Sheffield United 0 Wolves 2 - Vote for your Star of the match

Wolves returned to winning ways in League One with a 2-0 win over Sheffield United.

Wolves' Kenny Jackett
Wolves' Kenny Jackett

But who was your Wolves Star of the match?

Vote in our poll below and have your say in the comments section.

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Comments for: "Sheffield United 0 Wolves 2 - Vote for your Star of the match"

Pembrokeshire Wolf

Following it on my laptop, I got the impression that Stearman, Henry and Edwards were the stars. So my vote goes to the unsung hero - Richard Stearman.

Stearmans overhead kick

I Like James Henry, And was concerned and made my feelings known when E&S asked a similar vote a few weeks ago asking if he should be dropped in favor of Leon Clarke. Three assists against the Saddlers man of the match and another goal today,Keep playing him Kenny.


Stears gets my vote as well, I like it when a centre back is up for man of the match, next to the keeper it is such a crucial position. Glad to see KJ leaving him at centre back and not doing what MM did, when he came to us he was playing the England U21's, then MM say no more. COME ON WOLVES.


Totally agree Mardy, although my vote went to Carl.


Another clean sheet so I will again give Ikeme my vote. I always think the keepers are just taken for granted and the goal scorers get all the credit.


I cant believe that I am possibly the only one who has noticed Golbourne doing nothing wrong, there in defence , up in attack on the left, supporting Sako etc, I think he is our unsung hero, my vote.


You're not the only one bedswolf, believe you me. He's so efficient that sadly, he just goes unnoticed. He's the best left back the club has had since maybe the early Lee Naylor, or, more certainly, Derek Parkin. It's been an absolute pleasure to watch him perform this season.