Will Wolves find it difficult to equal the club record for consecutive wins? - Big Debate

Wolves have now won seven league games in a row after beating Port Vale 3-0.

Kenny Jackett the head coach / manager of Wolverhampton Wanderers.
Kenny Jackett of Wolves

How difficult will Wolves find it achieving an eighth successive club victory and equalling the club record against Walsall next Saturday?

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Comments for: "Will Wolves find it difficult to equal the club record for consecutive wins? - Big Debate"


A derby is always a difficult one to predict as form means very little in these games. I reckon Clarke will be back for this one & we will just have too much for them. I am more concerned with injuries that we may pick up. These games can be short on football & high on passion, let's hope we come away unscathed.


Ironically we have arguably had our best run since Clarke has been injured, so it is up to him to fight his way back into the team

Jackett needs to keep the 4-2-3-1 attacking midfield formation of the team intact and shouldn't tinker back to 4-4-2 just to accommodate Clarke

whitmore wolf

We were at our best on Saturday when Henry and Jacobs were running at the Port Vale defence straight through the middle, if we included Leon Clarke who would we drop? It would have to be a midfielder- Henry, Jacobs, Sako or Price. I haven't included McDonald as that wouldn't be an option. My only worry is we haven't got a good aerial threat, the number of corners we have been getting and we don't look like scoring from them, I can only remember scoring off one corner this season so far and that was a Dave Edwards header


I would do a swap for Dicko up front as a first choice to keep the formation. 2nd choice put Dicko on the wing in place of Sako with Clarke as striker. Henry and Jacobs need to start every game


Yes it will be difficult to equal the club record for wins on the trot, nothing in life is a gimme and certainly not in football or any sport. But if you ask me can we do it, yes we can and if we do it will show how far our club as come from the dark day's of last season. It will also show the tremendous job KJ and his staff are doing, long may it continue. KJ's GOLD AND BLACK ARMY.


on current form wwfc will get the 3 points next week, but as walsall beat us last september they will want the double over us and form goes out of the window just like a cup game.

they will be fired up and will try everything to beat us, i feel if leon clark is passed fit he will be on the bench and will provide the threat from the bench.

dicko and sako are currently providing a pacey outlet to our midfielders, and we are creating and converting more chances .

roll on saturday.


Yet another big debate...............................

Next weeks big debate will be '' How difficult will Wolves find it achieving a ninth successive victory?''


I suggest it will be difficult because Walsall are not going to roll over for us. After their defeat at Preston, they are going to be fighting to get back on track. Kenny will inevitably remind us that no games are easy in this league, which is true - and it is a Derby game. I think we will win, but I think that it will be a hard fought and difficult game.


Errrr, if Walsall play out of their skins, maybe yes, if we have off day ,maybe yes , if we have a great day and Walsall have a mare, maybe not, WHAT classes as difficult , everybody popping up with records always being in the oh dear, what if mode , what if we beat them , will it be difficult to get nine on the trot ,, debate what just happens, not what could. GREAT RESULT TODAY 3 PTS UTW

Old Gold

Start of season hoped lady luck would shine and grab the points, now we anticipate a win and also a good permormance. KJ has a new team and an enjoyable style of play. Keep it going lads. UTW

Sir Billy Quiet

The big debate….....ha ha ha its pathetic E&S....…

Black Country Wanderer

Not much of a debate really,YES it will be difficult ,YES we can do it, YES we can BREAK the record.

Whether we WILL or not is another matter,but on current form we have a great chance, and need to come away with something really,although it wont be the end of the world if we lose will it?

Another 8 wins will do it as far as im concerned, and i really dont care where they come from or how we get them,just as long as we do,the faster that happens the happier ill be,but if it comes down to the last few games to decide who goes up i will still fancy our chances, although i think by the end of this month we will be pretty close to 85 points with 94/5 points the target possibly less by the time the others have played against each other, and a couple of 6 pointers with us Leyton and Rotherham ,which if and when we win will give us enough of a gap to coast the last few games,simples


This column is getting sadder and sadder. Next week "What can we have a Big Debate about next?- Big Debate"


the way this wolves team are playing at present its difficult for any team to match them in this division,i am 100% sure our neighbours will give it everything, for they have aspirations of promotion themselves albeit the play offs and after sat i hope they go on and achieve this.

but yes i do think we can win at the bescot,and the wolves team that plays will be a differant side that got beat at home,we have more creativity now which was sadly missing in the first game,along with the strength and natural pace of dicko.

clarke has surely been kept back for this one but as said by nik.hare 1 from the bench.

will be tough but wolves to win marginally.



Sir BQ. Why don't you do what your pseudonym states and be quiet?

Sir Billy Negative should be your name or even better drop the Sir

Jack Russell

Lesterwolf - Pots and kettles ring any bells?

Sir Billy Quiet

The big debate lesterwolf? Has there ever been such a superficial way of creating interest in a non entity of a story? Wolves fans are still waiting for a big debate about how Moxey is still at Wolves?

But we have all moved on now because media like the E&S don't ask the difficult questions.........

Farmer Ted

The E&S are quite rightly encouraging their readers to give opinions. It's an alternative to the same old hackneyed grizzling churned out time and time again by the likes of you.

"But we have all moved on". What? When did you move on?

We are in the midst of what we all hope is a monumental revival and you cannot enjoy the moment without having to prod away at the carcass of the past two years.

Do you not think M&M may have learned a lesson of the past few seasons?

Do you not think they may be just a tiny part of this new found success?

They could have walked away and one of those sheiks or oligarchs could gave rushed in with a load of Monopoly money but, no, they're here trying to amend what a series of shocking managers and players have left us.

Perhaps Mike Ashley might be your answer, a Chairman who hasn't been to the Club he owns since last summer and has probably mislaid his black and white striped shirt....or was it claret and blue, he can't remember!

Here we are doing a very good job at putting things right and along come you and the Flat Earth Society who seem to delight in reminding one and all what a shambles we are.

chris h

Farmer Ted, The way you robustly stick up for your mate, if I ever come up against the Beak would you please be my defence lawyer. I think you and the others are being a bit harsh on SBQ. For years on here he was the most postive poster. Jez clearly has played a big part in finalising deals for some good players signed this season. Still an issue on chasing a trading profit whilst leaving us short of strikers and going to see Donald Duck at Christmas. Also is he better at fishing in a smaller pond ? Time will tell. And surely everybody accepts the world is flat ( unlike Ansells gassy bitter) and life is but a dream.


Yes, we can do it BUT it's only of real importance because if we win, we stay top. UTW.

Jack Russell

In answer to the main question - Yes. To provide a bit of icing which such a poorly worded question does not merit - but they will do it.


Let the football do the talking.

Big debate my ass!!! Every little thing is debated when it shod be left well alone.

In kenny we trust. COYW

Ps feel sorry for orient having brentford port vale, Warsaw and Bradford this month.


"Will Wolves find it difficult to equal the club record for consecutive wins?"

No, because we only need to win one more game to do it. There, that was easy.


The big debate should be about how we retain KJs services. There is a severe shortage of proven Managers in the Prem and Championship and someone will soon take notice of the miracle underway at the Mol and come hunting. I hope he gets a massive bonus and a new lucrative contract. We have a gem and I believe he can return us to the promised land with back to back promotions.

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