The Big Debate: How key is Nouha Dicko?

How important is Nouha Dicko to Wolves' title hopes after his derby double against Walsall?

Wolves' Bakary Sako and Nouha Dicko celebrate making it 3-0
Wolves' Bakary Sako and Nouha Dicko have been called-up to the Mali squad

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Comments for: "The Big Debate: How key is Nouha Dicko?"

Southern Wolf

He is clearly important, but the thing I am loving about the current team is that I don't see any player as 'critical'. If Dicko were to get injured, there are still plenty of goals in the team and even if the goal do dry up, the defence are rock solid. You can see us grinding out wins.

He will however become more key if we get promoted. Teams next year will not allow us so much space.


He's as key as every other member of the squad. That's the big difference now.


I commented as far back as 27th Feb. that Dicko's energy and pace had transformed Wolves play up front, as Griffiths and Doyle, for all their particular skills, were not running defences ragged, and not pulling them out of shape, that Dicko was doing just that, thus allowing the midfielders, especially Jacobs, to make more telling scoring contributions. Now we have the added bonus of him showing his scoring talents as well. Others have certainly benefitted from his arrival. Long may all of this continue, but only if we get bigger attendances will people really appreciate the transformed quality of Wolves play this season. Come on you missing moaners, get out there. Who knows, you might even enjoy yourselves!


Very important. Pace in the forward line and ability to nip infront of defenders is what we lacked in the early part of the season and clearly we are improved with these qualities now.


obviously important, but we have other options unlike others in the league

Sir Billy Quiet

The E&S are starting to look pretty foolish persisting with this big debate comment!


totally agree sir BQ

why do they keep insisting? is this the sum of their opinion gathering or do they call it reporting? lets have a debate


Now let me think about this... Played in 7 games and scored 6 goals...

You could say he is key !!



Who never heard of him. :-)


Our key player is Kevin McDonald.

That's not to deny that Dicko has done well during this purple patch, but so have many other players. Goalscorers aren't the be all and end all of a winning team, without service they can do nothing.

chris h

Don't agree Bob. A quality striker is vital. Every team will create something during a game, but it is putting them away that is crucial. Breeds confidence and belief. The thing with Dicko is he also has pace and it is easier to put a ball into the spaces for him to run onto. Defenders hate to be turned. Also no doubt in my mind Dicko has helped Sako settle down to his best form. Then we have Dicko's strength and his ability to get to the near post ahead of his defender. He did that on Saturday and he did it against Stears this season when playing for Rotherham. He has been a key signing, let us hope he carries on for the rest of this season and the next in the Championship.


Not as important as you think.

The midfield is bossing the league at the min and with the defence as it is you can afford a st that needs more chances than he should need to score. But he is the best in ligue 1 at the min :) I think Clarke and mcalindon are just as good though however he has the pace that was vital in the 3rd goal against vale and his bothered and loves the fans good good in my book:) UTW

rushall wolves

Why is everything a big debate with the E & S?


How is this even a debate? You need people arguing both sides. Try something more controversial next time.


All the players are key, as everyone is playing their part.

What worries me a little is if you scratch the surface, you will see that we only have a small squad as outside of the usual 12 or 13 the quality is sadly lacking. A few injuries in key areas and we might get found out.

Let's get promoted asap and strengthen for next season.

Sir Billy Quiet

Evans Edwards Clarke McAlinden Elokobi Davies all well capable in division one......don't worry we have a manager that knows what his doing.

Farmer Ted

Remember what KJ said, a smaller squad where everybody can feel they have a chance of playing helps create a better team spirit. I do take your point however, we just have to hope injuries and suspensions don't spoil the party.

As for the Dicko question. Easy to see the difference between him and Celtic boy; pace, power, a team player and a complete lack of petulance.


As I said on another thread, the only big debate at the moment is WHERE THE HELL IS JIWAL?


Our key players are Ricketts and Golbourne, the way they push up the pitch negates two attacking opposition players each time we play. Golbourne has improved dramatically in the last 6 months, and Ricketts has a good engine and workrate....if either of these get injured, it's a problem


I'm with your comments all the way Farmer Ted, especially on the petulance issue re. Celtic boy. Great business by KJ---buys Dicko for one third of the Griffiths sale price , and he's three times the player!

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