Kenny Jackett reveals turning point in Wolves revival

Kenny Jackett today declared he is well down the road in the ‘cleansing of Wolves’ and revealed a turning point was the exit of four strikers in January.

Wolves head coach Kenny Jackett
Head of recruitment Stuart Webber hopeful of new players for Kenny Jackett, pictured.

The Molineux head coach has transformed Wolves since his arrival last June and believes the ‘re-aligning’of the squad has helped coaches and scouts identify how to strengthen the group quicker as he reflected on promotion from League One.

Some 25 players have left –14 of which are on loan – since Jackett’s arrival, and four of the departed were strikers in the January window.

Since Kevin Doyle, Leigh Griffiths, Bjorn Sigurdarson and Jake Cassidy exited, Wolves have won 11 games out of 14.

Nouha Dicko has been the significant replacement up front with Leon Clarke struggling to make an impression, but Jackett believes that overhaul has seen a clearer picture emerge, with a settled but fluid formation revolving around one striker.

“If you look at the back end of January, from February 1 we let four centre forwards go, which is quite unusual with Doyle, Sigurdarson, Griffiths and Cassidy all going out,” said the boss.

“It’s aligned the groups a bit better and even in training on Monday, you can see the structure of it.

“There’s not an overload in any one position; the basis is on younger rather than older but there are still some good experienced pros.

“Each group is chasing the next and trying to put pressure on.

“That’s what you continually need to do; we need to work on our coaching, work on our scouting and all of the coaches all the way down can work off good leads, and all of the scouts can watch where the gaps are and see where we need to improve each area.

“And if we can do that, we can always stay one step ahead – we can try to have the next one (signing) in place before we need it.”

Jackett added: “I felt I had a good idea of what was needed before I came in and that definitely helped me when I started,” said the boss.

“Then at every stage we’ve just changed things slightly.”

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Comments for: "Kenny Jackett reveals turning point in Wolves revival"


In Kenny we trust.


What a load of sense he talks. A breath of fresh air.


An interesting article but it is the last sentence in it that is not surprising now when ...... "Jackett added: “I felt I had a good idea of what was needed before I came in and that definitely helped me when I started, said the boss." A slip of the tongue maybe as this could be construed as 'Poaching'.

Obviously the two M's had already made up their minds as to the new man for the job and had approached him quite a lot earlier than the announcement to invite applications for the post of 'Head Coach'.

To say and his quote" I had a good idea of what was wanted etc".... shows that he had been watching the Wolves matches for a few weeks possibly months prior to the post application invites. This plus the fact he resigned his position I think was the same day that Saunders was sacked.



Maybe, Lesterwolf, in which case we could say, "Well, that"s football". On the other hand, Kenny does seem to have a prolific knowledge of players at Championship and League 1 level and so could it be possible that in amassing that knowledge, he developed an understanding of other clubs' strengths and weaknesses along the way? After all, we were in the Championship (briefly) alongside Millwall whilst he was managing them.


It made me wander if this was the case, But to be fair I think the two Ms got this one spot on. We now have someone who can speak sense knows what he wants and has built a fan/player relationship a recipe for success. Same again next season please Kenny. UTW.


You're probably right. However, I think we all thought we knew what was needed before he came in.


I think Lester is being a bit pedantic here, looking for a story/scandal when there isn't one. If one is being pedantic, then Jackett says he knows 'what was needed' NOT 'what was 'wanted'. There is a difference - 'wanted' could POSSIBLY imply he had had prior contact with the club.

What is 'NEEDED' is different. I know what Chelsea need - a 20+ goal a season striker, Arsenal need a decent defensive midfielder, England need to stop relying on Rooney - and I can promise you I'm not about to manage any of those teams soon!

I'm sure Jackett like all managers watches most games from most leagues, I mean we were in the same division as Millwall last season, and in fairness most of us humble Wolves supporter also knew what was needed from about last January onwards.

So sorry Lesterwolf, just don't think there is a story here.


Sorry Lesterwolf but I think you're off base here. Like most managers, KJ would have been acutely aware of our demise and given that his own track record has been built in the lower divisions, the possibility of applying for a job such as ours (if and when it arose) would no doubt have crossed his mind - I'm sure there was more than one manager out there at the time saying to himself, "Now if I had that job...." Doesn't mean they all wanted to apply for it, of course.

Given his decision-making in the last 10 months, he's obviously a very shrewd and astute man and keeping himself informed very probably comes as second nature to him.

We'll never know of course, but he probably had 'ideas' about a few clubs at the time. I'm just supremely grateful that it was our club that invited him to put those ideas into practice.


It's pretty sad when you are considered old by 28 or 29.


All good stuff and KJ clearly knows what he's doing. It'll be interesting next season as we won't get so much go our way as we have this year. I still dream of back-2-back promotions though!

Am I the only one who misses the lunacy that was Dean Saunders though? All this KJ pragmacy is one thing but you never hear him talking about the 'eye of the tiger for goal' or 'opening the batting for England!' Ahhh Deano I do miss the laughs you gave us ;)


Whilst I agree the signing of Dicko was a masterstroke, I would say that being able to have Jack Price available as a holding midfielder was the important factor with regards to our form in 2014? Having him sitting in front of the back 4 has allowed McDonald and Jacobs the luxury of a forward licence! David Edwards or Lee Evans cannot do the same job!

Gerry Mannion

I thought that we had heard all this before, may be not the exact words but covering the same points. I really wonder whether Kenny did say this today or is it a regurgitated non-story by this paper to fill a page gap.

We have certainly heard these same views and seems pointless to trawl over them again.

Various conclusions can be drawn from the phrases in the article and these can be interpreted differently by us all.

It seems to be a trend by the E&S to continually repeat it's articles but with slightly different emphasis.

It's boring.


A lot of people on these very pages were lamenting the loss of 4 forwards, but it has turned out to be a masterstroke (and we've even survived without all the goals that Cassidy brings, he he!).

It sent out a clear signal as to who KJ saw as his best options, and those remaining seemed very motivated. Dicko was a masterstroke because for the first time it gave us the killer combo of width and pace, and the permanent signing of Jacobs and Henry then just cemented it all.

Griff was not slow, and had a quick brain, but he has nothing like the pace of Dicko. All that quality out wide combined with his pace through the middle was what really made the difference and got us scoring 3 a game instead of the usual two. Dicko has not only banged in the goals, but some sides have over-concentrated on him, freeing up space for the midfielders to chip in with their share.

It's remarkable to think that we could yet go up as champions, with a top scorer only on 13, but that's how well we've spread the goals.

One thing I would add on Clarke is that he's not had a settled run without injury and we can't fully judge him until then. I know he's not new to the club, so we do already know a fair bit about him. I have to admit though, even when you're only a sub in most games, a good striker, coming on late for a winning side with a midfield like ours around him should be scoring goals, or at least getting good plaudits for working hard for the team.

I'm sure we'll all agree though - when it comes to man management and signings, KJ has enough goodwill in the bank from signing Golbourne, Ricketts, Big Mac, Henry, Jacobs and Dicko for us to forgive him for Clarke. Especially as he managed to raise £4m for two players who didn't want to be here.


Unnecessary dig at Cassidy rob, he's a young lad still learning his trade, it simply didn't go his way. KJ sees a good player in him & his judgement hasn't been too bad up to now. I remember a certain sam vokes getting it in the ear not too long ago, he seems to be doing alright now doesn't he?


Interesting comment from Lesterwolf. Are we to presume that you prefer the route taken when McCarthy was sacked. No idea who would take over, turned down by numerous potential candidates, then panic takes over and M & M appoint Terry Connor.

I know which I prefer, therefore I hope your right that they had a plan to appoint Kenny Jackett long before Saunders was sacked, at long last a sensible strategy by Morgan & Moxey.

A final word on stadium redevelopment, large super stadiums have a nasty habit of remaining empty if you don't have a very good team to attract the 40 - 50k crowds. Good teams rarely follow as a matter of course the development of a new large stadium, so lets develop the team first and stadium second.


No ground development means we cannot attract better quality players ie pay there wages, unless your saying increase the prices than you price people out.

The other option is spend all the money on player wages no investment and accept the fact we are a small club just out to survive.

My view is build the stadium up hopefully get the results and the fans will come back,than you can obey the new rules in place to stop clubs spending more than they earn.

Old Wulfrunian

I think the most significant part of this article was:

"Nouha Dicko has been the significant replacement up front with Leon Clarke struggling to make an impression, but Jackett believes that overhaul has seen a clearer picture emerge, with a settled but fluid formation revolving around one striker".

No-one can argue with KJ's 'one striker' team structure and resultant style of play, the results in 2014 have proven this beyond doubt after his 'tinkerman' detractors had their say at the back end of 2013. I'm certain he will continue with the existing formation in the Championship next season and the old 4-4-2 days will remain a thing of the past except in extenuating circumstances.

This being the case, the most recent evidence suggests that Leon Clarke will only start in case of injuries or if we have to resort to 4-4-2 in the way I have mentioned. If he is happy to start next season on the bench that's all well and good but if he gets an opportunity and grabs it with both hands it will pose an interesting selection dilemma for KJ but those are the types of problem every coach/manager dreams about.

With regard to tomorrow's match, Rotherham's away record is almost as good as ours so it could be a pointer as to how we handle similar high profile games next season.

See you all at the Golden Palace at 15.00!



I think if we were all honest we were wandering what Kenny was doing letting 4 strikers leave the club in January, but yet again he showed us he knew what he was doing and proved us all wrong to doubt him. For what he has done this season we should be very grateful and if in the future there is a struggle we should be patient before we get on Kennys back.

Ye Olde South Bank

FAO: chris h

Thanks for your reply to me on the "Kenny Jackett sets sights on the Premier League" topic. I couldn't respond, though, as it's now closed to comment.

I take your point where you're worried about Morgan/Moxey possibly keeping fan expectation under check, Chris. Personally speaking, I'll also reserve judgement on those two until such time as things become clearer. Promotion is one thing; sustained ambition and proper investment to reach achievable targets quite another. So, let's wait and see what's in store for us before jumping to conclusions. I know it's an old chestnut, but the proof of the pudding really does come with the eating. Let's just say that I'm there to be convinced ;-)

You're quite right, however, in believing we should be an established Premier League club, by now. Yes, it's been a badly wasted past 20 years, Chris. I guess we can only hope that lessons have been learned at the top levels of Molineux and that Morgan's pledge to put right his awful clangers holds true. As I said, though, only time will tell.

Chris, I know you're not getting carried away by this latest promotion, nor should you. Sure, I've felt ecstatic of late, but that's only because it's been such a huge relief to me to see some order restored where there was once utter chaos, as well as a bit of pride shown in the Gold shirt where formerly there was nothing but disinterest and disgrace. For that, I have to thank Kenny and his lads to thank, and thank them I do.

As you say, I think we agree on most things (just a couple of differences, here and there), but we both love the club and have its best interests at heart. We all do, actually, and that's why we all need to be tolerant of people's views.

Likewise, take care, Chris ;-)

Ye Olde South Bank

Was supposed to read: "For that, I have Kenny and his lads to thank, and thank them, I do".


Chillo Wolf

Oh and didn't the usual suspects just moan when the four were let go ...

I've said it from the start and i'll say it again ... In Kenny we trust


agree with most of the posts above, but still remmember the day he was appointed and the comments that followed, i myself had doubts but posted that i thought wwfc would be promoted comfortably.

some of us were shot down in flames as happy clappers who followed the 2 m's every word like sheep.

but those very posters who slated us, and were claiming to be real supporters and realists have been strangely absent.

only a few have admitted they were wrong.

and now the club is on the up , guess what? some of them are back under new names claiming all the credit for the upturn in fortunes.

one poster claimed i was posting in hindsight and that was too easy to do.

but i have always had a positive outlook on life, and in particular our club wwfc. utw.


not absent they just kept changing there names,i was told i could not have a view because i did not attend every match,even though i explained due to ill health i could not attend them all,but they are true fans.


The biggest problem we will have is holding on to this magnificent, astute, polite, well versed, well dressed, well spoken tactician who by anyone's standards has brought back the feel good factor to our great club. The only saving grace for us is KJ seems to be loyal (6yrs at Millwall) so he doesn't leave with unfinished business. However his work will have been noted by others. All I say is a big well done & thank you to Kenny & Joe for the turnaround. Long may it continue. I write this from Australia & I am envious of all those going to the Molineux this Good Friday. Supporters make it a cauldron of noise. COYW


The players he has let go Leigh Griffiths was a stroke of genius as it turns out, and Sigurdarson i just think he was unlucky, However. I believe we need to keep the likes of Cassidy, as he will develop into a good player one day, as for Doyle he will be the experience we may need in the championship?. Well done Jacket and team and thanks for a great season one to savour and wipe the horrendous previous two seasons!! for a many a year. Here's to next season. Wolves until i die!!


Kenny Jackett just played the PERFECT season, getting everything right. Great signings, purgedhe club of the bad apples, gave youth a chance, found winning playing styles and stopped us leaking goals. Also, what a nice, uncomplicated, ego-less, intelligent guy. Take a bow Kenny Jackett, the saviour of Wolves. Also may the refreshing silence of Morgan and Moxey continue (we almost forgo that you were here!!!).

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