Celtic poised for new Leigh Griffiths bid

Wolves were today braced for a fresh move from Celtic for striker Leigh Griffiths after Parkhead boss Neil Lennon refused to rule out a bid.

Leigh Griffiths of Wolverhampton Wanderers and Bailey Wright of Preston North End.
Leigh Griffiths looks set to stay at Molineux this month

Lennon hinted at possible interest in Wolves’ leading scorer despite his Molineux counterpart, Kenny Jackett, pouring cold water on rumours of a move.

Speaking last night, Lennon rubbished stories of Celtic interest in other targets including Norwich midfielder Robert Snodgrass.

But he was more coy when quizzed on whether Griffiths was among his targets after Celtic saw a move for an unnamed foreign striker collapse on Thursday.

“I can’t say that,” he replied before adding, “but he is highly thought of, put it that way.”

The Bhoys have already had a loan bid for Griffiths turned down by Wolves, who have played down talk of offloading the 23-year-old, who is their 13-goal leading scorer.

But it is still believed the Molineux club would consider a cash sale.

Jackett, meanwhile, today tipped French powerhouse Ibrahim Keita as a future Wolves star.

The 18-year-old striker has been in prolific form for the club’s under-18s team this season and is highly rated by Molineux staff.

Head coach Jackett took the chance to watch the former France Under-16s international last Saturday at Stoke when the match at Crawley was called off and he scored twice in a 6-1 win.

Jackett also witnessed a top-class strike from Carlo Erdei and a second outing for Barcelona ‘B’ signing Albert Torras.

But Keita is really catching Jackett’s eye, and the youngster, who was scored at an impressive rate ever since signing from Saint Marcel in the 2011-12 season, is being eyed as a future first-teamer.

“Keita’s goalscoring record has been terrific at Under-18 level and we hope it continues,” said Jackett.

“At that level it’s pretty hard to stop him - he looks like scoring every game. He scored two in the first half and then he had a couple of chances before being taken off at half-time as he played in the Under-21s’ game against Chelsea on Monday night for half an hour.

“Those Under-21 games offer a great platform to try to get in the first team if you can do well.”

Jackett gave Keita a glimpse of the senior side after he appeared as an unused substitute in the 2-1 FA Cup defeat to Oldham in November.

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Comments for: "Celtic poised for new Leigh Griffiths bid"


Another 'nothing new' E&S headline. Celtics 'interest' & Griffiths known to be homesick is not a secret, yet it seems to be enough for the same regurgitated story line.

Surely there's someone at the paper who can dig a little deeper for something new.............or maybe not!


There seems to be two stories rolled into one.

It looks as though there is bit more substance to the continuing rumours regarding a possible bid for Griffiths. If Lennon is being evasive about a Celtic making an offer for him, then it does suggest that something is going on in the background. My view, as I commented recently, is that on balance, I would prefer it if Wolves kept Griffiths at least until the end of the season. However, if a big enough offer were to be made for him, and if it were made in sufficient time for a suitable replacement to be brought in, then it has to be considered. But it should be down to Jackett to make the call. Not Kevin Thelwell, or Jez Moxey, but Kenny Jackett - as he has the responsibility on his shoulders to lead the team to promotion.

The other interesting item in the article is that of Ibrahim Keita. I've only seem him on a few occassions in a couple of youth team matches and the odd appearance in U21 games as a sub. For his age, he's a fairly powerfully lad who looks the part. With Cassidy departing for Tranmere, and McAlinden more likely to be included in the first team squad, there should be more opportunities for him to play in the U21's. Along with Eusebio they are the two most promising youngsters that I've seen this season.

Jackett the Hat

Interesting take on the up and comers Dek. I don't get to see the young- uns as much as I used to but it always seemed that the players with the pace or the bigger stature were always the ones on people's lips. Jack Price has come along and performed well and he ain't the biggest but if these players you've mentioned have the required skill and technique, paired up with pace and strength there's only attitude to halt their progress into the first team. No matter what league we find ourselves in, we must keep this young player progression up, finance dictates that it's our most viable option and the best way to keep expectations in check.

Wolves ay we...


I agree.

bolton wolf

would they take ohara aswell as part of the deal .

And 4 deep fried mars bars as a sweetener.

old golds worth more

If he's good enough he's old enough, did Everton wait until Rooney had progressed through their U18's then U21's? Get him onto the pitch in a first team game and lets see what he can do!


How about Griffy and Siggy up front today possibly for the last time together and if they do not score a couple each against a poor Bristol team GET RID.

Then we could have a big debate - Who will Wolves buy to replace their top goal scorer?



We can't even consider selling Griffiths until promotion is assured back to the Championship.

Surely the objective is to increase our options in the first eleven during the coming months rather then trying to make a quick buck. An extra 1 or 2 million in the bank at the end of the transfer window could look very bad business in May if we don't get out of this league.

Pembrokeshire Wolf

Let him go and buy Hogan.


Let's offer a package deal to Celtic, buy one, get one for a quid. Take it or leave it! £999.999 for Griffiths and £1 for O'Hara. (Yes, O'Hara belongs in Poundland). We get a decent return on Griffo and we get O'Hernia's wages off our books. I'll personally drive him to Glasgow. O'Hollywood may not be a PL player but he can be a SPL player!


i think you are all missing the point regarding griffiths , he's not happy out of his native Scotland , if celtic are to make a bid for him and we turn it down , 10 o'clock next morning griffiths will slap in a transfer request , he has made it very clear he wants to go HOME .


then let the cry baby sod off back up to scotland, hes only scored 13 goals, a real striker would want to finish the season in england with at least 25 especially in league 1.

its like hes done half a job and thinks hes proved he is good enough in england. well think again, its league 1, 13goals isnt really that much.

he hasnt really proved anything, in fact he has proved that jordan rhodes is by far the better player of the 2. and has cut it at this level and is doing the buisness now for blackburn in the championship.

good luck leigh wherever you end up, but you need to work harder if you want to be the striker you think you are!

i certainly wont miss him, to mardy and winey for me, looks a right sulky pants

New offer of a loan...player swap, a friendly next season, two crates of iron bru, two tickets to Edinburgh castle and a postal order for £1.50.

Surely Celtic get enough money from the champ league that they can actually pay cash and sign one of our players...it always comes to loan deals with them. Why? They know Griffiths from the previous seasons when he put goals past them!

As for Keita get him on the bench for the upcoming games and see what he can do as a sub, otherwise stop harping on about u-18/u-21 players that we won't see given a chance now that we are looking to buy ourselves out of the league instead of using the talent currently produced by our academy - if more of them don't get a chance in this league and we do get promoted then will they play for wolves then or just go out on loans until their contracts expire as per the past umpteen years!!!!


Pretty obvious that Griff isn't happy at Wolves, and is missing Scotland. Provided Celtic come up with a sensible offer (£1.5M ish) then I reckon we'll let him go.

Let's just hope KJ gets the money to spend though... My fear is the loan window will be when we bring someone in !!

3 points today please lads..


Dutch Wolf

If the offer is right then I am pretty sure he will leave and the money used to get Clarke. I prefer Griffiths but if he is not 100% committed it is best for Wolves.

Will be interesting to see if he starts today, especially now Cassidy is not an option.



Totally irrelevant - forgive me - but I see from Sky Sports News that Nottm. Forest are preparing a bid of £2M. for George Friend, Middlesborough's player of the year 2012 - 13. Hmmmm. Another one we pushed away. I know some players prosper from a move away, but ......


It does happen far too often doesn't it Solent.


Get Bully out of retirement you know it makes sense Leon Clarke your having a laugh


I don't get it, you see all the premiership clubs fielding kids who're 17-18, yet we have this prolific wonder-striker who is 18s playing in the U-18s..

Why not do what the top teams do and give this Keita kid a chance in the first team?

look at Rooney.. he was 16 when he made his debut for Everton...

look at Michael Owen made is liverpool debut at 17...

I thought Wolves had a Young and Hungry policy??


That kid on loan at Notts County plus cash or go away.


That 'kid' on loan at Notts County has signed for the rest of the season........keep up.


Does that stop him being part of a permanent deal?


Something very wrong at the club, who decides to let players go, whoever it is he needs the sack, Friend Mulgrew Bennett, Vokes, spring to mind, next up Siggy will go on and play at a higher level.


Paul. Think back a few years when a certain Stoke reject joined followed quickly by an ex Millwall manager (no not the current one). Does that give you a CLUE!!!!!!


I said in the summer when LG was on his way back from scotland, that he wouldn't be as good as people expected & would certainly not score 30 goals this season. He has come down from a very average league where most league 1 or championship strikers would get lots of goals. I definetly dont rate him as a league 1 striker & no way he would score the goals in the championship. Let Celtic spend a load of money on him, i think the scottish league is so his level. I personally would go for the boy at peterborough Britt Assombalonga or Donaldson at Brentford.

101 chicken chow mein

And your chaimans dropped shelling out for all those duds you signed. keep yer fat snout out and worry about your own problems or even try and support your club by actualy attending a game.


Should have also said 1 down 1 to go.


See I cant hit a barn door Anelka failed to score again this weekend.LMAO