Wolves' Kenny Jackett: Let's get buzzing like Brentford

Kenny Jackett today urged Wolves to forget their injuries and ‘do a Brentford’ to take League One by storm.


The Bees have reeled off 13 victories from their last 14 League games to leapfrog Wolves and long-time leaders Leyton Orient into top spot and head the table by three points.

The Londoners have scored three in each of their last four games, which have included wins over fancied Preston and Peterborough, while their only points dropped during their trailblazing run were the two in the 0-0 draw at Molineux.

And this has been done despite the loss of manager Uwe Rosler to Wigan.

Wolves have won just three out of their last 10 league games but are still in second place.

Head coach Jackett believes Wolves – hit by up to seven withdrawals for tonight’s trip to Gillingham – should be looking to emulate the play-off finalists.

“Brentford have won 13 out of 14 which is a fantastic run and it’s the sort of run that we want to be doing,” said the boss.

“Congratulations to them but it shows it can be done.

“If we can put that type of run together – on top of the points total we have – we’ll perhaps stretch the division.

“That’s our aim and what we want to be doing in the next dozen games or so if we can.”

Despite their current difficulties and struggles in front of goal, Jackett believes Brentford’s run is well within their capabilities.

“As a club we’ve got to work towards that – that’s the important thing and we’re trying very hard to get a side capable of winning those amount of games,” he said.

The recent spate of injuries, the struggle to take their chances and the way teams raise their game against Wolves are all factors counting against them.

“No-one said it would be easy in this division for Wolves,” acknowledged Jackett.

“But if we’d been offered 48 points at the halfway stage of the season, I think we’d have taken it.

“It does show what a pace the division has set off on.”

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Comments for: "Wolves' Kenny Jackett: Let's get buzzing like Brentford"

Cricket Bat

Q: What's more dangerous than being with a fool?

A: Fooling with a bee!


We'll all be happy if we get buzzing ! What the way the season starts or ends like is really down to there ain,t


Should said , not much difference between the higher placed teams, and KJ seems to be heading for the bulls**t brigade , we have to do this we have to do that , utw


Reason their winning by 3-0 scorelines, is because their striker's are scoring goals, unlike our misfiring striker's, with the exception of Griffiths.UTW:


With all this talk of Wolves , top dogs , and bees KJ must be a frustrated Attenborough fan,just hope we,re on planet earth after tonight,s game , UTW


Here we go again.All the talk.Let's do it on the pitch.


Same old Wolves we should be miles in front of the opposition with the financial clout we have but were trying to get promoted on a shoestring it will end in tears just like last year the fans deserve better.

Mountain Wolf

So how did it come to this? Wolves - aspiring to be like Brentford. To misquote Beaumarchais, I hesitate to laugh for fear of being obliged to weep.


Well looks like Hennessey is off to Crystal Palace, or elsewere.As McCarey is in goal, im not to surprised to see Elokobi in as CH, he's played there a few times in the past. Good to see Doyle back in the team, his hold up play is excellent.UTW:


Hennessey didnt want to play tonight . McCarey in goal , think this could be a big problem for us tonight . We will need to try keep them to long distance shots if possible. WH another judas like Camara , Fletcher , Kightly & a few others

Grandson of OAP (1921)

What now Morgan, Moxey and Jackett?

A goal in the last minute and at this stage I wouldn't bet on a place in the play-offs.


Got what they deserved didn't they....nothing, Buster Edwards out, Downing in


Can see three points gone tonight. Why not give SS and Griffiths a real run up front and stop HOPING Doyle will score - he NEVER DOES. Cassidy? Fine off the bench, but this tinkering is not balancing out the team. A good run has been killed in the Christmas period by simply not giving players chance. I can see SS and LG leaving in the window. Why would Griffiths want to stay with a club that farmed him out for two years while they sank, then when he comes back and achieves something is dropped on a whim? With Siggy we have all said he isn't quite there yet. How is he supposed to do it when he never plays? More incoming transfer money and nothing serious going out.


How good was Doyle.....MOTM


Well Buster, they did buzz, all the way to the edge of Gillingham's area,

chris h

Just when you think it can't get much more worse it does. Yet more shame on the name of our football club on national television. When is the owner going to show any ambition, does he have no pride. We have been crying out for a striker for 18 months. Their failure to address this problem resulted in relegation. They failed to sign a striker on loan when 8 points clear and since then the goals have dried up and we are heading for the play offs. People will blame the number of games played, people will blame the pitch or the players. The blame rests in the Boardroom. If they don't show any ambition in the transfer market in the next 4 weeks they deserve a mass boycott of season ticket renewals.


Like I said...buzzing like a swotted gnat. This comment, though factual, offends the E&S thought police.


Buster, you either play Griffith's or sell him, its as simple as that

Putza Shiftin

Why don't you catch the buzz Kenny. Collect your Jackett on the way out, we've had enough of rhetoric with no substance thanks!


Jackett is beginning to make himself look a fool with these crazy comments.