Kenny Jackett: I haven’t seen new Wolves signing Kortney Hause play

Wolves boss Kenny Jackett today admitted he has never seen new-boy Kortney Hause play – but backed him to star as “a modern-day centre-half”.

New Wolves defender Kortney Hause
New Wolves defender Kortney Hause

The 18-year-old stopper has signed a two-and-a-half year deal after an undisclosed fee was agreed with Wycombe late last Friday on transfer-deadline day.

The speed of the deal took head coach Jackett by surprise as he had told the media just over 24 hours earlier that there would be no further signings.

“It was true – I definitely said that, and as I said it, I believed it,” said Jackett.

“Then I went upstairs and Kevin Thelwell (head of football development) told me we had a chance to sign Kortney Hause. I haven’t actually seen Hause play but Kevin and Stuart Webber (head of recruitment) have. I went home by 5pm on transfer deadline day, then I got the ‘hook’ to come back to meet the new signing! It’s lucky I live locally! That transfer did develop very, very late.”

Hause, who completed his scholarship at Birmingham after being released from West Ham at 16 following several years in their school of excellence, made 31 appearances for Wycombe after making his debut in November, 2012.

Jackett is convinced he is going to push for a first-team place at Molineux.

“He’s 19 in the summer and has a real good stamp about him and is left-footed, so it will be an interesting one now to see how he develops,” he said. “He’s a big lad – his assets are his strength and his pace – and he’s got the physique of a modern day centre-half. And being left-footed gives you balance all of the time.

“But he’s one for the future – he’s not one we think will immediately go into our first-team.”

Hause is set for his Wolves debut in tomorrow’s visit of Reading in the Under-21s Premier League Cup at AFC Telford (7pm).

And with no immediate plans to open talks with Richard Stearman, who is out of contract at the end of the season, Hause could stake an early claim for a first-team place.

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Comments for: "Kenny Jackett: I haven’t seen new Wolves signing Kortney Hause play "

Mountain Wolf

Frequently I buy clothes off the internet without having seen them in real life. Granted they can be returned if they turn out not to be suitable but so far they have all been fine. Good luck to Mr Haus; hope he brings us lots of luck in the future.


Interesting piece - probably a good thing in this age that managers aren't trying to run the team and drive all over the country looking at players at the same time. Also hadn't realised Stearman will most likely be off at the end of the season - Ipswich bound on a free? UTW


The best thing about this story is, to some degree, it gives an insight into the working relationship between Thelwell and Jackett.

Kevin Thelwell and his team are responsible for football development and recruitment. Kenny Jackett and his assistant Joe Gallen, focus more on the daily business of training, strategy, tactics and team selection.

There will be some overlapping of their respective duties and functions. Thelwell is constantly looking at not only the present playing staff (in conjunction with Jackett), but also the future as demonstrated by the signing of players such as Kortney Hause, Eusebia Bancessi, Ibrahim Keita, etc.

Kenny Jackett will from time to time identify weaknesses in his current squad and will request Thelwell to find him a replacement for a certain position. It seems that he will goes away and comes back to with a detailed dossier suggesting possible candidates. The two then decide which are the most suitable and affordable, which is where presumably Jez Moxey enters the fray.

I'm sure there's a bit more to the process but it demonstrates that the way the internal management structure works has changed over the last year or so, from just one person deciding on who should be brought into the club.

What's the worst that can happen !

It would be nice to believe that this is how it works, but in reality it would just appear to be multiple snouts on the trough.


And how do you come to that conclusion?



Hes gonna get slated for not seeing him but thats why you have recruitment staff. To be fair over the past few years our recruitment has uncovered gems such as doherty, bath, price, evans, ismail, cassidy and mcalindon then add into the mix mccarey, eusibio and you have a strong foundation for the future!!!! UTW


In Kevin we trust


Where does thi leave Tank?


Sinking fast.


Well done E&S another story out of nothing - those people in the club whose job it is to spot and bring on talent have done just that. We hope that Kortney Hause will develop into a top player but he is just 18 and a relative novice. Why WOULD KJ have seen him play?


Spot on Stourwolf, spot on..


What's the worst that can happen !

It's hard to understand how football club's work these day's if the manager, supposedly tasked with rebuilding a club's playing staff, is presented with a new signing without watching him play.

Lets hope that this lad is as good as we hope to avoid some embarrassment.

It's also difficult to comprehend how a division 3 club can justify such a top heavy management structure.

Do we really need a 'head of football development' and a 'head of recruitment'.

They just sound like a load of 'none jobs for the boys' !


I am sure that this is how it works these days with most clubs, at least those of any size in League 1 and above. No point in having your Thelwells, etc. otherwise. There is only so much any one man can do. (It's only women who "multi-task" isn't it?) On another level, if the great Brian Clough were still with us, I'm sure he'd have approved - bearing in mind his alleged occasional jaunts to watch cricket in warmer climes. He put his trust in lieutenants on occasions. Many of our more major signings Kenny has known about before he even came to us. If they are for the first team, Kenny will do his homework - you know that.

chris h

Solent, Most of Cloughies better signings ( and there were some great ones) were down to his no2 Peter Taylor. Did you see the film about Clough. Loved the encounter on the pitch at Derby with his Chairman Sam Longson who said.

' you have gone and done what Brian ?' Clough replied ' we have just paid a record fee for a defender, Colin Todd'. 'Who is Colin Todd' said Sam. As it turned out only the best defender he ever faced according to John Richards. Can you ever imagine Cloughie working with Jez. It would be pistols at dawn. I once saw Clough on a London train, drunk out of his mind, they had to delay the train to get him off. Great shame.


chris h - I did indeed see the film, and it revived great memories of the man himself. As you say, great shame how it was to end.

Farmer Ted

Okay What & amp, let me look at it, the same as you with a certain amount of ignorance as to the specifics, but from another angle.

First of all KJ is head coach, not manager. A significant difference.

Wolves fans were crying out for a Director of football, which has worked/not worked at different clubs. Surely Kevin Thelwell is fulfilling that role, albeit with a slightly different job title.

Wolves like all other clubs have employed scouts to bring in players, and Chief Scout or head of recruitment is essential, enter Stuart Webber. Again in these days of political correctness the job title comes with bells and whistles but fir me he's our chief scout.

I may be right, I maybe wrong with these views, but one thing is for sure, the gang of three mentioned above seem to be doing a pretty good job between them so far.

As for a division three club justifying this heavy management structure; for reasons stated I don't think it is heavy and I certainly don't think we should start thinking like a third division club, otherwise we may end up staying one for longer than we wish!

What's the worst that can happen !

Fair points Farmer Ted.

As long as the results keep coming and we keep pushing for promotion, we should be confident in the structure.

Jackett the Hat

No , no need for any sort of proper player recruitment , let's go back and follow your tried and tested fact, let's get Mick back, I'm sure there's another 44million knocking about, I saw a bag under one of the seats in the dugout, it might be a bit wet, but I'm sure somebody from Bohemians could dry it out.

Keep spending on poor players.......What's the worst that can happen!


Keep taking the pills Hat man..

Haling wolf

I think you gave an answer and then asked the question then ...!

The truth is KJ 's job description is head coach not manager as with many clubs now , head coach concentrates solely on first team matters and leaves recruitment to the u21's etc to the head of recruitment

I'm sure though if it had been a first team appointment KJ would of had more input.. !


'Embarrassment?'...How do you work that one out then? KJ is the coach, he coaches the players. Some he knows & would have seen, others he may have a dossier on & some, like the Hause, he doesn't know. Hause will go into the U21 squad & be developed further in his career. KJ will watch him & have regular reports from his staff. Hopefully the lad will progress well & get his chance in the first team....Quite simple really. No one is saying KJ has to play him but if the lad is good enough then KJ is wise enough to do so. Sounds like good scouting & common sense to me.


This day and age not every player is bought in to play for the club but to sell on for a profit like Tank


Don't think they're bought to sell on, but if they do not make the grade then Yes, selling on for a profit seems the sensible thing to do.


I knew Kenny was a yes man, , recruitment locate players for the manager who then goes and takes a look and makes a yes or no on the player, after all he is the one who works with them, Penny wise pound foolish is the way to the poor house, too many chiefs at the club, selling club now, and Jackett has no say on who stays or goes, if i was Kenny i would be off,

Lord Molineux

I've noticed before that your opinions belong to the distant past. Take more notice of what is happening with our modern international game. May not agree with it all but it is what it is.

Was going to answer your very silly post, but the above posters have already done it.

Will say that Kenny may have had to agree to certain things before he was appointed (like dealing with the old guard) but he is far from a yes man.

Chillo Wolf

Another ridiculous post from Paul


Thought KJ had a say in Ricketts, Henry, Jacobs etc......

Ridiculous post paul.


What are you on Paul...


Law 43

This is an interesting one, as I have been keen to understand who is responsible for what, and as usual, Albrightondek gives a credible summary of it. I really want to believe that the current management structure is fit for purpose, as I blame bad senior management decisions as the root cause for our demise even more than the complacent playing squad (one leads to the other). I'm still suspicious that Moxey has too much power, but it's clear that all of the recruitment decisions so far this season have been good ones; assuming we hold fire on the more recent ones, so I'm prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt for now. I also agree with Haling Wolf that KJ would have made sure to see him play if the plan was to consider him for the first team straight away.

As it happens I have seen Hause a couple of times and I think he's a decent prospect; difficult to say how he compares to, for example, Ebanks-Landell, but obviously they like the fact that he's a leftie. Whatever scouting has been done must go back some time, because he hasn't been in the Wycombe first team since December. It would be interesting to know how it came to happen so late in the window. It's difficult to see any reason why it should.


I don't have much issue with your post, but just to address one or two points you have raised.

You say that you think Jez Moxey has too much power; well he is the CEO and in that position he has the overall responsibility and authority for running the club on a day to day basis - call it power if you wish. My criticism of Jez Moxey has never been his ability on the financial running of the club, but I have questioned his "expertise" on purely footballing decisions and appointments - some of which were possibly that of the owners and he simply implemented them. If he left tomorrow, and unless there was a complete change in policy, a Jez Moxey mark II would be appointed. Take note that Leeds have been served with a winding up order which will be heard in court sometime in March.

Kevin Thelwell and Kenny Jackett would have known at the start of the season approximately what money would be made available for new players. They would also presummably be made aware that it would be linked to outgoing transfers. There is no bottomless pit of money, and yes Jez Moxey (possibly with the approval of the board), will have the final say as whether a player can be bought.

With regard Kortney Hause and his abscence from the first team, he sustained an ankle injury in November. He was making his comeback as a substitute for Wycombe in a 2-2 draw against Mansfield at the end of January. I agree with you and Haling Wolf, that if he was a player to be considered to go straight into the first team, Kenny Jackett would have been involved, and would have watched him before the club signed him.

Law 43

I think we are broadly in agreement. I take your points that the timing of Mick McCarthy's sacking and the subsequent managerial appointments were more down to Morgan than Moxey, and that even if Morgan were to sack Moxey, he would still want a CEO to run the club. I suspect there are people around who could do it better though; certainly I have never been impressed with Moxey's answers whenever he has been interviewed.

My point about Moxey having too much power really stems from the fact that after two appalling seasons and three sacked managers (I don't really count Terry Connor) with Wolves considered a joke by many football supporters, he has emerged relatively unscathed (I know he has taken a pay cut, but he is still paid extremely well for a League One Chief Executive). I hope he is delegating properly and leaving football decisions to Jackett and Thelwell, but I have no way of knowing if that is what is happening.

I'm glad that we are financially sound, and have never advocated over spending on transfer fees and wages, but unless financial stability translates into success on the pitch, it's not much consolation. I worry about the number of players who are only off the wage bill on loan, or who we are still having to pay for doing nothing, so I'm not sure if he is handling that side of things well (I believe it is him handling that).

So I still have my doubts, and try to look for indications that the management of the club is improving, because unless it does, there is a limit to what Kenny Jackett or anyone else can achieve.


Why only a 2 1/2 year contract?

By the time he gets into the team he will be available to talk to other teams.

chris h

I have it on good authority, that Sir Jack never saw Jez Moxey play before he was signed as well. And look what a good job he has done, apart from the odd relegation or three.


Lol.. Wondered where you were Chris...


chris h

Stoke, I didn't really mean it . In truth it was smart of Sir Jack to appoint someone like Jez. We were leaking water like the West Country before he arrived. But as Albrightondek so rightly says, it has been the poor footballing decisions that have let us down. But he operates better in the lower leagues when dealing with lower transfer fees, so we should be alright for a bit.


Chris h - You really are a prize idiot aren't you? Do you have an actual life outside of the E&S board or is this as good as it gets for you? UTW

chris h

Down on his luck,Buck. Hold on don't you post on here ? Most days I read your insults, if not me someone else who has the gaul to criticise those who responsible for putting our club into the third division. Hold on our football club, isn't that supposed to be your football club? Is that why you question 'do I have a life'. Is supporting a football club that has been poorly managed not worthy of a life.? I kid you not, in the next ten minutes I will be booking my hols in a nice boat a long way from the grime of the city. I could tell you about my family, my decent pension and all the tax I pay. Just try another angle, how about trying to engage your brain. I understand you are on a loser trying to support Moxey's decision making but surely you can do better than resorting tp personal insults.

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