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Kenny Jackett managed a perfect season. Well done to you , Sir. You got it right every time.


It took Mick McCarthy 3 seasons to win promotion from the championship after inheriting a poor squad of players. Kenny Jackett has built up a good set of players with a mixture of promoting the best of the young U21 squad and some astute purchases.

So the starting point is not quite the same. But the big difference in my opinion is that Jackett's squad has already tasted success and the experience gained by many of the players from playing together week in week out will hold them in good stead for the coming campaign. Promotion would be a big ask at the first attempt, but far from impossible.

Assuming Wolves can hold onto all the best players in the squad, they will still need to bring in others if they are to win promotion next season. In particular a re-valuation of the the strikers will be required. Will strikers such as Doyle, Sigurdarson or Cassidy be part of the set up? Doubtful. I'm not even sure whether Clarke will be with us come next August. At the very least, one new striker will be required.

And then there is the question of all the returning players, some perhaps more unwelcome than others. I rather fancy that Jackett has already made his mind up which ones will be part of the squad next season. Not many I think.


"I rather fancy that Jackett has already made his mind up which ones will be part of the squad next season. Not many I think".

I tend to agree.


I don't think many IF ANY of the returning dead wood will be in KJs squad.


I am hoping I am wrong but I am not sure that this squad is good enough to get us into the premiership. I hope I am wrong or that KJ gets the financial backing he needs to bring in some new players. Then there is the issue over those on loan but still contracted to us - Doyle, Johnson, Ward, Boukhari, Doumbia, Siggy and so on. If KJ doesn't consider them good enough for division 3 it seems unlikely he will consider them good enough for the championship.

Great end to season - we would all have settled for this in August 2013.

Let's not get too far ahead of ourselves yet!We have completed Stage One successfully.Well done Wolves!.Every game has been like a cup-Tie as Wolves are the team that others in the Division want to beat.Once the season is over,it will be time to move on to the next stage.The standard of play will be higher and highly competitive.Next season we need to consolidate our position and move up.There's a long way to go.This has only just started.

Jackett the Hat

The greed league is alrite for board members and shareholders, it's also where players want to prove themselves, but it's also got that sinister side that we witnessed last time, the cheating, the refs laughing alongside the big players and of course the rip-off prices. Let's start playing proper footy in the Championship first, we're still tryin to get our foundations right......I'll be happy as long as we give a good account of ourselves and can see gradual improvement . The Prem and it's plastic fans can wait a bit, it's not enjoyable unless we can genuinely compete, ask yourselves.....have Wolves got the pulling power to sustain anything more than relegation battles at the top table !

We shouldn't even be talkin bout the Prem, false promises and over- paid players are the reason we got in a mess in the first place. Keep building, keep the academy turning over and the lads will get supported whatever league we're in.


Can't wait to get back to the Premier League... wouldn't it be better to get the new stand built BEFORE we get there ? (That's the Steve Bull / John Ireland stand). If it's going to take 2 years to complete, hadn't they better start now ?


The PL is more than just a dream, it's a realistic ambition and one that KJ will achieve. Just as Southampton, even in League One, considered themselves a PL club, so should Wolves. We have the history, the facilities and the fans. When KJ took over last summer I for one felt that we had a fair chance of two consecutive promotions after the trauma of two consecutive relegations. Now, that would probably be a record, but KJ has set a few records already at Wolves! No worries for me about other clubs poaching KJ or our star players, I rather think we will be the ones doing the poaching now!


Nothing startling in that fact.

It is the ambition of all the clubs in the Championship to reach the golden palace but it is going to be exciting for us fans.

What are our chances?

I would rate them at 25-1. It will be interesting to see how the bookies rate the Wolves chances against my speculative odds.

As always the teams that will be relegated must have the best chances of being promoted. That, as we know to our demise, does not always work out that way.

Can we win promotion next season? Can we do better that the teams that will be relegated?

This means , for a start, any three from Sunderland, Norwich, Cardiff, Fulham, Swansea and WBA


Then the likes of Bolton, Blackburn, Leeds and Middlesborough come into the frame. They are big clubs for us to contend with and then, WOW, the 'just missed promotion teams' like any three from Reading, Derby, QPR, Wigan and Brighton.

As our Mr Jackett stated: this league must be the fourth most difficult league in Europe, to get a promotion.

All of those teams I have noted are formidable opposition and we are a team, coming to join these, from a lower league. A team with a number of young lads with relatively little experience. Having to ply their trade and mixing it with some really quality teams with hardened professionals.

To finish in the top six will be a massive achievement.

Leicester City, like us got promoted from League One and had two play=off seasons prior to this one, in getting promotion.

Can we be patient enough for this?

If we fail twice in the play-off's will we call for Jackett's head?

I think we need three or four players to give us a chance of a top six finish , or even a top ten.

A central midfield hard man, a left back and certainly one or two quality strikers.

Not a lot to ask for, is it?

Can we raise a couple of million for the likes of Doyle, Johnson, Foley, Ward, Forde, Sigurdurason, and not forgetting of course, our own, yes our own Mr O'Hara.

I have enjoyed this season in seeing a real and complete revamp of our old team.

What Kenny Jackett has achieved is absolutely incredible. Thinking back, from August through to the middle of December, when he was trying to get his best team, he was chopping and changing week by week and still keeping in touch with the leaders. That was some task. He was under orders to give the young lads a chance and sort out the dressing room

He has done that.

We fans, of all ages have always wanted to see our own young players given a chance. Something that McCarthy refused to do. . The relegation was in reflection the new making of our club

By astute planning or extreme good fortune, we have bought into the club, a manager who can take us to the Premiership. He has the coaching skills and has moulded a a squad of players who can adapt and make a team who can play to various formations

Yes, well done Mr Jackett just make the wagon roll next season.


I think you will get 33-50/1 if your lucky.

Ye Olde South Bank

Common sense dictates that, to create a strong, self-sustaining, expanding football club with genuine ambition for the future requires astute, forward planning, a clear strategy and gradual, sensible implementation of all necessary measures in order to achieve that aim. In that respect, Wolves, despite their acclaimed promotion, have only taken their first, tentative, steps. So, we can't realistically expect to run before we can walk. The present squad have been simply outstanding, and it's only right and proper that many of them be given the chance to shine at a higher level, but we'll still need reinforcements.

To gain promotion from the Championship is an incredibly difficult challenge (and don't we all know it?), but it's not an impossible task. We'll have momentum on our side and a pumped-up, frenzied fanbase to help the lads on their way. However, the smelling salts tell me that I should expect a wait of absolutely no less than three years in that division before possible promotion arrives. Anything less would be sensational, in my view.

And that brings me to the thorny subject of the Premier League (whenever, if ever, it arrives). Just how much have I missed the incessant cheating; the overpaid mercenaries; the outsized egos; the pathetic, puerile tantrums of managers who think they have a divine right to win every game; the outrageous cost of admission; the very few victories that came our way; the lack of genuine competition; the endless struggle against relegation, year on year? Well, speaking for myself only.....erm, not much, actually. On the flip side, I know the Greed League is the only place where a club of our standing deserves to be, so we simply have to go for it, no question at all. Without ambition, there's no point in any club's existence.

Over the years, League One has proven itself to be the scrapyard of many big, but badly mismanaged, clubs. However, it can also be an embryo room of recovery, as we now see for ourselves. The main thing it's done, however, is to reunite the club and fanbase and, dare I suggest, allow us all to return to our roots and remember what this great game was historically all about: honest, committed football...but minus the Premier League age of corruption and cash-cow mentality so prevalent in today's tainted game.

Yes, a refreshing blast from the past indeed. COYW.


YOSB I'm beginning to sound like a groupie of yours but you do continue to post unremitting good sense.

Ye Olde South Bank

Once again, thank you for your kind words. As it happens, we seem to be on very similar wavelength where the Wolves are concerned.

Rest assured, Dave, I'll only start worrying about the 'groupie factor' if and when I see a tent pitched on my front lawn ;-)

Alan in Cyprus

One step at a time please. Lets build on what we have achieved this season and not get too carried away. Good comments on this thread.

chris h

I think the Championship is the fifth biggest league in Europe not the fourth. Surely the Premier, Spain, Germany and Italy all are bigger. Gates maybe down in Serie A but the standard surely is higher than the Championship. It is full of Italian internationals for a start, and they tend to beat England, especially in competitive games. The leagues in Spain and Germany would give the Premier a good run for their money, never mind the Championship. What I cannot understand is the number of Wolves fans criticising the Premier. Surely we want to play against the best and beat them. If all you want to see is Wolves win a game, why don't we play Hednesford Town every week. If people cannot see the quality of football that is actually played in the Premier, are they really interested in football or not ? Just because we have failed to establish ourselves there that is not a reason to crticise it as the greed league. I am sure there is plenty of greed in all areas of professional football. Are people saying the quality of tennis has declined just because the prize money is now massive? Of course not and the same with football. The quality and passion is still there at the top for all to see. Just look at what winning mean't to Gerrard yesterday, despite all his millions. The Premier is the best in England and that is where we should be aiming to play.

Ye Olde South Bank

Quite honestly, I don't know why you're so obviously bothered by what your fellow fans think about the Premier League. It matters not a jot to me what any fan thinks about it: they can like it or lump it as far as I'm concerned, because every view is equally valid. Accordingly, if you personally enjoy it, then surely that's all that matters? There's no right or wrong, here: only opinion.

Incidentally (and contrary to what I believe you're implying), it's perfectly possible to acknowledge the superb skill levels on show; enjoy beating the likes of Man Utd...yet still not be a fan of the Premier League. I want my beloved club there, but for no other reason than it's the highest achievable level. For a host of reasons, no, it doesn't float my boat (nor, incidentally, does it many other fans that I speak to), however, despite our stance, we ALL want Wanderers in that top flight because we know it's the only place to be. And that applies whether we like what that league represents or not. Accordingly, as we have no conflict of interests, there's no problem. Simples.

chris h

YOSB, I tell you why, it is about expectations. I believe Morgan and Moxey would like to damp down expectations at Wolves. So as far as they are concerned the more that don't like the Premier the better. It is about dumbing down the club. As you will know I think if properly managed we should by now have been established in the top tier and that is where we belong. Interesting article in the Daily Swain today according to some to be aired TV programme apart from Sheff Weds, of our size we are down as being the most underperforming club in some misery index.,especially over the last 20 years. I think we have agreed on most things on here, other than standing at games and the Premier. I cannot get carried away with what has been achieved this year, did last time but that was probably down to Bully.Take care YOSB.


Wolves will be a championship team for at least three seasons. That's reality.


Let's hope not.


I defiantly want to see Wolves back in the premier league but to do that Kenny will need supporting financially and im not asking for silly amounts, a reasonable transfer kitty so Kenny can strengthen the squad. As ive said before definitely need a 20 + goalscorer to play alongside Dicko. And again ive said it before I would go after Troy Deeney a proven goalscorer in Championship.

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