Wolves 6 Rotherham 4 - Vote for your Star of the match

Over 30,000 were treated to a ten-goal thriller as Wolves beat Rotherham 6-4.

Molineux stadium

Who was your Star of the match?

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Comments for: "Wolves 6 Rotherham 4 - Vote for your Star of the match"


What a game

What a result

Both hands now on the Title

Statos Boring Brother

"Cretins of the match" goes to the morons who decided to go on the pitch.


The same ones who bost!!! There own ground up last year


Bedford Wolf

Silly sad little person supporting silly sad little club.


ALLBEEON. Is it the 30,000 figure that is upsetting you?????


Well said Stato. They could have cost us points and they will cost us money.


Glad rotherham didn't match our 5 today haha

Like i said the other week that wolves side will be going back down before the decorations

Another pub game i see


Why do you come here. Is it because you don't have anything to watch yourself.


Yh orange crush in dvd

Bedford Wolf

Time for beddy-byes little one. Take your medication now there's a good little chap.


school holidays, bored.......


Learn to type you Muppet...

Sorry, I'll re-phrase that, learn to write first !!!



dont worry we can console ourselves with another trophy.......

with apologies to sensible baggies, but do wba get anything for finishing 16th?

Bedford Wolf

Being a Sandwell fan you will know nothing at all about football. Bet you even think 'Choker' Astle was good! Lol


I lost Six pounds in weight watching that game. Well done Kenny and the team.


Disgraceful behaviour by the fans.

No doubt the two pitch invasions will result in a heavy fine for the club. Maybe all those people who ended up going on the pitch could contribute £50 each towards it?

If you did go on the pitch then you are a disgrace. The referee might easily have abandoned the game and the FL force the game to be replayed behind closed doors.

And If people go on the pitch then the players safety can not be guaranteed. So, when we win the league will we get to cheer tham doing a victory lap of honour around the pitch parading the cup in front of each stand?

Or will we just see a thick throng of apes cavorting about taking selfies and mobbing the players.

Ye Olde South Bank

Extraordinary game. Extraordinary hat-tricks. Extraordinary result. Extraordinary scenes. Extraordinary idiots invading the pitch.

Extraordinary punishment possibly awaits...

spanish ray

What a win,I wish I could have been there.And I am so dissappointed in the E & S,What a mess of reporting the game ,diabolical mess-up,someone wants dragging over the coals for this.I suppose it was Nash,but excuses will be made and he will still be reporting.


Hang on

Tbf the express and star do write exactly what you dingles want to read 99.9% of the time

Even the rag gets some stuff wrong


and the rest of the time they report on the other football teams, like walsall and villa and even shrewsbury, lol

Bedford Wolf

The Spanish pepper mill - wow! What a great little club with great little fans. Forever in our shadow. Green really IS your colour eh?


All 22 plus subs from both sides. 10 goals, last minute drama, 30,000, sunshine.



Sloppy performance in second half,it was plain to see what was happening. South Bank created a surreal atmosphere with Mexican wave and premature celebrations,which I believe fed to the players.

The job is not done,we have not come this far to come 2nd,lets finish the job,then celebrate. Rotherham deserve credit for the way they took the game to us,naively at times with the high line which we exploited. Great 3 pts,let's go again Monday

Mountain Wolf

Wow! A ten goal thriller and a hat trick. I am so proud of everyone connected with my football club. Congratulations to the South Bank for generating such a wonderful atmosphere and congratulations to all the other stands for joining in. Let's have much more of it.


incredible game, dicko my motm. utw.

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