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Old Wulfrunian

What a game - talk about a roller coaster! Rotherham certainly played their part in this 10 goal thriller in front of a 30,110 crowd.

Man of the match a toss up between Dicko and McDonald.

The least said about the morons who kept invading the pitch, the better. They probably wouldn't be capable of reading this post anyway.



30,110 what a crowd that is brilliant for league 1, good luck next season, the BCD is back on course.


Dear, oh dear. Small minority will spoil it for the mass majority. Does it not sink in what the consequences will be for the club?

Ok we are all elated, over the moon, gambolling down waterloo road whistling Dixie out of our 'A' holes, but come on people once is permissible and potentially tolerated but four times?!!!

Club will get slated for this and it will be a dark cloud on an outstanding season and performance. Lets go out in style not overshadowed by mindless behaviour.

Lets hope it is not repeated on the last match.


ay we

First and foremost well done the squad .

after 2 seasons of disappointment I can half understand the south bank excitement but please save it to the last game at full time.

west midland police match commander please explain your officers lined up in front of the steve bull ! Surely they would have been better postioned in front of the south bank and at least earning there overtime pay .

up the wolves .

in the george wallace and the atmosphere is brilliant.


It's promotion from the old division 3 for crying out loud!

carl wolves

What did you expect us to do this season you burk, win the premier league when we're not even in it? You can only beat what you're up against and we've done it is style! Well done Mr Jackett for turning around a failing club from top to bottom in such impressive fashion in a short space of time. A brilliant achievement. Now let's wrap up the title and on with next season.

101 chicken chow mein

you can only beat whats infront of you, i for one have really enjoyed the style of play that has evolved under KJ and they have been a pleasure to watch this season, no hoofball .

Sir Billy Quiet

Barriers and more stewards required for the Carlisle game plus the club making it clear that fans identified will be banned from Molineux.

The vast majority have had our day spoiled by the mindless minority.

Sir Lupi

Total over reaction.

I dont see what the problem is, the fans clearly meant no harm, the players did not seem bothered and to see hundreds of gleaming smiles around Molineux was, well lets say a refreshing change.

The images are positive and will be fondly remembered when looking back.

Too many pompous fans who get on their self righteous horse, pretending to be self appointed police.

Maybe if it wasn't so difficult to try and enjoy yourself, you might consider streaking with me at Carlisle! (joke!)

Farmer Ted

"Fondly remembered"?

Not by the reaction of the "self righteous" fans at the match nor by the posters on these sites and social media, nor I suspect from the Club when the fine comes through the post.

Good choice of nom-de-plume, fits perfectly.


So it's OK to run onto the pitch during the time allotted to the game? If you were not on the winning side, you might take a different view. It only takes one nutter with a knife amongst "the fans who clearly meant no harm" to make your comment fatuous, Sir Lupi. They shouldn't be on the pitch during the match - end of.

Sir Lupi

But there was no nutter with a knife, nobody got hurt, somebody could have a knife in the stands, your point is just in your imagination.

I agree the pitch is for football not for fans, but after three horrible seasons I can understand the excitement.

Calling for lifetime bans, calling them scum and cretins is all a bit over the top for me.

It was just a bit of fun.

wakefield wolf

To this and your final post, perhaps not scum, but cretin sounds about right.

Normal people stop to consider possible consequences, its how, many survive to experience the thrill of another great game. We the majority do just that. Ask yourself when you hear about a death, you must have heard someone at some point say "well what else did they expect ?".

Ask one of the Rotherham fans if they thought it a bit of fun. they'd probably ask if you were just e a little bit Lupi


What was obviously a minority of fans should hang their heads in shame for spoiling the conclusion of what was an amazing match. One wonders about their mentality. Pity they can't be made to contribute towards the inevitable fine the club will receive.

Statos Boring Brother

After the turnaround following the two seasons we endured, I could understand some fans going on the pitch at the end but four pitch invasions (one for hitting the side netting) is absolutely stupid.

No doubt the club has footage and will be able to identify some of the offenders and I hope they come down hard on them as I'm sure that the FA is going to hit us even harder.

I thought that things had been going too well. The manager has been superb, the 2 M's have been supportive (and more importantly) quiet, the players have behaved themselves and worked together as a team (with the exception of Hennessy) and now some fans have let the club down. I just hope its only a cash fine and there are no points docked, stands closed or proper fans banned from away matches.

Hit him on the tail

Never cease to amaze me...cretins


Harsh...but certainly stupid.


Plenty of clear hi-def photos there, and I suspect dozens more will be available from various sources. Time for the club to act - identify them, fine them and band them. Morons.


To ban them might be more effective!

Stearmans overhead kick

Make em watch the Baggies


I'd hit em with both - doomers!


Entering the pitch during a game is disorderly behaviour. Sensible fans watching, players, coaching staff and the officials were caused alarm and distress. This is a criminal act. The police need to act and bring these morons to justice and when they do the city's magistrates should impose lengthy football banning orders on them. These idiots don't belong anywhere near a football ground.


Idiots most who probably have not been all season, if the ref had abandoned the game we could of had a points penalty. These people need to think a little first. Dads and kids on the pitch, to take photos. The team have worked so hard to get to the top, possibly to get it taken away. Two seasons of heartache yes I can understand. But there is a time and a place. The players wanted no part in it.


Well it will be no thanks to the low life who call themselves fans, these people? ?????? say they care about the club yet stick two fingers up to the club after they were asked not to go on the pitch.

It's easy to identify the culprits - just ban the first three rows of the south bank and north bank front lower.

Also the stewards should be sacked for failing to control them, and before they say they were powerless well I witnessed "fans" walking past stewards without being stopped.

I hope it is only a fine because it could be much worse.


From the photographs these people are not kids but so called adults. What is wrong with these peoples brains, if they have any.


So if we get fined £20,000 it should be simple enough to identify 200 "fans" from the pictures and videos etc. Send them all a bill for £100 each, if they don't pay up, ban them......simple. Absolute morons, the worst case scenario is the FA could have the match replayed. Thankfully the majority of sensible fans let them know what they thought of them.

In the week where it was remembered the 96 who died 25 years ago this is pathetic. Do they really want the re-introduction of fences? I would encourage anyone who didn't go on the pitch to contact Wolves if they know anyone who had a seat next to them that did go on and let the club know the seat number, there will be records of everyone there.

Sorry this makes my blood boil.....!!!!!


Why are we blessed with so many moronic fans. Todays pitch invasion(s) were totally uncalled for. Nothing was decided today and they almost got the game and result nullified. The Club will now suffer a fine for their actions. If they are regular South Bankers then I say stay away this season remainder- you should know better. If casual glory seeker supporters then don't come again. They owe the Club and our players appologies as they ruined the ending to a classic football game and prevented the players from receiving the crowds accolade at the end. I hope that the cameras have picked up their faces and that they are traced and banned from the ground sine die. Other supporters and the Club don't need you. Well to the sensible fans who voiced their disgust with the actions vocally and loudly.


Imagine a big win v Doncaster... doesnt bear thinking about. Smiley face.


At least we'd em, your lot couldn't beat an omlette lately.



I urge the Club to identify & ban each & every one of the mindless idiots who invaded the pitch today. Spoiled an enthralling match ~ prevented my man of the match ~ Sam Ricketts ~ from celebrating his goal. Absolutely no excuse for moronic behavior whatsoever.


As I've posted elsewhere, West Mids police have much to answer for.

A small pocket of Rotherham fans got through the gate onto the track around the pitch when they scored their fourth however there were 50-100 police officers stood in front of the Bully Lower and Stewards were left to 'police' the South Bank and the invasions.

The risk of invasions has been high and posted about throughout the week both by the club and the E&S so to have a thin line of stewards in front of the South Bank is at best negligent by whoever responsible for running risk assessments.

I can forgive the first pitch invasion purely because after conceding late and then scoring a 5th tensions went wild but at that moment there and then the police stood doing nothing in front of the SB lower ought to have been redeployed to the South Bank.

Similarly, I watched the pitch getting cleared afterwards and again it was stewards using a pincer method to by walking forwards a few meters at a time to push supporters back into the Billy Wright/Jack Harris stands. The Police have probably charged the club a ridiculous amount of money to police the fixture on a bank holiday and for me have done nothing.

I'm not excusing the morons running on the pitch, ban the lot for life, but they were presented the opportunity again, and again, and again.


To be honest though I didn't see the club making much effort to stop it. You could see all through the second half people starting to line up on the stairs but nothing was done about it. The police came in and surrounded the Rotherham fans like they knew it was going to happen. Probably so they could keep the fans apart when it does. After the first 2 pitch invasions the stewards didn't even bother sending them back in the stand and let them stand in front of the advertising boards ready to run on.

I don't blame the stewards because what can they really do but the barriers really are too easy to get through. Perhaps they should consider netting off the first 2 rows for the final game and look into what can be changed for next season. Maybe install the horizontal fencing you see at Wembley and millennium stadium where you'd literally have to crawl over them to get onto the pitch.


Absolute idiots. Let's just hope the FA don't fine us for the moronic few.


Idiots spoiled a great occasion, and would have loved to have seen ricketts goal celebration, had he been able too.Please stay away for the final game we don,t need muppets like you at the molineux. hope they find out who you are off the videos and ban you for life.Well done wolves 6-4 wow.

Old Gold Heart

I was at the game and was ashamed. If we just get a fine we are very lucky. I lost my voice shouting at our own so called fans. I hope they ban every one of them. it could have cost us the game and it took the shine off an amazing day


These people arnt supporters they are IDIOTS who should be banned from the ground . I don't think the stewards covered themselves with glory either.


Can i suggest gun turrets in the corners of the ground for the next pitch invasion.

well done lads, another great victory, one more for title.

u t w


I understand the passion I really do, but that needs to be tempered with



the need to get the job done first. Let's not forget Rotherham are still fighting for promotion and it's unfair on them to disrupt the game at such a vital stage. Win fair and sqare then party.

We are WOLVES we are better than that.


I don't half pick the games I can't manage to attend!! Wow. Sounded like an absolute thriller. I'm off to north east London though on Monday and crossing my fingers we seal promotion, but it will be a very tough place to get a win. A shame we still have the minority in our ranks that want to spoil it for everyone else - easy resolution in my view. Life bans for all those that are clearly visible on CCTV - we don't need them. Looking forward to 3 May and our final home game - I won't be missing the celebrations there!

Stearmans overhead kick

What you on about? We are already promoted.


Blimey you are green. We're already promoted.


There is no excuse for entering the field of play when a game is still taking place,,,,,,,,30,000 people had the end of a fantastic game ruined. The players were unable to enjoy their moment........I have got to say, I did jump for joy in the living room, the family were not impressed.

Gerry Mannion

Well lets hope a fine is all that we get. Truly, I wonder where these people hide their brains. To spoil such high class entertainment by acting like uncontrollable children is appalling. Their actions were a symptom not of football but of life in general where basic intelligence gives way to stupidity and hysteria. Lets hope they can be identified and punished accordingly.


There are photos on this blog and others will be available. I hope the club deal with these cretins. Could still be more than a fine.

Hong Kong Pete

I was at match and there was no justification whatsover in those supporters from the South Bank who invaded the pitch, the loyal supporters all over the ground including the south bank let them know what they thought of them even l let them know in frustration.

The match being spoilt for the loyal fans and this mostly likely will end up in a fine and or a more serious penalty.

It has been posted about the considerable amount of Police in front of the Steve Bull stand perhaps a bit of quick thinking when the first invasion of the pitch took place the number could have been reduced and moved to the south bank it would have took only a few minutes and would have possibly prevented any further invasion.

Anyway best of luck to Wolves and loyal supporters for the rest of the season on way to Hong Kong Saturday and will not be able to be at matches but will be watching especially monday.


I was there. Those that went on the pitch were idiots............IDIOTS! I hope the FA notes that the vast majority of WW fans were appalled at the invasions and absolutely told the W~~~~~~ what we thought of them with our very loud chants. They took the gloss off what I thought was one of the finest matches of football I have attended in recent years. Congratualtions to a very spirited rotherham who really made a game of it. We have a fine side in the making. What a great game of football - congratulations to both teams and good luck Rotherham.


A brilliant match!! Dispite some kamikaze defending by the others Stearman was again immense - FGS get him to sign a new contract asap!!

Dicko and Ricketts also deserve special mention....


getting this excited about winning league 1...whoop-e-ty doo!!!

wolves 4 ever

If the so called supporters who invaded the pitch Friday, can be identified, any fines imposed on the Wolves should be passed on to them,its actions like these that caused the way football grounds where caged off ,which in turn caused the disaster to the Liverpool fans at Hillsborough,clubs where mourning last week,soon forget don't they.That result Friday was probably one of the best in the history of the that will be talked about for years but will it be the way the game was won or the way some fans let the club down again.


Great match spoilt by idiots who want turn up till the next big event.


Just a quick one when i asked a policeman why they did not form a line to stop the south bank getting on the pitch. his reply was F--- off or i will arrest you! nice talk to a 56 year man, i would of reported him but i know i would be accused of being a trouble maker! , what a game thou,

The Real Bully Hoo.


That's a very interesting item. Just goes to show that the 'Spirit of Hillsborough' isn't dead after all. The police still think that all football supporters are the same, they regard us all as scum. Very sad reflection.


New Manager, New back room staff, New management structure (with K Thelwell) has created New Wolves.

Oh what a beauty! Echo all the plaudits given to the players, incl. Rotherham, for putting on a feast of football, not ever seen anything like it. Not just plenty of goals, but good passing football and plenty of individual skill.

Hint of caution for next year, there will be more teams as.good & better in Championship, so will need to improve the depth of the squad.

With a few additions down the spine of the team (c half, midfield & c forward) I.think we have enough to challenge at least the play off.

Now wouldn't that rewrite the record books, back to back relegations, followed by back to back promotions. Never been done before?

Mindless morons on pitch, nuf said.

Up the New Wolves forever!


A brilliant game and day but spoiled by a few IDIOTS please don't call the Wolves Fans, have a look at the picture and video clips, count the Wolves shirts.

The Loyal fans that have been Home and Away all season stayed in their seats and booed them off the pitch.

a Message to any of the said IDIOTS who tried to spoil the day, next time you want a day out........ go to Alton Towers.


spanish ray

Congratulations to both teams for a wonderful game of football and good luck to Rotherham in their efforts for promotion,you certainly deserve to go up with us.To the scum who spoiled the day for so many fans I say,I hope the police catch you and then you can be banned from all football not just Wolves.We don`t want brainless morons like you at our games .


We may have had past disagreements Paul, but Ido find the police response to you absolutely appalling, though not unsurprising. Bullying and threatening the innocent seems to be a specialist forte of one or two dinosaur officers, who seem to think that they are beyond questioning or criticism.--------- When will the police grow up in situations like this, and not treat all football supporters as "the enemy".---------- I noticed yesterday that there was a massive police presence near to Rotherham fans, who were presenting no problem, but hardly any police presence near to that corner of the South Bank where all the idiots were pouring onto the pitch. No tactical flexibility by the police.


Except of course the police knew damn well they'd have little chance of stopping the horde of cretins from the South Bank pouring onto the pitch. (Many kudos to those who stayed in their seats in that stand and booed and chanted against those morons.)

The police were there to stop public disorder. Clearly the main threat was from Wolves "fans" goading the Rotherham fans and the situation turning into a riot.

Their tactic of shielding the Rotherham fans from the people on the pitch was spot on.

The only reason that invasion was relatively benign was because of the police action. I applaud them for it.

And I have great sympathy for the Wolves stewards who have no authority or means of stopping idiots intent on running on the pitch. Do we expect them to use violence? I can imagine the outrage.

carl wolves

I have to agree with Dylan and stick up for the police a little here. Their primary concern is maintaining public order and the main risk to public order would have been the Wolves and Rotherham fans getting at each other. If they had re-deployed the majority of their officers away from the Rotherham fans in front of the South bank they would have risked: A. Physical confrontations between their officers with the hundreds of Wolves fans trying to get onto the pitch. Imagine the scenes with fans fighting police on the pitch during the game. Then I'm sure more fans would have piled on to defend their mates and so on....! B. This would have also left the Rotherham fans completely open to either be got at by the Wolves fans or vice versa. So, although the police are getting some stick for letting supporters run onto the pitch, nobody got hurt. This is surely a job well done for the old bill in such a difficult situation. I would say blame the bloody idiots not the police on this occasion.

carl wolves

By the way I'm offering no excuse for the way that one low life spoke to one of our fellow fans. Some of them are pondlife, like in any profession.

Ronnie Allen

Had the announcer said 'there are free chicken and mushroom pies on the edge of the 18 yard box', then yes I can understand the charge to get on. But to go on for no reason, I'm sorry but I can't understand it.


There's been a lot of talk about identifying the morons on the pitch and banning them. Pound to a pinch they haven't been this season and are less likley to attend again! Mmmmm

Silver Wolf

Appears to have been a great game, not one for the purist but even following it from E&S via Tim Nash's texts and similar from the BBC, it was one to regret having missed. Great to see the old gold and black prevail.

However, there was the downside of pitch invasions. The moronic fringe are ever present in every aspect of life, and such an occasion would be too much of an opportunity for them to consider anything other than their own basic 'needs'. When people talk of the ferral underclass it is often interpreted as a slur against ordinary people, but I disagree. The people I think of are the likes of those witnessed yesterday. They are apart from the mainstream by choice not by economic or social factors, they have all the opportunities the vast majority of us have, but insist on presenting themselves to the world as morons when an opportunity arises, in the process becoming, collectively, the ferral underclass. Sadly, I feel it will ever be thus.

There should be plenty of eveidence from a variety of sources to identify a goodly percentage of those involved yesterday, and I hope the club looks seriously at identifying each and every one it can, and ban them for life.


Could the Express and Star create some kind of campaign on behalf of the real Wolves fans who are appalled at the moronic behaviour of the pitch invaders. We could all sign up to a manifesto and help the club rid the stadium of these idiots.

I for one am sick to death of the minority of scum that attend the matches. Obscene chanting, goading the opposition supporters, a complete lack of respect for rules or property or fellow supporters.

I was at that dreadful match at Scarborough when Wolves "fans" terrorised a family club trying to enjoy their first ever game in the Football League and caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to their stadium and in the town. The shame of that day stays with me. Wolves fans were subsequently banned from attending away games.

If you were on the pitch on Good Friday, then we don't want your "support" at our club. It isn't support it is hooliganism.


They tried to clamp down on them standing and they got away with, they seem to think they can do what they like, I'm so glad I sit

in the Stan Cullis...

I'm also sick of them bringing us down,they spoilt an fabulous day

Well said and great post.


Well done Wolves for gaining promotion back to the championship.

I hope the football authorities decide that financial punishment is appropriate for these pitch invasions. It would be cruel to the club and it's real fans if the FA decided an hefty points reduction were to deprive them of this achievement.

Bedford Wolf

I was in the North Bank (Stan Cullis) and for the life of me cannot understand why the minority in the South Bank (Jack Harris) felt the need to come on to the pitch DURING the game. Why? I can understand AFTER the match in an outpouring of pride and emotion especially after the past 5 years but not during it. Ridiculous. P.s. What a game!

Ye Olde South Bank

“Equally, Wolves would like to thank the vast majority of supporters who stayed off the pitch, AND FOR VOICING THEIR DISAPPROVAL at the minority..."

Call me cynical, but does this mean that Wolves not oly approve of the pitch invaders being described as, erm, 'merchant bankers', but actively wish to thank us for chanting it loud and clear? Seems like it.

That being so, they'd surely have no problem reinstating Liquidator ;-)


what a fantastic day great game from both sides Rotherham looked good bet to win play offs , only marred by the knuckle draggers invading the pitch , probable just let out for the day


To put this in perspective, if 300 fans invaded the pitch, then that us less than 1% of the crowd.

The £20k fine given to blues was for the malicious intent shown by their fans trying to get at villa fans.

Rule E20 (b) differentiates between celebratory and malicious intent so I do not see a big fine coming our way.

Finally, what a game! For pure entertainment value has to be right up there with that Michael Branch/ Dave Beasant game!

Also, Rotherham played attractive football and have been responsible, now for almost 25% of our goals against!!!

Silver Wolf

Following on from your last paragraph, it was good that the exchanges between the clubs off the pitch were so in keeping with the feelings of the overwhelming majority. Elsewhere on here you can see the statement from Wolves but below is part of the Rotherham United manager's comments on their official website.

"What a fantastic advert for League One football and what an absolute honour it was to come to Wolverhampton Wanderers football club, they are an outstanding club from top to bottom and we wish them every success. People can talk about the investment and the parachute payments but you still have to produce a football team that wins football matches and Kenny Jacket has done that and he goes away with all of our congratulations.

"Wolves have paid us a lot of compliments; they’ve told me that over the two games they have played against us, we are the best team they have played. "

That, for me, paints the picture for all decent fans and followers.


There was always going to be fans running onto the pitch at the END of the game. Everyone, the fans, the stewards, the police and the club, knew it was going to happen. If it had happened at the final whistle I doubt too much would have been said about it. I'm not excusing what some of our fans did but it could have been prevented and policed allot better. For a while before the first pitch invasion the supporters were allowed to congregate at the bottom left corner of the South Bank. The polices reaction was to form a very thin line in front of the Rotherham fans. The police should have had a better strategy in place for what they knew was going to happen. There was no effective attempt to stop the invasions. What happened was not good for the club, no way to defend the actions of what happened, but the police have to put their hands up and say they got it wrong and handled it badly. I personally don't want to see the fans banned for life. Most of those who ran on the pitch are probably normally genuine fans who just got carried away with the moment. Let's not over react. I just hope any punishment from the FA isn't too harsh. I hope this all blows over very quickly and is forgotten about. It was a fantastic roller coaster game and a great day for our club.


A lot of the fans who went on the pitch were middle aged men and women,perhaps you can forgive youngsters getting exited but some of the older people should have more sense.I've been going to matches for years so I'm used to the bad language but some round by me were absolutely disgusting!!! I felt sorry for the players at the end we should have able to show our appreciation..


You speak for the vast majority of us, sue.


Should have said "overwhelming majority of us".


When the club and police Id the culprits , ban them for life . They should not be allowed any where near a football match again

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