Wolves turn down Nottingham Forest Bakary Sako bid

Wolves have turned down a bid from Nottingham Forest for winger Bakary Sako.

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Head coach Kenny Jackett revealed after today’s 3-1 win at Port Vale that the offer - believed to be for around £2.5m - was received and rejected in the last two days.

Sako was left out of this afternoon’s Staffordshire derby because he didn’t feel in the right frame of mind to play with speculation linking the former St Etienne wideman to the Championship club.

The bid is understood to have matched the eventual fee Fulham were prepared to pay earlier this summer, at least numerically, if not in method of payment.

But it is believed Wolves are still holding out for £4m.

Jackett said: “We had an offer two days ago from Nottingham Forest for which we turned down – it was nowhere near our valuation.

“I’m not going to disclose how much it is but it’s an offer we’ve turned down.

“And as far as I’m aware, we’re not close to agreeing a fee.

“He’s not a player we’re desperate to sell – we’re not in that situation.

“But there is some speculation, he’s aware of the interest and he wasn’t in the right frame of mind to play today.

“Those are his words, not mine.

“So we’ll see now what happens over the course of the weekend, but we’re not desperate to sell him.

“We’re not looking to do a deal necessarily, but if it comes at a decent level you have to think about it.

“But I’ve got assurances that should Tuesday morning come and he’s still a Wolves player then he will be 100 per cent committed to the cause, as he has been so far because he’s played very well.

“I’m hopeful that he will stay and contribute more.”

Jackett said that he had spoken to Sako in the build-up to today’s game and been made aware of the player’s decision.

“We had a conversation during the course of the week and working with them every day, you get to read each other enough to talk honestly,” he added.

“Today he wasn’t with us and up to now, he’s contributed very well in our season.”

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Comments for: "Wolves turn down Nottingham Forest Bakary Sako bid"

The Flying Winger

Another whose head isn't right, I hope they dock his wages.

Not good enough


What a stupid statement.


Why is it stupid? Sako is employed by Wolves, who turned down the bid from Forest. If he wants to leave then fair enough, but the best way to do that would have been to have gone out and played a blinder for the club who pays his wages. How many of us could phone into work on Monday morning and say "I'm not coming into work because I'm thinking of leaving and my head is in the wrong place" and still expect to be paid?

Manc Wolf

what planet you on. if i said to my boss i'm not in the right frame to come in Mon. do you honestly think he would sit down and say fair enough don't come in. i'd be lucky to stay ina job. So what right do these footballers so dense, they can't string a sentence without saying er several times say there not in the right frame of mind. That to me says they think there bigger than the club .Get real and join the real world........


Spoken like someone who hasn't a clue what he's talking about.

Danny Crainie Double 83

I think he's had a touch of the Anelkas, only with goals....

Mr Winkie

Let him rot! Better still off with his head! These aren't human beings they're footballers FGS. They shouldn't feel the same trials and tribulations, hopes and disappointments we all feel in our working day lives.

Stearmans overhead kick

Good post flying winger,No play No pay,

Filthy Wolf

I'm back to work Monday after two weeks holiday. I wonder if I can get away with saying 'my head ain't right, boss' and get another week?


An absolute disgrace that professional players don't play, because they are not in the right frame of mind.

Russell (Shanghai)

Totally agree. If I apply for a job or have a job interview I am still expected to continue working. Why do clubs pamper so much to these highly over payed players who are doing a job (job- well what I mean is fitness training and playing a game) that they supposedly love.


If Sako, wasnt in the right frame of mind for the Port Vale game he is part of the problem and the sooner he is gone the better.


another mindless moron which our club doesn't need. guarantee your not on here praising the team when they win.

Great Horse

Wolves 606.

Grow up and clear off.

Supporting and praising the team doesn't mean supporting certain indivuduals when they clearly have no intention of commiting themselves and being part of WWFC.

The warning signs are clearly there with Bakary to identify that big trouble lies ahead if he doesn't get his move.

Featherstone Wolf

He didnt turn out however you can bet your bottom dollar he will turn up for his big sack of wages that wouldn't even fit into the glove box of his flashy motor.


GARETH BALE must be REALLY suffering then....What a clown and exactly the player I don't want to see or hear at the Mol anymore....


Henri Camara all over again GREED!!

chris h

Good win today,four on the trot ,that is the main thing. I think Sako will go.Forest will offer more money conditional on them winning promotion.Wolves will dress it up as meeting their valuation with 'add ons'. Forest lost today and Davies will be pressing hard to sign him, no one likes signing more footballers than Davies,other than Harry that is.Wolves won today without Sako,the powers that be will think we don't need him and in any event they can use the loan market to replace him.In any event it will be an interesting final day of the transfer window.


and no doubt chris h give you another chance to lambast the club/Moxey/Morgan, supporter you never will be - hope your team get beat against Swansea.

chris h

I do not 'lambast' the club I have supported for 50 years.I do 'lambast' those who have mismanaged the football club and wasted opportunity after opportunity.Even more I 'lambast' those shortsighted people, who due to misguided blind faith ,support and endorse the actions of those who have mismanaged the football club I have supported for 50 years. You need to understand the difference between supporting the club, but holding accountable those fortunate and highly paid professionals who are responsible for the stewardship of the football club.


You tell him Chris.

Johnwolf needs to pull himself out of Moxeys rear end but that is very doubtful as Bazrat is blocking the exit with his head


I don't care how long you claim to surport the club,but your negativity on here is legendary I cannot see how it helps.


GARBAGE Johnwolf as usual. I have never read anything from Chris h that has lambasted the club. The temporary custodians of it, yes, and boy have they deserved it. You on the other hand regularly lambast true supporters of the club you profess to love.... "me thinks the lady doth protest too much" comes to mind with you. If Moxey or Morgan do leave I suggest you go with them as you obviously appreciate them more than you do the Wolves.

Simon k

Do you think he would be a good signing for Forest , always concerned when a player does not want to play because" his head isn't right"

chris h

Simon, I think he is very much a mixed bag.A match winner but someone who can easily lose a team a goal by not tracking back or losing possession. I hope we keep him because the match winner factor outweighs his failings, especially in Division 1.If he stays I am sure he will be fully committed and he has a good relationship with the fans.


we also played without Sako at Morecambe and ok 4 others were rested we lost , although the cup competition didn't seem a priority getting out of Div 1 is so I think on this occasion omitting Sako was not a factor that we won . we need Sako he's contracted to Wolves and unless a replacement can be found and a full valuation met he should remain at Wolves .

bald patch

In any event you could be right.


Kenny, you might want to speak to Moxey and Morgan before you make statements about not selling someone.


Got those players names who KJ is playing ot of position yet ?


He is not in the right frame of mind, I think he will start to throw his toys out of the pram next just like Henri Camara. I really think the board will accept an offer close to what we wanted but we'll have no time to bring in anybody , I would have told Forest money now on Friday or its off full stop.

A real Supporter

Sakos never said he wants to leave. I think that if the moneys good and he wants to go then get the deal done. Golbourne looked to me to be a very good player that could replace Sako. Lets hope we can keep the momentum going and the fantastic support we had at Vale. Well done all as that was a real team, players / supporters, all going in the same direction!! UTW!!

rowley wolf

if they cough up the 4million,id be happyfor us to let him go! we dont need players who dont want 2 play for the club,we will be better off without him! sako is a great talent & good going forward,but i dont think he works hard enough for the team,he doesn't track back enough & at times when going forward he trys2 do 2 much on his own when theres better options! so if he go's he go's,he aint no jarvis anyway now he was a big loss! i sure kj has already got replacements lined up! UTW

London wolves loyal

If we do sell him then we should get Steven hunt back


No! Wolves should get Dexter Blackstock.


NO THANKS, just be cause he had a few good games tail of last season doesnt make him worth while. His overall contribution in three years was NIL.


Sako stays for me, absolute no brainer! great result today without him but you'll need 17 or 18 quality players to get out this league. We've got three quick games coming up Walsall, Swindon and shrews theres no way 11 can play at full intensity for those games. We need others to step up to the mark, we cant afford to off load just because it appears we have a strong 11 or 13. If we've got any ambition Doyle and Sako stay! next season different matter if the moneys right we sell consolidate and push on from there now is not the time to sell, no time to replace. UPTW!!


A good win today, should we sell Sako? only for the the money we value him at, but if he's on the Fletcher path he's no good to us anyway get rid.

Simon Hughes

3 away games Wolves sell out who would do that in Div 1 or Championship. You can't knock Wolves fans in the faith in the new manager, I just wish management would show same support your not going to buy like for like if promoted which I am sure we will do. Worry about getting rid of the wheat from the chaff. Onwards and upwards.

Silver Wolf

Forest have a dilemma. They don't want to pay the going rate for a man who could well make the difference for them, but they do want promotion. Having lost today they might think a little more clearly before the deadline.


I still can't believe that people are 'surprised' he may go, WHY? We are a Div 1 club, he's one of our 'star' players, he's on high wages, he wants to play at a higher level than this!.

Then of course we have the Moxey bashers who will, of course, say that it's only the money he's after & he should try harder to keep him.......well guess what?...every player has his price!

Give the lad his dues before slagging him off, he was honest enough to say he'd been affected by all the talk & wouldn't be focused on the pitch. Both he & Doyle, (who hasn't got an agent in his ear hole!), have been fantastic for us over the last few weeks & deserve some credit for it.

In short, the only surprise would be having them here after the window closes!

Farmer Ted

Quite right!

Eddington wolfe

We proved today that we can win without Sako, i don't think he is worth £4 mil, but would be sorry he he did go


It isn't a fire sale!

WHEN we gain promotion back to the Championship next year we'll be spending money for our push to the Premier! So let's hang on to this quality player because it will cost more than £2.5 million to replace him. The difference will more than pay for his wages.


"because he didn’t feel in the right frame of mind to play" would that be compassionate leave then? the same thing Anelka got for a bereavement and some contributors to these pages thought was so funny? Disgusting, embarrassing, pathetic.


Lets hope we are "not in the right frame of mind " to pay him his wages for this week. I had been happy with the way he had reacted to the speculation until today, but this type of attitude in today's footballers makes me sick. If you are going to sulk about not being sold at least do it for a bigger club than Forest, if not for Brian Clough no one would have heard of them outside Britain. If he can't see he's on to a good thing here then he can sod off and we'll pass him on our way back to the Premiership.

Bully Is God

Head not in the right place !!!disgracefull

Sell him quick and give his shirt to some young eager player who will wear the shirt with honour and pride



Gornal YYA

Bet he was in the right frame of mind to collect his wages this week. As long as he's replaced couldnt give a stuff, overated in my worthless opinion. Was'nt missed much today.....


His head isn’t right

Wages 2b docked

S/he enters the ground

Head appears irregular

Over large forehead

Eyebrows meet in the middle

Even though his parents forbad

There’s something about imperfection

Team selection causes acid heartburn

Why this

Why that

The risk of irregularity

The chemist will offer a free test

Pop in

Before donning a scarf

Look your best

No hair out of place

The next verbal tackle might just

In all fairness, be in your face


Why don't you do one?

Do you think garbage is clever?

Seriously, and I mean seriously, it's pathetic!

Bored after the first comma,when I saw it come up on my screen I just hoped Petenuts in all his self opinionated glory enjoyed it.

wanderer in eire

KJ you must get hold off Sako by the shoulders and give him a good shake.

How silly and disrespectful of him ! He is not in the right frame of mind!!

Players heve been known to play a day after a death of a close family member!!!

He is given so much support and love by the whole of Wolves......He as to stay its a must!!

I am fed up off players jumping ship where is the human factor in this..........Bring back the days of "BULLY".


W won, the team won, they did their bit and won.

If Sako stays or goes, and good luck to him if he does go, a seriously good player.

We won today without him, fair and square we won. So enough bickering, enough slagging, enough hatred. We are on a roll. If we all get behind them we can be on a big roll.

If the team feels loved, if the fans can just shut up for a while, unless of course you have enough money to buy the club, then perhaps we are starting a wonderful journey. A Journey of winning games and winning promotion.

We are starting from a low point, but perhaps we can build a serious team, a serious club. One that pulls together and does not attack at the drop of a hat.

Since before I could walk I have been a Wolves supporter. I am fairly sure that this will never change. But what would be good to see is supporters getti8ng behind the club.

If you think you can do better either buy the club or train to be a manager with all the qualifications you need for the job.

We have gone down and gone back to basics, we are also on a roll.

This is going to be an interesting ride, but this time we have a manager who really knows what he is doing.

Game on and “Come on you Wolves”.


well didnt need sako today, great win, just hope if sako goes we replace him with a real winger?, played most of today with lee evans on right wing and sigurdason which was unusual. But another 3 points and still undefeated in the league. keep it coming lads! great support today best outside the premier league.

Harry Styles

Good!!! We should be selling to them carrot crunching yokels. In fact we should be doing what we can to get them shut down!



Bakery you will be so much better staying as a Wolves favourite than going to Forest as an also ran as they are going nowhere.

Come on me babbies!

Sako clearly wants to go and if we try and stop him now he'll surely leave in January. Lets take the money now, pick up a quality winger on loan and move on. The guy shows flashes of brilliance but I'm still unsure how he'll cope during the winter months with the rough and tumble of league 1. A cheeky loan bid for michael kightly might be worth a go, if he has any thoughts about the loyalty we showed to him during his injuries he might just give us 4 months.

Anyway on the whole a great start for KJ let's just hope the exciled 2 find clubs if not by Monday in the loan window that follows. Don't think we will see much benefit from them lurking in the background.

George Berry's Afro (aka GBA)

Sako is not all he is made out to be, he is too heavy on his feet and lacks the agility and finesse of a top quality player. Yes he would be an asset to our current squad but I really don't think we would miss him as much as we did Matty J who was a class act on that left side.

If Moxey wants to prove his worth as the highly banker he should hold out and take no less than 3.5mil!


Surely Wolves can just say he is not for sale!


Heard a rumour Forest have inquired about Kightly, so if thats the case they have moved on.

paul davo

Let him go we need 100% players, chris h is right, Jackett is good in the loan market so keep the money for a big push next season in the championship, we look good enough to take league 1 this season anyway

Saudi Wulf

We really have to keep him.... we will not be able to sign anyone of his class to replace him.

There is a marked difference between this season and last and that is the fact that the other teams are not taking their chances......... Oh and the more entertaining and attack minded football.

Which don`t get me wrong I am chuffed to bits about, and long may it continue. just have a feeling one of these teams are gonna take their chances..... prob Peterbro`

But if we have the likes of Sako we will always score more.............



Wolverhampton Wanderers- out of darkness cometh light

What a load of drivell!! Sako is over rated over paid and never knows when or were he is playing on the pitch. From match to match we never know which Sako will turn up. Sell and get the cash back asap!

Chris Groves

Footballers do live on another planet. You've got supporters grating for £350 a week and footballers not being able to commit to their paid job of £35000 a week properly, not specifically talking about Sako, but in general. Gareth Bale didn't turn up for training this week with Spurs, but no doubt he will want his wages, its pathetic. Personally I think Sako is overrated and if he wants to go I would take the 2.5m, we only need players who can commit all the time, like Kevin Doyle.


sell him if his head as gone ....good win without him yesterday .wolves should sign tom pope .

Nottinghamshire Wolves

Why move to Forest, it is hardly a career move ? They will be in The Championship next year and so will we.

rickie roberts

Maybe we're expecting him to go and didn't want him injured? Why would Moxey risk a prize asset?


#Headsgone? Sounds familiar!

black wolf

when the price is right sell, until then get behind sako and the rest of the lads.

Lord Brewood

Why not let him go out on loan to Forest for the season. If we get promoted and Forest don't then he comes back to Wolves. If Forest are promoted and as we understand it he has a clause in his contract to be released in the event of a premiership club bid negotiate a deal at the end of the season.

Player gets what he wants (don't they always thank to the agents), Wolves get him off the payroll for the season and dip into the loan market to bring in a wide player & Forest get their player with the conditions as above.

That way all options are covered.



Wolvesboyuk stoke

For a wolves boy living in the potteries, that was some win. Being in the ground with the mass of wolves fans bought back some great memories. So to the fans that attended the game I would like to say a big massive thank you. We were premiere league supporters today although Burslem looks like a war zone this morning.

And a message to Chris h. Well said arr kid. We caint let people forget about the way our club have been managed in the last few years but also support the team and KJ.

We are on the move again. UTW

s of

Sako isn't a Wolverhampton player - he's a young French player from Paris. He's been in the French under 21's and, so, has ambition to be a French international. That's what any young player with ambition would desire.

He signed for Wolves when in the Championship with hopes of returning to the top league. Now he's in the 3rd tier, he's got no chance of being considered for international appearances. Football careers are short and vulnerable to injury. So Sako has to move on to a club in the top tier or with realistic hopes of being so. Not in 2 years time but as ASAP!

We have to think outside of the 'Yam Yam' box and understand why, having two moves scuppered by his club's valuation, that he isn't able to perform at his best for his club in front of 1000's of critical fans. He's honest enough to let his manager know and the manager decides to leave him out until the transfer deadline closes.

Get real Wolves fans this is the everyday stuff of modern football. The Steve Bull days are long gone!

Spot the Looneys (above)

Read this most you posters above with your ranting and raving and ignorance. This post is bang on. Well spoken s of !


Spot on mate. Sako has not kicked up a fuss like Henri Camara did. He has gotten on with the job. Ok he was not in the right frame of mind yesterday. At least he told the manager instead of doing it during the game like Peterborough player who had to be subbed.


I read in the Sunday People today, that KJ is after Dundee United's exciting wide man Gary Mackay-Steven. Could he be a replacement for Sako. COME ON WOLVES.


Dear boss my heads not right can't come into work tomorrow boo hoo

Wolverhampton Wanderers - out of darkness cometh light

Sako, 2.5 Mill. take the money and let him go. We never know which Sako is going to turn up!! the weekends quote ' I am not in the right frame of mind' says it all. get him gone, even if we get 2.2mill we paid for him back!!!

Golden Wonder

I knew as soon as i read the team sheet and saw that Sako wasn't playing that it wasn't because of injury and later found out the reason.

Always said on here that i would prefer him to stay but if Forest or any other team can match what the club want for him then we move on.

I hope he stays professional if he can't get his move and doesn't become a pain in the neck as he will soon lose the fans backing for him.


Did any one see those two outrageous passes he tried to pull off against Crawley, and unnecessarily holding the ball up to do tricks when we were attacking with pace ( yes! I know who would have thought that after the last few years ). He was clearly show piecing himself for Sky TV. Disgusting. If I played for my beloved Wolves, or any other team for that matter I would give 100% without question. My head would constantly be right.

I have no axe to grind with Sako. He is just the behaving in the way any modern player would. I am very impressed with KJ. He is doing all the right things on and off the pitch. In KJ I trust!

I read earlier someone advocating the return of Hunt. Money aside, he would have been the first Wolves payer I would have kept after last season. I would have made him club captain just for his attitude. What a great role model for the youngsters and a future role after his retirement, which he didn't rule out.


I don't see the attraction we will be more than likely be mixing it with the likes of forest next season,if forest miss out they will have another manager who bako will have to convince stay with us and you Will have a premiership club interested..loads of ex players r now mixing it in the bigger clubs,lets face it forest is hardly a bit move..