Big Debate - Has Kenny Jackett got a dilemma in his squad choice for Wolves' next game?

Kenny Jackett made four changes to the Wolves starting 11 for their 2-0 win at Sheffield United.

Wolves midfielder Dave Edwards battles for the ball
Wolves midfielder Dave Edwards battles for the ball

Was he right to tinker and has he got a dilemma in his choice for the next game against Colchester?

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Comments for: "Big Debate - Has Kenny Jackett got a dilemma in his squad choice for Wolves' next game?"


No debate really in KJ we must trust.He has served us well so far and it must only be a matter of time before promotion is secured.


Kenny said, before March, with the glut of games coming up he would have to use his full squad. Surely that is what he is doing. Tiredness, knocks, etc. - the same team was never likely to get through the number of games we have to play in such a short space of time. Look at where we are - why should we question what he is doing?


Totally agree Solentwolves

We have to believe in Kenny , He is the head coach and He said take each game as it comes, it was a tactical decision and it paid off, and all the squad would seem to agree give their best UTW


not really, kj had to freshen up the side after the no shows against the shrews and crawley, and to make 4 changes and win against a team unbeaten in 11, so although colchester will provide another pumped up challenge, kj should have the boys ready.utw.


KJ is a good manager, but perhaps changes at halftime v Shrewsbury and a different approach for Crawley, would have convinced me he was possibly a great manager in the making. Maybe he is, but we could have responded differently than we did.

Bedford Wolf

Was KJ right? Ermm, Sheffield Utd 0 Wolves 2 suggests YES! Does KJ have a dilemma now? The fact that we can play almost any starting 11 and win suggests NO! Brilliant manager who is restoring our faith - thanks Kenny. Out Of Darkness Cometh Light!!!


I must admit when I tuned in for the radio commentary and heard the stating line up that I gulped and thought KJ had overdone it.So what di I know?

Without Rickettsia,Sako,Price and Dicko,the team although not at all dominant,made the most of their chances,kept another clean sheet and put a damper on United's recent good run which had been very similar to our own.

With tha games coming thick and fast,continuing on Tuesday evening,KJ has shown us that the squad can cope well and I expect further changes to the side at Molineux on Tuesday Well done,KJ and the lads.


I would expect our Kenny him to field a similar team to yesterday for the Colchester game then revert back to full strength with Sako, Dicko, Price and Ricketts coming back for the more difficult away trip to MK Dons.


No not a dilemma just a choice and KJ seems to normally make the right ones.


Smack on Charlie 17 even the doubters have to believe now


100%. What a nice dilemma to be in. How many clubs would like to have the squad we have.

Bring it on Kenny.


Not quite, vis Shrewsbury and Crawley.


A slightly better "Debate" question than the recent track record, but only slightly. The simple answer is no dilemma whatsoever. K.J. has proved today that Wolves that Wolves possess a quality squad, not just a quality team. Being able to use different permutations for different needs is a luxury, NOT a dilemma! Even better, having the nous to use this luxury effectively, as K.J. has, is special.The team choices he is making are certainly not a dilemma for him. No further "debate" required. End of!


Brill post,

In Kenny we trust, how good does it Sound, and feel after so long UTW


Generally agree, but the previous 2 matches could have been dealt with differently. Agree with comments re-Shef United, good choice. Use of subs good too, with Price replacing a pedestrian Evans at the right time.

KJ is a good manager and could get better as he seems to learn from errors and the players characteristics in various siutations; selecting them for the match at hand.


NO debate, NO dilemma, and KJ is certainly not TINKERING !!!

This is a Manager using his squad during a period where we have a lot of games.

He knows what he is doing, and it worked very well today.




Jackett is doing what any good manager should do. He has to rotate his players to keep them fresh and hungry. I'm just glad that we have the players that can come in and do the job, something we have lacked in the past years. Especially with the number of games we are due to play in a short period. So in simple no dilemma at all.


We should appreciate what a fantastic job this management team (KJ KT and yes JM) have done in transforming this squad with some very bold moves - shifting out all of the expensive dead wood - as well as being bold enough to make big changes yesterday leaving out the top players from a team that has been doing very well. It's a joy to watch and brings some long overdue enjoyment for us long suffering fans! Bring on Colchester - UTW


Excellent management skill, by replacing 4 he has rested player's at the same time as telling the replacements play for your place in the team, developing a winning mentality and consistent high standard of quality football for EVERY match played under pressure as everyone wants the prestige of beating us. Congratulations to everyone at the club for the work (so far) now please win the title for YOU, the CLUB, the SHIRT and US SUPPORTERS.


West Park

What we have now in Kenny jacket is a head coach who knows what he is doing rather than the rubbish of previous managers who when changed squad players you could put your house on that they would lose the next game!!

He goes about his business in such a brilliant way , talks sense and is a total breath of fresh air..

Has brought in players who totally believe in his football philosophy..



I'm not sure there's much of a debate as I think it's called rotation of squad! However, KJ has more than adequately shown us he is an excellent person to have in charge and he most definitely knows what he's doing. UTW.


I don't know about the rest of you, but now I'm so looking forward to the Milton Keynes jolly. Reverting to my Hitchcock flights of fancy, I'll be travelling down there all in a "FRENZY", and if we win I'll be returning "NORTH BY NORTHWEST", hopefully not suffering from "VERTIGO". -----U.T.W.


KJ is a quality tactician. It must have been an absolute shock for the Sheffield United manager and coaching staff to see the posting of the Wolves team with less than an hour to kick off.

No doubt all this past week they will have been developing plans and tactics to stop Sako and Diko and play against the Wolves diamond formation, if that is what KJ employs.

Brilliant and this alternative team played the game so well and the different way they played caught Sheff. Utd on the hop.

Yes Ken, well done.

Can you imagine our beloved Mick playing tactical games with the opposition?.

Maybe playing a shorter long ball game is about the best he could do.

Keep up the good work Ken and await your team for Tuesday with even more interest


Totally agree Lester.

I believe changing the team and formation yesterday completely out foxed the Blades who would have done their homework and thought they had sussed Wolves from previous games. Not only this, but also resting regular players I found quite inspirational.

McDonald dominated the mid field for the majority of the match and rose above all the home booing. It was interesting after the match to be walking behind Blades fans who were moaning about his performance and how they never should have sold him!

The Flying Winger

I think it's great that we have a dilemma after what used to happen under previous managers, knowing when to do it and what comes next is the mark of a good manager.

Not only does it keep the players on their toes, t allows them to get over any niggiling injuries and helps their general fitness level.

Ye Olde South Bank

No disrespect intended but, quite honestly, most of these so-called 'Big Debates' are nothing of the sort. It seems to me that our esteemed newspaper tries hard to find something to talk about just for the sake of it.

A 'dilemma' for Kenny? What 'dilemma'? Dilemmas are usually reserved for gaffers that are wracked with indecision, can't make their mind up, and are probably tempted to toss a coin to resolve their own, particular problem. In Mr. Jackett's case, we've seen very strong, very clear and very decisive leadership from Day One with very few misjudgements made along the way. Wolves pole position in the league table proves that.

Let's leave it all in the safe hands of Kenny. He knows exactly what he's doing. Just ask Nigel Clough.


How can it be a dilemma?

More a dilemma for the opposition wondering which formation Wolves are going to put out!

Black Country Wanderer

Yep not really a debate,more a decision most managers would bite your arm off for

Do we stick with a team that will give 100% effort but maybe lack that extra bit of quality,or bring back the French flair players, who, when in the right frame of mind, will rip most defences apart,nice decision to have to make

Either should suffice on Tuesday ,against a side that we should beat easily,how many times have we thought that though?

MKD will be trickier me thinks,they are pushing for a play off place and will want something from the game for sure,but teams now have to decide what to do against us, defend and hope for a breakaway goal, or attack and probably get caught themselves,we have the quality to beat anyone in this league,just need the focus and effort displayed yesterday,well done KJ bold decisions deserve praise, especially when they come off so well

5 more wins needed lads and that will do for me: )

Sir Billy Quiet

The big debate is why the E&S continue to persist with this very poor idea................


I was at Swindon and Crawley and I think the warning signs regarding the tiredness of the 13 or so players who won the 9 games was beginning to show in the second half at Swindon. I said to the guy next to me that it may be a blessing in disguise and certainly something for KJ to focus on. It seemed to come to fruition against Shrewsbury and Crawley, where apart from Ricketts/Ebanks-Landell swaps he played the same tried and trusted formula. At this point I would like to point out that I was very impressed with Crawley for most of the game, particularly how they defended set pieces. I thought it was a brave if not strange decision to take Jacobs off for Clarke as early as he did but I think that was probably to stop Crawley building from the back with us having two up front to put more pressure on. However I do think he made a mistake taking Sako off for Edwards and asking Edwards to play down the left, something he has never done before. Bringing Evans on for Price was understandable. Personally I would have taken Dicko off, left Sako on (because he is so unpredictable) and let Edwards make those late runs into the box in support of Clarke. Having said all that "if" Sako's effort, Henry's chance early in the second half, and Dicko's late shot had gone in I suppose we would all have been singing a different tune. So maybe the defeat was a blessing in disguise which led to KJ's brilliant "Plan C" yesterday.......from some reports it looks like we may have hit on another format with Clarke pulling the defence apart creating space for Edwards to utilise.......nice to have all these options instead of a rigid 4-4-2...........just hope Doherty hasn't picked up another long term injury though. See you all at MK on my ticket and catching the train from Southampton so I can meet my mates and have a few jars......


To my view, why would there be any dilemma?

The team is in great form, and to a man, as with the whole squad Jackett has at his disposal, they all are getting along and supporting each one another, regardless of who may or may not start..

Even now, having sold off and loaned out loads of players, we still have a large enough "squad," and an overall talented one, to name different starting lineups and still get positive results, if a testament to Jackett's selection.

For me, and I would also think for Jackett, there are only GOOD selection dilemmas for him and Wolves!


Hungry like the Wolves


I bet Kenny Jackett will be tossing and turning in his sleep, racking his brains for who to chose for the next game from the wealth of players at his disposal, because having such a strong large squad is a real burden to carry!

Kenny will not get much sleep in the lead up to the next game, I can tell you that.


Big debate. Just looked at man of the match. Sako got 6 votes which equals 1% Price got 6 votes and got 0.58%. Big debate can E & S count?

Journalist instead of using big debate try using Talking Point.