Kenny Jackett eyes promotion after Wolves' derby win

Kenny Jackett today declared promotion is in Wolves’ grasp after they joined the record set.

Wolves' Kenny Jackett
Wolves' Kenny Jackett

Saturday’s 3-0 win at Walsall put Wolves two points clear at the top of League One and was their eighth successive victory, equalling the club record last achieved in November 1988.

A sixth consecutive clean sheet made it 606 minutes without conceding and is the second-best run of shut-outs next to Wolves’ record eight ended in October 1982.

“With 13 games left we need to keep focusing, but it’s in our own hands,” said head coach Jackett. “No-one has got away from us and it’s up to us to decide our fate.”

Jackett welcomes any records that come Wolves’ way but is far more interested in keeping the players concentrating on the task of promotion.

“If along the way you pick up some records, that’s an added bonus to look back on and be very proud of,” he said. “But it’s a hard equation to win games regularly.

“Anyone can do it on a one-off basis, but if you want to be in that top two you have to be consistent.

“That’s particularly the case with the top of League One as it is. A high points total is needed to get promotion this year. I wouldn’t call two points daylight, but it’s not necessarily a lot different because of the games coming up and how it could change. It’s about putting some consistent results together.”

Saturday’s game kicked off a spell of nine in 28 days, with Swindon next tomorrow. Jackett added: “It’s going to really test our squad but we have to be determined. This period will have a big bearing on how we’re going to do this season.”

Nouha Dicko’s brace took his tally to six in seven games and Jackett believes the French striker has given Wolves an extra dimension. “His goals have been important – but he also has good pace and strength which has given another dimension to our frontline,” he said . “Our football has been good, but he’s a constant threat.”

“I’ve tried to sign him at different times, and at 21, he’s a constant threat and a good finisher, and he gets in the six-yard box where the good goalscorers are.”

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Comments for: "Kenny Jackett eyes promotion after Wolves' derby win"


KJ doesnt get carried away.but he has changed the team and they are working well together.someone will get a beating at some point,but he has handled it well and at millwall look at em now he kept them up with peanuts literally, he quit a day after saunders got sacked and I thinki he thought I can take this club forward, HES A THINKER .I think last week when he said dont pass for passing sake was spot on ,not point in doing that 50yrds from goal.He get a chance with a big club with good money ........but when you spend it dont waste it,He buys but you get the feeling what he wont waste it,i AM PERSONALLY HAPPY HE IS HERE, I remember the 80s when we went from the 1st to the fourth in successive seasons.but what strikes me about kenny is he is shewrd with money and can handle players without having to shout and ball but to coach sorry mick,the work ethic is there but not because players are scared.

Dont get me wrong we will make the championship I think plans are already afoot for the players he wants to add.lets give the 2 Ms credit.I dont think morgan is bad and moxey I think he is the best exs out from the prem as we tend to get better money ie is jarvis now worth 11 million or fletcher 12 I think not.and then we are success we move on.The championship next yr will be a freebee are we expect to make the playoffs no ,so we can attrack and enjoy and see where we end up, players with something to prove but with no pressure and that is a heaven send in this footballing world.

Sir Billy Quiet

Looking forward to Swindon tomorrow - it will quite an occasion, as a supporter of over 40 years, to be in attendance if we break the clubs record winning sequence.

I was watching in 1988 when we last equalled the record but it would be a massive achievement (at whatever level) to break this club record.

Bring it on.................


Unbelievable success rate in our signings this season - Henry, Jacobs, Goldbourne, McDonald, Dicko - all "unwanted" elsewhere - any ideas how much (little) we actually paid for those 5? Great work from KJ/KT UTW

Selly park wolf

Apparently £150k for goldbourne,£250k for Henry, Jacobs and macdonald and a whopping £300k for Dicko!

Kenny Jacketts bargain army!

Not bad when you consider how much we paid for Ohara, dodgy Roger and Doyle!

chris h

1 Buckswolf, They are all good signings. Not true unwanted elsewhere though. Sheff Utd publicly stated they wanted to keep McDonald , and made him an offer for a new contract. Rotherham also wanted Dicko .


Lets make it 5 points clear tommorow nite and another record broken happy days well done boys

Selly park wolf

With orient playing Brentford this Saturday we have a great chance to create some breathing space in what is becoming an amazing season.

4 teams could actually finish the season on an average of 2 points per game, usually enough for the title let alone the play offs!

A tricky trip tomorrow night at one of our bogey grounds so I'm not getting carried away just yet but it would be a great achievement to maintain our club record at Swindon.

Well done wolves and especially KJ for restoring the pride back and putting the roar back into our club.

Several teams can't catch us at all now keep ticking more teams off every week as the promotion line gets nearer.

Dicko, what a signing he reminds me very much of Jermaine Defoe, pace power, great shot and also a poacher despite not being the tallest.

Please finish the job off wolves.

Farmer Ted

Celebrations indeed; after the weekend's results Wolves cannot be relegated!

Ritchie Wolves

LOL!!! Ted, you and Chris H are the worst pessimistic pair off so n so's on this blog ;-)!!!

come on..................

chris h

Ritchie, Me maybe but Ted no way. He thinks the sun shines out of Jez's backside for a start. I would like to bet if you checked back at least 90% of Farmer Ted's posts are positive . I accept it is a fair cop with me but I am working on it.

Farmer Ted

Ritchie, my comment about safe from relegation, although factual, was said tongue in cheek. Have you no sense of humour?

As for being pessimistic Chris h is correct (thanks Chris) I am not. Realistic would be a better description. I'm optimistic about Wolves chances this season and I'm optimistic that our Chairman has learned a lot from the last two years but I won't get carried away with all the euphoria.....yet!

I will also state categorically that I've had absolutely nothing to do with any sunshine or our CEO's bottom; neither do I say one thing on a thread one day and then say exactly the opposite then next!

Ritchie Wolves

LOL, Ted, of course I have a sense of humour, Iv'e been a Wolves supporter for 47 years and my skin is thick as a rihno's back!!!


3 points PLEASE and no shaving.


Very level headed Kenny

just continue doing what you are doing, motivate the players one game at a time is exactly what its about.

so easy to take your foot off the pedal by assuming how easy or hard a match is going to be, keep treating all the games as cup finals and not selective points certainties, Saturday was a great result and a milestone but every game from now on will be,

especially if the E&S keep that big debate going, UTW


Lots of fans asked at the start of the season Does the Jackett Fit?? me included.

Well Kenny it certainly does fit and thanks for restoring some pride in our club.

Onwards and upwards COYW


Please don't use the "P" word yet.There is still a long way to go.


Wish we could be Kings of League One forever! (Ok, maybe the championship) It's been a long time since this level of optimism has been in circulation and who wants it to end! Should we be fortunate to get out of this league, then I'm sure we'd have a good stab at the Championship. It's the Premiereship I fear :) Wish the E&S would cease this Big Debate nonesense though, really getting on my wick..... UTW


Well Kenny you keep winning so best of luck, you have instilled a no fear anyone in the players, and a lot of pride back for us fans, if you can maintain this into next season then something very big could happen at the club, i will enjoy eating my words as you will have proved me wrong and wolves will be in at least the championship playoffs. Swindon hear we come.

Robbie Saddler

There was not much in it on Saturday and I think most present would agree that although Wolves probably deserved to win, 3-0 flattered them a little - particularly if we take into consideration their freakish, 'accidental' 2nd goal. The only slight difference between the teams on the pitch is a mere £10million, which on the day, gave Wolves the edge. Those Premiership parachute payments, which incidentally Wolves will continue to receive until the end of the 2016/2017 season, certainly come in useful (for those not aware, these are payments made to clubs that fail to stay in the Premiership - yes that's right folks, hard to believe I know, but £millions in payment for abject failure). By contrast, Walsall's playing budget is the 2nd lowest in League 1, we haven't paid a transfer fee for a player since 2006 when we bought James Constable from Chippenham Town for £5000 (yes, that is the correct number of zeros and not a typing error). Our all time record transfer fee is £175k. Every Walsall player on the pitch on Saturday is either a product of our academy, signed on a free transfer or on loan. So in relative terms, the achievements of Dean Smith and this team in getting the club to the brink of the play off places, far outweigh those of Mr Jackett Co. with the £millions at his disposal and his ensemble of high-earning journeymen. A £££’s spent to points gained league table would make interesting reading! Supporting a lower league club that has little realistic chance of ever being much more requires commitment, passion, heart and a lot of hope - grabbing every brief glimpse of glory and hanging onto it until the last possible moment. Then when it's gone, just getting back on the terraces and cheering every pass, shot and tackle again. It's called 'loyalty'. So congratulations to the mighty Wolves and their 'loyal' fans on the win. It was good to have you back in League One albeit briefly and thank you for giving me a very happy night earlier in the season! I look forward to hearing you all calling for KJ's head by Christmas when mid-table mediocrity is simply not acceptable because you need to be "back to where you belong". Good luck with that.

chris h

Question : what do they sell on Walsall market these days

Answer : sour grapes

Farmer Ted

Wow, how do you get around with such giant chip on your shoulder?

You should remember that "£££££" is all relative. In the same way Walsall haven't got more than £5000 to spend on players, Wolves haven't got the money to pay Rooney's or Toure's wages!

When I first started watching football Walsall were in division three, so were Norwich, Hull City and Swansea Town (Wimbledon were non-league!) if these Club's can rise and establish themselves why not Walsall?; it's hardly Wolves' fault that Walsall have had a succession of chairman and boards that haven't got the money or business acumen to improve your lot, is it?

When you say that "once your glimpse of glory has gone you get back on the terraces and cheer every pass, shot and tackle", does that also include jumping onto the pitch and abusing the oppositions players?

Finally, you seem to be questioning Wolves fans loyalty. All clubs suffer with fickle fans but if you care to attend a Wolves home match and at the same time study Wolves home attendances as far back as you want you will find there are generations of loyal fans; thousands and thousands more than Walsall.

Old Wulfrunian


You spoiled a very good and interesting post with your last few sentences when you got carried away somewhat.

In my local pub there are more 10 Wolves supporters that I know of, 2 WBA supporters, 3 Villa supporters, 1 Birmingham supporter and 2 Walsall supporters. All of these have followed their clubs through thick and thin. Then you have the Man U 'fans' of which there are a dozen or more. These glory hunters would never dream of following their home town club and it has been a pleasure seeing them squirm this season watching them get regularly beaten. None of them have season tickets of course and few would know how to get to Manchester even if they had the chance. So its supporters like you who are the bread and butter of football followers worldwide and its a pity the Walsall blog attracts so few posters. Best of luck for the rest of the season.


brierley hill wolf

RS - I really can't get my head round comments likes yours regarding the difference in income - ok so you haven't spent much money down the years thats probably due to the fact you don't get very big crowds, and the fact you are where you are in League One is down the fact you have a good manager and a good chairman who keeps a tight ship and won't go in the red, nothing wrong with that good for them.

As for Wolves financial position and the fact we can spend bigger is because we get crowds 3 or 4 times bigger than yours, nothing wrong with that, and like others have said Wolves fans are loyal to the club and over the past few years have had considerable gripes with managers and wanted them out thats because there were crap and Morgan mades mistakes - bit like WBA have of late unfortunately we all make mistakes.

As for "Being where we belong" what a load of crap you are whatever league you are in because you deserve to be there we don't belong in the premier league, but we certainly have the facilities and fan base to be a premier league club but like Walsall compared to Wolves you can't compete on a financial footing with us as we can't compete with the Manchester clubs and the like but like Walsall fans we keep supporting our club because we are all "LOYALl" regardless of what league we are in.

Good luck for the rest of the season I hope Dean Smith turns things around soon because he is a good manager and a good bloke.

Black Country Wanderer

Well we can't finish any lower than 15th as it stands,so in a week or so a play off place could be confirmed!

Still confident another 7 wins will do it,promotion that is,9 wins for the title,so we can afford to lose a few between now and May,although the sooner those points are on the board the better

Fantastic run over the last 2 months,got to end soon though ,look at all the great Wolves teams of the past and not one achieved more than 8 on the bounce,so we have to expect that loss soon

Once this run has ended lets get another going,got a feeling a draw tomorrow on the cards,we never play well down there,but another 3 points on Saturday will do fine, with Leyton playing Brentford good chance of some daylight appearing

Had my doubts over the early part of season,but not any more,well done KJ great buys and great coaching,let's hope next season is anywhere near this seasons improvement ,if it is who knows,play offs maybe?

Farmer Ted


It might be a draw that ends the run!



Swindon Town (0) 0 - 2 (1) WOLVES

Goals: Jacobs and McDonald


Interesting and well written as your contribution was RS, there is so much that you have got wrong, both in terms of the Wolves performance, and the issue of loyalty of Wolves supporters. I understand that Walsall's resources are so meagre compared to ours, but, despite your considerable work ethic, you must accept that, even with a degree of "sour grapes", Wolves quality of play, especially at pace, on the break, did not flatter us in the slightest. Others of your supporters have been far more fair mind in accepting this. As for the fickle nature of Wolves support, please, don't insult the passion and long term commitment of fans of a club with a proud history, whose following is truly world wide. Even in my small Derbyshire town, there are a good ten Wolves supporters, three of whom have season tickets. If you carry on like this, you will become a grumpy old man far too early!

Robbie Saddler

To Derbyshirewolf, Old Wulfrunian, Brierley Hill Wolf, Farmer Ted and others - you all make some very good points and firstly let me apologise for implying that the club does not have loyal supporters, that was not my intention. It just happens that most of the ones I know are 'stay-aways' who haven't set foot inside Molineux since relegation from the Prem, yet they are the ones that seem to have relished Saturday's win more than most and I suffered a weekend of taunting texts etc, as you can imagine! I did write my post in the heat of the moment (never a good idea!) and I would concede that in parts it was churlish and certainly had more than a whiff of sour grapes. The point I was trying to make (set against the background of posts often seen on these pages about 'Smallsall' and other such jibes) was that comparatively speaking, Dean Smith's achievement in not only sustaining Walsall at this level but in building a team that is competing at the top end of the table is, in many ways, far greater than that of KJ in getting Wolves to where they are, given the resources at his disposal. We have played Wolves 3 times this season and overall, I think it's fair to say, on the pitch it's been a pretty even contest but with Wolves showing the edge in quality on Saturday - whereas the gulf between the clubs in every other way is undeniable. That's really all I was trying to put over (albeit rather badly!). I wish you all well. You are quite clearly loyal supporters of your club and not the ones I was (rather childishly) getting at. As for becoming a 'grumpy old man' - I fear I may already be there!


I remember Wolves getting 4,000 crowds and being hours away from liquidation under the Bhatti brothers. Let Wolves enjoy their moment they are a proud club with a great tradition. Walsall are celebrating their 125 years history. Over these years they have given their supporters many memorable moments. Beating Arsenal, Man Utd along the way. Football is about passion for your club not about comparing revenue and expenditure.

Old Gold

Also remember two thirds of the ground was closed for safety reasons and at our lowest ebb the milkman stopped delivery 'cause the Bhatti's wouldn't pay the bill. Also think of the millions squandered since Sir Jack rebuilt the ground. Mad Mick the main culprit with Solbakken not far behind. We have a top class academy now which in time will more than pay for itself, and that along with shrewd good signings must be the way forward in these times. Unless of course a mega rich Arab backs Steve Morgan or buys him out, which is unlikely. Steady as we go. UTW

Old Gold

If anyone has time it will be interesting how much the starting lineup against Walsall cost. Less than O'Hara and his wages for a guess. Time to trust in the board and KJ.


i like kj, he's like deano and works with what he has. At wolves he hit the jackpot, but that doesnt mean success is any easier look at moyes and man utd. The team kj walked into was already premiership relegation fighting standard and would have walked league 1, same as the squad moyes took over were premiership condenders but kj wouldnt field most of them instead opting to play his chosen team and if nessassary field youth ahead of stars then build his own team which cost a lot from a walsall view but could have easily cost more considering the money available. There are still some stars in the team, but not ones who think league 1 is above them.

Well done kj, 3-0 wasnt a fair reflection of the game but reflected the different class of the 2 teams strikers. Hopefully wolves go back to the premier and we all benefit, we pick up the players on loan or released like hemmings and carry on playing exciting football until we get a buyer for the club who will invest and wolves can enjoy relegation battles from prem to championship and bounce back with kj's leadership instead of falling back to league 1.

Robbie Saddler

As a footnote to my two previous posts - I take on board what everyone has said here and there has been some very good points made. The game on Saturday was not just a defeat to Wolves for Walsall FC, but effectively the end of the playoff dream - I'm sure as football fans we all know how it feels when the hope is gone. This doesn't excuse my churlish grumpiness, but maybe goes someway to explaining it?

I think Saddlerforever (above) has probably summed things up far better than I did!

Farmer Ted


And you never know it's far from over yet

brierley hill wolf

RS - No worries and DO NOT GIVE UP Dean Smith is a very good manager and hopefully he will turn things around, I know the games I have watched you play this season you play some good football and hopefully he will get them playing well again (not to say you didn't play well against us!) and winning the games required. As I said before good luck its not over till the fat lady sings!!!!


Apology more than accepted Robbie Saddler. It was written graciously, and with some considerable humility. Best of luck to the Saddlers for next season, if you can keep your manager.

Robbie Saddler

Thank you. Appreciated.