Is Nouha Dicko the striker Wolves need? - Big Debate

Wolves have been chasing a host of strikers this month and are now in talks to sign Wigan forward Nouha Dicko, who was on loan at Molineux last season.

Football - Wolverhampton Wanderers sign Nouha Dicko
Nouha Dicko has previously been on loan at Wolves from Championship side Wigan Athletic.

Is the pacy 21-year-old what Kenny Jackett’s side needs?

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Comments for: "Is Nouha Dicko the striker Wolves need? - Big Debate"


If Nouha Dicko is pacy and knows where the net is, let's sign him ASAP. I like Griffiths, but he has to find his mojo again, but it is important we get goals from strikers, if Griff had been on song yesterday (Preston) we would have bagged 4 or 5 goals. Kenny Jackett can be patient with Griff as long as we are getting goals from other strikers, like all good goal scorers he will find it soon.


Definitely a step up in class from what we already have still need another though. Football is very good up untill penalty box.

Pulex Irritans

Well, our current strikers are not performing at the moment so they need a kick in the back to score again. Dicko did not show that little extra last season, but he looks better this year and could very well do the job for us. Let's hope that and up the Wolves!

Nippy Lobo

Well, having a striker that fast certainly won't do any harm. I would also like a striker renowned for his heading ability. A pity Wolves weren't able to combine those two qualities in one person, but it's one step forward.

chris h

Signing footballers on the back of a public vote is probably not a good idea.One hopes the club will ignore the results, just as they should have ignored all those who didn't want Bruce. I can remember some years back, the Express and Star asked us to vote on a number of striker options that Wolves might sign, that particular Jan transfer window. The winner of the popular vote was a certain Pole by the name of Frankowski. Personally I think we need pace and he has proved he can score goals at third division level. But we also need height and someone to win the ball in the air in an opponent's penalty area. And we have needed this from the minute they sold Fletcher.


This post is hilarious, thank u for cheering me up, since when did bob the builder and mr greggs ever take our thoughts into consideration?, let alone spend money on a player we voted for ha ha, as for "the missing piece of the jigsaw" frankowski, i never remember wolves signing him coz we voted for him,

u t w

Chillo Wolf

I really don't think KJ and his staff will be too bothered about this poll Chris.

chris h

Hoff, Pleased you have got a sense of humour. If you read what I said ,I specifically referred to Bruce. Been quoted a number of times (perhaps you cannot remember, perhaps you were one of the many who didn't want Bruce) that fans negative comments was a factor in the non appointment of Bruce. As for the Frankowski poll check it out, must be available somewhere in the archives. The choice wasn't much Izale McCleod was one of the other options. Frankowski came top of the poll. Not saying that is why they bought him, but I am saying at the time he was signed,before he kicked a ball for us, a number of fans indicated he would be a good signing.


I reserve judgement on this until Jack and WONHO have given us their authoritive comments.

Jack the Hat


Championship to Divi 3, Mmm, count how many legs he has.



Jack: one more leg than Anelka !!

"Gorra loff ay ya"


Media Wolf Pete

We need a big, powerful, pacy striker who can act as a target man, score goals and bring other into play at this level. Jay Emanuel-Thomas? Whilst Dicko didn't impress when oloan last year, certainly seems a different player at Rotherham. Time for Sako & Doyle to move and cash reinvested, need more than 1 striker and need to move on ineffective players


Give him a chance, he will be another option, but we need more. Frimpong on loan from Arsenal for that battle in the middle to compliment McDonald. Davis or Edwards are not the answer. Get a Big Center Forward in also as the target man for Griffo or Dicko. Sell Sako and get the money to invest in the team. My opinion only!


We had a big lad who could do all these things, include bag a few goals who played for his country and couldn't get a kick here, but didn't give him a chance, then got rid on the cheap and he would have pulverised this league, step up SAM VOKES !


I would certainly give him a go, will surely get more goals than Doyle. As I've said sell Doyle & Siggurdsson then use Dicko, Griffiths, Cassidy & MacAlinden as the four strikers.

Should stand a good chance of signing him been on loan last season and a good chance of playing championship football with us next season.


I think he will be a good signing but I think we need another striker aswell, get kp in he's excellent at coming of the bench and scoring the goals we need to get promoted. Great game on Saturday lads utw.


Not a bad choice, especially given the hatchet job he did on us for Rotherham. Not the big target man (he's only 5 ft 8!) I thought we would be aiming for, but perhaps he's more in keeping with the style that KJ had in mind. A bit of pace in our front line would be very welcome.

Jack the Hat


Stand him in a bucket of wolf dung as it does the rhubarb no end of good.


Pembrokeshire Wolf

A big 'no' from me.

H e didn't 'do the business' when he was here before and I think we need more quality. Also, his history is mostly as a winger and we have enough of those. Why Dicko and not Wells???

Give me Kevin Doyle any time.........

Chillo Wolf

Because Wells has signed for Huddersfield maybe

Farmer Ted

Your final paragraph intrigues me. We are bereft of goals from our strikers, we dropped FIVE points over New Year after outplaying two teams that should have brought us five, maybe six goals and certainly six points.

This is all about whether Dicko could be the man to convert those chances.

........and you say "give me Kevin Doyle any time"



We weren't playing the sort of football then that we are playing now, in terms of creating chances, plus he's shown he knows where the net is at Rotherham on loan.

As for Wells, he didn't want to come & he DIDN'T WANT TO LEAVE YORKSHIRE!!

Pembrokeshire Wolf

Sorry, Chillo - I know Wells has signed for Huddersfield. What I meant was why didn't we get in first. But, of course, we never do............

Chillo Wolf

There could be many reasons why he didn't come to Wolves PW. Maybe he didn't want to play in League One, maybe he is settled in the area he lives and didn't want to travel or uproot his family, maybe he didn't think Wolves style of football was a good fit for him or maybe just maybe Wolves didn't even approach him.

We just don't know what happened or indeed if anything did happen. So it's hardly fair to take a pop at the management because we 'didn't get in there first' - you simply do not know the situation.

chris h

Chillo, But we do know Dean Saunders identified him as a target 12 months ago. So perhaps we have been slow off the mark. The cup run Bradford were on didn't help, but Deano has since said that Wells would have been his main target last summer if he had stayed at Wolves. I suspect senior management decided on going for the cheaper option of keeping Griffiths instead. That looked fine at first, but it appears that Leigh is missing Scotland and his heart is no longer in it at Wolves. It will be interesting to see how Wells' career developes. Will he be another one we live to regret ? Another instance of not spending money costing us on the football pitch. A successful football club needs to get these decisions right and far too often we haven't.


Still chipping away at the club! If you read the above posts, 'you don't know why' & & the rumours were strongly saying that he didn't want to leave Yorkshire! Now Saunders may have mentioned him & he may have wanted him but he couldn't have MADE him come down here could he? & what about Dicko? Maybe we've stolen a march on a number of other clubs & he will score the goals to get us up? Why waste time moaning about a player that didn't want to come here?

chris h

Cornish, Chipping at those reponsible for the stewardship of the club,NOT the club. Saunders was moved enough despite his gagging order to specifically make reference to Wells. You are just trying to find excuses for them. Not many professional footballers have not been prepared to move to another county to better their careers.Griffiths wanted to stay in Scotland but he came South when a bigger contract was offered. They didn't want to give Saunders the money needed last Jan to sign players like Wells DESPITE making a healthy £5m profit on player trading last season. WHY ? Probably because they wanted to fund Compton training upgrade and other outstanding bills on the new stand.


Yes i think he is you only after look at is loan at Rotherham six goals in six games our striker's are a joke so we need new blood


Yes personally the little I did see of him last season I liked if wolves can get him on permanent deal I think that would be a great addition to the squad plus he seems to know we're the goal is so yeah get him on board


This is a difficult question because Wigan were relegated last year and have only scored 28 goals in the championship so far this season, the lowest tally in the top half of the division. With Dicko obviously not being considered good enough for the team with a poor scoring record. If we can repeat the domination of teams in the way we dominated Preston and Griffiths, McAlinden and Cassidy are staying I would vote to not disturb the team which seems to be settling well. If however Griffiths is likely to leave during the transfer window or if he wants to leave then maybe Dicko is the answer.


No doesnt score enough goals wont solve our problem.


That's based on what exactly?


well we could have two dicks at the mol ??

Pembrokeshire Wolf

And, at my age, I could do with a Nouha Dicko!

Chillo Wolf

Power, pace, goals and he's only 21 - sounds good to me


Getting promoted this season is vital and the main obstacle to that has been our inability to score goals whilst we're on top in games. So my view is yes, bring him in but I still believe we need a target man who will put himself about, win balls in the air and let opposing defences know he's there, someone such as Grant Holt if we could get him on loan until the end of the season.


He was a bit light weight when I saw him last season, easily knocked over, but he does have pace and has found is goal touch of late, so you never know. It is a step in the right direction, but for me, you need 2 or 3 players like this. I have been saying Griffiths is too small, slow and feable all season. He has not lit the world up has he? At best someone to come on late on to grab a goal. A bit like edwards in midfield, he gives little bar a goal threat. Both these players are better as super subs than starters.

Pace, height and power is what we have missed all season up forwards, and it has started to show in the last couple of games. I hope any money spent goes on players that have this in abundance.


I can remember another French winger converted to a striker. Thierry Henry didn't turn out to shabby.|

Farmer Ted

After the Orient and (particularly) the Gillingham games, and even yesterday's match, it is pretty obvious even to the fans making excuses for Sako, Griffiths, Cassidy and Doyle that we need a striker that can actually hit the target, let alone score.

Forget Dicko's games under Saunders whose tactics were flawed and who made a bad situation worse.

Remember this guy was purchased by Martinez to play in the Premiership; not a bad CV. Okay he hasn't made it, that happens, but he's showed his worth in League One for Rotherham, (remember too he scored for Ragged Arsed Rovers when they were sinking fast!).

Orient continue to win and Brentford seem to be timing their onslaught well. In case anybody hasn't noticed we are points behind both and have played a game more. It will take something special to overtake them with the form they're both showing.

The encouraging thing is the excellent match-on-match performances of the defence and now, at last the emergence of a midfield that was the butt of most supporters criticism a few weeks back. Surely McDonald has to be challenging Ikeme and Batth for Player of the season. Yes, a bit premature.

But oh, those strikers!!!

Media Wolf Pete

Great post Farmer Ted.

We're Now being linked with Leon Clarke. A Clarke/Dicko partnership will be much more effective in this league and the way KJ has got us playing, than any current options available


At 5'8" he's a bit small for a striker. 'Thought KJ was looking for a big striker to head some goals?

Maybe he's intended to replace Sako on the wing?

Le Match

The stats on Dicko give us some food for thought in respect to his senior appearances

App. 86

Goals 27

Approx. 31% return rises to 36% if you take his English league appearances into account only

In any bodies book that is an impressive return. He has been on the radar of a number of clubs recently due to his current form at Rotheram. It does not take a brain surgeon to realise why WW are looking at him and his attendance at Molineux on Saturday was not accidental.

Whether he is THE striker we would dearly want/need is another question. I could think of a number of strikers I would like but budgets permitting and as we're not in the champions league I think ND could be a good bet. He is also an adaptive attacking player having played both as a striker and as a winger. The added bonus being if Jacobs or Henry pick up injuries.

A Thumbs up from me !!!


As on paper we have only one striker, griff then it is very important we sign him!


Congratulations to E&S

This is, possibly, a 'Big Debate'!

Dicko is a very good player.

If Wolves buy him and play him as a Striker, I've no doubt he will be successful.

If Wolves buy him and play him as a winger, I've no doubt he will be less successful.

He is not particularly tall, but he has physical strength of a centre forward and SPEED.

BUY HIM!!!!!!!

Sir Billy Quiet

Wow this is an interesting debate, well informed arguments from all posters….......yawn!

The E&S really have their fingers on the pulse of what us fans are thinking and debating across the pubs of the West Midlands maybe the next debate could be who cares about the 'big debate'?

Le Match

Sarcasm does not suit you SBQ but it did raise a smile !!!


Dicko is not the answer to our lack of goals. He doesnt take his chances and we need someone who can hopefully be quite consistant & thats not him. Why havent we given the boy in the reserves /under 21s

i think his surname is Jaccobsen from Barcelona B team he's worth a try surely.

Chillo Wolf

He doesn't take his chances? He has scored twice against the best defence in League One this season.


6 goals in 6 games, no that's not taking his chances at all. :/


certainly had no problems putting two past us, this is typical of wolves though as we have had plenty of players come back to haunt us. He didnt play to well last season but was on the wing most the time or came off the bench in what was a very poor wolves side at the time, very poor!

seems to be doing the business at this level with his fresh start, 6months left on his contract, could be a cheap signing, young, energetic, fits the profile, or wait till his contract runs out and sign him for free.

what i worry about is if we dont sign him and he ends up at preston, the orient, or back at rotherham?

either way got to do something fast moxey! clayton donaldson and will greg are banging in the goals for brentford. and leyton have reinforced with addidtional signings.


go get him jacket leon clark wont to leave coventry


I don't know what to make of these debates - but I enjoy reading all the comments nevertheless. Mind you, I can see where chris h is coming from with his earlier post. Remember the overwhelming support in favour of signing Siggy on the E&S threads? At the time, I wondered what those in favour really knew about him and felt I was missing something because he was an unknown quantity to me. I like Siggy but it hasn't really come off for him, and he probably hasn't got the same level of backing from the fans as he originally had. At least we know what Dicko can do and maybe he is right for the league we are currently in. At 21 and with the experience he has already got behind him, things could be about to open out for him - especially knowing that the club who signs him, really wants him. Being wanted and appreciated can work wonders - look at Henry and Jacobs.


Solent, lets go for Leon Clarke, he's put in a written transfer request. Now he would be an excellent signing, he's got everything we want and need from a striker. UTW:


it looks like Dicko is on his way, he looks like he has the hunger and the eye for goals that so many of our forwards are lacking so am happy with this one. I'd like to see us make a cheeky bid for Donaldson at Brentford but I have a feeling Leon Clarke is on the radar. I thought he was shocking when here before but he has a proven record at this level so lets see. I'd like to see a central midfielder in too as Edwards and Price seem a little injury prone. Jonjo O'Toole at Bristol Rovers might be worth a punt, if the board are feeling generous then Liam Trotter at Milwall

Sir Billy Quiet

In reality is anyone who has posted a comment on here remotely qualified to offer an opinion on the suitability of this player? at best you would have seen him on loan in a few games last season in a very poor team and maybe seen him play against us in one game this season.

You don't know anything about his temperament, attitude, fitness, or ability?

So you are all guessing whether he will be a success or not, unlike the Wolves backroom team and KJ who would have put a lot of time into researching the player - every player KJ has recruited has been an improvement on what was here before so lets continue to trust in KJ.

chris h

I agree Sir Bill we should leave it to the professionals, look at the success they have had over the years,and this list is not remotely exclusive: Corica, Robert Taylor, Keitsbaia, Frankowski, Maierhofer, Halford, Okoronkwo,Boukari, Doumbia,. Some wonderful names but pretty poor footballers. I think the professionals must have picked them out of a hat.

Bedford Wolf

Is Dicko the answer? Probably not but maybe. If we sign a 'big' striker as well to play alongside Dicko then maybe. If we don't then probably not. One thing for sure Sigurdasson, Cassidy, McAlinden, Griffiths and Doyle will not score enough goals to gain us promotion. Personally I'd let Sigurdasson & Cassidy go and bring in two new strikers. Dicko and, can't believe I am saying this, Leon Clarke.


The Big Islander Siggi is as good as the strikers Wolves already have. Why dosent he get a chance?

Sad to see one of the best young strikers in Europe don´t play. He could easily played in the Premier League

and getting goals there as well. I realy do hope KJ keep him and plays him more often in time to come.

Vargas 12 dot com


I would sign Dicko, and Leon Clarke, who as put in a written transfer request. Those two, would be a good pairing to have up front, and would get us promoted.UTW:


It seems Leon is certainly gaining a lot of support, Tomwolf. Could well be a good shout.


Done deal! Medical later today, terms are sorted, will sign on a two & a half year deal..

Welcome Nouha, fill yer boots!


All this business about needing a big/tall striker is not really an important facet as Suarez, Surridge, Defoe and Kevin Phillips are just four that come to mind. None of them are above 5ft 8ins, the same height as Dicko.

No, it is the ability to read the game and get in the right position and to be two footed are the qualities that a quality striker has.

I have not seen this player in action, so those that have can answer the question, has Dicko got those requirements ?

If he has then get him in!!!!


yes and no , still need a target man ,someone to hold on to the ball and bring in our midfielder's into play


Wrong player, unless griff is on his way? play the same from what i have seen, I think a big man would be money better spent, I would loan players and save the money for a big push if we go up this season! not many of the current squad will hack it in the championship so we will need a completely new squad too push for a 2nd go at promotion. If we play like saturday we don"t need to buy anyone, like i said save the cash and loan a player or two,

chris h

Paul, That is just the sort of thinking that got us into the third division in the first place. We have lost a nine points advantage, we need to catch up. We need to continually improve. If we don't invest in players we will save some money, but if we then fail to win promotion we will lose a lot more. Agree we need a big front man, but Dicko has something currently lacking : pace. We want to do better than the play offs. Let the Champoinship look after its self,lets get there first.


Perhaps KJ has got more guts than we give credit for? Micks and Stale signings are heading for the door and HE is stamping his team out there, hope it keeps going though and does not back fire on him, utw


Interesting comments but we have no say really. He will sign but i believe he will be used as a winger to replace Sako who will go. I also believe everyone is forgetting Griffiths early form which was down to confidence which our manager has damaged. I am happy with our signings so far, they look good prospects so wont have a go at the manger for that but it would help me (and other fans ive spoken to) if Jackett would explain why Griffiths is not starting every game. Regardless of whether the two get on, he is the best scorer weve had in years, obviously better than this division so need to keep him for next season when we get into the championship. As for Clarke, im not sure he would want to take a step down but he is certainly better now than when we let him go.


I think the manager is shouldering the blame for Griffiths, it's no coincidence that his form has dipped since the rumours of him being homesick started & a possible move back north surfaced. If true, what good would making that known be? Apart from having the crowd jump down his throat........He looked half hearted on saturday....not like someone who wanted to be here.


we have decent strikers but we need to start playing them like Sigurardson hasnt got much game time recently and he has the strength we need up front but dicko is a decent signing if anything he will compete for places which will force everyone to up their game