Champagne on ice until Wolves secure title says Kenny Jackett

Kenny Jackett today vowed there will be no partying for Wolves if they win promotion tomorrow - insisting they will celebrate if and when they win the League One title.

Wolves head coach Kenny Jackett
Wolves head coach Kenny Jackett

Wolves will be promoted if Rotherham fail to beat Bradford tonight and Jackett’s side win a Gresty Road tomorrow.

Leicester lost 4-1 to Brighton on Tuesday after being promoted to the Premier League without playing last weekend and celebrated with champagne at their training ground on Monday.

But even if Wolves go up tomorrow, the bubbly will remain on ice because the head coach wants them to win the title.

Wolves are currently just three points above second-placed Brentford with five games left.

“The number one priority is getting promoted, but there won’t be any celebrations until we win the league,” said Jackett.

“Our celebrations will be at the conclusion.

“It would leave a bitter taste in our mouths if we fell away and accepted second.

“Our form of late has left it to probably us and Brentford winning the league and if we achieve promotion we’ll all be focusing on trying to be number one.

“It won’t be the case that we’ll be taking our foot off the gas.”

Fierce competition from the fringe players in training is ensuring no easing up now they’re on the brink of promotion.

“We have good players out of the side and I think they’re aware of that,” said Jackett.

“In a training session there aren’t many that could look into the numbers, say from 12 to 20, and couldn’t see someone to compete with them for their place.

“That’s good - it keeps them grounded and it certainly improves our sessions.

“If we do 11 versus 11, the quality of the 11 against them is a big thing, and no disrespect to my former club (Millwall), but it’s a big step up here.”

A 1-0 win will see Wolves break two more club records, with 93 points and 24 clean sheets, and give them a share of two more – equal most wins in a season (28) and equal most away victories (13).

Jackett wants the win rather than the clean-sheet record, adding: “I’d take a 3-2, a 4-3 or a 5-4 rather than a 0-0 and break a record.”

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Comments for: "Champagne on ice until Wolves secure title says Kenny Jackett"


Will someone find the fat lady and get her ready. COME ON WOLVES nearly there.


She has been practicing for some time now. I think she is a bit confused as KJ said his priority was always promotion first then concentrating on winning the league. Now there will be no celebrating until we WIN the league.

Sussex Wolf

Right attitude, you only have to look at Leicesters dip after achieving promotion. Also think celebrations should be tempered somewhat as all we are doing is getting back to where we as a bare minimum belong. Thats without taking anything away from a tremendous achievement by the players, could have so easily gone pear shaped this season if the whole club had not had the right attitude. Come on Wolves, lets do it style at Gresty Road.


I'm loving this season and it looks like Wolves are getting promoted.

I don't see though how any Wolves fan can say we'll be promoted to where we belong as if we have a right to be there solely based on the clubs amazing history, accolades and fan base. Apart from the fan base everything else is history.

To be perfectly honest we are currently where we belong based on last years poor performance. Next year we will belong in the Championship because we earned the right to be there this year.

No celebration should be tempered. If Wolves are promoted as Champions of League 1 the celebration should be as avid and lively as if we had been promoted to the Prem League, open bus tour of the City etc etc.


chris h

zoff, clearly you are only interested in Wolves winning football matches, and to hell with the quality or lack of quality of the opposition. When people rightly say we should not be in the third division they are talking about available resources and fan base. Over £120m received in television distribution rights in the last 5 years and a fan base of circa 20,000. Whereas most third division sides have received less than £100k in television rights in 5 years, and probably a lot less than that . Most third division sides have a fan base of circa 7.5k. That is why if properly managed we should never have seen the light of day of the likes of Crawley, unless we managed to play them in a cup competition. It is good that we are back to a minimum standard that should be acceptable to any supporter of Wolverhampton Wanderers. Most stikers we have played against this season couldn't hit a barn door , next season will be much more challenging.


We keep saying it, but what a breath of fresh air Kenny has been for us, what a revelation. His pre-match and after-match comments are so sane and sensible - and such a contrast from those we used to hear from certain others. We are indeed in safe hands.


So when we get promoted, if we don't win the title as well we won't be celebrating ? Blimey Kenny bit harsh that, hope we do then or oy'l av t' tek me can of shandy back t' Tescow's.


Ye Olde South Bank

Clinical; precise; meticulous; professional: that, in a nutshell, is Kenny Jackett for you.

There are so many differences between what we endured in the past, and what we have now, that I'm not sure I could quantify them all. Suffice to say that one, key difference immediately springs to mind, and it's this:

When we're told that nothing -but nothing- will be allowed to detract from Kenny and his boys' prime objectives, I believe what I hear with no hesitation. And that, my friends, is just about the greatest compliment that I can pay them, for trust and faith are commodities that can never be bought. No, they have to be earned.

And they have been.

chris h

YOSB, You surprise me mate, I must say, I have always looked upon you as being football savy. You say there are so many differences between now and then. Yes there is one big difference: third division football. Did you not see Pope sky that sitter into the South Bank. When Mick was picking sides to play against the likes of Drogba, Rooney etc. Do you think they would have missed that chance. I am delighted we are back at least at Championship level, but it is not a level playing field comparing Premier league challenges to the relatively easy street of third division football. Personally it mean't a lot more to me when my football club beat the best sides in the land and we did if only fleetingly under McCarthy. People make me smile when I read McCarthy couldn't do it at Premier level. Perhaps that is because it is a lot more challenging than doing it in the third division.


We will be promoted if we win by a single goal at Crewe tomorrow UNLESS Rotherham win tonight by 23 goals or more! I'm sure most people have worked this out already. If Rotherham draw tonight we only need a draw ourselves. Promotion is not enough for New Wolves, we need the title too. Well done Kenny Jackett.


DancesWithWolves - they have 4 more games to catch us on goal difference though - they don't need to score all 23 of them tonight. Anyway, that's just stats, let's just focus on our own game and if we win, they all have one less game to try and catch us as we turn the screw some more.

I agree it's very refreshing to hear him not being happy with just promotion. There's another twist to the run-in as well - all of our last 4 games are against teams we haven't beaten first time around. Also, we've not kept a clean sheet against any of them, so if we finish strong we could go up as champions and beating everyone in the league at least once.

Here's something I found amusing yesterday - take a look at the E&S Wolves blog, and read the post from the start of 2014, and all the comments. A lot of support for KJ, but some scathing and unfair criticism too. Also, Jacobs and Henry referred to as Championship club rejects or words to that effect, and all written just before the 9-game winning streak!

In KJ we trust. Next season won't be easy - Charlton walked away with this league two seasons ago but have never looked comfortable in the Championship. It's a tough league, but we have a good spine of the team, and young players that will improve year on year, so let's keep the faith even when it gets tough next season.

Pembrokeshire Wolf

DWW - Rotherham have drawn, but we still can't gaurantee promotion with a draw at Crewe because, irrespective of goal difference, Orient can still get 92 points.


can not fault anything Kenny has said, yes it will be great to achieve promotion but far better to be promoted as CHAMPIONS!