achieve this total. If they do, it will be a record that will probably last for a long long time.

However, I do hope that there will be an opportunity to play Eusebio Bancessi in one or both games even if it's just for the last 10-15 minutes as a substitute.

Lupo Maltese

NOW I realise why the handful of Baggies fans post on here - it is to read comments such as all the above, flawlessly reasoned and constructed in impeccable English. It must be a refreshing change from their dross.

It is valid for the E&S to host this debate witnessed by all the erudite comments above. Now

that promotion and Div 1 championship are secured I think that McCarey, Doherty, McAlinden and Bancessi should get some pitch time

Bedford Wolf

Yes. Next question?

Bedford Wolf

Oh meant to say the question is bad grammar - of course we CAN as with 6 points left to play for we can get 105; the question should have been WILL we?

Ye Olde South Bank

Big Debate - Can Wolves break the record points tally?

Answer: Yes.

Debate closed.

Next question?