Wolves chase for new striker takes a twist

Wolves look set to play a waiting game as their chase for another striker continues to provide new twists.

Coventry City striker Leon Clarke a target for Wolves
Fee agreed: Wolves agree price for their former man Leon Clarke

Sources insist Coventry’s 18-goal top scorer Leon Clarke is their number one choice to join Nouha Dicko up front and that Wolves have lodged a bid for the 28-year-old.

That offer – believed to be around the £300,000 Wolves sold him for to Sheffield Wednesday in January 2007 – is nowhere near the £1m price set by the Sky Blues.

Wolves’ interest has been confirmed by Coventry manager Steven Pressley – despite a firm denial of any approach from Molineux head coach Kenny Jackett - and arrived just hours after Clarke submitted a transfer request on Monday morning.

“There’s been interest from Wolverhampton but I can assure our supporters we will not sell the player unless the deal is correct for this club,” said Pressley.

The football grapevine is awash with talk that Wolves’ apparent reluctance to pay Championship wages is hampering their search at that end of the market as chief executive Jez Moxey tries to broker the best deals for the club.

But Clarke’s relatively cheaper salary makes him a more attractive option.

Pressley expects Clarke to return to contention for Saturday’s trip to Preston after missing Sunday’s 2-2 draw against Crawley with a groin strain.

Wolves have lodged an interest in Clarke’s 15-goal strike partner Callum Wilson.

But that has been put on hold with the 21-year-old now out for eight weeks with a shoulder injury.

Leicester’s out-of-favour forward Martyn Waghorn is the subject of renewed interest from Wolves which first surfaced last January, plus attacking midfielders Callum McGregor and Alex Pritchard.

Leicester’s signing of one-time Wolves target Kevin Phillips until the end of the season opens up a space for Waghorn to depart.

Wolves face competition from Blackburn, Millwall and Doncaster for one-time £3m Foxes signing Waghorn, who would cost around £450,000.

But with Waghorn turning 24 a week today and out of contract in June when he could leave for nothing, Wolves may decide to hold off.

Wolves have also had two strikers on trial this week.

They have looked at Abdoul Camara, 23, from Sochaux, and Liverpool’s 21-year-old six-footer Villyan Bijev, who scored in the 4-1 friendly win over a Nike Academy on Tuesday.

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Comments for: "Wolves chase for new striker takes a twist"


Not much of a twist then.


I do hope that this story isn't true.

What happened to purging the team of old and fleshing new blood. Leon Clarke may have scored a hat full of goals this season but surely this is a backward step for us. He hasn't exactly got the best track record off the pitch historically.

Kenny - don't do it!!!

Dicko and Griffo are all we need.


Northern Wolf

Do you remember when we used to look for "young & hungry" Championship players who MAYBE could cut it in the Premier League. Anyone else get the feeling that we are now looking for "young and cheap" that MAYBE could cut it in the Championship?

I don't really care as a) we are playing some of the best stuff I have seen in years and we are (mainly!) winning and b) we are owned and run by 2 people who don't give a hoot about what I or anyone else thinks so there is SFA I can do about it. I would love to see Thelwell's files on the managers where KJ was the front runner from the start, apparently. Was the main criteria the ability to build a mid table Championship side on zero budget and low wages a key qualification? If so, I think we are nailing that plan!


Chillo Wolf

KJ and his team have to build from the position we are in. We are not in a position to attract young and hungry Championship players. They want to play in the Championship with a view to eventually playing in the Prem.

It's not a lack of ambition Northern Wolf, it's just the reality of the situation IMO

Northern Wolf

Fair point Chillo and I don't disagree entirely. Lets be clear - Golbourne, Henry, Jacobs and (just about!) Dicko are all young Championship players who have come to us to go back up again. McDonald & Ricketts were playing in the Premier League not so long ago. I really admire the output since KJ arrived and I love the way we are trying to play the game. However, there is a difference between desire and commitment when it comes to ambition. If we (by which I mean the ownership of the club) were really committed and confident of a swift return to the top we would be in the process of rebuilding the Steve Bull Stand now whilst crowds are 15-20,000. That's a can of worms and many of us still wake at night with memories of our last go at that and the horrendous years that followed, but the cost of that stand is a lot less than this year's balloon payment and we all know that isn't being spent on transfers or wages this season!

Chillo Wolf

It's very frustrating Northern Wolf i agree. Down right depressing if you allow yourself to think of just how long it took us to get to the top, only for us to fall right back to the bottom again, or near enough.

But for me, i don't allow myself too much time to think of what has happened. I just look to the here and now and that for me is Kenny Jackett doing a good job, bringing in some good young players and bringing through some good talent from the academy.

All positives for me ... but i see your point.


That sounds like Jez Moxey up to his old games again.. Its been quiet this season without his face splashed all over the pages.. Long may it continue..


Newspaper gossip is all and good but I want to see a positive result at Crawley this weekend. Every Wolves fan has had his spirits lifted by the good news coming out of Molineux in the last two or three days so support the team and let Kenny Jackett continue the good work.

Chelsea, Man City, etc. buy their way to success but us Wulfrunians have to work for it.


we'll be in S0S if we dont beat crawley on saturday thats for sure! plus the top two have games in hand, massive test! hope dicko opens his account


I think this May be to much change...

Personally Clarke is not worth 1m in a million years!!!!

But griffiths is our best st so I think he should be integral to our plans if he wants to stay... Personally I think griffiths should be allowed to roam like Jacobs as he can score to great goals as well as having the vision to put players like dicko through...

Wilson good move in the summer and the midfielders highlighted are good still think we need extra muscle in the midfield. Frimpong in our dreams:)

However Doyle and sako should leave and it should be done as quickly as possible. Deals with add ons...UTW

carl wolves

IF Griifiths wants to stay........IF my mother had balls she would be my father.


Wolves reluctance to pay the going rate!!!!

Well, say's it all really. Nothing, but nothing has changed in this are. Again the very man at the heart of the negotiations Moxey, the man who has presided over this club falling from the prem to where we are now and still he has not been made accountable for his disgraceful handling and massive loss, not only of millions but made history for the club with two consecutive relegations. The club has ambition, but only on the cheap.

If they won't pay championship wages what will they do if they do get promoted this season? Less parachute money so will Morgan stump up?

As we all know he would rather build a stand when he should have invested in the team.

It seems we are overshadowed by this.

KJ has brought in some decent players but it would be prudent to push the boat out that bit more to land their targets who would be a great opposition even for championship clubs.

We can only hope.


Are you saying the going rate for Clarke is a million quid? I only hope the club doesn't agree with you on that one!


well said doyler agree 100% time moxy went


Hahaha - nice one Les! Actually KJ hasn't brought any players in - he's the coach not the manager. Thelwell and Moxey have brought the players in this season and with Ricketts, McDonald, Goldbourne, Henry, Jacobs and Dicko they've done quite well! KJ should get credit for bringing Griffiths, Doherty, Evans, McCarey, Ebanks-Landell, Price and McAlinden into the squad. Along with clearing out the dead wood good progress I'd say! UTW

chris h

Buckswolf, Whilst agreeing that a million quid for Clarke is draft and would need negotiating down . The issue is should we in certain instances be flexible enough to pay a premium for the manager's main target , this is specially the case for the vital role of striker. We paid over the odds for Dougan but his goals got us promotion when we looked like missing out and he then helped establish us in the top flight for a decade. Judging by the team you posted yesterday you were around then. If you recall at the time £45k was judged in some quarters to be a big fee for a 28 year old with a suspect character, but it was a price worth paying. The trouble at Wolves is Jez Moxey concentrates on price and terms rather than the quality of the player and the effect the proposed player will have on results. It is the accountant's mentality that has controlled costs but put the football team in the third division.


Chris - yes definitely around then but it's hard to compare the 60's with football today - all of the players then had names we could pronounce for a start! It's Jez Moxey's job to concentrate on price and terms but he (the club?) have certainly been willing to pay lots of money in recent years for players like O'Hara, Johnson and Fletcher. We got badly bitten by those signings and we don't want to make the same mistakes whilst we're in the 3rd division! Personally I think the things that have gone on at the club this season have been superb - brought some great kids through along with sensible signings that will get us out of this league (and do a decent job when we go up) and having the guts to admit we made mistakes with the big wage earners and show them the door. In my view a real breath of fresh air! UTW

Chillo Wolf

It's called negotiation Chris h and Moxey, love him or hate him, is a great negotiator.

And anyway we'll leave the talk about 'paying a premium' for premium players shall we? Clarke, although a recognised striker at this level, is most definately not a premium player.


Clarke is worth no where near a million, therefore Moxey will negotiate, what's wrong with that? We have been burnt too many times with players not matching their salary let alone their transfer fees!......O'Hara, Johnson to name a couple. The players KJ has got in already have been good buys at very good fees. These players, together with some clever additions, can take us far, the likes of Swansea managed it didn't they? I remember when Kites & jarvis signed for us, "why are we buying non league/lower league players? cheap, cheap".........The same voices were saying why are we selling our 'best' players when they left....... I prefer the word bargain to cheap & look forward to a few more.

chris h

Bucks, Chillo and Cornish, You guys understand my point ,but are either not prepared to admit it or are in denial. Most Wolves fans that I meet and those I go with certainly get it. The other day I met an old school mate who I went with on the old Harper's bus to games in the 60s. I asked did he still go. He said he followed the results but has given up going, he said ' I cannot stand that bloke Moxey, for the life of me I cannot see why the fans cannot see through him'. Just one example of what I think is a prevalent view. The point is in screwing down the price and wages it increases the likelihood every time that we miss out on the better players. There were better players around than Johnson and O'Hara we missed them and the list of missed targets is very extensive. Look at all the quality players other sides have signed from overseas, look at our record . What the Express and Star are now saying is that it is common knowledge in football that Moxey will not pay a competitive wage compared with others, so where are the better players going to go to, certainly not Wolves.We can make lower cost signings that look good in the third division, but what about next year if we get promoted ?


Moxey certainly is a great negotiator. He's negotiated us from the Premier League all the way down to League One. Takes some doing that. Most people negotiating on behalf of teams that were in the Premier League when we were are still languishing in the top flight. I guess they don't have Moxey's skills.


I must have missed this, but what is the 'twist'? The article is about players Wolves might be interested in signing, all quite straight forward. There is nothing there most of us do not know already.

Media Wolf Pete

Waghorn, forgot all about him. Was quite prolific a couple of years ago. New challenge at surroundings at Wolves might revitalise him. Still fancy Chris Woods, who's just returning from injury. A loan deal maybe to help his recuperation and our promotion push? Worked well with KJ at Millwall!


prolific? what planet are you on his stats are utter rubbish god help us all if this is the type of player to end up at wolves, he has played over 134matches in the top two leagues and scored 25.

this prolific period of his career you are on about must be the 12 goals he scored in 40 matches for Leicester apart from that he hasnt really scored any goals for any of the clubs he's been at. better off sticking with doyle.

come on moxey pull your finger out!!!!

The Flying Winger

Time waits for no one, something we still have to learn after several years.

Striker, Midfielder required.


Is Moxey getting paid 3rd tier pay? Trying ot broker the cheapest deal?

We live in hope! The clock is ticking.


This signing does not make sense. He's not good enough so sell him for 300K. Now he is buy back at a Mill, no sense! We would have been better off signing SEB for a year and if promoted then buy a player maybe worth the asking price! To me it all sounds a mess. Is Doyle leaving? Siggy? LG? O'Hara? Hennessey? Buying a previous reject etc, you tell me.


not the first player to leave wolves though and end up a better player has to be said, he hasn't got anything to prove to us the wolves as he is the league one top goalscorer at the moment.

leon looks like he has been enjoying his football over the last few years, he has lost his podgy belly, seems more athletic and physical now, i don't know what he has done down, sheff wed and coventry but they have actually worked on him in training.

calum wilson looks good but leon is bigger and has a more powerful shot. I would like leon back because he knows his way around the box from what i have seen of him recent, he can read the game better. but again wouldnt be overly fussed if he didnt come. (but still concerned about our promotion push)

what does scare me though is how we are linked with a bunch of players who cant score goals, this camara is a left winger and not a foward, this 6foot liverpool player has been there 3years struggled to get a single appearance? waghorn seriously?

as i aware it was muppet mick who cleared him out to bring in craig davies, stephen elliot, jay bothroyd all his usual put a shift in type players. Leon at the time was practically being bullied by wolves and used as a scapegoat. we eventually signed ebanks and big chris and vokes and got promoted to prem, now look where we are!


If Moxey's worth a mill in salary and bonuses after two relegations then Clarke's probably worth more than 300k to us.


Get SEB back, get SEB back, get SEB back .............................................

Deduct the cost from Moxeys pay let him have the deduction back if and when promoted.


p@£s off, same old, same old and we wonder why we are in league one, honestly! he made it clearly obvious he didnt want to play at this level, so grow a pair mate and move on, hes at Ipswich, with muppet, not sure hes even broke into the team yet and honestly who cares, hes had his best years. hes short, fat, and little. only reason he banged in all them goals was because of kightly and jarvis's pace and service. you take that out the equation and hes average.

we need to bring some fresh faces in and move in a fresh direction.

chris h

All Wolves fans should read and digest the paragragh that says the grapevine is awash of Wolves reluctance to pay Championship wages as Jez Moxey tries to broker the best deal. That has been the problem for 14 years of wasted opportunities , culminating in the last two years with abject failure. Time and time again the better players go elsewhere and we miss the boat whilst Jez |Moxey is trying to knock money off a deal. A top quality striker would almost certainly guarantee us promotion and that would earn us millions more next season. Going for cut price deals runs the risk that you will not get the quality needed . After 14 years of failure you would think Jez Moxey could work this out for himself. All I can say is thank God Jez Moxey was not at our club when we were negotiating to sign Steve Bull and Derek Dougan.

carl wolves

Clarke was a very young man when he was with us before. Do many of you remember how you were when you were 18,19 & 20? People do grow up. If Clarke's attitude has improved and he has indeed grown up then I hope we sign him based on his present scoring record. We won't pay £1m for him, it'll be somewhere between the £300k that we've bid and that figure. And I see no harm in paying way more than we sold him for. It's called market value. Mourinho has just paid £21m for a bloke that Chelsea sold three years ago for £4m but I don't hear too many people questioning his judgement. I'm not comparing Jackett to Mourinho but given his record in the transfer market so far, I'd be inclined to trust his judgement.


Blake should have been signed then we wouldn't be in this predicament however, we must pay the £1 million its peanuts money today for Clarke. As others have said, get rid of donkey Doyle & Sako along with Hennessey & O'Hara.

I suppose its down to Mr Moxey and the purse strings and the obsession that the club must not spend money.


Hi Buckswolf, sorry if I gave that impression but no I agree with you that the club should not stump up a million sobs for Clarke, that is a figure plucked out of the air by the Coventry board once they knew we were sniffing around him. My point is, and I should have made it clearer, I can only apologise, is that maybe the younger targets ie McGregor and Pritchard, both very good up and coming players and would give the club sterling service. Leon Clarke has an impressive record of late, but knowing how Moxey deals with these situations he will not pay it and in this circumstance quite right not to.

No doubt there will be the usual wheeling and dealing but they may surprise us all.

It just annoys me as well as others that sometimes you have to pay the going rate to achieve your (the clubs)

ambition but there is a great reluctance to and we find ourselves two steps forward and three back.

We have had two stints in the prem and every owner, CEO and board know full well that if you want to remain in that league you have to pay for quality. You will also pick up some very good players a bit cheaper

but with this clubs ethos on not paying the going rate and with the fan base we have it's gut wrenching.

It has got to be in the back of most wolves fans minds that if we do get promoted, will they push on from there just as they are doing now, bearing in mind the wages will be a bit higher.

The team KJ is putting together is exciting. But, and it is a big but, if we should be fortunate enough to win promotion to the prem, will this reluctance to pay for quality smack us in the face again?

That is the dark cloud overshadowing this club= Moxey!


Nippy Lobo

You reap what you sow! In 1990 Stoke were relegated to the 3rd tier, and Moxey left Stoke by mutual consent. Where was a club that didn't mind a relegation on a CEO's CV? We all know the answer. The result? Three relegations. With Stoke's, that means four relegations, two to this division, for Moxey in fourteen years.

One reason? Possibly that the rumour, "The football grapevine is awash with talk that Wolves’ apparent reluctance to pay Championship wages is hampering their search at that end of the market," is true. I thought we were trying to rebuild a team that would take us back up to the Prem. That seems to be pie in the sky if Wolves are reluctant to pay Championship wages.

Just when performances on the pitch are giving us hope, we have the CEO come along (with the owner in the background) and throw a wet blanket over things. What a downer! The performance of a four-times-relegated CEO. There is only one club in the country that would put up with this loser.


My mates a Stokey and to this day blames Moxey for so much of their woes at the time. He is always saying we have no chance while he is at our place.


However, I think 3m's are to blame not just one. Micks bad signings and tactics once in the prem. Morgan listening to him and Moxey giving out the contracts and wages!


reluctant to pay championship wages? why should we, we are league one at the moment and need to meet the standards set by the football league otherwise risk punishment, deductions etc.

lets keep the wage budget down, get rid of doyle, sako, hennessey, o'hara and that will help aswell, its called living by our means.


That old wages chestnut hey, tut, tut, tut.

Pay the wages if they are the ones, although in this case maybe not.



SEB didnt want to play in Lge one, we cant pay his wages and he has just come back from a major injury, so not sure what impact he would have made so lets move on.

Clarke has put in a transfer request and that puts us in a strong bargaining position,so lets let Moxley, thelwell do their jobs and negotiate or walk away if we cant meet the asking price.

We have just written off 23 millions following 2 relegations,and our revenue is down. we also have players like Doyle and JOH on premiership salaries that we need to move on and some people think we have the money to pay top championship wages to attract players. Bolton are over 100 million in debt, from spending money they dont have.