Kenny Jackett disappointed with Wolves v Crawley postponement

Wolves head coach Kenny Jackett this afternoon expressed his disappointment that tomorrow’s game at Crawley was postponed.

Wolves head coach Kenny Jackett
Wolves head coach Kenny Jackett

But the boss had no complaints given the sodden conditions at the Checkatrade.Com Stadium.

The players were at Compton waiting to travel to West Sussex for as the pitch inspection took place at 1.30pm this afternoon.

But torrential rain over the last few days left the pitch – which was covered in parts - waterlogged and part of Crawley’s car park under water.

“We’re disappointed the game is off and after last week’s result and performance we wanted to keep things going,” said Jackett.

“But looking at the pictures of the pitch and the amount of rain they’ve had - and also Crawley’s televised game with Bristol Rovers before they then had a game postponed - it’s no surprise.

“The forecast for the rest of the day isn’t particularly good either.”

Wolves were due to take a sell-out allocation of just under 2,000 supporters to Broadfields and Jackett is glad they didn’t face a wasted journey.

“We were due to have really good support down there, but at least it’s been called off early so the fans aren’t going to travel there for it to then be postponed,” he said.

“But now it’s a case of focusing on the next game now against Bristol City and making sure we’re fully ready for that.”

Captain Sam Ricketts said: “The lads are disappointed because you always want to play, especially with the way we played against Preston last weekend.

“But having heard about the conditions and the pitch, it may not be a bad thing because we wanted to go to Crawley and play good football, which clearly would have been difficult.

“We’ll look forward to the re-arranged game now when the date is fixed.

“It’s about a weekend of rest now and making sure we come back refreshed on Monday and ready to go again for the game with Bristol City.”

Several players in addition to Matt Doherty may play in Monday’s Under-21s’ game against Chelsea at AFC Telford.

“Some of the players will be in on Sunday ahead of the Under-21s game with Chelsea,” said Jackett.

“There may be chance for people like Doherty, Ethan Ebanks-Landell and Liam McAlinden to play in that game.”

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Comments for: "Kenny Jackett disappointed with Wolves v Crawley postponement"

Jackett the Hat

You're disappointed Kenny, how about me !

Town centre pub open 6.30am. Coach at 8am. Stopping at Reigate before the match, then when we get back, straight to the Robin 2 for the odd can of Red Stripe.

I'm shakin with the thought of shopping, it's beer that needs to flow not soddin cockney rivers.

Jack the Hat

Jackett the Hat,

Alchofrolic ay ya, having the " Hattie Jacques ".


Jack the Hat

Proves wo1-Ves are a washed out club, L☺Ls.


Sir Billy Quiet

West Bromwich Albion


West Bromwich Albion


West Bromwich Albion


West Bromwich Albion


There you go Jack - proof that grown ups Wolves and Albion fans can actually spell the name of each other clubs - so why do you have to pretend you can't spell it? Wolves even an idiot can spell that?

In fact why are you posting on a Wolves site? do you think posting your 'funny' little comments actually achieves anything?

You really need to take a reality check..................


Billy, hes what you call an internet troll, probably sits in his armchair all day thinking of different comments to offend decent fans.

Some say he aint seen sunlight since 1984, all I know is, hes one fishy b******d.

Bedford Wolf

WBA managed by a Pepper Mill, fielding ignorant morons like Anelka, supported by fools like you. Going down this season and forever in the shadow of your much bigger, more successful and more famous neighbours. Must be awful for you. Class is permanent, form is temporary - oh hang on you don't even have any form either. Out of darkness Cometh light, out of Sandwell cometh sh**e.



Jack the Hat

Well done Super Kev, going to big club Leicester City. I knew you wouldn't drop into Divi 3.


Sir Billy Quiet

Shane Long gone to Hull, sponsors threatening to pull out, Anelka making strange salutes, a manager that can't speak English and you are spending your time on the Wolves blog?

Stourbridge Wolf

Well said Sir Billy, and of course not to mention the new manager hasn't got a penny to spend on new players, even with the supposed 7mil they are getting for Long. Typical Tesco - trying to do everything on the cheap as usual. I must admit i was surprised they let him go, but then Hull are more ambitious having signed Jelavic as well, and he will look good in a Black and gold shirt. I think a relegation battle is looming, and a few more local derbies again next season!


your right jack, he did'nt drop in to division 3.

but he did drop in to division 2. your point?

oh, i see , you have'nt got one.

just like your trophy cabinet. lol.


Oh Jack, not content with playground antics on your Sandwell kindergarten site you need to come on here and try to provoke comment as well? At least the Wolves fans on here can see through your infantile name-calling and tongue-poking. You are laughed at, not laughed with and certainly you are nearly half way to being a wit.


Even my Ablon mates think you're an embarrassment.

Old Gold

Jack the hat, wait for the end of season, all your mercaneries will be like rats deserting a sinking ship. Like all deserters they will be shot at dawn when found and what sort of side will you field when we play you next season? Come on you Wolves.


I imagine the vast majority of West Bromwich Albion fans are embarrassed by the immature comments from Jack the Hat.

I for one hope the Baggies stay up this season and Wolves gain promotion and then we can hope for another derby in the Premier League one day.

Let's hope we can knock on from the good performance against PNE.

Bedford Wolf

Just like Jeff Astle in the 1970 World Cup against Brazil Albion fans are always wide of the mark and an embarrassment.


Not a SINGLE comment on here is about the article, bets Jacks rubbing his filthy hands.


Got a bit excited when Crewe went 1-0 up to today, but at least Walsall managed to peg Brentford back with the 1-1 draw.

60 points to play for, all three teams at the top played the same number of games and Wolves FIVE points from the top.

Everything to play for, but up to Wolves to deliver and not rely on others!

Regarding comments on this thread from WBA fans, don't rise to it! Ignore. SImples!

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