What would you do with Wolves' misfiring attack? - Big Debate

Wolves enter the second half of the season with wasted chances top of the list of things to address in 2014, with head coach Kenny Jackett clearly unhappy with his attack.

Kevin Doyle of Wolverhampton Wanderers.
Kevin Doyle of Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Top scorer Leigh Griffiths has started the last two games on the bench while Kevin Doyle has scored just three goals this season and has made only token appearances in the last two matches.

What would you do with the misfiring attack?

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Comments for: "What would you do with Wolves' misfiring attack? - Big Debate"

Stearmans overhead kick

I suggest you ask Morgan, Moxey. or Jacket? An answer or even a reply.Would be greatly appreciated by us Wolves fans


Stearman. Could not have put it better myself.

I wonder, just wonder what will happen in January with the two M n M tightwads!!


I don't think they know. I'm still trying to understand why Jackett thinks the answer to a mis-firing attack is to drop the only player who has been scoring regularly.

Stourbridge Wolf

As an avid Wolves fan, i was very optimistic at the start of the season by saying we would get automatic promotion and probably the paint pot trophy thrown in for good measure. OK so i was wrong about the latter as I've now learned to accept that we don't do cups! I am also in total agreement with countless other supporters that we should be running away with this league, particularly with the squad that we have, and not to mention the 'parachute' money that we will probably have stashed away to pay the wages of mess rs. O'Hara and Johnson.

I am no statistician by any means but the first half of the season makes interesting reading. Under normal circumstances 48 points from 23 games is considered championship winning form at an average of over 2 points per game, yet we are now 3rd on goal difference.

Over the last ten games, Wolves and Orient have mirrored each other by winning 4, drawing 4 and losing 2 where as Brentford, having also lost Uwe Rosler to Wigan have won 9 and drawn 1. It appears that Brentford and Orient will be there for the duration of the season with Preston hot on our tails.

Wolves have not beaten any team in the top 6, only taking 4 points from the 5 games against Preston, Peterborough, Rotherham, Brentford and of course Orient.

If you include all teams played in the top 12, we have won 3, drawn 5 and lost 3, giving us 14 points from 11 games. On the positive side, we have won 11, drawn 1 and lost 0 against the 12 teams in the bottom half of the league.

Some of those wins were very lucky. How many times have we been out played and got away with it.? Don't get me wrong, I'll take a win any day even when we are being outplayed, but there will also be a time when we will lose by out playing the opposition. Or will we? That is the problem. There has only been one genuine game, at home to Gillingham where we have outclassed the opposition and have been firing on all cylinders.

We need to get rid of the likes of Doyle, Edwards, Foley, Stearman and any other ' deadwood' from the McCarthy era and replace them with players that have experience of Championship football in readiness for next season ( assuming we will be in the championship). The club needs a major revamp and if Griffiths is unhappy or homesick, then let him go too. Kevin Phillips would do a decent job in the short term and i believe would get into double figures if he gets sufficient game time .

Morgan needs to invest big time if we are to maintain our promotion challenge and also ensure we are not involved in another relegation scrap in the championship next season. If we do get promoted and stick with the same squad, they will not be good enough and will come straight back down. If Morgan keeps his purse shut, then i fear another season in League 1.

Keep the Gold Flag Flying High

I'd play Doyle and Griffiths up front because Doyle contributes more to the team with his overall play to help some of the younger players in team. I'd have McAlinden on bench and loan out Cassidy,to help take pressure off him. But to suggest Doyle doesn't score enough so let's replace him with someone who NEVER scores leaves majority of fans I've spoken to bemused.Most felt it was a given that Doyle and Griffiths would start.if Cassidy remains I'd use him as sub and bring on when we are comfortably winning games when any 'misses' will not b as costly.With our resources I'd try and bring in a couple of strikers-target men especially if Siggy leaves as widely forecast. In the short term I'd take Kevin Phillips who I'm sure would score at this level.Id rather have him playing for us than against us this season!





Sir Billy Quiet

When did you start supporting Wolves?


With all the wingers we have ! It's a target man we need to play to strike and nod them down for midfielders to run on to, in the style of Dougan , or play a settled regular team and hope you get the combination right, KJ concentrating on Orient Look what happens all the missed chances and defensive mistakes come to haunt you Brentford have quietly plodded on. We seen it so often teams at the top most the time end up fighting in the play offs Play a regular front , or get a goal scoring target man !!!!!!!


I think that was KJ's idea today in playing Cassidy up front, didn't work out as planned but the teams play in general was very good, the lad needs a goal desperately & should be loaned out before the morons here destroy his confidence completely. Let's not forget, a couple of months ago people were saying we'd never catch the O's & P'boro.......but we have, & P'boro are dropping like a stone....we have a better squad than those around us & it will tell in the coming months...............plus a couple in jan of course.


had enough!!!been there with Harry Marshall !!been with Bhattis!!! time truth needs to come out.keep out do not support these greedy business men.SHAME how could they be still here.

chris h

wwfc, I think you are unfair on Harry Marshall. He was Wolves through and through. He was not a greedy businsess, in my opinion, he tried hard to redevelop the stadium when it was badly needed (unlike now when it is not needed). He also made funds available to buy at least some better players and under his stewardship we had our last decent finish in the top tier plus we won the league cup. What did for Wolves and Harry Marshall was the crippling interest rates of Thatcher's monetary policy. Harry Marshall lost all the value of his shares in the old Wolves . When he was thrown out that led to Ellis, who put the club into administration and that led to ruin. I believe Harry Marshall stayed a season ticket holder until his death. Unlike others, his heart was in the club. If only we had that today.


It's idiots like you who forced Sir Jack to sell up after some despicable treatment from so called fans!


Cornish. Do you know that for certain? Because I can tell you for certain that it was not the case.


You must be an idiot or a moron like me BC, cornish knows best, lol !


change Cassidy for Griffiths before the fans destroy his confidence. Honestly 7 months ago we were all crying out for the youngsters to be given a chance....now people cant stop moaning!!!


Moxey a good business man???????????????????? how did he summons money for Johnson,ohara,?????????????????????shame!!!!!


Simple answer for a simple mind! If "THE BOARD" had not sanctioned the wages for those you mention they would not have signed then your pea sized brain would have kicked in blaming moxey for letting them go.


Let me think. What a puzzler.

I know. How about playing MORE than one up front - especially at home? Why not play Griffiths or Siggy or Doyle and LEAVE Cassidy on the bench where he belongs?

And stop dropping players that therefore CANNOT score as they are not playing!

Anything else? Not really rocket science...............


Are you saying that the play overall was bad today? Because it looked pretty good to me, finishing apart, & cassidy can't shoulder all the blame for that.

Sir Billy Quiet

Two up front? How many teams play that way now?

The midfield was playing great up until Jack Price was injured.

chris h

Other football clubs of similar size to Wolves, even those without millions in parachute money, try to bring in better players if their attack is misfiring. Can anyone name any other club that sold its star striker for £12m and didn't spend a penny trying to replace him. And that was after they publicly stated there was no financial need to sell him. Pity Steve Morgan and Jez Moxey seem to not understand how important goalscorers are to a team. As Steve Bruce has been quoted as saying, ' a football team is only as good as its strikers'. If we have to make do with what we have got so be it and I think Kenny Jackett is right to rotate them. The tactic of having one target man with 3 players making forward runs, worked in the first half. What was missing was the vital finishing touch. Cassidy works hard and is still developing, he does not deserve some of the criticism he has recently received from a minority of fans. Save that for the men in large suits with the locked wallets.

Putza Shiftin

Doyle has never scored goals and none of the strikers on our books are ready other than Griffiths who for some reason is sat on the bench! If we want automatic promotion we need to get another striker or two who can capitalise on the great service from our wide men. Oh and playing our top scorer from the start may just help!

We could have stamped our authority on this league today but instead we are third.


Play our number 9! Why is Jackett playing cassidy, leigh should be playing every second while hes fit. He did it at hibs he can do it here, theres somthing wrong internally and its been the same story for years, moxey out, Jackett change the system fast, or you will be under pressure.

Cassidy and mcalinden are not good enogh for the old gold n black, its unbelivable. Sign henry and jacobs, get 2 strikers in sharpish!


Said after pre season we would be too light weight up front in this league how correct I was. We just aren't clinical enough Kenny! Being in the 3rd tier of English football quite simply put it isn't good enough! Dissapointed and we have dropped far to many points recently. But a good point today that I am happy with against the orient. Not sure where the goals are going to come from now??? No goals equals no promotion, we have to be kidding ourselfs if we think we will walk the league and get promotion. We have to start again and try and get a run of wins together again before we can think about the p word. We would be 10points clear by now if we had prolific strikers.

Golden Wolfie

Out: Doyle, Sigurdarson ( Loan )

In: Phillips, Nakhi Wells, Jordan Ibe ( Loan ), Joe Garner

I too

I have never said use the youngsters or the locally educated players.

I have said, get some eperience into the team.

Until someone is provided for Doyle to connect with there is no point playing him.

Doyler can only do so much with young talent. His off streak is down to the pressure of coping with inexperienced players.

I seem to remember we were in this situation a few years ago and we did not go for good experienced goal scorer and we did not make the Premiership and we did not stay in their.

C'est la vie at Wolves. We do not learn from our experiences. Then again there are few organisations in Wolves that do.

We need a player who can scare the defences such that the pressure is taken off our younger support players to the extent that they are given more space than at the moment.

Our players do not offer a scare factor to defenses other than that they are another 10 outfield players, and that includes Griffiths.

Griffo has potential but we can not afford to reply on it, he also needs experienced players to grow with.

Goodwill and hearty effor can only take you so far. The sort of player we need is a Robbie Keane type, fast and agile, and one who thinks about what he is doing. An overseas player fits that description man times in other clubs, just look around.

Without such an input we are going to be ousted from the auto promotion spots at the end of the season and not just at half time.


Stearmans overhead kick

chris h, Morgan and Moxey don't understand anything football let alone the importance of goalscorers,Apart from that. Cassidy a footballer ?Never in a million years.


Cassidy is still developing & idiots like you should get off his back! Morons like you were calling for him to be brought back from Tranmere last season, when he was on loan, & played in the first team!


You seem very quick to call people morons and idiots cornish, perhaps you should read some of your own posts son !

Sir Billy Quiet

Cassidy has passed every football 'test' put In front of him to make it this far as a professional. He deserves our support as he takes this next step in his career.

To say he is never a footballer in a million years is an insult to him and makes you look like an idiot................


Cornish,are you Johnwolf in disguise.Your insults are now getting tiresome,give it a rest,everyone is entitled to a opinion .

Chillo Wolf

beacon wolf - slating players, young players at that is not 'opinion' and it is most definately not 'supporting'


Why should I read my own posts ELDERVO? I wrote them, so know what they say! That in itself is an idiotic thing to ask.

As for everyone being entitled to an opinion beaconwolf, I agree, they do. But when that opinion is idiotic or moronic I will treat it as so!

Booing & slagging off your own 'young' players on here & DURING THE GAME deserves to be treated with disdain.......& these people call themselves 'supporters!'


If you don't understand the inference in my comment Cornish then perhaps you should refrain from labeling anyone a moron. Bit like Saunders or TC calling Mourinho a useless manager.


Did they?, really?......No! So actually, nothing like that!


makes me laugh! earn your money and set up a direct debit account with Morgan and Moxey.


Both of the following:

(1) Give Bancessi a try, at least as sub.

(2) Get in someone like Leon Clarke, at least on loan.

If we do the above, there will be an immediate positive impact on the team.

Sir Billy Quiet

Leon Clarke? Didn't we boo him when he was trying to break into our first team? Just like we are doing with Cassidy and Vokes before him?

Bedford Wolf

In my opinion we should;

1 Start Doyle & Griffiths

2 Sell Sigurdasson

3 Loan Cassidy out to try to build confidence

4 Bring in 2, yes 2, new strikers with the ability to play at this and a higher level, preferably one a target man, both with pace and both goalscorers e.g. Nakhi Wells from Bradford and Steve Morison from Millwall.

By the way, glass half full lads, we are averaging more than 2 points a game, today we destroyed the league's pacesetters, for 45 minutes at least, and should have won, we are playing young & hungry home grown talent AT LAST e.g. Ebanks-Landell, Batth, Price etc, have Matt Doherty (who we have missed) coming back in the next 2 weeks and have a great manager who will win us promotion and for the first time in 3 years we have something to be cheerful about. So come on, in spite of Morgan & Moxey, no more doom and gloom instead let's have appreciate how far we have come in 6 months and support the lads 100% over the coming months. Out Of Darkness Cometh Light!!!


Oh to have a young Stephen George Bull joining us in the January window. Saying that I do like Griffiths and he has to start every game. Cassidy can come after an hour when we are two nil up. The lad could come good and KJ has obviously seen something good in him. Thinking about it the players KJ has bought in are top drawer so I put my faith in him.


Hi I'm 13 and Ive been a wolves fan all my life. It's very hard for me to watch wolves games because we moved from Wolverhampton to Buckingham but whenever I can me and my dad travel 3 hours to visit our relatives and watch the wolves play even tho my freinds who support teams like Chelsea take the piss out of me but I ignore because I love wolves !!!

Recently I managed to go to the crew game and I think that the fans at wolves are 100% behind the team and that's what we need for promotion. Personally we don't need to buy anymore players just sell !! Like Jaime Ohara Doyle etc then get promoted then when we have the money make a spend worth while which all the fans will be proud and happy about.

Getting back to the crew game. When I watched them last vs mk dons they were flat and didn't look like scoring however against crew there was lots of flair coming from a good midfeild. But my only critism was Cassidy was working soo hard in the first half but nothing was coming off for him the. Finally when they bought a experienced player in Griffith he looked for comfortable linking with him and found some confidence. Finally I thought Ebanks landell changed the game positively and made a big impact.

P.s all we need to do is support wolves because we are going through a hard time and need to be faithful ! Come on wolves!


Forgive me for saying so but a great 1st half is when you score goals. It doesn't matter if you play the other team of the park if you don't score you don't win. Yes Cassidy is getting stick from the fans as is KJ but to be fair they only have themselves to blame. Cassidy becaise he can't score and KJ for his selection. Would we have been any better with Griff, I doubt it.

Wolves have mostly only won by one goal and in most games missed many chances.

It's great having an academy but you can't wait for players to be good enough to play 1st team.

Not a forty year old but good out and out striker.


To continue

Which club is prepared to sell their number one player or are we to buy a number two?

Another option is a loan from the premier or from our continental cousins.

Griffiths did well in the SPL but a different style of play. The same goes for Cassidy et al. And it would sppear that the latter can't match KJ style. Not really sure what that is except to chop and change every week. Putting Doyle on with seconds to go was to time waste and settle for a draw.

KJ perhaps it would be nice to explain your tactics because the majority of fans are mesmerised.

Good luck wolves we definitely need something.


I feel that Jackett's tactics are to go for 1-0 wins with the line-ups that he has been playing.The trouble is that Wolves find it difficult to hold on to a slender lead.Subsequently we drop points in matches we should have won.

Chillo Wolf

To quote an Orient fan on one of their fans forum

'Wolves should have been 28-0 up at half time'

Where does this fit in with your view that Jackett's tactic is to go for 1-0 wins?

Do you honestly believe that he targets 1-0 wins?

Silver Wolf

I don't agree that Cassidy should be tossed aside, and I do believe that the youngsters must be given their chance, but surely that can be achieved in more modest and gradual ways?

Orient were not a side to give any points to, consequently I would argue this was not a game for anything other than our best eleven starting the game, and if KJ thinks he did that then he must explain how the goals have dried up from the front men he is using to start at present.

However, I do confess that for me the team playing well but not tucking the chances away (as against Orient) is a better omen for the future than one getting the right results while receiving a footballing lesson from our oppponents.

The Flying Winger

Whatever decision the club makes, let's hope that it is made early in the transfer market and we don' t do our usual hand wringing, delaying tactics.

We keep being told about the excellent work being done by the new backroom staff, if that is the case then we should already have the players identified and ready to join the club.

Apart from the inability of the players to hit the back of the net, questions should be asked of the coaching staff, what are they doing?

Chillo Wolf

You don't think they have identified certain players FW?

Think about it, lets look at the signings so far; McDonald, Golbourne, Henry & Jacobs on loan. Pretty good so far wouldn't you agree?

So i ask you again, you don't think they have identified certain players?

Identifying players and bringing them in are two totally different things FW.

'Questions should be asked of the coaching staff' Is this an actual serious comment?

The Flying Winger

As you appear to generally only want to jump on people's comments instead of commenting on the article you are becoming a little tiresome.

If you would care to read my post again, I am talking and commenting on what we have been told before by the club, so I am hoping that we don't wait till the end of the month to bring in a good striker and hopefully a defensive midfielder.

The past has gone and I think you will find that Jackett himself wanted and bought in the players whom you have mentioned and I agree with you they are very good.

On your other posts about how good we played etc, I would remind you that the only thing that matters is results, to get results you need goals, to get goals you need strikers who can do that, at the moment bar Griffith's we don't have any!!

I hope that clears things up for you.

Chillo Wolf

Firstly FW i have commented on the game (you in fact jumped on my comment don't forget)

As for waiting until the end of the month - do you really believe it is that simple to bring players in? You really think that we should be in a position to sign a loan player the minute the window opens? You really are a complete fool FW

Yes FW the only thing that matters is results - can i remind you that we are one point off top spot after one half of the season. A season which has seen a new manager at the helm and numerous young players being bedded in.

Not bad so far

FW - biggest fool on this forum ... and that's saying something.


Sell Siggy as KJ does not rate him, with the money, get Leon Clarke back from Coventry, I thought yesterdays formation was spot on, Orient pulled all over the shop by our pace & movement, only thing missing was proven goalscorer/target man up top, we don't have one, Griffo can't lead the line on his own, Doyle does not score enough, but should have started yesterday, as he is such a clever player, Cassidy un proven at this level, so get Leon.


We had Leon and who got rid of him? And you really think he would come back to his persecutors.


Jackett stood by him , stared him and got no reward . He must now see Cassidy is not the answer, not strong enough on the ball, too hesitant, needs another loan spell and watch some videos of SEB. Should have brought on Griffiths earlier, hes by far our best striker and plays better alongside Doyle.

Great to see Molineux full again.

Dougan is king...


KJ needs to supply some answers. I can't believe many fans expected Cassidy to lead the attack against Orient. Like others I thought the club were saving Doyle and Griffiths for the "big one" and giving a run out to squad players against the bottom but one team Crewe on Boxing day.

If KJ doesn't think Doyle can lead the attack he should be sold and a replacement found in January. Players are under a lot more pressure playing for Wolves than out on loan at places like Tranmere. The expectations are far higher. Cassidy and McAlinden show promise but continuing to play them raises questions about the clubs automatic promotion ambitions.

KJ got the formation right yesterday but maybe not the personnel?


Everyone is saying to start Griffiths but against Orient we subbed on Griffiths he did nothing! We have good wingers so we need a striker who can not only score and win us the games but to link in with the likes of Sako so maybe someone a bit taller who can win headers as Griffiths can't win a header against a midget!

Sir Billy Quiet

The truth is that all of our strikers have failed to deliver. Credit Griffiths for his goals but it still falls short of what is required to win the league.

Griffiths overall play is generally poor he lacks pace, wins very little in the air, his hold up play is poor, spends too much time sulking and drifts in and out of games.

KJ has given Cassidy, Mcalinden and Siggy chances to show what they can do and they have come up short because others like Doyle have not delivered to take the pressure off them.

I would imagine that KJ expected Doyle to have got a dozen goals by now and that's why the young strikers are under pressure because Doyle has not delivered.

We will need to buy a striker in January and get Doyle off the wage bill.


Sell Doyle what a novel thought, if you were the manager of a football club would you buy a centre forward who does not score goals, who can not get up high enough to head the high balls and does not make tackles. Plus of course pay him the reputed £20,000 a week. Oh and we would need to sell him to help fund the purchase of the new super Centre Forward. It's all a dream but a good one

Sir Billy Quiet

Charlie - I said get him off the wage bill which is different to selling him. Don't forget Morgan and Moxey have already written his value down and taken the loss in the accounts just like OHara he should be moved on a free transfer.


I'm not sure there is a simple answer to the question. Those supporters who think the owner just needs to provide funds for Jackett to bring in a new striker, do not name any strikers who are any better than the ones we've already got.

At the stage of the season, virtually all the clubs in all four divisions are probably wanting bring in a 20 plus goal scorer. The problem is there are'nt many of those free scoring strikers around, and those that are probably will look to move to a club in a higher division than league one. Jackett and Thelwell may have a short list of possible candidates, but prising them away from their current clubs may prove impossible.

The big disappointment for me this season is Sigurdarson. I really thought that this lad would have been a dominant force in a lower division. Sadly he has failed to produce the goods.

Although it's disappointing that our strikers are not currently scoring as many goals as they should be, it's worth bearing in mind that Brentford, who now top the league, have only scored one more goal than Wolves. I wonder if their supporters are moaning about their strikers missing chances.


Mcalinden scores on loan, cassidy scores on loan, then come here and fail, why is this? Id say we have not got enogh beef in the squad, big striker needed to pair our current strike force, its a must especially in a phisical league which this is.


In the new Wolves setup it's down to Kevin Thelwell and his staff to identify individual players. As head coach even KJ only has to identify the position that needs strengthening. Bit unfair to expect fans to name replacement strikers.

Cassidy 20 and Mcalinden 20 are still learning their trade. The big money signings expected to lead the attack Kevin Doyle and Siggy have each played 21 games and scored just 5 goals between them! James Henry has scored 4 in 12 appearances from midfield! For all the all-round shortcomings in his play, without Griffiths' 13 goals we'd be a mid-table side in League 1.

The leadership of Wolves' attack needs urgent attention in January to keep the club on track for automatic promotion.


Cassidy is our best option in a 4231 formation.Griffiths isn't the answer in that formation.

Take the Chelsea's and Arsenals' they play that formation 4231 but with the bigger guy as the 1.Torres and Drogba before,and Guroud for Arsenal.

Cassidy puts himself about and does try,the lad just need's a goal,but i have him over siggy or Doyle as the 1 in 4231.

But if we go 442 Griff has to play,the question is who with,Doyle doesn't score enough,Cassidy could be the answer,just needs that first goal.

I would go in the market to bring in another striker just to give us that extra option.


In my opinion, we need a target man with the wingers we have at our disposal. When we got promoted to the premier league we had Chris Iwelumo supporting SEB. We need Griffiths playing with the same support of a target man that SEB had back then. Who that is and who is available is another question entirely.........


we have 5 strikers none are that good but sorry but cassidy is the worst. not sure that jacket know what he is doing. only

7 prem clubs had bigger crowds than us we keep paying out, when is morgan/moxey going to give us some thing back stop giving in may 2011

we been sold short in every way since then.


Success in football is defined by goals scored and points gained. Great football and comments such as" he will improve and score goals" are useless.The priority is to get out of this awful division and KJ will have just one season to succeed and if the club does not get promoted then supporters will drift away and resign themselves to the fact that this great club is in big trouble in lots of ways. We had to win yesterday and should have done and we seem to be struggling of late which is not very encouraging. The squad that we have is more than capable of getting automatic promotion but Jackett consistently plays many of the players out of their favoured and best roles and as Brendan Rogers said "play to the players strengths". If we had played 4-4-2 and stuck with Doyle and Griffiths then we would probably scored more. We know that Doyle does not score enough goals but he can make them but not by warming the bench.

Statos Boring Brother

Personally I don't think that the problem lies with our attack.

KJ is being forced to play with 5 in midfield due to the lack of a ball winning, holding midfield (someone along the lines of Mike Bailey, Keith Downing or Alex Rea).

Until we can find such a player we are being forced to give up an attacker to shore up the midfield in what is quite a physical division. When we play with 4 in midfield (especially if Sako is one of them) we are too easily knocked off the ball, our defenders are put under pressure and the supply to the strikers dries up.

I don't know whether Frimpong is fit, if Arsenal would let him play at this level or if he even wants to. If the answer to all 3 is yes, I would snap him up on loan until the end of the season and then we could start playing with 2 forwards. Then we could start playing with 2 up front and perm any 2 from 4 - Griffiths, Siguroarson, Doyle or Cassidy depending on form, fitness, supensions and opponents. Another proven striker wouldn't go amiss in the transfer window either.