Wolves' Jamie O’Hara is ready for Under-21s Manchester United test

Jamie O’Hara is set to pull on a Wolves shirt again after his Stateside trip – with the chance to showcase himself against the Premier League champions.

Wolves' Jamie O'Hara, right

The £5m exile returned from a three-week series of one-to-one intense training sessions in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Now he is to figure in the Under-21s League visit of Manchester United at Molineux on Monday (7pm).

But the 27-year-old midfielder, who has more than two years left on his contract, doesn’t appear to be any closer to gatecrashing Kenny Jackett’s promotion-chasers.

“He’s back. We play Manchester United at Molineux on Monday and he’ll be working towards that,” said head coach Jackett.

“The trip went fine and he’s looking to play some football now.

“He’s now keeping himself fit after a few weeks without a game, and now has to get match-fit to make sure if he’s called upon and somebody needs him, he’s ready.”

“I haven’t selected him for some time, but he’s a player with ability and it’s been a surprise to me nobody has taken a chance on him.”

O’Hara is one of several players accused of compromising team spirit , and he is the most high profile survivor of the club’s ‘double-dip’ relegation.

Seventeen players have left since the summer, while 12 have been loaned out, with seven new arrivals.

Jackett believes team spirit has improved because the squad has shrunk and players can see a clearer path to a first-team place.

“We have fewer players than we had in the summer and have 12 out on loan, and the number of players is often key to team spirit,” said the boss.

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Comments for: "Wolves' Jamie O’Hara is ready for Under-21s Manchester United test"


Although he has not a chance of getting a first team place back he must be given the chance to prove himself if only to lighten the Wolves wage bill. That is of course if he wants to move on but witha drop in salary.

If he is unable to do this then it just shows, to us and the rest of football, the bad side of the game, the players greed


totally agree with kenny .its his team and his head on the block .as for jamie i dont hate him I think he was abit stupid at brighton but he has said sorry so lets all move on.if kenny picks him I will back and if he doesnt I will back


lesterwolf if i offered you 20k a week and you signed a contract then I didnt pick you and you could movebut for 5k a week would you or would you see 20k for 2 more yrsand then go ..we would all take the 20k a week.the likeleyhood is a settlement will happen and jamie will end up at qpr with harry- im sure he would get the best out of him .probably a week to week contract but harry would get the best outta him and we all move on .okay these players are on big money but they are human beings as well

Farmer Ted

Quite right Beachbanjo,

There appear to be a number of posters this season who do not seem to understand what a contract means; a contract, incidentally, that there were few complaints about when JOH signed it after a very successful loan period.

We know about the unfortunate injuries, the nonsense at Brighton and Saunders insisting on playing him when clearly unfit, but, as far as I can remember this is the first time the E&S have actually accused him of being one of those "compromising team spirit" (yes, I know about the rumours).

I hope it works out for O'Hara and he can now prove his fitness to either get a loan or stay as cover for McDonald.

I also hope he's told exactly where the MU under 21 match is on Monday, Bucks Head or Molineux!

Le Match

You would move if the playing of the beautiful game was more important to him than the level of remuneration. Bully could of moved for more money at his zenith but he didn't because he loved WW and Football. Thus if JO really valued the game he would accepted a cut in salary put his career back on track and maybe started to value what's important in life !!

carl wolves

Beachbanjo, I can't share your confidence that Harry Redknapp would surely get the best out of JOH. He doesn't exactly seem to be working wonders with the rest of the overpaid underachievers he's got at QPR at the moment. Their wage bill is that of a team that should be competing for a place in Europe when they're in fact struggling to hold down a place in the Championship play offs. Thinking about it, JOH would fit in pretty well down there!

Jack the Hat

Thought you lot would like to know:

Adidas, Nike have launched a new all-in-one boot and sock hybrid named " Primekit F5 " ( Adidas ), " Magista " ( Nike ).

Can't wait for further information.

Wonder if they will have wooly studs, L☺Ls.



What about a big debate?

Should J O H be in KJs plans to play for Wolves or just moved on?

Good luck today lads, 3points please.


I have watched Jamie in several of his Under21 games,and each time he has been the outstanding player in the team.He never showed any lack of fitness,in my view,in fact,he always seemed to be the busiest player on the pitch,showing up many of his younger team mates.On top of that,he is arguably,the best passer of the ball on Wolves books and it amazes me that KJ continually dismisses his chances of a return to the first team squad. I wonder,what he would do if Kevin McDonald gets injured.we do not have a ready made replacement in the squad,who can play his type of game.David Davis is mere Karl Henry clone,Dave Edwards not up to it,same with Lee Evans.O'Hara could immediately drop into that spot,given some time on the training pitch with the squad. Unfortunately,I can't see it happening....great pity.


There's a contradiction in the above article.

Second paragraph down states the U21 game is at Buckshead Telford. Kenny Jackett says it's at Molineux.

Needs clarification.


Beachbanjo- Are QPR not strongly expected to have a two-season transfer embargo imposed on them for having losses of £60+m from last season? That would scupper that move.

I reckon if there were any suitors for O'Hara, he'd have left already, if on loan at least. He did trial at Blackpool and didn't make the grade. If he is not careful his career take the same path as the likes of Rohan Ricketts, from the Championship to non-league.. Maybe it's what he needs to do.


Lets have the real reason JOH is not in the first team squad, we know injury has been a problem for him, but he is still a player who just needs to feel wanted again, from the posts i read i think the fans are 50-50 on him and its not fair to lay all the blame on one player who i feel has become the scapegoat for the others no longer at the club, Give him the rest of the season to get 100% fit and lets see the JOH who the south bank sang Sign him up when he first came given a fresh start in the Championship hopefully next season, the youth players will only learn from players who have played at better levels than them. If a offer comes in then take it but don"t write a player of his ability go too waste.


I don't care, I don't care, I don't care.............etc, etc, etc.................

I don't care if JOH is as fit as Superman.

I don't care if JOH is as unfit as Moxey.

I don't care about JOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

What the Fcuk.

Ignore him. Forget about him. Write him off. Bin him!

Didn't rate him when he arrived at the Mol.

He didn't ingratiate himself with the fans with outstanding performances.

He's done nothing to justify his fee or wages.

Felt a small twinge of sympathy when "Fans" attacked him outside of our ground. Bad, bad press for Wolves.

He shines playing for the under 21's, so he should with his experience.

Write him off.

His fee, his wages, his presence. Get rid.

Wolves don't want him, no other football team wants him.

Re-train him as, maybe, a Tesco's shelf stacker.

By the time he learns the 'ropes' he will be 65yrs old and, therefore he'll qualify by age alone.

Farmer Ted

Well that's sorted that; a bit a blue sky thinking. Why did nobody else think of that. Mensa stuff indeed.


He should sign for a MLS team. I think he would do well there and all of the garbage he is enduring will disappear.

Just a matter of how much money they can afford with the salary cap in that league.


When will the E&S stop mis-using 'double-dip' relegation!? Double dip is a buzz phrase used for an economy that has gone into recession, got back into growth and then gone into recession again. By all accounts, if you were to apply this to football, would mean we would have needed to be relegated, promoted and then relegated again. Just use double relegation!

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