Carl Ikeme breaks hand in new Wolves injury crisis

Wolves were today reeling from another blow after Carl Ikeme was ruled out for up to six weeks.

Wolves goalkeeper Carl Ikeme
Wolves goalkeeper Carl Ikeme reported racial abuse

The in-form keeper, who has been an ever-present in League One this season, has fractured a bone in his hand and will be sidelined for four to six weeks.

Ikeme underwent an X-ray this morning after sustaining in the injury in the closing stages of yesterday’s 1-1 draw at Tranmere.

Wolves have recalled Aaron McCarey back from his loan spell with York City.

Ikeme’s injury means Wolves are set to be without seven players for tomorrow’s trip to Gillingham.

Head coach Kenny Jackett is already without James Henry, Jack Price, Ethan Ebanks-Landell, Matt Doherty and Liam McAlinden, while Richard Stearman is suspended following his sending off in yesterday’s draw at Prenton Park.

McCarey was due to complete his loan spell with York after their game against Dagenham & Redbridge this weekend, but will now return to join Wayne Hennessey in terms of the goalkeepers travelling to Gillingham.

McCarey made five appearances during a successful spell with York, keeping two clean sheets and conceding four goals.

Hennessey, meanwhile, enjoyed a successful loan spell with Yeovil during the first half of the season as he made his comeback from a cruciate knee injury, making 13 appearances and regaining his spot as Wales number one as a result of his form.

Ikeme broke his other hand last season.

On the injury crisis, Jackett said: “Ethan isn’t in a good state – his knee ligaments are stretched and swollen. If he makes it tomorrow night I’ll be surprised.

“We have to make changes and keep going and I think we’re capable of that. We have versatile and experienced players such as Sam Ricketts, George Elokobi and Scott Golbourne, who came on and was excellent.”

Meanwhile, Jackett again insisted new arrivals aren’t imminent, certainly not in time for Gillingham. And he stressed there had been no move for Kevin Phillips, who is now a free agent after his release from Crystal Palace. “There hasn’t been any interest yet; we’re looking to add players but taking Kevin isn’t something we’ve talked about and we haven’t made any contact.”

But we’ll see – we’ll look at our injuries and at the balance of the front part of the side.”

Jackett was again left frustrated by Wolves’ inability to make the most of their chances after dominating possession.

“With that amount of the ball, we really should be doing better,” he said. “We need to be more clinical and up our goals total.”

Jackett admitted Stearman, who saw red for hauling back Ryan Lowe, deserved to go. He added: “He’s been excellent. We’re going to miss him but I can’t have any complaints over the decision.”

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The Flying Winger

To be more clinical in front of goal he needs to get a striker in not keep telling us nothing is happening.

We either want out of this league or we don't.

We should have had someone in before this but as usual we are messing around again.


I also believe we need a striker to replace Doyle but when you look at the league table only 3 clubs have scored more goals than Wolves, they are Coventry, Brentford and the Os but Wolves goals against record is the best by a mile, thank goodness for the strong defence which will help us get out of this league even without importing another striker. It is easy to go out and buy a football player but as MM found out it is not easy to buy good team players, Johnson and Ohara are good examples.


I dont get who you think we should sign and I think if you think signing a striker is gonna solve the problem infront of goal then I say your wrong but thats only my opinion in my eyes wolves could field a starting 11 all with premier league experience so in that case we could field a team who have got experience of playing at domestically the highest level in club fooball so how do you replace that due to the fact we are now a league 1 team the team we got should be capable of easily winning this league no two ways about it then there is the fact u say sign a striker ok fair enough but we have a striker on what 30-40k a week an he cant hit a barn door do you not think that the board wanna sign players but when your in league 1 with players on that type of money do you not think they need to get them off the books first and what's Doyle scored 3 goals in league 1 so far this season what club in the right mind his gonna pay him 30k a week an sign him same goes for ohara an Johnson and all the rest of the under achieving over paid premadonas we got at the club there all quite happy to collect there money at the end of the week see there contracts out an sail off into the sunset it's gonna take jackett 2-3 seasons minimum to get this great club back on the right tracks we simply gotta get rid of the players who are milking the club first


real bad news ikeme has been excellent this season,but we are strong in the keeper dept with hennessey and mccarey.

Stourbridge Wolf

Ikeme breaks hand again!! For goodness sake will somebody please keep him away from that tactics board!!


Four weeks ago Wolves & Leyton were nine points clear of the rest and with a good goal difference. Everything looked good.

Even the BBC were saying promotion places were done and dusted !

Now there are four clubs going for automatic promotion. Brentford are on a blistering run.

How things can change. Thankfully there is good cover for all the injuries.

We need to put together another long, winning run, starting on Friday.

Forwards need to start scoring regularly. Highly unlikely that any better players will come in during the transfer "window"

As I have said many times....the play offs are not an option.

Old Gold Heart

I reckon the play offs are far more likely than automatic promotion. If the last ten games are a guide you's go with Brentford and Preston. I reckon we will get about 85 points and that this may not be enough to go up automatically this year. some teams have missed out with 90 points in the past.


Sad to hear about Carl......most consistent of the season, but we should have sufficient, experienced cover. We now have plenty of time and money to go out and bring in talented and dedicated players to the WWFC cause......I am sure they will be lining up to join us and the purse is flying open now. This is 1959 right?


For gods sake get no if not get a bloody forward to hit the back of the net there are enough available out there,it's a joke now we are losing pace quickly I now we are second but Brentford have passed us now orient have a game in hand note they both have settled forwards who score,I don't think Griffiths is as good as we all think, his heart is elsewhere,Phillips would tear this league apart,what about Heskey from Australia as a way of getting us up,as for the midfield we need a midfield general asap


Bad news and unlucky for Carl but great planning that we have Wayne and McCarey both match fit and in form. Well done JM, KT and KJ on the contingency planning! UTW


They say it never rains, but it pours, well thats how our luck is going at the moment. Its another major injury blow to one of our best players. But at least, its in a position we've got excellent back up, with Hennessey and McCarey, its also an opportunity for Wayne and Wolves, to put himself in the shop window, while again proving after his time at Yeovil, he's fully fit and ready to play as a No 1 gk again, and with young McCarey has a very good back up gk. Good Luck Carl, and wish you a speedy recovery.UTW:

Sedgley Slayer

Big shame. Ikeme has been excellent so far this season. However, in Hennessy we have a very able replacement. This will probably scupper a potential move for him though.


Elokobi? Really? Morgan and Moxey, the Laurel and Hardy of football really have made monkeys out of us, the fans. After all the chest beating , the statement about using the kids, plain fact is our best player isnt even ours! The whole club is an absolute farce


JIWAL - the plain fact actually is that the club has gone out, scouted and found 2 quality players in Henry and Jacobs both languishing in the reserves at other clubs. They are both young and have made a very significant difference to our team - Henry is signed permanently and I believe we have a very good chance of signing Jacobs - to be honest I have no idea what you're whining on about - as usual! UTW


The club didn't actually go out and scout Henry or Jacobs. Henry was a Jackett favourite and his arrival at Molineux was predicted by many Millwall supporters whilst Jacobs is a player that Jackett attempted to sign when he was a player at Northampton. Our scouting department somewhat lacks a little, and bestowing a title such as 'Head of Recruitment' on Thelwlell speaks volumes about our club - take the cheap option whenever possible. That is how Morgan has transformed a club with a team competing with the country's very best into one now playing in the third tier.


It would be nice if some of these people who moan on and on and on, disappeared up the road in 2014 and supported Sandwell Town instead.

If you are real Wolves fans and have supported them for 50+ years, you learn to accept the fact that it is always a long and difficult road. I do.

But we keep going and keep supporting our team.

We have a few injuries but we have a strong squad for this division. What other teams have 3 top goalies!

The kids have done really well this season and now its the turn of the golden oldies, many of whom have premiership experience.

Stop moaning support the team and we will be up at the end of the season.

Happy New Year.


Yawn.....Ikeme has been head & shoulders our best player all season...........& he's ours!


CoRnIsHWoLf - spot on - I'd go for Danny Batth but the result is the same… UTW


Perhaps he could name O'Hara as the sub goalie


If these guys are that good Buck, and are recent signings, then why are we in the bottom 4 on current form ????


Errrrr - there are 11 players in a team so we'd probably need to look at the other 9 players to answer that one - don't think even JIWAL can hold Henry and Jacobs responsible for the fact that the strikers are not converting the chances they are creating. UTW


This is cruel - for Carl, the club and for all of us. For him to be taken out of the equation after such a brilliant run in goal is a crying shame. Yes, we have Hennessy and whilst he can step into the gap and no doubt do an admirable job - ironically this may have come at the wrong time for him. He (and the club) may have been eyeing the January window as an opportunity for him to move on. Will there now be a knock-on effect regarding an incoming player? Hennessy could have been off the wage bill in a matter of days - but what happens now?


Should be fine with Hennessey.


Ikeme has been excellent, as he was last season but Wolves are blessed with quality in the goalkeeping department and have able deputies in Hennessey or McCarey? It's a pity we cannot say the same about the central midfield positions!


There we go then, straight from the horses mouth. Despite all the speculation about Phillips they haven't even discussed the player or possible move for him let alone made an approach.

However, "with that amount of the ball, we really should be doing better" so no worries then, all we need to do is score more goals and everything will be ok. And there was I starting to think we might not make the top two this year.


Chillo Wolf

'Despite all the speculation about Phillips they haven't even discussed the player or possible move for him let alone made an approach.'

It was speculation though Eldervo, as you clearly point out. Speculation started by the E&S and compounded by fans on here. Nobody from Wolves has ever said that they are looking at Phillips so not quite sure what you are on about really. And anyway you dont know for sure that they arent looking or speaking to Phillips - they aint gonna tell the world about it are they, these things are kept hush hush until deals are done.

... and also have you seen Jiwals post today? 'plain fact that our best player isnt even ours'

Now then Eldervo, tell me, is this a fact or opinion from Jiwal? I think we both know the answer don't we


Now that is most definitely an opinion in the first part and fact in the latter. Completey subjective, but ironically an opinion that may well be widely held by many of the faithful, and Danny B apart, I tend to agree with him. However, he is not our player......yet

I like jacobs a lot, and if we can sign him at reasonable cost then he could be a very useful addition.

In my opinion he's a better player than Henry. And just to indulge the semantics even more... that's a fact !

Regarding KP and keeping things hush hush, if that is what they're doing I'd rather them say nothing rather than lie about it, otherwise how can we believe anything Jackett says? We all know the chuckle brothers are the biggest bs spinners since Clinton 'didn't have sexual relations with that woman' but we should at least be able to take the manager at his word.

Chillo Wolf

Say nothing? So when questioned what is KJ supposed to do? Stick his fingers in his ears and go lalalalalalala can't hear you can't hear you? Admit it Eldervo, whatever they say, whatever they do, you will always have a counter argument, counter action that should have been taken? They plain and simple cannot win!!

And as for Jacobs, you agree with Jiwal that he has been our best player even though he's only played 7 games?

I like you Eldervo, very negative, but i like you. You don't half look silly though when you stick up for Jiwal.

OAP (1921)

As my late Grandfather used to say. "The problem with the decision makers at Wolverhampton Wanderers is that they never learn from their mistakes, that is the reason the club has had no stability for many a year, being a yo-yo club".

We're only into the second day of the New Year and injuries and suspensions are already beginning to take their toll.

Regarding transfers, Thelwell and the scouting system are employed 365 days of the year so they should have a short list of potential signings ready before the start of the transfer window and provisional discussions should have already been had with the clubs concerned.

If alive today he would have said, "Another load of hot air and a disappointment again awaits us in May".

Sir Billy Quiet

You are one sick poster.............................

chris h

Sir Bill, Knew he couldn't keep away. He should apologise for fooling the likes of Sue and others a few weeks back. Mind what he says this time is very true. Sadly.


Er, are you aware that there are 20 prem clubs, 24 championship clubs & 24 league one clubs?, not including the 24 in the league below. That would tell anyone with any common sense that we may have some competition when chasing transfer targets.

Oh yes, I forgot, it's as simple as "Moxey get the cheque book out" isn't it?


Pretty much Cornish, money in the right hands can buy almost anything, including success for a football club.

Chillo Wolf

Eldervo, you actually believe that a club like Wolves, in the third tier of English football can just go out and spend spend spend? Just read what Cornish said again, do you not think he has a point?

Even if we could just spend without consequence, we have to convince players to come to us ... in League One. Not an easy task.

chris h

You see Chillo that is what it comes to when your football club is mismanaged. £120m in Sky in the last four years and we are so lowly now we cannot compete with the likes of Huddersfield and Barnsley'. That is pretty good going , I think Morgan and Moxey should stand up and take a bow.

I bet when you left Molineux after the Blackburn game when we secured our third season in the Premier , never in your wildest fears did you think our decline would be so swift and so deep. The bit I cannot understand is that you, Cornish, Bazrat , Buckswolf and a few others actually think Morgan and Moxey are doing a good job. When will the penny finally drop ?


Of course we'll have competition for targets, but why shouldn't we expect to be able to compete with any of the championship clubs? Forget this division it should be a given that we are more attractive a proposition. As many are very quick to point out we are second in the league and could be top tomorrow. We can command gates in excess of 28,000, our clubs' infrastructure/facilities/academy/ground etc are better than most if not all in the championship, and to top it all we have quote " THE BEST CEO IN FOOTBALL". All that's needed is the money to back that up. Morgan has it, IF , and there's the nub of this poser, he wants to part with any of it, and IF (now here's where I think much of the problem lies) he has the confidence in moxey and jackett to spend it wisely and effectively.

It's upto Moxey to earn his million quid a year and sell it to any potential targets. Given the above factors why do we all assume it should be that difficult ???

Dont forget it's not been that long since the likes of Man City and Newcastle were languishing in the second division. No one really expects to emulate them of course but why shouldn't we expect a lot more than we're getting ? To what degree is down solely to morgans ambition and the confidence he has in the people he has appointed.


Now who's being negative Chillo mate. Negativity is not always a bad thing when expectation and targets are low.

"Build it and they will come"


What's happened to BAZRAT by the way ?

Is he in Florida with his dad, anyone know ??

Grandson of OAP (1921)

For the attention of SIR BILLY QUIET, CHRIS h and BUCKSWOLF:

The E& S did not post a two liner from me earlier today and again this evening stating the following.

I am the Grandson of OAP (1921) and know that he took a lot of pleasure in posting on these sites so I will continue to take the opportunity to continue in his memory.


I did write a few days ago that Wolves had so far been quite fortunate with regard to injuries and suspensions. Now all of a sudden they seem to be coming thick and fast.

Any thought of selling Hennessey in this current transfer window is now highly unlikely, but still a possibility I suppose at the very end of January depending on Ikeme's recovery. Meantime McCarey has gained some useful experience at York and will be a more than adequate deputy to Hennessey.

The injury to Ebanks-Landell does'nt sound very good at all, and despite Jackett hinting that there is still a slight possibility of him playing tomorrow night, I would have thought it unlikely he will be back within a couple of weeks. Let's hope the medical staff can work some miracles on the young fella.

As things stand, there are enough suitable replacements to come in to take care of the Gillingham game. Maybe one or two of the untried youngsters might feature on the subs bench - Eusabio, Keita, Kostrna perhaps.

Farmer Ted

Don't let Hennessey anywhere near that tactics board!

The significant part of the Phillips comment is the start of the new paragraph, "But we'll see"

Don't particularly blame Stearman for the red card, it's part and parcel of the way referee's interpret the laws these days, and defenders walk the line. Just wish they give a bit more attention to the holding that goes on at corners and free kicks.

However we'll miss him, and Smith and Ikeme ( my Man of the first half of the season). We're about to see how good our squad is over the next few weeks.

Realistic Wolf

Seems to me the wheels are coming off big time. Concerned we do not have suitable replacements despite what KJ says. Elokobi hasn't been involved for an age and appears to have lost it. Unless we get in reinforcements, despite KJ's optimism I believe we will struggle to keep up the promotion push. We are struggling now to score even at this level.

Perhaps it is time Kevin Thelwell showed us if he is any good at not only identifying suitable targets but more importantly actually signing them. I suspect however as usual nothing will happen until Jez returns from his hols. Even then we may get the old excuses about why any deal fell through. Will be more than pleased to be proved wrong, but if history is anything to go by, oh dear !!!!!

Sir Billy Quiet

Hennessey not a suitable replacement?

Every KJ signing has improved the side - I think Kevin Thurwell is working well don't you?


Sir Bill, apart from reportedly being a prolific dosier compiler, can't really see what else he does. Don't forget that both Henry and Jacobs were firmly on Jacketts radar long before he came to the mol, so it's likely that our scouts played little part in 'identifying' either of them.

chris h

Don't worry folks, I am sure Jez will bring us a goalie or two back from Florida.


As we have two excellent keepers still fit & here that remark was stupid, even for a dig at Moxey.


ChrisH - Thick or what? UTW

chris h

Cornish/ Buckswolf, Not as thick as you pair that is for sure. So conditioned, you are totally devoid of any sense of humour. You know Cornish I didn't think Moxey would be declaring anything in duty free apart from his genius of course. That was Oscar in case you didn't know, he plays for Chelsea. And Buckwolf is that the best you can come up with. How about trying to articulate why we have been relegated for two years on the spin and you still manage to think our chief executive is the bees knees. Brain washed or what. I bet you pair both thought OAP 1921 was actually born in 1921.


Ha,ha,ha, maybe a little bit thick tho eh chris h? ha,ha,ha.

Did appreciate the nod towards Oscar Wilde though, very good.


Anyone well enough read to quote or recoginise Wilde can't be thick in my book.

Differing opinions that's all, so keep up the clever banter lads but save the insults for those that really deserve it. The ones that mugg us every week for the price of admission.

In the words of one infinitely more articulte than I......

Moxley, Morgan, GERRRRUMOUT !!!


Ok, so I cant even 'recoginise' that it's me who's the thicko on here...


Golden Wolfie

Well ain't that typical of our luck! I thought he'd given up tactic board boxing! But in seriousness he'll be a big loss. Thankfully this means we should keep Hennessey. Well Morgan, now we need to dip into those Parachute Payments. We'll need a back-up - either a young loanee or an experienced goalie. For me, I'd be looking at someone like Stuart Taylor at Reading who has lots of experience but has never been a constant starter. We also need to keep Jacobs, another midfielder ( someone like Nicky Adams ) and at least two strikers - hopefully Wells and Phillips. It'd also be great to get a defender as we're really stretched at the moment - perhaps Andy Butler. I'm delighted we've got Henry in. At least we have a start!

Original Stourbridge Wolf

Probably spoilt the two Ronnies big plan to sell/loan Hennessey during January.

Carls injury might be a blessing in the long run if we keep hold of Wales No.1 and then get promotion.


happy new year all

ikeme,was sad to hear

mc carey was already on his way out of york

we have more strength in depth than we credit our selves for

kevin phillips an;t coming

good move do you think tony pulis would say go see my old mate moxley

he gave us loads of money on a shoe string to be in the premiere

but only when he left


Too much negativity on here. Ive been following wolves 35 odd years and was at the Crew and Orient game.

We are second in the league ! Yes we need a few players ! But come on -give Kenny a chance guys and girls !

You lot think your better than a guy who has been managing and playing years. A guy who got Millwall to the FA cup semis recently !!

Rome wasn't built in a day.

Also Elokobi has been a great servant to Wolves-some of you should be careful what you say-as its shameful !

Come on you Wolves and the true supporters NOT whingers !!

(the ones who keep us where we are -with all this negativity !) Making the players scared stiff ! No wonder the players cant perform in front of you lot !!


Just read an article "forward planning" its a pity our club has none or we would have actively sourced new players on loan or to buy & not wait till thw window is half closed!



Statos Boring Brother

This isn't really a crisis as we have one of the best keepers in the country waiting to step in with a very good youngster as back up.

It's might be a blessing in disguise as Mr Moxey might have been tempted to cash in on Hennesey in the transfer window following the rave reviews he got at Yeovil.


Get a grip if you think we will sign any players you will be disappointed because as usual we will get to the last day and the usual comment will come from the fat controller " We tried up until the last minute but he decided to go somewhere else we could not afford the wages"

You all know it even the happy clappers but they won't admit it be prepared for another season in div3 but hey there is a lot more building land available in Wolves shame there ain't in Liverpool perhaps Morgan could be persuaded to leave if there was.


That somebody tought it was everybody,s job and nobody thought it was anybody,s job etc etc , seems to be hanging in the Wolves office, no one Wants to be responsible for the mess!!! Good job Wolves fans are use to it !!!

The whole idea of this Head coach system. was a supply of players for KJ to pick a team from, cover should have been done and dusted, players signed and loaned etc, Mr Clark found out it does not work when the other components don,t work ! utw


On our current form over the last 8 to 10 games has been very very average . If we dont get a striker that knows where the goal is then promotion could only be achieved through the play offs. We were points ahead of the third team and things looked good, but 24 games gone and i'm not now convinced we have the players to get us automatic promotion and this is due to our very poor scoring record and the fact we havent beaten a top 6 side yet. We are currently just a 4 or 5 man team take them out due to injury / suspension we will struggle for automatic promotion if we dont get our act together on the pitch & in the board room regarding buying a decent striker.


I'm really shocked at how the teams in this division have played in this league. At the start of the season, I automatically thought that we would have smashed this league. But, we haven't. I think some players in the team are not playing together enough which means they can't build chemistry.


It just makes me sick.

As was stated in an earlier posting that we need strikers. We ALL KNOW we need these gold nuggets but to say the Wolves have not considered Kevin Phillips just makes me cringe and laugh.

Our injuries are stacking up week by week and the squad we had in depth, as was stated, is looking thin and depleted.

If we have to consider Elokobi as a standby player then Lord help us.

To think that we were 8 points clear of the pack sometime in November only to find that all the luck and hard work has now been negated by 'Tinkerman' messing around, makes my blood boil.

With this run of ineptitude and messing about with team change and a Manager who seems to favour a player, a so called striker, in Cassidy, who just does not cut the mustard we will be lucky to make the playoffs.

Oh for a Manager who knows where we are going, what we need and the financial back up we desparately need to get us out of this mire we are sinking into.

It is obvious that the wheels have really come off the wagon and Moxey is now in the muck as the money that was going to be spent has now been 'cocked up' withIkeme's injury.

Hennesey was going to be sold to West Ham or Liverpool but that will not happen now so the money is not there.

We are in the mess and we will not be signing anyone in the immediate future until Moxey has had another look at the books.

Sorry lads we are in a bit of a mess

Farmer Ted

My God, Lesterwolf, what a depressing state of mind you are in, have you been given a Leonard Cohen box set for Christmas?

How long have you been watching our wonderful game?

Every team suffers a blip in form.

Every team have injuries, it happens.

How do you know who Wolves have and haven't been negotiating with? (I include Phillips in that, but then again KJ might not want him)

The injury to Ikeme doesn't necessarily 'dry up' transfer funds, the budget will already have been set. Hennessey will move if and when Wolves are ready.

Chris H (above) hopes Moxey brings back a goalie from his hols in Florida. Now the MLS is over maybe he might smuggle Robbie Keane home in the overhead locker...certainly won't work the other way round!

I do agree with you about Big George. Why has nobody, apart from me, mentioned Reckford who is back from loan ( I'm right on that ain't I?)

Things aren't as bad as your making out. We are second at the half way stage FGS, don't tell me you wouldn't have settled for at the start if the season.


Farmer Ted - Without wishing to be too pedantic, the name of the young fullback is Reckord - not Reckford. And yes he has returned from his loan spell at Plymouth, and he could be an option at the moment, although I think he will go out on loan again.

chris h

Farmer Ted, Have you never appreciated 'Famous Blue Raincoat' and 'Suzanne' and that one that goes' first we take Orlando then West Brom'. I find a bit of melancholy goes hand in hand with a life time of supporting the Wolves.

Sir Billy Quiet

Why is everything described as a crisis?

Sir Billy Quiet

Why are we reeling from another injury blow?


Hiya folks same old voices screaming we should spend spend spend,luckily they can forget league rules about spending in this division,sorry to hear about Carl but we have adequate backup.

The question of going out and getting a striker it's easy to post your oppinum on here bit harder to persuade any decent striker to come,even lower league strikers think it might be there big payday hence the problem,wolves have allways had the policy of not broadcasting there targets so who actually knows who we have gone for.

My absence is due to eye problems 2 operations and proberly more to follow,hence why I cannot comment on the matches I don't go as often,plus why waste what sight I have left on reading some of the drivel on here.


Welcome back Baz, sorry to hear about your eye probs mate.

Next time you visit the hospital though get them to look at your fingers as well.

chris h

All the best Bazrat. Hope the NHS sort you out.


I forgot to add i will be going to Florida this year more or less the same time as Jez,so if he is reading this i will see you in the tower of doom,followed by any restaurant of your choice i am sure Morgan can afford it.

Thank you for your kind comments and make the most of the free reign you have at the moment.


Must get in a keeper because Hennessey is now always a risk, if he can pass a medical get rid, Jackett been here half a season and still he don"t know his best 11????? , plays Cassidy who can"t hit a barn door, puts his top scorer on the bench get rid before we drop down any more, MM is available now so go and get him Morgan, if he does for wolves what he has done for Cardiff you will have a prem club again in 3 years time 2 if you back him with some money, KJ is League 1 at best just look a his cv.


Why do people keep banging on about the FFP rules, and using them as an excuse for not bringing players in.

The rules are not designed to stop clubs spending money on players they are designed to stop clubs spending money they haven't got. There is a huge difference there.

There are many factors to be considered such as shareholder equity investment, gross turnover etc etc and many more that can be manipulated and/or challenged to give the club the spending power relative to the finances it has readily available. In other words it's not meant to stop you spending just to stop you potentially ruining the club finanically by irresponsibly spending.

Nothing stopping morgan sinking his entire fortune into the club, losing it and walking away with the club debt free, as long as the status quo at that time was sustainable.

The rules are very complicated but also very simple in their objectives.