Trialist Hogan Ephraim awaits Wolves verdict

Wolves will decide the future of QPR trialist Hogan Ephraim within 48 hours, it emerged today.

Hogan Ephraim

The 25-year-old Londoner, who is on the available list at Loftus Road, has been training with Wolves this week.

Head coach Kenny Jackett has watched the midfielder closely and is expected to make a final decision on the former West Ham graduate.

Kevin Thelwell, head of football development,  said: “Hogan has been training with us for a few days now.

“We will spend another couple of days having a look at him and then take a decision as to whether to sign him or not.

“He’s a wide player or attacking midfielder we have known about for a while and we wanted to have a close look at him.

“As for a fee, we haven’t got to a stage where we have discussed that yet.”

Having been capped by England at four age group levels up to and including under-19s and won a Championship title winner’s medal in 2010-11, Archway-born Ephraim has a good pedigree.

After signing for QPR from West Ham for a reported fee of £800,000 in 2007, he played in 28 games in Rangers’ race to the Premier League.

He has made a total of 142 League appearances, 108 of them for QPR.

Ephraim has also had loan spells at Colchester, Leeds, Charlton, Bristol City and last season, Toronto in the MLS.

Meanwhile, Wolves have dismissed speculation that they are chasing Roda JC left-winger Guus Hupperts, 21. Thelwell and Jackett made a flying visit to Holland recently but their target was not Hupperts.

“I’m aware of him but he’s not one we’re even discussing,” said Thelwell. “There’s nothing in that.”

Meanwhile, Jackett admitted he faces a selection dilemma ahead of Friday’s televised visit of Crawley.

New-boy Kevin McDonald is ready for his full debut but Jackett must balance that against changing a winning team.

“He’s ready to play but the other side of it is the same team has just won back-to-back games,” said Jackett.

Meanwhile, keeper Wayne Hennessey’s month-long loan  to Yeovil Town finally went through today after he  overcame an injury worry.

The 26-year-old will be at Yeovil until September 21.

He was set to join the Championship club last week but the deal was put on hold after he tweaked his hamstring while on international duty with Wales. He returned to Molineux for treatment.

Hennessey has not played a senior game since April 2012 because of cruciate ligament problems.

And Wolves’ Johnstone’s Paint Trophy tie against Walsall will be at Molineux on September 3 (7.45pm kick-off).

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Comments for: "Trialist Hogan Ephraim awaits Wolves verdict"


yes sign Hogan up better than nothing ?


"better than nothing" you really are a prized prat! so lets just spend some money has long as we get a player in! the mind boggles - wow!

psalm 23

Can't be signing someone without paying a fee, need to sign someone who costs "loads a money". This is not the wulfeeeeee way!


Come on here when you have scraped a point. A tough season ahead for Barca-loaner!

psalm 23


Ill informed retort as usual. There's an "e" in Barcelona. If your going to respond using humor please try to make it amusing!

Him 414

Psalm 23

Catalans call Barcelona Barca

We call West Bromwich Albion Tescos

Listen and learn.


Psalm 23.

There's a u in humour.

If you're going to respond try and spell things correctly.


Him 414

Do you mean read and learn? Only I can't hear anything?

The Court Jester

"He's better than nothing" whats the point of sticking someone on the wage bill who's"better than nothing"


I'm sure he is better than nothing but the point is he is no better than what we have. Why are we trying to send out Boukari on a season long loan and then trying to sign another winger who is clearly not that good. Baffles me

Chillo Wolf

Who is 'trying to sign him'?

He is a trialist. You bring them in, take a look at them and then make a decision.

If you read the article it says Wolves are still looking at him.



Wolves should sign me then. I'm better than nothing even though I'm 61.

We must only buy players that will improve the squad but this lad seems to have a very good pedigree and he's experienced. But is he better than what we have?

Jackett will know what to do.

Jackett to keep us warm this winter.

derby wolf

Its still the same as the last 3 years they have to do what Moxley says he has got the money


'Don't know what to think about him really.. he certainly doesn't seem to get many goals, and the fact that Toronto FC cancelled his loan last season points to be him being a bit ineffectual.

I still cant understand how in two years we have gone from having a superb set of wingers - Jarvis, Kightly, Hunt and Hammill to just Sako.. PLUS two years of parachute payments.. where the hell has all that money gone?

older gold

simple, Bad Management and chasing the dollars, to many clauses in contracts. if the day has y in it the player must be sold


I'm happy to put my faith in whatever Jacket is planning, but I have to say it does sadden me that Hammill was moved on. I don't know what went on there, but when he arrived he looked dynamite with Jarvis on the opposite flank and both of them comfortable switching sides... then suddenly he was dropped and barely ever heard of again.

There's been plenty of rumours flying around about his attitude and I even heard there'd been some training altercations involving him and other players. I suppose you'd have to assume something rum was going on behind the scenes and that's why he was inexplicably dropped and farmed out on loan a bunch of times before being released this summer.

A sad waste.


I'd heard similar things tbh especially about his conduct in night clubs etc. I guess we will never know.


where the hell hasall the mone gone? it's still there, ence the fact that we went after three players that chose to go to other clubs, also we have signed Ricketts & Mac + we are giving out new contracts to players, fans! just try leaving the running of the team/club to those that are qualified and do your job -support!


You are such a cheerful and happy little chappy John. Ricketts came on a free. "Mac" cost £250,000. That hardly accounts for where the money went - you prat, (to use your own terminilogy).


On the subject of qualifications JohnWolf I thing you have all the attributes of a superb lemming!!



Say no more


I see the village idiot is back.

Lobo Tommy

Indeed! Those running the club have been doing such a fantastic job these last few years.


I agree disgruntled however with financial fair play rules we are stuck. However who would you sign if you were looking there isn't an abundance of wingers out there really so its a case of getting a good youngster or an experienced cheap alternative either has to be effective...for me kennedy (everton) and ibe (Liverpool) however maybe forde and ismail really do deserve an extended period in the team.

Codsall Wolf (the real one)

It's not a case of spending 'all that money' on transfers, there are restrictions for total wage bill against % of income in this division, so until the likes of Johnson & O'Hara are unloaded off the books,don't expect any 'big' signings.

Doyle & Sako are big earners, so if they stay that will also prevent the Manager bringing in any new faces.

The club can have all the spare money in the world, but the Football League make the rules.

if Doyle and Sako do stay we won't need to to make any big signings ,


Bit harsh on Forde and Ismail.


'Sick Note' Hunt who is still unsigned in spite of being a free agent - Jarvis and Kightly, both Premier League failures - Hamill who? Good yes, superb, no.


Jarvis is nowhere near a Premiership failure. Downing and him will ensure that West Ham finish way clear of you lot!


That isnt a fact. QPR called him back to the club - his loan was not cancelled. by Toronto


I stand corrected then chap - let that be a lesson kids: don't quote Wikipedia!


where has all the money gone???

Are you for real?

So a football club costs only £5 to run??

Go back to the poorthorns you clown

wanderer in eire

What ever team you play make sure it is only your decision KJ and not influenced by Moxey or Morgan!!

So far so good I fully trust your judgement and so do majority of the Wolves fans......

Come on me Babeeeeees!!!

Great news if we can strengthen the squad. I wouldn't change the team around for Friday. KM will get his chance to shine, the rest kg the boys have worked hard to get back to back wins. Won't it deflate team spirit?

Hugh Johns

No Hupperts for Muppets ;)


Hang on a second.....25 and only 142 appearances?!?!? Seems a little low to me.


Sign him up on a 1 year deal and get him to prove his worth. As long as his wages are in line with a squad rotation player for League 1 then I can't see any problem with this one.. could be valuable in fight for promotion.

older gold

your the head coach KJ , don,t see a dilemma, Kevin Mc Donald is a Wolves player now and I,m hoping he will be happy to play when you say so! like wise our exiles should play if you tell them as you stated the other day. and until there sold they should be used, you would not own a expensive car and let it rot on the drive!!!!

hope they all see the light work hard for what they are offered and it may be to their advantage in the long run.

The m,s need to see sometimes you have to speculate to accumulate, if it costs but we get back first time WHAT COULD FILL the ground and coffers once more, waiting spending less who,s pockets would that fill


Playing players that don't want to play for the team can cost us games like giving pelanties away or missing goals getting red carded. rather play without them


I am sure Kevin will not mind coming on from off the bench, you cannot change a winning team, unless you are 100% certain he will make a winning difference. Otherwise wait for someone who is struggling, I am sure Kevin is professional enough to cope with this situation, when he gets on its up to him to grab is chance by doing a better job than the person he as replaced. Then everyones a winner. COME ON WOLVES.


Can McDonald break into the first team? To all the knockers out there (you know who you are) who said he'd never sign for us, sit up and take notice. McDonald signing for us from a promotion rival has set a precedent. We're not a deadbeat League One side. Hogan Ephraim? Never heard of him, but if he's been on KJ's radar for a while we could be onto something. What is apparent is that Ephraim actually WANTS to play for us, and only last season he was playing for a PL team. He's also been promoted from the Championship. Incidentally, Jamie O'Hara has done himself the power of good by playing in the Under 21s. He's at least shown he's fit and willing. If we can't sell him maybe he can yet redeem himself with Wolves as Doyle has done. The thought of O'Hara matching Doyle's form in the first team would make them more saleable in January and give us a few extra points on the board into the bargain.


I agree with you 1000%

Imagine Johnson, O'Hara fully motivated to play for us and achieving the form that we paid millions for.......

Imagine everyone saying bygones will be bygones.

Imagine us keeping Sako too. What a squad that would be. That would be a championship top six squad.

If only....


Cheap cheap


I believe Jarvis & Kightly were 'cheap' too & they weren't too bad as I recall...............idiot!

The Voice of Reason

I think KMac might have to wait a bit. Like Ken said we have a winning team and we can't really change it for the sake of changing it.

Ye Olde South Bank

Best leave the Ephraim question to Jackett. He's getting nearly everything right, so far.

As for the Crawley game, surely it's a no-brainer? It's common knowledge that you don't change a winning team unless there's very good reason to do so, and the signing of Kevin McDonald doesn't quite fall into that category (no offence intended, Kev). Those that have played have not let the club down and have surely earned another opportunity. Tangible reward for performances breeds trust and respect, especially where young kids are concerned.

Still, it's Kenny's call, and that's all that matters. UTW!

Chillo Wolf

We played really well first half against Bristol City and then started to lose the ball second half which gave the home team the impetus to get back into the game, which they did.

That may be the reason that Kenny is looking for.

But as you say, it's KJ's call


You don't change a winning team.......?

MMMMMMMMMMMM squad rotation is a bad thing?

You had better tell Alex Furguson that he was in the wrong over the last twenty years. Also tell Wenger and just about any top manager.....

The games about squads now. You pick the players to compete against the team in front of you. If Crawley midfield mis experienced and powerful and likely to over-run our kids then we pick McDonald.

Ye Olde South Bank

With respect, I didn't say squad rotation is a bad thing, nor did I even imply it. And yes, there are occasions when rotation is to be encouraged -I've no problem at all with it.

It's just that, at THIS particular moment in time, I believe our hastily-assembled, largely inexperienced, green horn team would probably benefit from a vote of confidence in the form of an unchanged side to show them that their efforts -and results- are being recognised. Of course, that's merely my opinion, just as yours is yours.

Ultimately, it makes no difference what either of us thinks because, as I said in my last sentence, it's Kenny's call and that's precisely how it should be. KJ gets my backing either way, as he alone is best suited to make such decisions, whereas you and I are obviously not.

I'm not interested in winning online debates. I'm only interested in one thing: having a successful, winning team, no matter how Kenny achieves that aim. I'm sure we'd both agree on that, at least. UTW.


Stop ya moanin. You're living in the past. KJ is trying to get things moving, he's had a decent start and this is where we are now, so start looking forward. Do you really think WWFC needs disgruntled fans right now. Pay your money and support them or stay in your armchairs watching Emmerdale. WE ARE WOLVES!


Should start KMc on bench again. Why change a winning team.


A lot of clubs seemed to have signed him, and then discarded him. At 25 years of age in should be in his prime, but it looks as though he's scratching around desperately looking for a club to have him. Does'nt sound very promising.

I'm more intrigued in who Jackett and Thelwell were were looking at in Holland. Two players to replace Sako and Doyle perhaps?

John De Wolf

No. Can do better. Have better.

I am at a loss to see what expertise Kevin Thelwell and his scouting network have brought to the table. What do they do every day? Surely they must have lots of targets? KJ seems to be choosing his own players anyway, so what does this scouting system do for us?

Codsallwolf (the false one)

Kenny Jackett to start with.


Whatever anybody thinks, we will not be able to steamroller teams over in this division. I would therefore suggest that McDonald will best be deployed in a 5 man midfield - a tactic that we will have to go with away from home, from time to time?

In terms of the trialist, he might be a useful addition to the SQUAD. No new signings are going to walk straight into the team and will have to be content with bench warming while the results are as they are!


Get Guus Hupperts in. Guus playing for Wolves, the "Golden Guus" headlines write themselves.




Guus ...Goose. Golden Goose. Well, I get it.




Change the's boring.




Should there have been a question mark after "READ THE WORDING" ?

Certainly a comma.

Pull your socks up, lad.


'Certainly a comma' is not a grammatically correct sentence I'm afraid.


Holy Moses! He's coming if KJ wants him. It's that simple. After the disastrous Roger Johnson signing 2 years ago, our motto should be 'sign in haste, repent at leisure'. Man U have signed only 1 player; there's nothing unusual about that. Let KJ take his time. We've spent more money than Arsenal so far in this window.

We need a centre half

We really need a better centre half to replace Stearman too he is no better than Berra and will ultimately cost us at least 15 points with his calamity defending when his brain goes into its usual shall I shall I not melt down


Yawn, yawn, give it a rest. Stearman has been playing well along side Batth, he made an 'error', as do all players, even the top international players! At this level at least, Stearman will do a good job.

Farenheit Man

Hogan Ephraim would be a decent signing. Being a close follower of MLS football he was always a bright spart in a poor Toronto side!! Very creative and maybe what we need if we lose Sako

Lewis Stroud Ave

Umm have a closer look over the next few days. I'm not sure on this one, surely if he was good enough as a long term prospect then would we not have made a decision sooner??

Reckon this one is just a worse case option if we are unable to get anyone else better and Sako departs.


Stroud avenue must be very boring with you living there....

Lewis Stroud Ave

Maybe so but with such a witty comment from yourself with no feedback as to why my statement is boring then maybe you and me should meet up?! I'm sure our conversations would run well into the night?!

P.S Great creativity shown with your name, you should get a job in marketing at the express and star!

Sir Billy Quiet

Is it true that Moxey also advises Arsenal on transfer policy?

see you next year

no, i think you'll find wengers adviser is names jeremy peace, the owner of an established premier league club too tight to part with 5 million

people forget about the 35 million mccarthy squandered,

that is why we are where we are.

exciting times at wolves at the moment so keep your cynical, brain dead comments to yourself


Your paragraphs should start with capital letters, as should the names Wenger, Jeremy Peace and McCarthy, Wolves.

Wengers needs an apostrophe.

It's a Premiership Club not a "premier league club".

Your 5 and 35 million both need the £ sign.

Your first and last paragraphs need full stops.

What does "wengers (sic) is names jeremy peace(sic)" actually mean?

I thank you.


When correcting grammar you should use grammatically correct sentences.


Arsenal keep investing in cannons for some reason, the thing is when you go through the club shop one faces you it's like spend or else, must say they are a loaded club.

Ronnie Allen

If he is no good at footy, perhaps we could get him working in the North Bank pie outlets. Another pair of hands up there would be very nice. Speed things up.

Joe 90

Ode for the week:-

On Friday we play Crawley Town,

Lets hope Wolves don't let us down,

Now for three wins on the trot,

to shoot us up to top spot,

And upon the others will look down

London wolv es loyal

I don't know why we let hunt go , he would have blitzed this league . Especially if Sako goes


lol lol lol lol lol@ Sir Billy Quiet. Quality arr kid


If we keep Doyle and Sako - if, and hopefully so - not to mention Boukari being still on the books then ....

Mr. Gs

Solbakken takes charge at FC Copenhagen today. Champions league. Last place in Danish league at mom.


Well spotted, Mr Gs. Well, I'm glad to see he's fixed up with his old club whatever went on between Wolves and him. I guess others know already that our old friend Eggert has got a contract at Belenenses in Portugal.

fox qpr

Hogans good

Economy Missives PLC

Sincere thanks for your exclusive, inside info.

It truly is an earth shattering revelation of epic proportions but, for my money, it's the sheer volume of content that really catches the eye.

One would imagine that many weeks of investigative journalism were involved in order to arrive at that profound conclusion?


We need a centre half, whoever you are, reading what KJ as said about Stearman, he seems happy enough with him. I also think Stears and Batth will become a very good partnership. KJ knows what he is doing and does not need us to tell him who to get rid of, remember this, KJ was managing Millwall in the championship last season and must have saw him play on loan at Ipswich he as had ample opportunity to send him back, I think he likes what he sees. COME ON WOLVES.


Clock is ticking on the transfer window shutting. Yet, I feel confident KJ will know the score on what to do as far as hustling for any new signings. Whoever he gets in I am sure his prudence will affect the right choices for Wolves. Plus, hoping there is no eleventh hour drama over both Sako and Doyle, respectively. Keeping both or at least one of these players will go a long ways to our hoped for promotion!



With all these midfielders on the books, we should try and keep them until at least Jan.

Consider what a midfield of:

Davis, McDonald, Sako and Razak, with Evans and O'Hara in waiting, would do to defences in this league. Also, with Doyle playing just behind Griffiths, it would appear impressive. Just need to replace Stearman and the team would not look so bad


Razak Boukari is as near to playing for Kenny Jackett as you are. Evans has shown he has every right to be in Wolves midfield and Stearman will be one of our players of the season.

Are you saying Wolves look bad? With your changes they won't look so bad?


This page is agony aunt stuff,you aint seen the man play,stop moaning and get on with it you should leave the moaning alone your all in a rut a 4 year rut so it must be hard to get out,you sound like your on about a Tipton Town player shows how your standards have dropped,support is a possitive word p3,w2,d1 is not so bad


Why are we not approaching stoke to re-sign kightly???


I loved Kightly but he soon dumped us, Have to think twice about that!

London wolves loyal

Fox q p r ... Thanks for your imput . Good luck this season


Will we pay his wages? We have already spent the princely sum of £250K this transfer window.


football gone mad how can the game be run fair real madrid owe millions to spanish gov. yet can pay 90 million for a player

Definitive Wolf

Couldn't agree more. Almost puts you off the game altogether.

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