Wolves' Kenny Jackett plotting new tactics to fox opposition

Cunning Kenny Jackett today admitted he is having to coming up with more ways for Wolves to win as he bids to stay one step ahead of their rivals in the battle to go up.

Wolves head coach Kenny Jackett
Wolves head coach Kenny Jackett

Saturday’s 3-0 win against Port Vale was ultimately comfortable but only after their Staffordshire neighbours matched their 4-2-3-1 formation and gave them a scare by wasting the chance to take a first-half lead through Tom Pope.

Bakary Sako’s deflected drive eventually gave Wolves the breakthrough six minutes into the second half and they never looked back as Nouha Dicko’s brace inside three minutes sealed their seventh win in a row.

“Tactically we need to work out a second or a third way of doing things if this particular way at present doesn’t work for any individual case – which looked the case on Saturday for quite a long while,” said head coach Jackett.

“We were playing well but not necessarily getting that breakthrough. Saturday was a good example.

“I was just thinking about changing things when we scored the first goal and then the game changed completely. It opened out and went end to end and I’m pleased to say we got more goals.

“I think you have to find different ways of doing it. Injuries, loss of form and other teams perhaps working you out at times can lead to you needing to make changes.

“Substitutions are an obvious way – whether it just be personnel or a system change – making sure we’re all organised should we need to make those changes.”

Several weeks ago, Jackett challenged Wolves to go on a 10-match winning run – and he still thinks they need to get to double figures to ensure some daylight between them and their rivals at the top.

“Looking forward, it’s still going to take that type of run to continue to do it,” he said. “We have to be under no illusions what we need to do.

“It’s not something we can be half-hearted about or not perform because other sides will go above us.”

“Look at the top sides: Preston and Rotherham, who have a new ground and are an up-and-coming club, have a bigger budget than Sheffield United, for instance.

“So with that competition it was always going to be needed.”

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Comments for: "Wolves' Kenny Jackett plotting new tactics to fox opposition"

Selly park wolf

Kenny has got everything spot on so far.

The only thing I'm worried about is what would happen if Dicko got injured or suspended?

With only 3 strikers at the club for the run in playing 4-2-3-1 is fine but there will be a game soon where the opposition will score first making us chase the game possibly needing 2 strikers on the pitch.

For the sake of paying another strikers wages for 2 months I see it as a bit of insurance.

Would be a travesty having come so far this season to miss out now if Clarke and Dicko were out, similar to SEB last season.

It's not a negative comment like I say it's just covering all bases for the final run in.

In Kenny we trust.



Clarkes back for next game anyway, and if, like your saying worse comes to worse, i reckon Sako would be used as a make shift forward, McAlinden could be given a chance and we all know Cassidy is capable (just doesnt like scoring in Wolves colours) but dont worry selly the cup is ours, so sit back and enjoy the rest of the season.


Jackett keeps talking about rotherham and preston, weve left them for dead, aint no1 stopping us now..were a run away train travelling at 100mph, this league is a breeze for a massive club like Wolves, we are the champions here, as PN would say..no1s stealing our packed lunches this season.


o no Kenny please no tinkering

Le Match

Kenny does not tinker - he simply makes strategic & tactical judgements in relation to the opposition and determines the best use of his assets he believes will produce the best outcome. However, this is not an exact science………………….

Remember, there is no such thing as your best team as one size does not fit all !!


We are top heavy in away games in the run-in which could work in Wolves' favour. Home teams are more likely to go for a result and a more open game on their own patch while visitors to Molineux are more likely to employ obstructive, defensive tactics.


I think corners is one place we could look at. We seem to be able to win them easy enough but we usually waste them.

Le Match

I totally agree - does anyone know the stats on the conversion rate of goals scored from corners ??

whitmore wolf

I can only think of once when we scored direct off a corner this season and that was a header by Dave Edwards. We don't have many players in the team who are good at heading the ball and those who are(Danny Baath and Richard Stearman) are well marshalled when in the opposition area. A lot of the free kicks we get outside the area, especially those towards the halfway line, are very rarely sent into the box but are played short to McDonald, Price, Sako, etc. to try and create an opening on the floor.


I wonder if this is the first hint that Clarke will be in the starting line-up on Saturday.

Media Wolf Pete

I would say it's more likely that Clarke will start on the bench and give us the option of reverting to a 4 4 2, if things aren't going our way


Think you're right Pete. If Stearman is fit I reckon KJ will keep the same starting 11 again, and use Leon if required..



At least now we have a thinking manager, One who is looking to play different methods to get a win.

This is totally different to the hoof it up the pitch mentality by our ex manager who , when a different way was required, thought that to boot it higher and longer, was a change of plan

Silver Wolf

It's one of the challenges of the game, that of being able to change systems, mid-stream if necessary. In any sport individuals/teams will get worked out and with the replay facilities available today it has never been easier. In Wolves' case I sincerely hope this is simply good training for the Championship and then .....!

I was one of those who doubted that Swansea and Norwich would stay in the Prem, and they have happily proven me wrong. I say happily because neither have broken the bank in order to stay there yet at the same time have been recognised for playing decent football. I notice it's got harder for them because, no doubt, they have been worked out, but in response they have been able to adjust.

I often wondered when Wolves' clip board appeared if symbols were required to get the message through to some players, and I get the feeling this current side is more cerebral than those of the recent past. If so, KJ has got an immediate advantage over his predecessors and that, along with a harmonious dressing room, could prove vital in the coming seasons if the hopes of all connected with Wolves are to be fulfilled.


I must admit that I was one of many who thought KJ was not the right man for the job. I am now eating my hat and will admit I was wrong. He has put together a strong unit by building from the back. The problem players have been moved on and an air of togetherness amongst the squad is apparent. This time next year we should be looking at an assault on the Championship play offs. Hats off to Morgan and Moxey for getting the right man in.


We'll done jas for admitting you were wrong. Not many have. Ut w.


I agree with Selly above. Last season we came up short in so many ways but the straw that broke the camel's back was the injury to SEB just as he was hitting top form. That as much as anything else doomed us to relegation. Deano Scatterbrain had not strengthened in the January window, and SEB's injury was an accident waiting to happen. The emergency loan window closes soon, 21st March. I for one would urge KJ to sign a striker on loan even though all is going well right now. We have a game virtually every three days in March. Better buy some insurance. There must be good-enough strikers available. KJ is right to not get complacent, seven wins in a row is fantastic, let's make it a club record of nine, and keep going after that. This is a tough league, the front runners have been incredible, there is no breathing space.


Ebanks-Blake's injury was a factor in our failed bid to avoid relegation. So too was the decision by Saunders to send Griffiths back to Scotland with no recall clause in the loan deal.

However, it's a mixed blessing. Had both of these players been available right to the end of season, we might have escaped relegation - but in all likelihood Wolves would have retained Saunders as manager.


Hope KJ only tinkers a little bit as the old saying goes if it isn't broke don't fix it. Our defence is doing great at the moment and we are playing some good football, and yes I agree we need to score more in the first half of games to put more pressure on the opposition. UTW

Wolves 25

Jacket is the man, he will get us out of this division and then plan for next season after that.

The only way is up