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Poor finishing again says it's two points lost, but for two decisions by the officials, ie the disallowed offside 'goal' and the tackle that could have seen Jacobs off, it was a point gained on the day. Another game, another ref and assistant and the 'goal' could easily have stood and Jacobs could well have walked with a straight red

Not taking our chances was in our own hands, and we failed. The officials we have no control of so all in all probably a point gained.


With the squad we have it is 2points lost.


Definitely two points dropped again..Jackett has got to get this misfiring attack sorted out ASAP.We have to go for first or second spot.I do not fancy our chances if we end up in g

the play-offs.

Pulex Irritans

Definitely two points lost.

What's going on with the shooting from Sako and Doyle? Last season they had much better accuracy and it's supposed to be harder to hit the target in the Championship than in League One, because of tighter play by the defences.

The stats from the FL confirms my claim. Sako had 46 on target and missed 44 shots last season. This season he has managed only 14 on target and missed 41. Says it all. Lost precision or trying to shoot to far from the goal? In need of target practise 2 hours after regular training? Maybe it is too much to ask for from a millionaire in the cold British winter season?

And Doyler has deteriorated on this subject this season aswell. 42 on target, 23 off last season and 14-22 this season so far. Are the players themselves content with this? Is Jackett content with their performances? I hope not! Lock them up inside Molineux for a week on bread and water and give them only a football to play with. We know they can do better.


I agree with 1wolves with the players we have every point we drop this season is not good should be walking this league we have players on 10-20-30k a week think they need start playing to that ability it's just not good enough 28000 fans at molineux that's 28000 reasons why everyone at the club should pull there fingers out


The 2 teams that go up automatically will be the teams that take their chances and see off the struggling teams Wolves have had too many draws against some poor teams and Lost at home to mid table teams, this will tell at the end of the season. Orient, Brentford and Preston are all going well, while we are misfiring on a too regular basis. Unless KJ can get a settled side and quickly we will find ourselves in the play offs and given our cup results this year it is unlikely we will be get promoted that way. We need a striker urgently as the current crop are just not doing it. Going to be an interesting few months.


In out in out change it all about , why do we miss chances ? right arm doesnt know what the lefts doing.

Read many posts saying we should have a Dougan/Richards front pair, two players in a team who knew each others game, together week on week. Instinct, ever heard of it Jackett.

ANOTHER two points dropped.

Dougan is king...


definitely another 2 lost , why we keep playing cassidy is beyond a joke , jamie holland from wednesfield could score more , KJ has got to take the blame for all this , i agree players need to be given a chance but cassidy has had his chance 5 times over and not progressed .



I am speechless like woolfie4371.

Even the play off look unlikely with Tinkerman at the helm!!!!