Big Debate - Should Leon Clarke start for Wolves?

Is it time to start Leon Clarke as Wolves look to get back to scoring ways?

Leon Clarke of Wolverhampton Wanderers.
Leon Clarke of Wolverhampton Wanderers.

After a 0-0 draw with Shrewsbury Town, should Kenny Jackett consider changing his starting line up?

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Comments for: "Big Debate - Should Leon Clarke start for Wolves?"


The manager knows best so leave it to him.

I'm much more interested to hear the views of fans about the continued development of the stands at the Mol !!! I hate the way the North Bank stands alone and since the original plans were to replace the 'tired' John Ireland Stand, when should this be done. Whatever you think about Mr Morgan, building is what he does best. Should we wait until we're in the Prem, do it now when crowds are only 20k or leave it well alone for ever. What do you think ?


Fickle or what. It was never going to last for ever. Personally thought they looked tired today Jacobs and Henry were quiet. At the same time we could have had a 4-3 4-4 3-13-2 result both teams had chances but neither team took them. McDonald and sako had chances they would normally take however it was an off day. Dust ourselves down and bring on Crawley on Tuesday. I would rest some players maybe give dicko a rest and start on the bench. Also maybe Evans for Jacobs. Just to see another formation and rest some legs and freshen it up liked the passion today it just didn't come off. UTW

Hungry like the Wolves

Not really a 'Big debate', is it? I quote: '... As wolves look to get back to scoring ways.' So we don't score in one game. BIG DEAL. There is no need to make a huge fuss about it. We bought Clarke in to score and I wouldn't mind seeing him start but it at the expense of Dicko because when he is on the pitch sako is a different player.

We are still top of the table. No radical changes are needed and I will trust Jackett whether he chooses to start him or not.

Hungry like the Wolves

'Not' not 'it'

Farmer Ted

Think it's too early to change what has been a fabulous combination going forward. Crawley won't play as deep as Shrewsbury did and that's when our pace upfront can be the difference. Clarke is still an important part of this squad and at the moment should be used tactically off the bench.

Remember Crawley still gave an outside chance of play-offs and John Gregory will have them attacking.


If Clarke starts it shouldn't be at the expense of sacrificing the 4-2-3-1 system which has won us so many games recently. So start him and then interchange with Dicko if he is not doing very well.

Second option and least preferred alternative would be to start Clarke as the lone striker and then swap Sako for Dicko whom I believe can also play on the wing.


There are obvious reasons for squad rotation. Why bother with a debate about it?

rushall wolves

Big debate! What is there to debate about? The lads have had a great run and it had to end at some point. Look at it as though the team is drawing 2nd wind to concentrate on the games ahead. Not satisfied with 9 wins on the trot, E & S has to introduce a negative!

Come on you Wolves!


I think it is safe to say that K.J. is hardly likely to change a playing formation which has been so successful in the last couple of months. I do feel, however, that he could strategically alter the personnel within it. Yesterday was the third game in seven days, and the performances of some were flat, and leg weary. Some astute rotation could well overcome this issue, and Clarke may well be on the radar for such change. ----- One thing for certain is that K.J. is aware of problems. He will not panic , and I for one will trust his judgement and decision making. He has already proved to me that he does not panic, but will make tough choices, e.g. the players he has shipped out, dropping Sako when he was out of sorts. ------ Should Clarke start? Let K.J. decide. Therefore I will not vote.


Completely agree derbyshirewolf however i think kj made the wrong subsitution he should of took jacobs off and i think for evans not clarke we needed someone to run at them on saturday and shoot or be more dynamic in the final third. Dicko was quiet but we would of still had width if henry would of stayed on so clarke could have been useful then for dicko. the ball was moving slow aswell it was taking 4 passes when it could take 1 or 2 maybe due to fatigue but also sako is wasteful in possession like do the tricks but go past your man aswell. also though he should have done better shooting so could mcdonald in the last 10 mins aswell. UTW


The big debate ! Is why do we keep big debating ? It's just asking people to find fault with the manager or a decision made by the him, to keep the E&S running . If He starts it will be at the expense of a player doing the business ! So if it happens to mess it up THE BIG DEBATE Will be why did He start Clarke ? Just let Kenny and the lads get on with it UTW


On Saturday,in the first half I thought KJ had changed formation.For some reason Kevin McDonald eas playing far too times he was almost playing like an old fashioned sweeper of days long gone.Consequently the was too much space between him and Price, Henry and Jacobs and there was no cohesion.It was not as if Shrewsbury were putting him under pressure and forcing him back.In the second half,he took up his more usual position prowling around the centre circle and he had much more of the ball and was able to influence play, as we have come to expect.

That we didn't. score is just one of those thing,the crosses just needed that touch that didn't,t come and Sako reverted to his old fault of trying the spectacular when team mates were better placed.

I am sure KJ will sort them out by Tuesday. As to Clarke starting? He will surely come into contention with this run of 2 games a week still ongoing,but I trust Jackett to know when.


Come on E&S-------enough of this "Big Debate" nonsense. There's no general election until next year, so no further use of the"D" word please. Can't you see that your contributors have had enough. Just call it Fans' Discussion Time.----- But that's not dramatic enough for the E&S is it? No doubt we will all have to grit our teeth, and put up with " Big Debates" and misleading headlines until the end of the season.

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