Kenny Jackett wants title to repay Wolves support for MK Dons trip

Kenny Jackett today admitted Wolves must reward their fans after the huge response for tickets to the Milton Keynes Dons game.

Wolves head coach Kenny Jackett
Wolves head coach Kenny Jackett named joint League One manager of the year

The club has sold all 8,800 seats for the fixture on March 29 after the final batch of around 1,200 went in an hour when they were placed on general sale yesterday morning.

It guarantees Wolves’ biggest league away following for over 23 years, since they took around 12,000 to Albion on December 29, 1990.

The visitors’ allocation will also be a ground record at the 32,000-capacity stadium:mk, eclipsing the 7,000 Coventry took in November.

“That type of response to MK is something I haven’t seen before,” said the head coach, whose wise will be cheered on by another sell-out allocation of over 2,000 at Crawley tonight.

“We’re really appreciative and it’s really up to us now to keep our foot on the accelerator and make sure we don’t leave anything out there in terms of our effort and application.

“The support we’ve had has been fantastic and it will be the same this week with Crawley and Sheffield United – we’ll get good support and we’ve got to make sure we keep rewarding the people following us and backing us.”

Jackett believes the size of the crowds show how big Wolves could be if they continue to be successful.

“It shows the tremendous potential of the club to attract that amount of interest - for a club in League One is fantastic,” he said.

“Big clubs such as Leeds and Nottingham Forest have been well supported at this level but it’s a tremendous response and myself, the staff and the players have been very appreciative of the support we’ve had.

“That’s another fantastic example of the backing we’ve had.”

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Comments for: "Kenny Jackett wants title to repay Wolves support for MK Dons trip"

Jackett the Hat

Nice comments Kenny, but how about letting me have your couple of tickets....all for charity of course.


Every single one of the dedicated fans that follow Wolves home and away should be given their reward !

Promotion is the Goal, but effort dedication and true spirit the desire to play for the shirt week in week out makes it worth while watching your team, Certain players have now knuckled down and the feeling of being united from the top to the pitch and the most important the terraces, to state the obvious! no fans no money no team, it,s been a great effort from everyone this season, Lets finish it on a high UTW

Marlow Wolf

Kenny Jackett seems a decent chap and an excellent Coach at this level.

He has identified and secured some very useful signings.

However, winning the Title in the third tier only allows us to start again.

Several years of gross mismanagement by senior management has resulted in unbelievable poor decision-making, which KJ has helped to correct.

I really hope there is investment from the top next season as there should be plenty of funds available, excellent player sales revenue, £16million parachute payment and another £8million next season, plus very good home gates.

The Club owes the fans a very big squad investment programme next season.

I am confident Kenny has done enough this season and wish him well for the next campaign and hope he can demonstrate he is a Coach of real substance.


Leaving at 12.00pm to travel down. Meeting another family at a nice pub for lunch this afternoon then onto the ground. Gonna be a good day out. See you all down there COYW /\___/\|

Pembrokeshire Wolf

I take my hat off to all you fans. I'm in my seventies now and a long way from the Mol, so I don't get to many matches now. I can't complain too much because West Wales is beautiful and I've never seen my family so happy since we retired here twelve years ago - but the big wrench was leaving "me babbies" behind. I have been to Swansea and Cardiff when they have played (not very successfully!) there and, other than that, my last away match was at Pride Park one Easter when we came back from 2-1 down to beat Derby 3-2 (Keogh 2 and Jarvis). Great day that and, of course we went on to win the Championship.

Anyway to every one of you 2,000 at Crawwley tonight and 8,800 at MKD - I salute you with all my heart. Just make sure you cheer them (I know you willl) all the way to the title and beyond. God bless you and the team.

Sir Billy Quiet

Loyal supporters are the life blood of this and every club. We may not want to be in Div 1 but we (the fans) have contributed vital funds to clubs that are struggling to survive. 2000 extra fans at Crawley tonight will make a huge difference to their finances.

Proud to be a Wolves fan.................

Ritchie Wolves

Sir Billy, Good point old chap. We're also nice travelling fans. I remember when we played Wigan away on a Teusday night a few years ago, me and my son went in the boozer outside the ground after the match while the traffic cleared a bit. we got talking to the landlord and he said, I have never seen as many away fans come down this road and I have not had any bother at all.

We won 1-0 and we didn't leave until midnight!!!

Come on......................


Is anyone else staying at the Double Tree by Hilton hotel that is at the stadium ?


Kenny Jackett's affinity with the supporters has been one of the main reasons why this season has been a bonus for all concerned connected with the club. It's one thing to appoint a managers (or head coach) that has ability, but detached from the fan base, and quite another to have one that has ability and can build a up a rapport with the supporters. As a consequence the crowds, both home and away, have been far greater than anyone could have foreseen at the start of the season.

Certainly the previous three managers (Connor, Solbakken and Saunders), never achieved that kind of bond.

As for the title, it's increasingly likely that it be will be between us and Brentford. I think Orient will start to fall away from automatic promotion as the games in hand are played - starting tonight.


Other clubs in the region , ( Villa excluded), are utterly embarrassed by our level of support... even Swansea could only muster 20000 on Saturday, although against meagre opposition is has to be said. Our support is superb, and just shows why the ground will need expanding when we make it back to the greed league. I feel proud and privildeged to be a Wolves fan, a legacy from my sadly missed Dad. It's not just the mind blowing sell out at MK, its just being part of an institution that has support verywhere in the world. God bless all of you


Not trying to be a killjoy and knock the tremendous support being 'currently' shown, but this is normally the case when Wolves are doing well. I should know, I've experienced nearly 50 years of it! Let's not forget ( perhaps we should) the dark times in the 80's when crowds slumped to less than a few thousand, and we all know who reminds us of this fact!

I doubt very much that the stadium needs to increase it's capacity much more based on previous recent attendances. Lets face it, the place was hardly being filled earlier in the season until the team started to show some promise.

I think it's a bit far fetched to say that other clubs in the region are 'embarrassed' by our level of support. Maybe enviable, but that like I said earlier is based on Wolves current position in the league!


I feel no embarrassment Jiwal. Why should i exactly. I feel that a clubs true support can only be judged when a club is at its lowest point. So the 3000 or so who went regularly in division 4 do indeed warrant much respect. Also i freely admit that should West Brom have fallen to such depths then they may well have had even less. These would be Albions true fans. As i have said before i know a few Wolves fans who started to follw the villa during the mid 80s only switching back to Wolves on promotion to the old 2nd division. I am not jealous of that either.


Yes the support is there despite being misled in the past. We do now however have a 'Head Coach' who appears to have the clubs well being close to his heart and I have no doubt will put his job on the line if the two M's try to offset his plans for the club, with regard to the playing strength of the team.

We, the fans, are the most cuss-ed in the land but despite the number of us who haraunged the management, the players, the ref's and anybody else who we thought were responsible for our drop in fortune and status, we soon forgave as much as is possible and there we are back in our droves as can be seen with the fantastic support for tonight's match.

Long may we support and yes although we are not in the Prem we can at least show our neighbours, (Villa excepted) what support really means.


I think the fat controller and capt morgan should reward theses loyal supporters with another free coach travel to one of the future away games, especially M.K away a game where more supporters would reap the deserved reward unlike Carlisle midweek. I will not be going as still recovering from knee op but those loyal fans deserve rewarding.

West Park

Were just a fabulous global brand !! Everywhere you go people want to know.... Where the hell are you from...Were from Wolverhampton.. super Wolverhampton..

Forever Wolves..