Would you be happy to see Kevin Phillips join Wolves? - Big Debate

Wolves head coach Kenny Jackett says he knows his targets for the January transfer window.

Crystal Palace's Kevin Phillips set to leave in January
Former Albion and Villa striker Kevin Phillips will retire at the end of the season

Veteran striker Kevin Phillips has been heavily linked with a move to Wolves and has said he will be leaving Crystal Palace next month.

Would you be happy to see the former Albion, Villa and Birmingham join Wolves?

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Comments for: "Would you be happy to see Kevin Phillips join Wolves? - Big Debate"



Stourbridge Wolf

This is definately a no-brainer. Get him in now before he goes elsewhere. He is a proven goal scorer and i'm sure he will get into double figures to help our promotion push. I also believe he will help develop the likes of Cassidy and McAlinden in a player/coach role. The one thing we may have to do though is change our kit to blue and white stripes. He always scores at Molineux when playing in blue and white!!

Definitely yes as Player/Coach. The current crop can learn so much from him as in his pomp his movement and ability to drag defenders out of the game were top class. Would give our strikers another dimension. He would be good as an impact sub.

Old Wulfrunian

The E&S say he is "heavily linked" with a move to us. Maybe they have inside information (!) but even if that were true and KJ has notions of getting him on board he would NOT put his cards on the table in advance of the January transfer window opening. Neither would any other manager at any other club.

Throughout his career Phillips has an excellent goal scoring ratio of goals per games played and I agree with the recent posts saying he could be an impact player, especially at this level. Although he is 40 he has looked after himself physically and he would get my vote.

Esso Ian

I will be disapointed if he dose not come . I think at this level he would get the goals we need to get out of this awfull division and would be a big help to the young strikers we have at the club......


Definitely yes as a Player/Coach. The current crop can learn so much from him as in his pomp his movement and ability to drag defenders out of the game was top class. Would add another dimension to our strikers play as well as being a good impact sub late in a game.


An experienced striker that has scored consistently for the last 10 years, with a habit for coming off the bench to score late on in games... Yes please.

I don't know what is going on with Sigurdarson and Cassidy this season, but perhaps an older head could help out on the training ground too.

Those who say he is a former Albion and Blues player and turned us down in 2003, who cares? He did what was best for his career. He is not a Wolves man, but he is a prolific forward and I would love him to be available for selection come January.


So did Bully and Thommo + others play for the unmentionables, hurry up and sign KP and show our goal shy forwards how to score.


Yes, and welcome if he does. Forget past history and his age. Kevin will go somewhere, that's for sure - so why not to us? As I said elsewhere, he would be invaluable both as an impact player and on the coaching side. We need all the experience and help we can get. UTW


Solent, I couldn't agree more with you, im hoping he chooses Wolves, with his young son at our Academy, it would make sense for him, that way he can keep an eye on his progress at the same time. And he would pass on lots of expert knowledge in different area's of being a top striker to our young strikers. But I hope im wrong, but dont rule out him going back to Bham, who could offer him Championship football. Unlike ourselves, but as I said, lets hope his son, being at Wolves, helps seals the deal. Have a Good Xmas Solent and your family.UTW:

The Flying Winger

Spot on Solentwolves


Cheers, Tomwolf - and I hope you and your family also have an excellent Xmas. Good to see you regularly back on here, Flying Winger, along with your sparring partner Sue - Happy Xmas to you too . In fact to all our fellow posters, Happy Xmas and a Prosperous New Year (with promotion included).


he could teach the so called strikers a thing or two, so why not, should have signed him ten years ago.


Referring back to your earlier posting on the match report, I think there is a much more fundamental problem than the strikers. Until we develop some control, shape and creativity to our play in midfield, I think any striker, including Phillips, will struggle.


Definitely, experienced goalscorer, ideal impact sub and should score frequently in League One. Excellent short term signing

Golden Wolfie

Yes, delighted. A proven goalscorer at Premier League level. Understandably a few years back, but even last season he proved he can score in the Championship. I can only see it as a positive move, a proven goalscorer with bags of experience who can help coach the younger strikers at the club, Plus we're not scoring enough goals from strikers this season ( only Griffiths has more than a measly 3 this season ).


I think he will turn out to be a great coach, his experience with our academy will be priceless, the futures bright!


Yes, if he can re-invent himself as a midfield dynamo, and lose ten years. We will only ever create chances if we can dominate midfield. At the moment, we can't and don't.

Hong Kong Pete

This is a matter for Mr Jackett to make the decison but it is only speculation at the moment that Kevin Phillips is possibly coming to Wolves

KJ accepts he has to strengthen the side in my opinion especially with at least a striker who can cause a defence all sorts of problems, if Mr Phillips can do this fair enough. also strengthen the midfield

Whoever KJ brings into Wolves it has to be in the long term, if Wolves do get back into the Championship which l believe they will this season new signings have got to be good enough to ensure Wolves progress.

There is no point in bringing in players for the short term they have got to be good enough and experienced to help Wolves back to where they belong.

Interesting reading on internet by daily star in respect of Kevin Phillips and leaving Crystal Palace

Lets see what KJ does in January l believe there will be some departures from Wolves.

Le Match

A no brainer Yes 100%.

His impact probably would benefit our young and up coming strikers the most as his experience would be invaluable. In recent years he has become a highly effective impact player getting vital goals. Finally WW is a warm and fussy club that always likes to brings families together !!!!


Big Yes would add some much needed quality to our striker options will be absolutely lethal at this level would also be a good mentor for Griff and Mcalinden.

Mensa Wolves

Yes, get him in, but not if it's at the expense of buying a big and powerful striker.


He would be a valuable addition to the staff. We badly need someone who knows how to consistently score goals and can mentor the youngsters coming through.

Chillo Wolf

No brainer ... if he wants to come, bring him in

The Flying Winger

I agree with you Chillo Wolf

Chillo Wolf

Hah!! Miracles do come true

Nice one TFW


I would be happy to see anyone at our club who WILL score goals, not someone who can score but seems not to.

Disappointed to see SEB away, he would and could have scored enough to get us out of this division.

JOH in midfield and SEB would IMO done it for us. Don't know why JOH is not fit. If he is not fit to play DONT PAY!!!!!


Yes - for a short-term deal. Where he was before is irrelevant.

Dingle Dave

Yes I would be delighted,this man is a goal machine even though he is 90 years old.let him coach as well because our strikers need help and kev would be a great asset.my thinking is if we get kev we win the league if not the play offs.

We need a couple of players in January to help the kids and we will be ok, just need to do whatever necessary to get out of this awful league.


I think he will be a goal scorer in this league I think he should be a player coach he would teach griffihs and Cassidy and macalindin a thing or two and they will grow and become just as good as Kevin I think we need to sign central middfielder but who would u like to see join wolves in January?

Golden Palace

No brainer....

The Flying Winger

I would like to see him or anyone who can do something with our 4 or 5 forwards because it is obvious that the current coaching staff cannot achieve it.

They may even be able to get the midfielders to score goals, (except for Henry of course who is looking a very good prospect already,) although that may be a call too far, surely Jackett realises that Edwards will not do it by now.

It may be of course other than Griffith's who is a proven goal scorer that it is a mission too far.

We need someone who is already scoring goals to come in and play alongside Griffith's, not a 5 goal a season journey man.

We have not been the same since big Chris left the club and also for that matter in midfield since Mike Bailey stopped playing

Here's hoping!!!!!!!

Silver Wolf

If the fellow can get another effective half-season out of those old legs of his, then get him in, and the sooner the better.

Quite what the lads who are supposed to hit the back of the net are doing is difficult to understand. But, the fact remains they aren't anywhere near as potent as they should be and we surely need to capitalise on an excellent start to the season.


Wolfie 1

Yes get him in now!!


Phillips as a goal scorer over the yrs as been one of the best, but we are now as tinkerman says young and hungry and do we wont a baggy on a zimmer and if we are looking at 40yrs olds ken dodd is available ,come on ya wolves


Hahahaha len, cheers for the laugh :D how about jimmy savile, have a stella on me..its christmas.

Putza Shiftin

If he was 3 or. 4 years younger then maybe but I'd rather see Wolves take a longer term view. Other clubs in the division have managed to sign young players who are scoring for fun so why shouldn't we be able to do the same?


definitely not, this is the club going backwards ,down hill fast, do people not forget the period where Wolves kept on singing players that were here only for a last big pay day. We should be looking at the long term solution not a quick fix, we let Blakey go for nowt when everything should of been done to have kept him, he should of been offered a new contract over a year ago, not waiting and let his contract run down. A young promising Prem or Championship striker that can not get in their first team is more of a positive solution not a 40 year old has been. And who he played for in the past is nothing to do with my views.


Yep I remember Paul Ince,Denis Irwin,Jackie McNamara,Michael Gray,Emlyn Hughes all towards the end of their careers but just sheer class they made a huge contribution to Wolves and were a pleasure to watch.

chris h

It depends on so much else doesn't it. Who else is available, how much will he cost. Will we have to move someone on to pay his wages ? There are in my opinion 3 areas where we are weak. What is more I think a lot of other fans have expressed similar concerns on here. 1 We lack pace, it seems to me to be crazy that a club the size of Rotherham can worry us with their pace. A club our size with a £16m parachute money should be able to attract players with pace, which is crucial in the modern game even in the third division, it would appear. Secondly we have been second best in midfield for too many games this season, this area needs sorting out. Someone said we need a Mike Bailey, in our dreams. Thirdly and most importantly we need a cutting edge up front .Ideally a target man and a proven striker with pace, again in our dreams a Dougan Richards type combination. What are we likely to get. Probably a 40 year old quality striker we should have signed 10 years ago. But Kevin Phillips even at 40 knows where the back of the net is, something that seems lost on most of our current strikers.


why not lets face it if any body asked who is your striker who you going to name ??? we havnt got one .... that's what is required if phillips can do 45 minutes and score sign him .... were did bully come from . Sako bone idle 10 minute wonder Griffiths ok in Scottish league not the same as the as the English big boys

3 points Satruday

This is a complete no brainer for a question, isn't it? Although this could well be more spin to whip up E & S headline glam, we should sign Kevin Phillips if for no other reason than his fantastic goalscoring ability and the coaching value he could offer to our stuttering strike force. Add to that he's already got family in the family and what more do you want? For him to sign for Coventry and score against us when we play them again. DOh!!!


Something I have wanted for a while. Not so much as a player, unless our current batch keep firing 'blanks', but to give our strikers some coaching. I also think they would respect him and listen. They do not seem to be responding to anyone else!


I also would like to wish a Happy Xmas, to all who use this site. But it will only be a Happy New Year, once we've gained promotion, which then will make it a truly wonderful H.N.Y.for all connected with WWFC: UTW:

chris h

I don't know about you lot, but I have had one or two Christmas cards from businesses or enterprises who have valued my custom during the year, but as an existing season ticket holder, as usual, I am still waiting to receive one from the Wolves. I am told those fans who failed to renew their season tickets have been sent one signed by Kenny and the lads. What price loyalty ? A good marketing ploy ruined by ignoring existing customers. I suppose if we want one next year all we have to do is not renew for next season.


Chris, its got Moxey written all over, to get those people to buy tickets. Why worry about us loyal season ticket holders, when they've already had our hard earned cash!!! UTW:

Sir Billy Quiet

Chris H - This is just another example of why Mosey is not fit to run Wolves.

I think this year is my 25th consecutive year as season ticket holder it would have been nice to have received an acknowledgement from the club.

We should have pin badges:

1. Season ticket holder

2. 5 year season ticket holder

3. 10 year season ticket holder

4. 25 year silver

5. 50 Year gold

But it would just be nice if season ticket holders had been given free entry to a cup game.

Money out.......

Sir Billy Quiet

For Mosey and Money read MOXEY.......


That's shocking Chris if it turns out to be true..

I agree it is a good Marketing ploy to woo fans back, but once again the ST holders get taken for granted.

Not acceptable Jez !!!


P.s. I would like to see Phillips at the Mol, our young Strikers need some specialist coaching at the moment.


He always scores at The Moulinex!!


Yes most definitely!He'd be a huge asset for the second half of the season as a player and possibly after he retires on the coaching staff.


We'd be a far better club with him 'in the ranks'.

Strikers like Griffiths, Cassidy and Macawotsihisname would all benefit from his professionalism, as would even Doyler.

He would still score goals in this league , and the Championship next season for that matter. If we have a GK coach then why not a striking coach too? OK, they say CF's are born not made, but you can still improve. The man won the 'Golden Boot' as a Premiership striker, so how can he not benefit the club.


A very good goal scorer in his pomp but too old at 40.

The future is Cassidy, Siggy, McAlinden. They will only getter with games under their belts. Having KP on the bench will only cut down on their game time.

However, if he is free then I feel sure that will interest M&M.

Sir Billy Quiet

Phillips will make those three and Griffith a better players he will show them how to train and prepare for games properly and will teach them to make runs that can open up defended.

A move for the rest of the season is a no brainer.

Even Moxey should see the upside!


Absolutely, yes. He'd be a terrific signing - just think how he could help our young forwards hone their craft.


Yes! Whatever and whoever it takes to gain promotion, no matter what age they are! Frankly I'd even sign Dean Saunders as a striker if he could score for us!


Philips would be a good signing.

Frankly im surprised we have won so many games with our shot shy forwards with the exception of griffiths.

Doyle,siggy,unimpressive. Cassidy not good enough

Maclinden is a bright spark for the future and would learn a lot

philip will score goals at this level with the right service even at 40. He has a good football brain and is also a leader.

For me he is a better striker than SEB.

Wish SEB all the best at Ipswich but feel he could have gone to a bigger club and pushed himself a bit.

Mick has never had any problems spotting a bargain signing, his big problem was not buying enough quality or recognising the importance.

Can see Ipswich maybe getting into the play offs now.


Good point about SEB, Much as some of us bemoan the fact that he didn't sign for Wolves again, would he have done if we'd asked him? Almost certainly not, as he clearly could attract a 'bigger' club. Sadly, Ipswich are a bigger club than us these days! Let's wish him well, and hold the door open for a possible return one day. I reckon Ipswich candidates for the playoffs. It would be one in the eye for Moxey-Morgan if Ipswich got promoted, of course! Mick had an eye for a bargain, but he didn't seem to have the same eye when he was spending bigger money. Just don't mention Roger Johnson...


Of course KP would be an asset for Wolves and his association with the Baggies is irrelevant. We didn't mind taking on Big Cyril 20 years or so ago. I'd even be pleased to have Bully back. Get someone in who knows where the back of the net is!


For all the goals that he has scored against us,it is time to do something for us.

Pembrokeshire Wolf

If vwe sign him, it should be as a coach. He is finished as a player, otherwise he would be playing for Palace (or someone else).

It is so obvious to me that that the front two should be Doyle and Griffiths (by miles), with the hope that Macalinden and/or Cassidy can come through in the future. I think Siggy will be on his way soon.