West Ham fans reject shirt from new signing Roger Johnson after cup rout

Roger Johnson was given another shirt shock, this time by West Ham fans, after his post-match gesture was thrown back in his face.

The Wolves misfit, who joined the Hammers on loan on Monday, endured a horror debut as Manchester City routed Sam Allardyce’s side 6-0 in the League Cup semi-final last night.

Johnson and his new team-mates threw their shirts to fans in the away end after the game only for his to be returned to him.

He suffered similar embarrassment last season when he tried and failed to give Wolves fans his shirt after the final game at Brighton confirmed relegation to League One.

The 30-year-old moved to Upton Park with West Ham second bottom of the Premier League and faces a fourth straight relegation after two with Wolves and one at Birmingham.

His time at Molineux has been beset by problems after he arrived from Blues in a £6m deal in summer 2011. He was even disciplined after turning up for training under the influence of alcohol.

The Hammers are now winless in their last six matches, losing five of them and conceding 22 goals and scoring just six.

Last night Alvaro Negredo grabbed his second hat-trick of the season, with Edin Dzeko scoring twice and Yaya Toure once as West Ham were humiliated by Manuel Pellegrini’s men.

Dudley-born boss Allardyce is under increasing pressure from the fans after they shipped 11 goals in the last two games.

The latest defeat came after a 5-0 FA Cup thumping at Championship Nottingham Forest on Sunday but Allardyce said he is up for the fight.

“There are times when it is good and there are times when it is not so good. You have then got to draw on your strength and experience,” he said, ahead of Saturday’s trip to Cardiff.

“It is my job first thing in the morning to get the players up. We have got to get our heads up, shoulders back and chests out and try to bounce back, starting with Cardiff City.”

at the weekend.

“It’s life. When you are not doing well you get stick – and I’m getting it.”

stick. That’s the way it goes and that’s the way this job is.

“They have travelled here tonight and we have not done well, so they are going to give you some stick. We are not the first team to get beaten by so many goals here and we won’t be the last.”

Watch the match highlights below

Video courtesy of Beingoal.com and pictures via Sky Football. Vine via PaddyPower.

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Comments for: "West Ham fans reject shirt from new signing Roger Johnson after cup rout"


a bit harsh this E&S post. Johnson only joined on the monday and was playing last night in a struggling side with a long list of players out injured.

He did alright but west ham were easily swept aside.

Unlike the baggies who got rid of clarke too early and cant get a replacement, I think if west ham stick with big sam he will get this team out of trouble.

funny old world

Your expertise is resounding, seeing how we haven't lost in the league since the sacking of Clarke.


As a wolvo hammers fan, we were not just swept aside, our pub XI that Sam Allardyce picked just refused to play the same as they refused to play against Forrest. Sam wont get us out of trouble, he and the board and his championship players are the trouble, no passion, no discipline not fit to wear the shirt


Funny. Glad to see you still have a sense of humour with a name like that. Suppose it is par for the course being a Tesco. It really does take the McVitie!!! Sorry biscuit!!!


Johnson could break all records and contribute to relegations for two more teams this year. We need him to look reasonable though so that someone will buy him. We don't want him back.


I actually feel sorry for this bean pole, then again like he cares with all the thousands he pockets week in week out.


funny old world.

your so easily pleased....

3 draws and one win since you sacked clarke and your content with the world. your only a few points outside the relegation zone ??? 4 to be exact.

the transfer window is open and the opportunity to strenghen your squad is fast closing whilst you continue search for a manager.



And some fans are happy being 3rd in a division 2 tiers below what they were in only 2 years ago.

What's the worst that can happen !

I'm sure that RJ gets paid loads and we know he doesn't care what anyone thinks of him, but dear oh dear, he is absolutely woeful on the football field.

What on earth was Big Sam thinking.

I know WHU are desperate, but they have accepted their fate by taking this 'professional footballer' into their club.

His performance was worse than that of an average Sunday league player after a Saturday night on the sauce.

Embarrassing !!


A ridiculous story, just to provoke Wolves fans into slagging off the likes of Johnson and O'Hara .... God help us, if public enemy no.1 Hennessey plays Saturday.

May I suggest instead of focusing on Roger Johnson - who Wolves fans need to hope performs well in the league for West Ham - that we should be writing an article on possible new signings in the needed striking and central midfield departments?


Feel sorry for West Ham now that their relegation is guaranteed with the JINKS called Johnson in their squad. If he'd signed for Man City instead then City would also have got relegated.


Ha ha ha ha sooooooo funny, roger wake up and smell the cheap cider, u are simply not good enough.

chris h

I understand this is a news story, but this is really just digging the dirt. Johnson was totally out of his depth last night,but at least he had the b*lls to give it a go. He could have stayed at Wolves kept himself fit or spent the day in the pub, but screw the club for every penny due against his contract. He struggled for us in the Premier but did alright in my opinion in the Championship. Give the guy a break.

Chillo Wolf

I agree Chris .. this story is well out of order. Not RJ's fault they lost 6 nil. I'm not his biggest fan but come on E&S!!


I see that the art of selling newspapers is alive and well!


I swear I have no idea how he made it as a footballer. Why can he never put in a challenge? Why does he always back off?


I'm not the biggest fan of RJ but give the guy a break. He went off form and made some mistakes (like all footballers do) but the constant bombardment of abuse he's been getting has surely contributed in the downward spiral he's been on. We all make mistakes and this can happen to any of us but we'd expect support from fellow humans to get us through it and not abuse.

You'd hardly expect a player who hasn't played much football for 2 years to be thrown into the ring at 2 days notice against one of the best teams in the world with a team with an already poor defence and come out shining. No I didn't think so.

Don't forget he's still a wolves player. He's kept his head down and he's kept quiet unlike other players we have or had. He hasn't ranted on twitter he hasn't refused to play.

As far as I can remember the only things he's done is argue with a player on the pitch. A player who's in the fans bad books himself now anyway and turned up for work hungover. Tell me, how many of you haven't done that?

Old Gold Heart

Well said. RJ didnt play well but he is just a bloke who made some mistakes

The Flying Winger

No need for this, how many other teams and defenders have had a similar amount of goals put past them in recent weeks by Man City.

Not an ideal team to join they haven't had many good results this season, like us in the previous two seasons.


To be fair to Johnson he was probably the best of a bad bunch, he got in a number of blocks in the second half when his team mates had gone AWOL


Really ??? More made up totally inaccurate stories about the same player.Seems like a slice of victimisation to me.What is about him that keeps his time at continually in the spotlight I have to ask .I was there and he did not even take his shirt off let alone throw it into the crowd. Give it a rest ...


West Ham supporters deserve all they get.

When Glen Roeder returned he was faced with a barrage of fans chanting "tumour boy" because of his cancer.

Academy of Football - give me a break.

They used to be an interesting team to watch but under Big Sam they are abysmal.

Chillo Wolf

Well out of order Express & Star. I'm rejecting the E&S tomorrow when the paperboy brings it round ... Oh no i don't get the E&S round my way but still


If West Ham decide to send him back, can we have him again in Sheffield please?


Poor journalism! UTW

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