Kenny Jackett hints at new contract for Wolves midfielder Dave Edwards

Wolves boss Kenny Jackett today dropped the biggest hint that Dave Edwards will win a new deal after tipping the midfielder to remain at Molineux next season.

Dave Edwards
Dave Edwards

Long-serving Edwards, who has just celebrated his sixth anniversary at the club and turned 28 yesterday, is out of contract at the end of the current campaign.

Edwards stated last summer he felt his chances of extending his stay with Wolves would depend on him playing a certain number of games this season.

Injuries have again prevented Edwards making a real impact and have restricted him to 16 games this season.

But head coach Jackett said there is no such stipulation and the Wales international, currently sidelined with a foot injury, doesn’t have to prove himself to him.

“Do I think he’ll be here next year? Yes,” said Jackett. “He’s out of contract and no decision has been made, but I wouldn’t say he needs to play a certain amount of games this season to earn one.

“Edwards is a good player who has played very well for us. He’s a consistent performer and he’s a very good personality.

“Whenever he does come back for us – and he won’t be out long-term – he’ll be an addition.

“It is where we are at the time and where we’d assess him going forward – not necessarily on what he’s done. “

Edwards reeled off 11 consecutive games after his comeback in the 1-1 draw at Oldham in the FA Cup on October 22. But he injured his foot in training after the 2-0 win against Preston on January 11 and has missed the last three matches.

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Comments for: "Kenny Jackett hints at new contract for Wolves midfielder Dave Edwards"


totally agree , but on as a pay as you play basis , he does seem to be out injured more than most and the only one who could give him a run for being unfit is the great O'Hara ,


O'HARA IS NOT UNFIT!! In fact he very fit, ready and scoring goals.


Agree with Johnwolf on this issue.

Hollywood is a very talented player who seems to have no problem with fitness levels playing in the U21 side. Even Jackett has gone on record saying exactly that.

There is more to his exclusion than fitness.

Chillo Wolf

Whats the deal then Eldervo?

Do we want him in the team now we have a settled midfield pairing?

Does KJ want him back?

Do the board want him back?

Does JoH himself want to come back?

So many questions. I've no idea to be honest. Completely perplexing situation


NO NO NO. Do not do it. The man is not a footballer, he is just a headless chicken. He brings nothing to the team.

We have a history of handing out contract extensions to people who should have been moved on and this one would be a classic example. He is a perfect example of what has been wrong with this club. Another player who the club think is good enough but has never proven to the fans that he is. Lets see where we are before we do anything stupid. Look how many players we gave long contracts to and now we are stuck with them because no one else wants them because they are not good enough. McCarthy fodder that even he himself has not tried to sign. I thought Jackett was taking us down the right path but this would be a huge step backwards.





So does your comment


If it was on pay as you play he would be on benefit street! He doesn't shine for me and never has done unfortunately. Ok he scored the odd goal but IMHO he needs moving on for him and his career just like Kevin Doyle. He is 28 now as reported, happy birthday, but he should be at his peak yet he seems to disappear in games unlike McDonald, Evans and Price.

There are far better out there as KJ has discovered with the likes of Dicko, Henry, Jacobs etc aslo we have missed out on Frimpong.

I don't doubt his attitude he is a pro but time to go.



Yeh missed out on frimpong - just like barnsley are at the moment! We have better than him as well.


I will give Jackett the benefit of the doubt. What I am hoping is he is keeping Edwards motivated by saying there is a new contract on the table. If he is called upon because of injuries, he will be committed to the cause. However, should we secure promotion, then he must be released. He can't get into out strongest eleven in League One, but in the Championship and with one year of parachute payments remaining, we have to strengthen the squad. Edwards would just be taking up a squad place.

Alan in Cyprus

Seems to be too injury-prone for a long-term contract.


I would keep him, has he's an experienced player, and at 28, he's got a good few years left in the tank / legs. He is what I call a box to box player, with a good engine in him. But whilst I like Dave, I think the central pairing of McDonald and Price, in their current form are our best two by far, and seemed to have forged a very good understanding between them. But Dave can play behind a striker too.UTW:

E14 Wolves

Agree with your last comment, Tomwolf. I think he looks best in that role.


This issue regarding whether to retain Dave Edwards or allow him to leave seems to crop up every 6 months or so. And everytime it's discussed on this website it generally revolves around his injury record, rather than his ability.

I think he's a decent enough midfield player who, when he's fit, is useful addition to the squad. But he never seems to be fit for very long before picking up a new injury.

I've no idea what his wages are, but if the club can afford to keep him without jeoparding the chance to buy an alternative midfield player, then they may as well retain his services.


I guess he will find his wages may not be on a par with what they once were. If he is offered another contract, he may well find it is for less money. Then it will be up to him.


Thank you for your service but no thank you. You have lost pace and your too injury prone also Evans can take over:)

Also it's another space that could be filled by a more exciting prospect....UTW


Get him signed up. He looks a different player under KJ. He seems more composed and authoritative. Plus as an attack minded player he will chip in with goals.

E14 Wolves

Good news. Dave Edwards has had plenty of injury problems but I think he's a real asset to the club.


In the games he has played so far this season I think Edwards has acquitted himself very well, and will always give 100%

With the midfield playing as well as they are at the moment though, he might struggle to get his place back !!

I personally think he deserves a new contract, but there will be many on here that won't.


Selly park wolf

I agree stokewolf.

KJ has appeared to get the best out of him.

I know most people probably want him out but I think he is very experienced and chips in with some vital goals.

If we do revert back to 4-5-1 he's the perfect midfielder to link the front man with his late runs.

Give him 12 months and if it don't work out then we move on!


This is out of order, E&S.


The poll I mean.


Solent, I second that.


I agree not great to be voting on someone's livelihood .

son of sue

Funny how we have a bad spell when he's in the team and start to win consistently when he's out. Good player off the ball not very good player with it!

Gerry Mannion

The poor lad will probably twist his ankle on the way in to sign his contract and won't get there.

Jackett the Hat

Nothin to do with the Edwards post, but did anyone hear a fantastic bit of 'TalkSport' with Collymore last night?

He's done a bit of research into the German football model and come up with some great points concerning club ownership, after McDermott was sacked by a third party solicitor and then reinstated.

He put the most important points first, I think from a countrywide fans vote.....

1- Fans must own %51 of all clubs.

2- Before any single person or business buys %30 or more of a club, they must be investigated for 12 months before doing so.

3- Any changes to club tradition, names,shirt colour ect, must be agreed by a majority of season ticket holders.

A journo (forgot his name) who has been writing on these points for some time came on and spoke about the emergence of German teams, how they still attract top players, the attendance levels and the stupidly low cost of tickets. He also bought up the two Manchester clubs as contrasting examples, the Glazers taking 600 million out, Sheik Mansour putting 1 billion in.

The rise of unfit owners and the wealth of others has made the leagues and cups predictable for about six top clubs, a minefield for the rest.

His last point....."it's no coincidence that a sheik or oligarch are gonna win the premier league".


Mr Hat,

The journo was David Conn. Mr Conn talks much sense. I have also been thinking about football and the future game and I would invite you and other football fans to take a look:


kicboy (aka Peter)

Jackett the Hat

Cheers Kicboy, I'll do just that.

Enjoy the rest of the season.....

Farmer Ted

Dave Edwards. Now there's a player to split opinions. No doubt there'll be posters pointing out his unfortunate injury record and, regrettably a few abusive outbursts.

I fall into the category that says let's keep him until his contract runs out and make the decision then. He has shown this season that he can play quite well in that hole behind the striker, although with Clarke operating as a deep lying centre forward it's now not quite the same role. KJ obviously rates him and if he is an asset in the dressing room and on the training pitch, providing he can make more of an injury free contribution on the pitch he is a useful player.


Farmer, wasn't sure about your football knowledge after comments about Kevin Doyle yesterday, after your comments about Edwards today I am, do you know anything about football, Edwards runs about like a headless chicken, by the way didn't Doyle score in a higher division on Saturday.

Footnote to Ritchie Wolves ref yesterdays comments about Doyle not fitting in to our style of play the last 2 years, what style would that be then ?

Farmer Ted

Wooooo! Slocko, (new poster?) is obviously a sensitive treasure who doesn't like others disagreeing with his limited opinions. Oh bless, I shall urge everybody to be more gentle in future responses.

For the record I said I rated Doyle but his record as a striker, under FIVE club managers, and Trappatoni who dropped him for the very same reason, just wasn't good enough. Yes he scored, good for him, he was a thoroughly consummate professional and I wish him well. Too early to judge Clarke for you or for me.

As for Edwards, I stand by what I've said. Can't you come up with anything better than a tired old cliche like "headless chicken"? Is that how your knowledge of football coaching begins and ends?

By the way, the Teecher, who you wouldn't know, would abhor your punctuation and grammar.

Chillo Wolf

You're embarrassing yourself Slocko ... time to go home mate.


I am at home my mate, sorry I didn't realise you were a couple.


my oh my arent we ambitious, first signing Leon Clarke, now offering Dave Edwards a contract.


Your probably a Baggie, but who would you like us to sign? Suarez, Negredo, Van Percie?

KJ has built a new Team to get us out of this league, and so far so good..



A Wolves season ticket holder of 18 years actually, plus 31 years of attending matches before that, and the above you mention would be nice but unrealistic-but perhaps one day :) UTW


OK, fair enough, apologies... :o)

Remembering we are in League 1, who would you bring in then ?



To be honest, he's a player we could take or leave. He does have ability, but he is injury prone which will only get worse as he gets nearer 30. I'd let his contract run until the Summer and then see where we are. If he was a real quality player, somebody would have already tapped him up on a pre-contract agreement in January. But the E&S poll is out of order in my view - we shouldn't be asked to vote on these sorts of things. It's entirely down to the club and KJ.


I would give him a 1 year deal on a pay as you play basis . I think Evans is a way better all round player & we play him instead of Edwards to be honest 9 out of 1


My comment loaded before i finished. As i was trying to say i would play Evans instead of Edwards 9 out of 10 times & offer Edwards 1 year deal on a pay as you play basis. Edwards is one of the players who have become stale at wolves because he's been here far too long in my opinion.

The Flying Winger

Sorry do not understand this, he has not contributed to the team in the last few years always picks up an injury and is sidelined for months.

Going forward the club does not need this and her should be moved on.

Jackett is not the first manager to go down this route with this player, sonypu have to ask if someone else at the club is pulling the strings.

Big mistake, nothing against the player but no!

Farmer Ted

Don't agree with your thoughts although I do understand your concerns.

However why do you add the bit about "someone else pulling the strings"? Unnecessary pop at the directors? Surely, if that's what it is, the directors would be the very last to keep a player who gas been costly in wages against time on the pitch.

I think that KJ, right or wrong, has demonstrated he likes Edwards.

Farmer Ted

That was 'has' not 'gas'

The Flying Winger

Hi Farmer Ted,

What I don't understand is Jackett's job is to build a new team with the midfield being the power house of the team.

An area we have been lacking in for ages.

Why would you put your neck on the !one for someone whose recent history is questionable at least and carry heavy wage bill

As he is not the first manager do go down this road then presumably someone who signs the wages cheque must be comfortable with carrying a passenger.

Just a thought.