West Ham United sign Wolves defender Roger Johnson on loan

Roger Johnson today clinched a shock Premier League return after West Ham turned to him to answer their SOS.

Roger Johnson at full-time
Roger Johnson

The Wolves misfit also stands on the brink of a Wembley appearance with the Hammers facing Manchester City in the Capital One Cup semi-final on Wednesday.

He will go straight into the squad if he is registered in time in a dramatic career turnaround.

Johnson has been on loan at Sheffield Wednesday since September and the Owls were keen on extending the deal.

But West Ham’s bid has come out of the blue to hand Johnson a top-flight lifeline and boss Kenny Jackett confirmed the move today.

He said: “It is just a loan deal at the moment and the finances are structured around him playing – how many appearances he makes and whether they are successful. It’s a really good opportunity for him because he’s going to a Premier League club.

“It’s a really good chance for him to build on what he has done at Sheffield Wednesday.”

The 30-year-old was transfer listed at Molineux after they dropped into League One last season, their second successive relegation.

He was not part of Jackett’s rebuilding plans and took a substantial pay cut to join the Championship Owls on loan for three months.

But with injuries to defenders Winston Reid, James Collins and James Tomkins, West Ham are desperate to bolster their backline.

The Hammers enquired about taking Manchester City's Joleon Lescott on loan but Manuel Pellegrini wants keep him.

Dudley-born boss Sam Allardyce is under pressure but joint chairmen David Sullivan and David Gold have written an open letter to the fans in the wake of their City Ground humiliation.

“We are under no illusions as to the seriousness of our current predicament football clubs and we will draw on all of our nous to get West Ham United out of this situation. January is not an easy time to do business but we are close to securing one of our key striking targets,” they said today.

A defender is high on the list of priorities as well and progress is being made on that front.”

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Comments for: "West Ham United sign Wolves defender Roger Johnson on loan"


Good! bugger off. Total waster!


Good luck on the 4th mate, we all know your trying to make infamous history, lets hope they do stay up thogh and a formal bid is made.


I think you will find that Wolves paid £4.5m and would have had to pay the extra £2.5m to Blues if we had stayed up? Where Wolves mistake was made was not securing his partner Dann too - another Moxey skimping exercise!

old golds worth more

Only bad news is, its another loan and not a permanent move.


So that's west ham relegated then.


I'm a big fan of Big sam, but this looks like a desperation signing if it takes place.

He's been talking about signing lescott but I doubt he can afford his wages, and not sure Joleon

wants to go to a side in the relegation zone with a world cup coming up.

Johnson has been relegated from the premiership on 2 ocassions and the omens are not good

. Maybe sam will also go for Upson another serial relegation specialist

Sir Billy Quiet

Great news for Wayne because they get on so well..........................


Now wouldn't that be funny. :o)



Good point with hilarious possibilities!

Sir Billy Quiet

Looking forward to him squaring up to Nolan.......................

Come on Sam you know you need O'Hara as well..................

Selly park wolf

Please let this be true!

Aldridge Wolf

Blimey they must be desperate!!


This will be interesting - let's see if he can cut the mustard at West Ham - straight into the team to face Man City! UTW

Sir Billy Quiet

Sheffield Wednesday have had a lucky break, they may just stop up!


A few days ago it looked as though Johnson was going to have is loan extended at Wednesday. I suppose this is better with regard to a possibly a permanant move, as he will be more noticably in the spotlight of the media, which may trigger a bid at the end of the season.

I would query the price of £7m mentioned in the aricle above. I maybe wrong, but I thought he joined Wolves for £4.5m.


You really couldnt make it up

Le Match

Yes you can Jiwal nothing surprises me in Football any more !! In addition, it may prove to be very beneficial to WW because if he succeeds at WH it may prove to be permanent - plus a nice transfer fee to boot !!

Law 43

It will be interesting to see how they get on if Hennessey also ends up at West Ham. I do feel sorry for Matt Jarvis though. He probably thought he was well shot of both of them.


No excuses now to have some funds ready to buy a couple of badly needed players. A big striker, (I know they're hard to find but the two K's must have some ideas) and the creative midfielder we so desperately need. Come on the management, get on the case.

Sir Billy Quiet

Carlos Edwards (Ipswich) age 35 - Wolves interested in a loan....................

Northern Wolf

Sweet Jesus make it stop!!! That one can't be right, can it? Why don't we see if Pennant wants to come back as well?



Comments for: "West Ham United sign Wolves defender Roger Johnson on loan"


Media Wolf Pete

Good luck to him, hope it becomes a permanent deal. Can they now take O'Hara & regrettably buy Doyle as well - freeing funds for 2 strikers (including a target man) and another central midfielder


Do Morgan and Moxey deserve a fan base such as ours? Answers on the back of a stamp.

McArthy's sloppy seconds now, that's what this club has become. Once again cheap and cheerfuls, on their way out, last chance saloon! And so the WWFC circus rolls on led by utter ignoramus's. If this is the BIG push for promotion and the best Thelwell can do then it is an utter disgrace. He is a 'yes' man and should be ignored.

This club is burdened by such woeful issues...JOH for a start.

Comedy of errors!

It makes me laugh when you watch the sound bites of KJ and Thelwell poncing on about this that and the other. Can smell the bulls..t from the other side of the city.

What a joke!


Wow... ignoramus's ... great use of an apostrophe...

You can't even spell Mick's name... (note the correct use of an apostrophe)

So Jacobs, KM, Rickets, Golborne, etc are Mick's sloppy seconds?

And a fan base such as ours? You mean fans that turn as soon as the clouds gather? Fans that moan and talk utter garbage? Or fans that are blind they should be on DLA? The team is infinitely better to that of last season. We will get promoted. Then we can buy or loan a good striker and a playmaker in midfield/attacking mid. In a couple of season our youngsters will be coming of age. We have a young team and our youth team is the second youngest in the kiddie prem... and we have drawn with Real and Eusebio scored a hat trick against spurs. For a club in league one that is beyond impressive.

I am tired of seeing the same diatribe from the doom and gloom crew. M&M are actually doing Ok. The two Ks have done amazing in securing some great players. Players that have proven their worth. We have a good keeper in Ikeme.

You want to talk about who should go? Sako should go along with some of you "fans" and maybe, just maybe, the players and staff will see how much real fans are behind the team and our boys will have that 12th player with them on the pitch.

To any player reading this:

Thank you for your services. Thank you for putting on the shirt and brushing off the unhelpful critics' comments. And thank you to KJ for finally playing football that at times is beautiful to watch. We were all aware it was going to be tough. But look at city. Relegated twice and only beating teams like Macclesfield Town with scrubby goals. Now look at them. Even before they got a sugar daddy.

We are wolves, hear us roar.



I'm gonna go put a bet on West Ham to be relegated.


Good for R Johnson, good for WWFC. Time to move on.


First Choice Lescott, then they sign Roger Johnson, there must be a huge crisis at West Ham. Good Luck with that Big Sam.


Thats the Hammers for the drop then!




What next, O'hara to Man Utd ????

When will we ever learn.

Never mind the 'kids' will see us back into the prem and what's more important they're cheap ! lol


Northern Wolf

Maybe Jarvo gave him a good reference? I have always liked that lad and it looks like he had the chance to give us one last assist! Strange that, having been turned down for Joleon they went to Rog. Do you think Mel Sterland, Eric Young and Peter Shirtliff turned them down as well? I hear John de Wolf is free if they are interested...


Northern Wolf

Apologies to Mel Sterland. Turns out it was Lawrie Madden .......


I guess that's sealed West Ham's fate then . . . . . . .


West Ham? Brilliant. Still on for the four-in-four relegations record!


This about sums up football. I hope he goes there and plays a 'blinder' until the end of the season, at least this might mean we get a few pennies back.

Mr. Moxey, I know your job is all about balancing the books, it seems you have again off-loaded some costs, so please do not go out and buy cheap (and certainly not cheerful) poor players, we aer likely to make any new players poor enough, in a very short time. Go get us goals, at least two strikers of proven ability, to at least have a chance of frightening opposition defences. Our current up front combinations, no matter how they are put out, frighten no-one.

My Friend Stan

Not sure whether 2 ex Wolves players (Johnson & Jarvis) will be enough to get West Ham relegated. They could do with signing O'Hara to guarantee it


bob hazell has just passed me on the m 25

well if whayne a lot goes at least johnson will have a can opener

if ohara goes the same way you think the sick note book is full

get some more books!!!



I don't care what anyone says on here, Johnson or O'Hara's problems at Wolves are insignificant in comparison to Wayne Hennessey's actions last week. I know where he can stick his apology!

Realistic Wolf

Never mind Roger Johnson, more importantly what exactly is the dynamic trio of Morgan, Moxey and Thelwell doing about getting about players in. Probably the same as usual, thinking up yet more feeble excuses as to why deals fell through. On the positive side, oops sorry, silly mistake there isn't one at the moment.

Chillo Wolf

E&S, on a separate note is there any chance that we can have a search function on each thread so that i can easily locate my posts and subsequent responses? I seem to spend most of my life looking for Eldervo's responses to my posts (smiley face, lol etc)


Ditto Chill !


Command F and type your name in the search box - you're welcome! ;-) UTW

Chillo Wolf

You are absolutely kidding me!!!

Buckswolf, what a life saver!!


What about for iphone users bucks?


Good luck to him.He had to move out and he has to move on. No going back for Roger. It will be intersting to see if he can still play or will he do an O'Hara? He only takes part of the blame at WW is shares with Henry, Ward, Berra, O'Hara and a host of other failures. Frankly............are the following any better given their moderate to poor contributuons in Division 3 - Foley, Elokobi, Edwards, Doyle. Now is a time for guts and leaders - I worry we still have too many whimps at Wolves.


Good luck RJ , Now take your mates O`Hara , Foley WH, Edwards and the other players who have let us down in the last 2 years .Time for the Wolves management to Help KJ rebuild like a pair of new strikers , to help Leigh Griffiths and a mid fielder , because some of the present squad are out of their depth ,even at this level

suffolk wolf

is moxey around, thought he was advising the england cricket team.


Oh come on guys, think Big Sam doesn't know what he is doing? The thing that amazes me is that rather than play him we let him sit on the sidelines. I have a feeling Straight Jacket is only used to playing school kids. He seems scared by Premiership players.. they would see him coming where as the kids we have think he is god.....

Eddie S

'Big Sam'? Big 'Head' Sam more like;

Anyway, clearly 'Big Sam' really doesn't know what he's doing, even his excuses are a joke!

Add in the fact that the rumours are strong that by next week, 'Big Sam' will be a regular at Dudley jobcentre, after that great loyal bloke, 'Onest 'Arry Redknap will have usurped Sammy & be in situ to 'wheel n deal' West HAAAM' out of the relegation mire, now that he's destroyed yet another club that is,QPR !


not interested in Johnson or Hennessey whats the latest on Jacobs tinkerman stop pis-ing about


Who's bothered old news? Just get what ever you can for him…

On more pressing news is doyle, saki and griffths out this month?

Personally i would let doyle and sako go.

We need a lw cm and st. Also can jacket decide what his doing with our midfield. The youth is there but the experience isn't… davis? edwards? foley? ohara?

As posted earlier:



frimpong-cm (loan)



Eddie S

Roger, one of the true greats! Commiserations arrogant Irons fans;another relegation on 'Rog's' CV 4sure(?) Hic

Is anyone at WWFC going to come clean on the real state of the club and who are those responsible ( as if we day know!); Hic

Will either West Haaam or Crystal Palace do a 4 for 1 deal and include JOH+Doyle+Sako! Hic

Cricket Bat

As the January transfer window beckons after Wolves recent poor results, Kenny Jackett is thinking about his next move.

Probably back to Millwall...


I can see him turning up with a 6 pack haha

chris h

I posted above cribbing Solent Wolves' earlier comments that if Wolves were a school they would be put in special measures. The more you think about it, the truer it seems. They have slipped down the league tables at an alarming rate, internal discipline is fractured to say the least , with students going AWOL, playing truant , fighting amongst themselves in recent years, whilst others have been excluded from lessons and the more abler students have pulled out and gone to better places of learning. Relationships with the local community have been damaged with 50% of the regular contributors refusing to patronise the establishment, and other sources of income have been severely curtailed . Plus a review of progress made by individual students makes disturbing reading.The previous head boy, Johnson, came with glowing references from Birmingham and Cardiff Academies,but failed miserably at Wolverhampton. Young Sako was rated very highly when he first arrived, excellent crosser and wonderful shot, now he cannot even trap a bag of wind. Whilst other failed students such as Vokes, Clarke even Dicko who stayed for only one term, have gone on to achieve creditable results elsewhere. All in all a clean sweep of the failed headmaster( when he gets back from Florida ) and the ineffective Board of Governors is needed to get this once famous institution in a fit state to serve the community of Wolverhampton.

Chillo Wolf

You have potential Chris but you are easily led by other Pupils.

You need to knuckle down, forget the past and i see a great future for you my lad.

7 out of ten - see me after class please



With all this doom and gloom at the moment that's made me smile..

I also think Chillo was a bit harsh. 8.5 out of 10 for effort.



Yo cor beat a gramma skewl educayshun? corse yo con...

I went to Willinswuth wea bully went, nar that was a gud skewl, no thicko's thea.

Send Jackit wum befowa its tew lert, tell owd moxley he's darn the rowd an tell him to tek that dossia blowk with im an all.



Brilliant. Made me chuckle.


Good for you lad. This team did nothing for you. Its the management style thst doesn't suit many as can seen from many players and managers leaving and achieving more.

I have lost all faith that present management can do anything good for wolves.


You really are like a bad smell.... Do as you are told, and go back to the Sandwell pages..



My dear chap ypu are still smelling the roses, smell the manure below.


Good riddance as far as I'm concerned but it would be interesting to see what kind of deal this was. Are west ham paying his full salary? as I cant imagine Sheffield Wednesday were. is there a fee involved?? they are desperate for centre halves after all. I hope he actually does well as my real worry is that he will again get found out at premier league level harming our chances of moving him on permanently. I noticed the Karl Henry gave the ball away that led to the goal against QPR over the weekend. I don't think any of our former premier league superstars are exactly shining at the moment, apart from the manager who is doing ok at Ipswich!! moving forward tho' his salary off the wage bill again ought to free up some cash. Alongside the fee and wages we will save on Hennesey, it will be interesting to see what funds if any are made available.


"Dam Millwall have a new boss " so it looks like we are stuck with worn out Jackett, or is Moxey waiting for the window to close!!!