Lee Evans will learn from his axe, insists Wolves boss Kenny Jackett

Lee Evans was today urged to learn his lessons to force his way back into the Wolves midfield and progress to the next level.

Lee Evans gets on the ball for Wolves
Lee Evans gets on the ball for Wolves

The 19-year-old midfielder took to social networking site Twitter to vent his frustration at being left out of the side for Saturday’s 3-0 win at Colchester, the third successive League One game he has missed out on.

Evans and David Davis have been replaced by Kevin McDonald and Jack Price in central midfield. Before the game, Evans tweeted “another Saturday with no game #headsgone” then added “disappointed not to travel this week but hopefully the boys come back with 3 points” before deleting his first tweet.

Evans, who started six of Wolves’ opening seven league matches, was unavailable for Tuesday night’s Johnstone’s Paint Trophy penalty shoot-out exit to Notts County as he was with Wales Under-21s.

Head coach Kenny Jackett believes Evans, a £200,000 transfer window capture from League Two new-boys Newport, must now develop certain aspects of his play to move on.

“There’s a way of showing your frustration; he’s just gone 19 and he’s had half a dozen games,” said Jackett. “Our midfield hasn’t necessarily looked as convincing as it should at times. We’ve had better departments so we’ve changed things around.

“We started with David Davis and Lee, and at present, Kevin McDonald and Jack Price have been playing. That’s not to say Lee won’t come back into the team; I think he will.

“He just has to go about things the right way and learn. He’s got a good all-round game – his range of passing is as good as anyone here, he can run, his enthusiasm is good and he can come up with a goal. But his test is to ensure when he plays in a central midfield two, he plays well positionally, so he doesn’t vacate the area too much, plays from behind the ball and backs up a four-man forward line, in whichever formation they play in. He has to learn because if you leave that area in front of the centre-halves open too much, teams can give you problems the higher you go.

“But I’m pleased with what he’s done and he has a really bright future.”

Meanwhile, captain-for-the-night Richard Stearman today insisted Wolves can bounce back from their Johnstone’s Paint Trophy exit to Notts County.

Wolves don’t play again until the League One visit of Coventry a week on Saturday and Stearman said: “We’ve got to focus on the league now because that’s what the most important thing is this season and we’re looking forward to getting back into action.

“We want to win every game we take part in so we were disappointed to lose the other night. But it does play second fiddle to the league and we’re looking forward to the Coventry game.”

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Comments for: "Lee Evans will learn from his axe, insists Wolves boss Kenny Jackett"

Steve De Wolf

Lee, you have a great future in front of you lad, but your attitude has be professional.Please don't fall into the trap of using Twitter and other social networking sites to air your grievances.The last thing anyone needs is to see another player using that #headsgone rubbish.Got a problem, talk to your manager, and no matter how disappointed you are, work hard, keep your head down and back your team-mates.


Agree 100%.

Too many twitter comments from people wanting to vent frustration rather than grinding down, getting on with things (not only Lee).


I'm glad Evans is frustrated, it's nice that he's bothered that he isn't playing. I personally think he is very unlucky to not be in the team, especially not even in the 18 man squad.

He started the season brightly and hasn't really done a lot wrong, Jackett was convinced he need a ballwinner in the middle alongside McDonald, but Price has proven we don't need it so I think Evans will get his chance in with McDonald soon enough.


Agree 100% Callum. Nice to see a bit of passion. If he wasn't upset about being left out I would wonder why. He's a rare talent and one we need to hold onto at all costs.

The Realist.

Shows what rubbing shoulders with O'Hara in the U21's does to our young lads. Tainted by the outcasts!


Now how did you work that out Sherlock?

You haven't a clue what happened.

He's upset at being left out.

That shows he cares - just the sort we want in the squad.


This lad is a good footballer, especially for his age. But if he wants to aspire to being a very good footballer or a great footballer he has to suck it in and take the ups as well as the downs. That's the nature of the beast.

Going onto social network sites and bleating the rubbish that has leaked from his head will do nothing for his cause. It will blow up in his face.

Being a professional footballer, accepting the salary and playing at this level requires a level of behaviour.

Stating that his 'headsgone!!????' is a copy of Fletcher when his transfer was in the balance.

Be original, be professional. The lad has a great future and I hope it is with WWFC.

You do not see the likes of Kevin Doyle whinging on social network sites, even JOH has binned his account.

The lad has a great club, a great head coach and a great ability. Don't cock it up, you will come good and entertain us.


Golden Nugget

Let's hope you are not in the side then Stearman. The manager has got you sussed. Even at this level you are a bench warmer at best. I have no problem with your lack of ability, it's the arrogance and attitude. They score after you miss the tackle/get caught out of position/give the ball away etc then throw your arms in the air and start ranting at someone else - it's comical!

Chillo Wolf

Footballers do themselves no favours with social networking.

Get your head down Lee, work hard and your chances will come


It was never going to be the case that we would get out of L1 using inexperienced kids. There are too many wise old heads in other teams who can exploit them and so it's not really surprising our performances have been poor but successful due to a good defence and class strikers. Last Saturday we had experience in midfield and we controlled the game. Tuesday we had our defence was poor technically and there was a lack of fluidity which meant the strikers were not serviced.

last Saturdays team will get us into the playoffs but we need another experienced man for midfield to challenge Davies who is nowhere near par - and the number of fouls he's committed and bookings he's received is ridiculous and clearly indicates he is struggling.

It's a shame about Elokobi - He needs to move on to give us space for another player. His bulk is a massive handicap and will make him prone to injuries and tricky wingers.


There's nothing wrong with any player being disappointed at being dropped, in fact there would something more worrying if they were'nt disappointed. Bearing in mind that Evans was playing non-league football at the start of the year, I think that he has made great progress to have played several games so far this season, and he should reflect on that.

Jackett's criticism is not about the players ability, simply tactical awareness. That's something that can be coached on the training training ground and in the U21's. At 19 years of age he is still very much on a learning curve. Supporters too, should also remember that a lot of these youngsters who have been promoted to the first team squad this year are not the finished article, and need to be patient.

Hopefully Evans won't be one of those players that will sulk in a corner, but will listen and learn from our Head Coach.

Same old same old

Not ANOTHER player with a headsgone tweet...... talksport already take the mick out of us every day with the Fletcher reference.

What is it about this club that does players heads in so much ?????


I hope Lee doesn't get into trouble over this 'tweet'. I think that it's a positive thing that a Wolves player is so eager to get in the 1st team.

Perhaps if O'Hara showed a similar desire to play instead of taking his massive wage to jog around Compton every afternoon he may get closer to a game.


What will he learn, when he looks at the performance put in by these "superstars" on Tuesday and realises he is not even good enough to get into that rabble of a team.


I have to question his attitude taking to social media to vent his frustration. This entitled attitude will soon see him training with O'Hara if he is not careful. Work hard on the training ground is the best response to being dropped. You haven't made it yet Lee, so show KJ why you should be playing.


As I, ironically take to these boards to comment and vent my opinion on this story, I find it strange that by now clubs have not addressed players behaviour on social networking sites. Not that I think he has said that much wrong I might add as he clearly just wants to be playing on a Saturday.

He is a young guy and maybe the internet is not the right way to go about venting your frustrations. I did however list O'Hara on ebay, so maybe even the most mild mannered of people can let their frustrations boil over occassionally so I cant criticise.

You will be back in the team soon if the last game is anything to go by. Just bide your time and take your chance when it comes.


phil wolves man

yes i agree lee evans will be hurt by the axe but it's up to him to prove his self and stop putting things on twitter but i think k j as got to learn jamie ohara on his day is the best player i would consider him for his experience and wolves fans would welcome him back if he puts the effort in the main culpirts have gone and i think jamie as changed he just wants to play he got to be worth the change surely

Alex Rae's Butler

#headsgone - Has he been hanging around with Fletcher??


He will become a quality player some day!



Leaving soon then is he?


I hope not

Danny Crainie Double 83

If you disect Kennys comments, basically he's saying that Evans don't track back. Evans has got time on his side, but with his twitter mutterings and his Billy Bigtime attitude, maybe he needs some advise from O'Hara on how not to upset the apple cart. Hard graft and grabbing the oportunity is this kids only way forward.


Jackett speaks alot of sense!!!!

Personally i feel he's under pressure to play certain players coz of there contracts as mcdonald wouldnt play in my midfield nor golbourne really. I would play:


doherty batth stearman ricketts

henry evans and price!!! saki



as the youngsters have shown they can do it at this level and the experience will help them plus we have the mcdonalds davis golbourne to make an impact of the bench. UTW


Stearman!!! Nah and price and evans nah I think it's time for ohara to repay the fans our squad is screaming out for his quality and experience in the middle of the park he weather u wanna believe it or not is the final piece of the puzzle goalies mint defence mint wingers mint strikers mint centre mid not so mint dont get me wrong. McDonald's sound and price an Evans up an coming but u couldn't put price an evans together an come up with oharas qualitys an experience think bout it the time has come

Old golds worth more

I have remained silent for most of this season, no criticisms or praise because KJ said he will wait until ten games have been played to see where we are at. Well the vultures are beginning to circle again after Tuesday nights inept display, where we were overrun in midfield for long periods of the game, on that showing I'd say Evans looks like getting his chance again, sooner rather than later. We were lucky at home against Crawley, Swindon, Walsall (in this comp) and now Notts County. In each of those games we were out passed and outplayed mainly in the midfield area! IMO the reason was because we lacked the know how to counter the pass and move tactics employed against us. To often our passes were being made to feet or static players, while the opposition were playing pass and move, pass and move. I lost count on the number of times Price tried to pass with the outside of his foot in the general direction of one of our players (I singled him out, when really it could have been any of them), and a lot of the time those passes failed to reach the intended player. We looked disjointed and lacking in organisation most of the time, if this is work in progress then by the looks of things we have hardly began to scratch the surface. I am dreading the fixtures against our main promotion rivals Leyton Orient and Peterborough, because if we keep playing like we did Tuesday night, then Ikeme or no Ikeme we are likely to get murdered.


At last, 'Old golds worth more': some sense being written amongst all the usual rhubarb. It's not SIMPLY the quality of the players and the football that matter, but the KIND of football being played - and Wolves have been playing a static, ball-to-feet game for at least the last four seasons. It has its important uses (keeping possession, for instance), but unless the players are nimble, good at one touch play, and MOVE after they have passed the ball (like the old Brazilians), there is no momentum. Putting the ball into space behind defenders for the attackers to run onto (which doesn't mean 'lumping' it) causes the former far more problems: for one thing, they have to turn. How many times have we watched defenders trundling the ball three or four times across the field to each others' feet before one of them eventually decides to belt it upfield (more often than not in the air).

Mensa Wolves

The results so far have been excellent and have bought precious time for this young team to gel.

I share your concerns though, it isn't guaranteed that they will be good enough.

Promising young players need to be able to discipline their emotions in order to deliver the performances they suggest they are capable of.

No goals conceded in first half action indicates a strong defence. It could also point towards what the tactics of the opposition have mainly been.

Peterborough, Orient and Bradford are likely to want to rip it up from the start, rather than keep things tight until half-time before looking to win the match.

Excellent start so far, big tests ahead.

If we don't pass those tests we may not be ready yet for what would be even bigger challlenges next year.

Could do with some help in January.

Ronnie Allen

Has he taken up the guitar Jacko?? Top chap. He can come and play in my back yard wi me dog Satan.


With the midfield in need of strengthening can anyone update me on O'Hara?

I recall KJ had an entrenched view about not using him. Presumably O'Hara has been playing or has he just been paid his £35,000 a week for nought?

latvian wolf


CodsallWolf (the fake one)

Another stupid post from a dross supporter!

NB Don't need a forest of capital letters to emphasise my point, everybody knows.

Older Gold

What about Sako ? Lee will no doubt realise He is a squad player and should turn his Twitter off , telling everybody will not change the issue KJ picks the team , and those of us who have played at any level have met this ! When you are dropped to try systems or new players ! Head up son and fight for your place.

But what about Sako , cannot Pay 2 extra s with no input


Lets have a collection for the players with physical and mental health problems!


You do realize you have given away Wolves scouting system.


Please ban players from Twitter. MM was right on that one. If you have a problem then talk to the manager.

Definitive Wolf

Twitter has got a lot to answer for, it seems to me. I'm afraid I've no time for it. Can't see where those who like it get the spare time from to use it. But then, I am old I guess. It was two cocoa tins stretched between a length of string in my day, none of your new-fangled technology. Lee should be grateful he's where he is at this stage of his career, great stadium, great training ground, famous old club - he could have been stuck amongst the portakabins training on a rented pitch, then trotting out onto a ground - well, like where he came from (No disrespect, honestly) - I just think he should thank his lucky stars, after all, he's not the finished product by a long chalk.

Get a grip

Please tell Mr Evans there is a job in our factory if he fancies some hard work, get a grip and realise you are in a fortunate position!!!!!!!

We all know what twitter should be named!!!!!

Silver Wolf

Who put the Twit in Twitter? It seems many professional footballers do their best to claim the dubious distinction.

Evans must be looking at the team and wondering how bad he is if he can't even get into the squad! But, if he is being fairly treated, and I have no reason to believe he is not, then the answer is he may have a future but for the moment he just isn't doing the business.

Over to you young Evans suggest you get the videos and crtically take your game apart, and see just what it is you aren't doing right, because playing the fool on your mobile etc is no use whatever, in fact it's pretty dumb!


He's a '19'yr old lad who's disappointed at not playing after starting the first few games, he made a silly remark out of frustration. All the idiots having a go at him should should jog on up the road, he'll learn, come good & then all the numpties will be on here saying what a great player he is & they've always rated him..............fickle ain't the word.

Hereford wolves

These young players need 2become men before the turn of the year when the season really hots up,accept the challenge lee coz if cufc had turned us over 3-0 instead then fair enough voice your anger but only with the gaffer mate.we all need to be as one and cut out the whinging or we will find ourselves camped in league 1for a lot longer.wwfc 4 lyf

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