Who should play in Wolves' defence at Gillingham? - Big Debate

Wolves’ resources are suddenly being stretched to the limits with two more players ruled out for tomorrow’s trip to Gillingham, to make it five in all.

Danny Batth and Richard Stearman
Danny Batth and Richard Stearman

Richard Stearman is now suspended and Ethan Ebanks-Landell the latest casualty to add to the injured James Henry, Jack Price and Matt Doherty.

What would your Wolves defence be for the trip to Priestfield?

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John De Wolf



Foley Batth Ricketts Elokobi

Siggy Edwards Jacobs McDonald Sako


Keep the Gold Flag Flying High

Hennessey ,Foley,Ricketts,Batth,Golbourne ,Sako,Edwards,McDonald,Jacobs,DOYLE ,GRIFFITHS.


For all those that slag him the answer is bring back Roger, streets ahead in ability compared to Stearman

Sir Billy Quiet

Great idea! and Ward at Left Back.

Catch up we have moved on...............

Statos Boring Brother


Now you've sown the seeds I can just see Moxey looking in Ward's file to see whether we're still paying his wages or if Brighton are paying them.

Just imagine if we are paying Ward's wages and word got out that you were the one who gave Moxey the idea to bring him back.....................


shows how week the squad is, but there are 2 days too get someone in,


Can you hear yourself?


Yes he can Cornish. I think you are the one that is not listening or seeing.

What is the saying? There are NON so blind than those that DO not want to see!!!!!


Looks like Ethan might miss the game because of that dirty tackle in the game today and Stermans red card so I think Geroge elokobi and David Davis should be drafted into the team and play David Davis as a cb


Foley, is the only RB, left in the squad, so why not play him. Foley.Batth.Ricketts.Gouldborne. He's still a better RB, than most others in this league.UTW:


Much will depend on just how badly Ebanks-Landell was injured. After a minute or so of treatment on the pitch, he carried on playing for the remaining 3 minutes or so of injury time. So it may not be too serious.

Assuming that he will be missing, I would expect Ricketts to move into the centre alongside Batth with Golbourne playing at left back. As Foley is still with us, he would be the natural player to play at right back. Elokobi will probably be held in reserve on the bench. Sorted!

Farmer Ted

Foley, Batth, Ricketts, Goulbourne

Unless Doherty is ready or Ebanks-Landell is fit after all. Reckford has been recalled and should considered.

Elokobi, no

We were always going to hit a bad patch and it's here.

The ridiculous remarks about Moxey being on holiday in Florida and preventing us from signing players in a transfer window, that only opened today, should receive the contempt they deserve.

Cue the same old regurgitated garbage.

chris h

Farmer Ted, As usual spot on, other than the logic on Jez Moxey. Can you tell me exactly when you think the most important dates in the Calendar for a football club are ? Players don 't go on holiday over Christmas, neither does the team manager. The biggest gate of the year and the chief exec is off on his holidays. A few days before the opening of what should be a vital transfer window and he is having a chat with Mickey Mouse . It is the perception that is wrong and one assumes players notice these things as well. He could have gone at half term when the window is shut in both Autumn and Winter terms and no one would even notice. It is a classic example of someone who has been in a job for too long .A chief executive should lead and show an example. Of course he cleared it with Steve Morgan and that in his view is all that matters.

Sir Billy Quiet

I agree with Chris H on this one. Yes everyone deserves a holiday but this is the time of the season when the playing side of the club is working flat out and an important transfer window is about to open.

Moxey is the CEO and therefore has overall responsibility for the running of the football club and should be at the helm at this crucial time.

We had a gate of 28,000 on Saturday with people turned away maybe if Jez had been at his post maybe he would have taken the decision to remove the BMW advert covering seats in the Steve Bull so as his 'customers' could be accommodated?

Other managers and Chairman/CEOs will have been on the phone for the last couple of weeks lining up deals.

Kevin Phillips should be signing with the club on a short term contract to the end of the season today. I wonder if we have spoken to him?

Chillo Wolf

Just listen to yourself Chris - 'Players don't go on holiday at Christmas'

We have this new thing nowadays called the telephone, you heard of it?


Farmer Ted

Chris, SBQ,

Your right everyone deserves a holiday and at Christmas family and friends get together. Some families are either side of the Atlantic. Right?

To suggest that negotiations for players, in and out, have not commenced or are on hold because the CEO takes a holiday is ridiculous. Do you not think Jez Moxey has the technology to talk, Skype, FaceTime with relevant people. (Gosh! I may be wrong....perhaps Santa didn't bring him the Tesco tablet he asked for)

Also, just what the hell do you think Kevin Thellwell and Kenny Jackett are doing?

As regards the BMW tarpaulin hoarding. Do you honestly believe he should have been on duty undoing grannie knots early Sunday morning? I'm sure they got someone to fill in for his usual job of mowing the pitch. Is there not a Stadium manager and Commercial manager who would have made that decision?......or maybe there was another reason!

Cricket Bat

Latest news from the January transfer window

Howard Webb in shock move to Spurs from Man Utd..........

chris h

1 Chillo, Just read what I said Chillo. It is about showing an example to the manager,players and rest of the staff during the busiest time in the football Calendar. Sure we have Skype, telephones, but with people and contracts it is best to deal person to person , and with contracts they have to be signed by authorised signatories. I note James Henry's contract has not been finalised yet according to the E and S. If a player has a choice between two or three clubs the fact that the chief executive has cleared off on holiday may sway a decision. the wrong way. Have you never heard of the importance of 'first impression'.

2 Farmer Ted, I know we seem to agree on most things that go on at pitch level, but differ on the merits of Jez Moxey. But I thought your comments yesterday were way over the top, perhaps you were a bit liverish from the night before. It is only reasonable to suggest a chief executive away at a crucial time in any business is not good for morale and may lead to a missed opportunity.Sure he has family across the pond ,but he has responsibilities and after two years of dreadful failure you would have thought on this occasion he would have given Florida a miss. Sometimes it is what is seen to be done that is important.

Sir Billy Quiet

Farmer Ted - No I don't think he should have been undoing the 'Grannie Knots' but someone should have made a decision to open up this part of the stadium? to turn away supporters when there is clearly room in the stadium is a disgrace considering how much effort was put into encouraging back the 'lost' fans.

Perhaps the club were caught by surprise at the demand for tickets?

Jez Moxey has the final say on all matters at Wolves and if his not there a lot of questions will go unasked - such as how shall we make room in the ground for additional supporter demand.

The Billy Wright stand ran out of beer and pies (bottles not draught because the club haven't introduced that facility yet in the main stand). The club outsource catering so Moxey will again say that's not his fault?

The club no doubt will put out a statement with reasons why we limited capacity but the reality is that again the club has demonstrated that the dynamic management required is non existent.

It seems to me that although Moxey is the CEO (on the 'big' money) - many fans (and the owner) don't understand that he is ultimately responsible for all aspects of the club.

The owner is happy to sack managers for non performance on the pitch but Moxey is bullet proof.

The least we should expect is that he takes his role responsibly and choosing to go on holiday at this time of the season shows a disregard for the importance of his position.

Perception is everything and from where I am sitting it still looks like the club are getting more wrong than right.

KJ has done a great job in turning the team around with Kevin Thurwell's help but off the field its a shambles.

chris h

Further to my earlier comment today, I note the E and S are saying James Henry has signed . I am sure I read somewhere that there were still one or two things to be sorted before the contract was formalised. I don't think the official club site have announced the deal has been finalised. Also when does the Jacob's loan deal run out, is it before the Gillingham game ? Same with Roger Johnson is he due back soon ?


Farmer Ted, I'll tell you what Thelwell & Jackett are doing. Jackett is desparately hoping Thelwell will take a player on loan (who we should be signing permanently), and Thelwell is doing his job, which is to do exactly what Moxey tells him to & taking the flak from the fans for what are really Moxey's decisions.

Chillo Wolf

Chris - As Farmer Ted explains, the negotiations do not begin on Jan 1st. This is no biggy and you are getting in a panic over nothing, absolutely nothing.

Chillo Wolf

... and as for 'first impressions' Chris, Moxey is the CEO of the biggest club in the division. He has been in this game for donkeys years and is most probably on first name terms with most if not all CEO's in the whole Football League never mind League One

'First Impressions' what are you talking about man??


Now we know what's happened to the Teecher. He's become chief spellchecker for the E&S.

Cricket Bat

David moyes is due a obe (out before easter)

The Flying Winger

Defense or Defence,

It depends on whose fit, more importantly who will play in the forward positions?

Will he mess around with it again?

You could argue he does however need to rest Cassidy.


I always thought it was defence!! What do I know my spelling not good..

Tricky now for the defence or defence!!

Chillo Wolf

Oh my god!! I was gonna post the same ... It's Defence

Am i starting to agree with FW?

The Flying Winger

Very tricky looks like Big George CB

The Flying Winger

Steady Chillo Wolf, I know it's a New Year!


As a Wolverhampton-born Yank, I am well-placed to answer this one: "defense" is American, and "defence" is British. The American spelling is not new - it's an old spelling from centuries ago.


Foley, Batth, Ricketts, Golbourne

Could be a big opportunity for Foley. He and Elokobi haven't played much this season and when they have they've been disappointing. We know they're both capable of doing better and maybe have suffered a little with injuries over the last couple of years. I'd probably have it as I've put above although he could play ricketts right back and put big George in the middle of defence.

Warley wolf

We're down to the bare bones in defence so it looks like big george may be in line to partner batth at centre back,with ricketts moving to right back and goldbourne at left back-not really much choice IMO.


How about promoting Kostrna from the U21's if Foley isn't considered good enough. Personally I think some of the U21's should be given a chance against Gillingham as we will then have 1 weeks break before the next game. I would play: Ikeme, Kostrna, Ricketts, Batth, Sako, Henry, MacDonald, Bancessi, Griffiths and Cassidy.


There is no problem I Goldborne, Bart, Rickets, Foley, Elokobi, how many defenders does a team need. I am more concerned with the strike force, with JK obstinately sticking with Cassidy who can't hit a barn door from 5 feet.


What's to debate ??? Drag moxey back from florida, shove him in goal and stick ALL our strikers on.

We still wo score any but neither wull they with chubby filling the goal slathered in factor 50.

Sir Billy Quiet

Again in English please. See the Teecher after class.


So, we're playing in the NFL are we?

Hope we make the Superbowl.

Golden Wolfie

Wow, that's a disastrous situation at the back. Honestly I'm pretty shocked - and that's just at the fact that Stearman had had a couple of good games! For me, Batth must start at center back and obviously our captain Sam Ricketts at left-back. Real pity about Ebanks-Landell -big future for him I hope. I really like Golbourne - very versatile and has settled well. For me, he should be at right-back. That leaves the other center back spot. Of course we'd all love a new face in as the window's opened. But realistically we'll have the same squad for the game as available now. I love the guy, but Big George is a liability at times. And Foley done well against Swindon but I don't fancy him at center back. Perhaps, and I apologise, recalling Roger with little time left on his loan at Sheffield Wednesday. But Ricketts has played center back before, so for me then,

Foley Ricketts Batth Golbourne


get rid of two defenders, then put in two very large dogs, that should keep out gillingham.

Sir Billy Quiet

The big debate is who do we play up front that looks like scoring? Griffiths and Cassidy were woeful at Tranmere and when Doyle came on he doesn't even look like a forward now.

Its a worry and maybe we should try Sako as a central striker.

I would be thinking about using Davies in midfield whilst Price is out.

Foley will play right back but if his not available then Davies can play right back against Gillingham.

The good news is that Ricketts goes back to centre half.

Stourbridge Wolf

Over the last few seasons, us Wolves supporters have been used to seeing square pegs in round holes with players out of position so it's anyone's guess who will be playing at the back. Personally i would go for Ricketts and Batth as the central pair with Foley at right back and Big George at left back. As for the attack, send Cassidy out on loan to Tranmere so he can start scoring goals again, start the game with Griffiths and Siggy up top and get Kevin Phillips in before the Preston game!


DoLJdsrespect to tranmere but we couldn't even beat them so Gillingham does it really matter who is at the back because we really need somebody at the front.

try siggy and doyle up front.

This will probably their last game for wolves for these 2 players i can't see either of them wanting to stay they will move on and play better fooyball with the right manager they will put the ball in the back net and be a success.

i have been of wolves supporter for over 50 years i see the same ol metric from the players and the managers but i don't really see anything been achieved f hey day has been and gone 40 years ago.

KJ may get us out of league 1 i'm really have reservations he can do it this season but i do not see him getting us out of the championship into premier.

Why aren't we beating teams below us mainly because k j plays the same style every game and the managers understand and they compensate for it hence we struggle. KJ has only one game plan


Rich. One game plan!!!!

Which ONE is that then? I haven't noticed one since the start of the season, please enlighten me!!!!!


Why is this even being talked about? Hardly a crisis is it?....Must be a slow news day..


Bit like the team n the manager then eh!!!


Goldbourne looked good and sharp when he came on at Tranmere, so that's left side sorted. Importantly he combined well with Jacobs and Sako. Batth and Ricketts in the centre. Right back depends if Foley can step out of his dream world and take his chance to get back. Otherwise, play George in the centre and put Rickets at full back.


I'd play Goldbourne Ricketts Batth Foley at the back.

I suspect Jackett will play Goldbourne Elokobi Batth Ricketts.

Big George seems like a lovely enough fella but he isn't a centre back.

Esso Ian

Here we go again wolves fans, The rot is setting in again, Don't be shocked when there is no new faces come in ,They never do. We will be out of the top 6 in a month the way its going. Happy New Year Mr Morgan !!!!