Jamie O'Hara: My Wolves agony

Wolves midfielder Jamie O’Hara today revealed his “heartbreak” over his Molineux exile.

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The transfer-listed player called the Express & Star to put the record straight over his position at the club and to deny he had played in a behind-closed-doors game for Queens Park Rangers.

Rumours flooded the internet on Saturday claiming the £5million former Tottenham man was playing for Harry Redknapp’s side in a game against Leyton Orient.

O’Hara said: "I have had so many text messages and phone calls about it. The rumour that I was there on trial was not true – I was out with my kids at the time.

"Nothing has happened – I’m just training hard and keeping my head down.

"There are a few clubs interested but nothing has materialised, then this rumour about me playing for QPR came out of the blue.”

The 26-year-old then revealed his agony over not being able to play.

He believes he has been blamed by Wolves fans for the club’s double-dip relegation but accepts his part too.

He said: “It’s heartbreaking training all week and not being able to play on a Saturday."

Asked if he had been made a scapegoat, he added: “It seems that way but I can take it on the chin.

“A lot of things I’ve said have been misconstrued, such as people reading into it that I said I’m a Premier League player.

“I never said I wanted to leave Wolves, what I said was I would love to play in the Premier League again one day if I got the chance.

“It’s sad really but now, it seems, whatever I say is turned into a negative. The Wolves fans are frustrated by the performances on the pitch and what’s happened over the last two years.

“My performances weren’t good enough and I can understand the fans’ frustrations but to blame one player is probably a bit harsh.

“But these things happen in football. The club paid good money for me and they expected big things of me.

“In some games I didn’t play to the best of my ability and things didn’t go my way, but I always gave 100 per cent.”

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Comments for: "Jamie O'Hara: My Wolves agony"


Ah what a shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

North Bank 1962

a lot of rubbish spoken on this site - OHara has not been fit for a while -he cant be blamed for relegation. I know a lot of Spurs fans who rate him very highly. If fit and in form he could tear up Div 1 and The Championship with Wolves. I say keep him and pay him as we cannot do it with just kids!


Agree. I think KJ is doing good things with the club and looking like taking us in the right direction with a yong hungry squad. But, I still think Jamie O Hara could help us win promotion and rebuild his wolves carear. If the youngster start to struggle with injuries and form, Jamie could step up and make a positive contribution. The best way he could win the fans back would be to get us up. Maybe another goal like the one he scored at the Hawthornes could build some bridges!


Why keep a player who is and remains divisive? O'Hara is dreaming if he thinks he's good enough for the top. Why hasn't ANY Premier club come in for him? I would be very happy to see the back of him along with Johnson


You're the one speaking rubbish if your chums from Spurs rate him that highly why haven't Tottenham signed him?

He can never play for Wolves again and he played a very big part in the two relegations without a shadow of a doubt.

Northbank Oldie


Filthy Wolf

Follow up story:

Wolves Fans: Watching Jamie O'Hara IS Agony.

primhill wolverine

boohoo jamie. you sowed your own seeds. big fat contract, huge earner, pink bentley, no effort and no consideration for the low to middle income earners that pay for you and you wife's shallow and materialistic lifestyle. this is harsh but the straw for me was when you started applauded the fans as you were getting subsituted and we were going down (AGAIN). you've done nothing noteworthy at any club you've been at - why should you earn 20,30,40 50k per week. you want the fans approval - earn it - go and do some voluntary community work, not just an afternoon.


Let's talk hypothetically with this scenario : you get offered a new job to which will get triple your current salary for less hours.

Would you turn it down? Who cares about the social class wage structure?

Clean Slate

Considering there has been no bids due to the lack of interest in Jamie O’Hara I cannot see the logic in keeping him away from the first team.

Pre-season is about mixing things up, getting players fit and trying new players just as KJ has done, however telling the likes of Doumbia that they are last choice in the midfield department and giving both Doumbia and O'hara little or no playing time is rather morale breaking and pointless. Come the start of the season Johnson, Doumbia and O'hara are STILL likely to be on the books and needed.

In addition Perhaps KJ needs reminding that both Johnson and O'hara have performed to a decent standard in the Premier League , with both players once been on the verges of earning England caps. Albeit their performances for Wolves have been disappointing and woeful, however at some point they have both been 'quality' players.Therefore how much of their plight/ form is down to bad man management and tatics and ? Johnson was a model pro at both Watford, and B'ham, O'hara player of the season at Portsmouth!

Perhaps rather than ostracising these players KJ can galvanise these players and use them to spear head us back into the Championships.

Just as important these players are unwanted,their careers are bobming and it must look embarrassing that a league 2 side does not want them, yes THESE PLAYERS OWE US and they NEED TO PERFORM!

Whatever the outcome UTW


I agree totally - one minute KJ is saying stuff like 'until they go, they are wolves players'... and the next he is saying 'you are surplus to requirements and won't be playing regardless'!!!

A word to the 'wise'... if you don't play them, there will be no offers for them. Or are you hoping to dishearten surplus players so much that they will choose to leave by mutual consent? ...that's a little underhanded don't you think?

But then what do us fans really know these days? ...we're Jamie's comments about being a PL player taken out of context? ...or did it happen as he says above? ...its funny how its all the highest earning players that want to leave isnt it? ...or are they being pushed?

I don't know, and frankly haven't the energy to decide what are the truths from the lies leaving the Mol these days.

Vaguely Noodle

Jamie is the only one of the famous four who I would consider bringing back to the squad.When he signed for us I,m sure that none of the fans were against him and he was welcomed with open arms.When you remember that Jamie was one of a midfield of four/five players with the remainder being of a very poor quality,I find it very difficult to understand why so much blame should be heaped on him.I think that the deciion to get rid of Jamie is purely financial and I would be the first acknowledge that in this league we cannot afford him but that doesn,t mean he,s become a bad player.Unlike Karl Henry who I think could never play football I wish Jamie all the best for the future and hope he finds a new club soon.Always remember WE ARE THE WOLVES>

Chase Terrace Wolf

We need experience i am all for giving the kids a run but i think we have gone too far and it will backfire on Saturday i am afraid i predict a big loss. As for 4000 fans travelling i won't be one of them as it has to be a 2 way thing between the club and the fans which at the moment it's not.

We are a penny pinching club we won't get promoted with a team of kids we need to spend on experienced players to help the kids as when they start to get hammered the confidence will go and don't have any plan b. God help us.


If your going to stick up for Roger Johnson at least get the clubs he has played for correct.


Q.How to explain why a team from the Premier League played so badly in the championship:A. Problems in the dressing room. New manager comes in, 4 senior players straight on the transfer list... I think he's well and truly burned his bridges at Wolves; for me it was when he got needlessly sent off, straight red with 4 games to go. Unforgivable from a so called senior pro. Out of the 4 players on the list, he is the one that pisses me off the most, because he has the most potential to do better - just couldn't be arsed....

wot no legs

I cannot remember a game he played in last year where he was fit or tried

Mind you in" Hollywood" everything is possible the Americans found the enigma machine etc

Perhaps he got to the match and was turned away like rubber dingy


Why do that interview on Talk Sport?

To put yourself in the shop window and send out a clear message that you want out, hardly likely to endear yourself to fans or management..

Puzzled as to how you imply you were misquoted, it was a radio interview!

Jamie, you are one of several players to have been frozen out not a one off individual so hardly scapegoating.

We want you out more than you do.

At least thats something you can empathise with the fans on, which during your petulant time here would be a first.


On the question of wanting out? what's wrong with that? so did Fletch - who said he would "never" play for the first team again, so did Jarvo and kites but were they treated like JO?

Players get a lot of stick off fans, some of it very cruel and vile, but to have their families have the same treatment! just shows how low some fans will get.

Jamie had more than his share - so my message to fans who dish it out! is man up and expect it back!


What are you on about John? Kites, Jarvo and Fletch all put 110% in for the club, find a source that says any of them said they'd never play for us again! Clueless.

Jamie, I listened to the talk sport interview live and couldn't believe how deluded and arrogant you truly are. You're nowhere near premier league standard judging from the last 2 years, closing to blue square premier. Maybe if you were the kind to knuckle down I wouldn't assume you have done this to lie your way back into the spotlight to give yourself a platform for a move. Just buy out your contract if you're that desperate to go.


It's Ohara who should man up and clear off - he's a clapped out nearly has been with a big gob that he can't keep shut.

His missus must of ordered him to ring the E&S as she know's it won't be long before he's a nobody just like you



We fans really dont get it do we?

Its always someone else's fault .

Eventually wolves will be looking to sign players of JOH calibre agian, before repeating the same Blame Culture, and getting them out of the club

Aspirations need to be lowered.

Prediction:-This season after the fall-out, a just below playoffs ending will be a good finish ON the pitch, (still a disaster financially)



Perhaps do no wrong have your cake and eat it players should "lower their aspirations" too?


Boo hoo.

Gave it your all? Mr O'hara there is 1 thing wolves fans never boo and that is a giving 100% in a gold shirt. why do u think we all love big george? He may be lacking in talent but he try's, he gives his all for the Wolves, and we love him for it.

Your a big time charlie and we dont need or want you at our club.

You had your chance


Thats is a load of piffle, Stephen Ward only gave 100% and he is hated.


Yes he's also a better left back than George, could also play left midfield or as a striker. Just make him earn his money.

This player has suffered from the fact that he would play anywhere for this team. People don't seem to like versatile players these days. If these players stay then make them earn their corn because we still have to pay them playing or not.

Bucks Wolf

KJ'S seems to like Foley as a versatile player though..

Stato's Boring Brother

A true Wolves fan doesn't boo ANY Wolves player. Booing is negative and affects the player's confidence and merely helps the opposition.

If you want to moan about players, do it on the pub after the match or coach coming home from an away match.

Moxey's Right Nut

Absolutely 100%.

I agree with Stourwolf too, Stephen Ward has got hell from our supporters and yet he has always responded with a never die attitude.

As a club we acknowledge that we have to change, everyone, including the supporters.

We have the potential to be a premiership club again, but firstly we have to get back to being the equivalent of Leeds, Forest, Ipswich, Birmingham CIty, Blackburn, Bolton, Derby, Leicester Middlesborough, some of whom have spent more years in the premiership and arguably have a bigger fan base: two of which definitely have as their stadiums and average crowds are higher than ours.

When we were promoted we all took the credit, where we find ourselves today is not solely down to the board and a few players. We are a football club and as a club we band together. - the good with the bad.

My only comment regarding being misquoted though,is I heard what was said on Talk sport and I thing Jamie you need to eat some humble pie.

C'mon you wolves.


Booing players remains an important part of Wolves' culture. We've done it for years, and I for one am proud of it.

Woodley Wolf

Are you JIWAL in disguise?


Spot on, been our downfall for sometime now and a great weapon for any opposition

Blue n White & all things nice

Andy Keogh?


Totally agree with Stourwolf. I am no great fan of Ward but he tried so to say we don't get on the back of triers is way off.

Harrow Wolf

I was at the Brighton game & I think your behaviour was disgraceful towards the fans & I think thats why supporters have turned against you. You have also made a number of silly comments on twitter over the last few years which haven't helped. When you played for us on loan you looked a really good player but once the contract was signed you looked a different player. I wish you all the best in finding a new club & hope you can get back to the form you showed us in the beginning but you need to have a better understanding of supporters needs.

Italia Wolf

Hear hear Harrow!! totally agree and my post below reflects this just worded differently...well said


I said this months ago that Jamie was misconstrued, he said exactly that - he "thought" he was good enough for the premiership, but once again it was twisted around and "our" so called fans jumped all over him like a rash + the media puppets had something to get their teeth into.

As for the Brighton game I believe he was agreeing with the fans, but once again they turned on him - just like the cowards that had a go at him outsde the ground while he had his son in his arms - what big brave people they are!!! and the vile comments towards his wife calling her every name under the son, again while she had her young sons with her - if I was Jamie I would stick two fingers up to these low life and get out A.S.A.P.

Thankfully not all Wolves fans are like this, but those who are, know who they are and were they stand sorry sit? we heard it on Saturday in the Stan Cullis (the home end), they think? they are the only ones who support the club and are better than the rest of us, instead of the little bigoted, vile thugs that they actually are.

Can anyone really blame him for his actions when treated like this, just like other players in the past - Bully, Richards, Doog, Downing, etc,etc, is it little wonder they react - wouldn't you!


Thanks Danielle!!!


I should save your breath mate. The bloke obviously wasn’t fit when he came back in the premiership, but did his best. In return all he got was abuse, which was also aimed at his wife, even though she has nothing to do with his, or the teams, performance (what’s that all about?). Same again last season. As anyone who has played professional sport knows there’s a big difference between giving 100% when you’re 100% fit and giving 100% when your not, but most people on here don’t want to know about that. As for his wages, people slag off the club for being mean and then moan that players like O’Hara are overpaid, you can’t have it both ways. If we had failed to sign him in the Premier league because we wouldn’t pay his wages everyone would have gone mad. Now people are unhappy because he didn’t have a double relegation clause in his contract. What player in their right mind would agree to that? The fans started the stuff about his wages at Brighton, how should have he reacted?


In answer to your last question, like a privileged extremely well paid professional not a spoilt child.


yet again more name calling by the blind man and its dog, if you are paying your money to go and watch these so called super stars, you have every right to boo them if they are not performing. If you payed to go to the theater or a concert and it was crap what are you going to do CLAP? henry, ward ,hunt ,berra, gorkis o'hara and several other players wearing the Wolves shirt have well under performed for the last two seasons, so the fans have every right to vent their opinion.


How would you feel if you saw your own sons promising career stopped in its track by injury? What you say if you’d watched them giving 100% day in, day out, trying to get fit and seen them breakdown over and over again? Would you be happy to stand in the crowd and listen to people slagging them off and abusing them, if when they finally returned to something like full fitness, they were not as quick or skilful as they were before? Would you like your daughter-in-law to be spat at and vilified, because you son was not the player he once was?


f you payed to go to the theater or a concert and it was crap would you abuse the actors wives / girlfriends? In what way do you think that would help improve their next performance?


I've been to the theatre, and concerts and regularly go to the cinema..... I've never heard any sort of booing or verbal abuse!

You have no right to verbally abuse anyone "if you pay your money"; if you don't get what you want, do what you would do in any other situation.... vote with your feet and keep your money in your pocket.

You are one of the dim section of local society who feels obliged to attend Wolves matches because you always have/your family do/whatever. You feel it is your birthright or something and hence cannot walk away when you are frustrated..... so instead you ruin everybody else's day by yelling your discontent at the top of your voice. If you were at any other place other than a football match you would be kicked out by security, and rightly so!

It's a wags life

The Brighton game was the dial nail in the coffin which somehow he managed to hammer in himself.

The majority of Wolves fans don't want him.

Let Ceasar decide.


If that was giving 100% I am now called van moss man. GO ASAP PLEASE


SShhhh...listen closely, did you hear my heart rip???


Dear O'Hara

There were games when you did not even break sweat, so much for 100%


I personally think that Jamie was rushed back and was playing unfit which showed in the performances. This culminated in frustration and ultimately his sending off.

I think the media have been unfair bending every word he says. What player wouldn't like to play in the premier again? I remember reading the article n question and thinking, when does he say he thinks he is a premier league player?

I think to exile him like this is a witch hunt beyond all recognition of what is decent and this is simply to appease certain fans.

I'm not saying Ohara doesn't have to take some blame, of course he does, but I don't believe he deserves this level of punishment.

And, before people start shouting about his wages, he doesn't decide this, the club do and if they are willing to pay it why wouldn't he take it?

Give the bloke a break, he is actually a decent chap and with a bit of support could do a fantastic job for us.

If not and he moves on, I personally wish him all the best....


I agree. He was played a lot of the time unfit. Not his fault. He took his frustration out on the fans. That was his fault. My advice to him would be lose some weight, get a proper haircut, keep your mouth shut and move on. Form is temporary, class is permanent. Prove us wrong.


Thank You Lincolnwolf, I also read the report and at no time did he mention that he was a premiership player, the problem is that certain fans from a certain area in the ground have got their teeth into him and the rest follow!

A lot are young kids who follow the bigger kids? has I have said before when a player gets abused like he has inside and outside the ground and also his pregnant wife gets called xyz, well can anyone wonder why he reacts.

I believe like you he came back to soon, and that he would do a good job for us in this league, that said (I am really going to upset some now), I also believe that Johnson and Wardy would do well for us in this league has would Henry if he had stayed, ok the numpties will be all over me like a rash - but it's not about the fans and who they like or hate, it's about WWFC and whats best for the club, the Manager has made his decision and I respect him for it, but I still think those players transfer listed would still done a good job for us - and remember this!there were more than four players who took us down! some are still playing in the team today?

We are Wolves.................Onwards and upwards.

steve hill

can someone explain why o hara got stick for applauding the fans @ brighton?? Did they think he was being ironic?? Players dont have a huge range of options to show appreciation..on the pitch..it seems to me he was just sayin "thanks for your support" he would already have felt embarrasse and humiliated by the relegation..and yes he wasnt fully fit and was rushe back..he had an ongoing SERIOUS injury..



Change the record dude it's getting very very tiresome now.


Weirdly I've got to agree with you, he's been another injury nightmare and hasn't played as many games as I would have liked, Plus sorry to go back to this but if I was chased by a bunch of fans whilst I has my kids I wouldn't have any respect for them either. I know it was only a minority but it was wolves fans all the same. Put yourself in his shoes on that situation and tell me if you'd want to put effort in for the club after that, makes it worse if you don't support the team, I'd want everything I'm owed for next to nothing too

Kernow Wolf

Agree with you my friend. Easy to single out individuals as targets when things are going wrong. JO'H didn't get Wolves relegated on his own. Disgraceful treatment of a talented player.

cameo wolf

I agree in principle. Certain Wolves fans have vilified him because he says what he thinks and he's obviously a player that needs to be loved. I don't think he's for us though, even if he took a pay cut and KJ changed his mind. I remember playing Spurs at home season before last and the Spurs fans gave him grief but he just went missing in the game - we want players that get inspiration from that kind of abuse not go crying to their mums. Anyway, it's sad because he's a very talented player on his day, probably the best I've seen down Wolves since Robbie Keane!


Well said Lincs....couldnt have put it better myself.


I agree with every word. In my opinion the treatment this man has received from a section of the fan-base has been appalling, as have numerous comments directed at his wife.


Well said Lincolnwolf. Jamie was a very good player. I too think he was rushed back too early. I also think to an extent he did play a part in our demise. I for one wish him well. Would have loved him to stay and show a true fight. Good luck Jamie where ever you may end up.


Agree - he did play when he was unfit and that says something about the guy having a heart and being able and willing to work hard for the team - unfortunately that makes the Brighton effort all the more difficult for the fans to accept. I suspect there was a "core" of senior players who threw the towel in with quite a few a games still to play last year knowing their jobs and wages were "safe" - Jackett's decision to freeze out the senior players he did must have come with some "advice" from Thelwell and Jez as he certainly didn't have time to form opinions himself - I think the decisions have been sound and we will be a better club as a result of the serious pruning of the diseased dead wood - UTW!


Ohara is in agony,but I'm sure those holidays that you can afford brought buy that lucrative contract helps to ease the pain..Mr Ohara I'm sure the wolves fans would love to go away,to for get the rubbish they have had to endure the couple of seasons,but the season tickets have to be paid for,so that players can benefit.

Gmaater france

Well jamie hope you can covince your new employers cause you never convinced me


just go I hope the next thing we read in the e&s that you are sold

Neill Walker

You can't say “In some games I didn’t play to the best of my ability and things didn’t go my way, but I always gave 100 per cent.” You either played to the bests of your ability or you did not, if not then you did not give 100%.

It's statements like this that have lead to O'Hara having the blam loaded on to him, the fact he is no longer required would also appear that the club feels the same way as the fans.

Good luck with finding a new place to play, but don't insult the fans wherever you end up!

Fozzy Bear


How long have you been watching or playing sport. Football, tennis, cricket, rugby, darts, skittles, bar football, Subbuteo ?

A player should always give 100%. No argument. There are often times when that player is fully realising his ability and enjoyingba purple patch but on the other side of the coin there are times when he is off form and not playing to the best of his ability.

Not only in sporting terms, it happens to all of us in everyday life.


100% is the bare minimum. I personally like players to give 130%.


It is impossible to give more than 100%

chris h

Archy, You forgot the agent's 30%


I always give 100% when I am playing golf but often do not play to my potential. it is possible, I unfortunately do it too often!


I have a very small bit of sympathy for O'Hara, in that the hernia operations he has had have probably damaged the rest of his career. I have had one hernia operation and it has an impact on my daily non-football life quite often, so three have taken it's toll on him. Right, sympathy over. The rest of this article and him contacting the E&S is his realisation that nobody wants him. He is in limbo and will be a forgotten man. His wag will not like that, which is why he DID say he thinks he is a premiership player. Buy yourself out of your contract Jamie if football means that much to you.

On a final note, there have been some players in the past who have taken some pretty disgusting and unfair stick by some Wolves fans. Yet they never once complained about it, they just got their heads down as the professionals they were.

kenny hibbitt scorcher 77

it is a bit harsh to blame one player jamie, so it makes sense to blame most of the players, the two m's, and some of the so called supporters.

but it is time to move on. utw


I can hardly type this because of the tears in my eyes...not. You admit you didn't always play to 100% but you always collected 100% of your huge salary. Wolves fans love a genuine trier and despise a genuine faker, guess which catagory we put you in? Put the lights out when you leave your home.

Mountain Wolf

Yes.......and the fans always paid 100% of the ticket price to watch you not always, "play to the best of my ability". Granted you were not the only under-performer but that doesn't make it all right so shut up and man up.

Western Isles Scot Wolf

Sorry son, but you are just not good enough. It is as simple as that.

Rich LS


Are you being serious Jamie. Under performances and taking liberties come to mind. Wolves are faithful and would of stood by you, but sweeping statements about your ability and inciting behaviour by heckling fans on your pay cheques do nothing to win fans over.

Cap in hand go and ask for forgiveness, but lets be honest you expected the flood gates to open with job offers, none have materalised so your back peddling.

could be worse, your still getting paid arent you?

Sir Lupi

He has been made a scapegoat along with Roger Johnson.

For me the blame for the last two seasons began with the sacking of Mick, not the players. Mick should of either stayed or rightfully sacked at the end of the Blackburn game.

Jamie has a good heart and is an easy target, yes he should stay off twitter, which he has done now and yes he suffered with a hernia problem resulting in poor performances.

He was the real deal when he arrived, so why shouldn't he believe in himself.

The carnival that was consecutive relegations is now over. Its best he joins another club and moves on.

We should all move on.

Silver Wolf

End of the Blackburn game! I couldn't believe he wasn't sacked immediately the last sigh of relief had left the stadium.

But, I truly believe the rot had set in and no one, neither Mick nor anyone else, could have saved that team - there were too many rotten apples in the barrel.


Is he including the Huddersfield surrender in this 100% effort statement?

In a way I do feel sorry for him as he has clearly not been fit and was a shadow of the player we signed, but he needs to go. Hopefully someone might believe he is worth taking a chance on.

latvian wolf

Quote: I always gave 100% !!

Don't make me laugh you numpty!!

You are one of the worst ever players to have wore the Wolves shirt

along with your pals Johnson and Henry.

The sooner you are gone from our great club the better, I'm so glad that we now have a manager

with some balls about him, at least you won't be able to poison the youngsters!!!

Just do all us loyal Wolves fans a favour and GO A.S.A.P.

Farmer Ted

Latvian, Why do people like you use that throw away line "worst player to put a Wolves shirt on"? In 99.9% of the time it is just not true. Lets take O'Hara as an example. He was a promising talent for Spurs, he was man of the season voted by the Pompey supporters and he was outstanding for Wolves when on loan.

He then got injured and had two attempts at coming back from the operations. Dean Saunders, like the rest of us, must have seen he wasn't fit, he could hardly put a run together and should NEVER have been playing. He's part of the squad that has embarrassed us all and therefore will never be forgiven by a section of Wolves fans.

On the downside, he and his missus think he's a lot better than he is, he has allegedly made silly remarks about himself and Wolves and he treated fans with contempt that were treating him with contempt. He should have risen above it like other Wolves players past and present have had to.

Fully fit he is the best creative midfielder on our books (with due respect to the burgeoning talent we now have to rely on.) For you to say he is one of the worst ever players to wear a Wolves shirt shows your ignorance....and especially from someone who says he's been watching Wolves since the Cullis years.

Finally this is a board decision to move him on because of the £20 million wage bill he is part of. KJ is carrying out his part of the agreement he made when he took the job.


Brill post, could not have put it better myself

Best for all concerned he moves on providing some club wants him with his wages and phishing injury history.

Question is what if no club comes in ?

Filtonwolf (Bristol)

Very well said Farmer Ted.

Pig Sty

Says the anti youth man...

John James

Well said, there are too many so-called fans like Latvian Wolf who press send before they check the complete drivel they write. Things have wrong for both O'Hara and Wolves, in both cases a lot f it has been self inflicted.

To say "he is one of the worst players to have wore the

Wolves shirt" (sic) has just made Latvian look a complete fool.

O'Hara was great at pompey

This guy was brilliant when playing at Pompey; almost in the England squad.

I can see a situation developing, where other teams cannot afford to take on his wages.

No doubt that on his day he can be brilliant.

With Evans, Davis and co to do all the running could we make use of this level of quality in CM.

He does create and can score.

If they could sort something with his wages - could Kenny put his arm around him and let him run the show.

Lets move on all we want is these kids to develop and his quality would help.

Phil Smith

Totally agree.

Stubbornness and being pig headed never got anyone anywhere.

Example : Leigh Griffiths. Ask yourself if we would have gone down if we'd brought him back when we should have done? Maybe, but maybe not!!!

Aldridge Wolf

This is a fair point and one I hadn't considered before.

Although I think its highly unlikely that sould something be done on the wages, it would certainly regain some favour in the Wolves fans eyes if O'Hara came out and said he'd take a cut. He has to be realistic, his fitness has to be proved and the because of the toll the injuries have taken, his ability has to be re-proven too.

Maybe its time for you to put your money when your mouth is Jamie and build a few bridges instead of talking to the media all of the time.


Jamie, the fans haven't just blamed you. You're one of several players who have underperformed in the club's hour of need. You know who the others are. I was at the Brighton match on the last day of the season and you were very poor. It looked like you weren't really trying. For God's sake, the least the fans expected was a barnstorming last match even if we were doomed. You also got yourself sent off unnecessarily in another match. It looked like you wanted a ban. You may be on great wages but you have ruined your reputation. Get another club, get your head down and try to rehabilitate yourself. That's your only chance of getting anywhere near the Premier League again. Wolves will not miss you.

Disenchanted of Willenhall

I don't think the fans have blamed one player - rather O'Hara was just one of a thoroughly bad bunch. As for always giving 100% isn't that the very least that should be expected. Give any fan a chance to play for their beloved Wolves and they would run until they drop - which in my case would be about 30 seconds. Surely at 40k a week - and playing in the Championship - a little bit of skill/invention should not be too much to ask.

Mensa Wolves

The lad has a point, here is what the E&S quoted him as saying:


What probably threw most people was the sensationalist headline: "O'HARA: I'M A PREMIER LEAGUE PLAYER"

Even if you bother to read the story (admit it, most don't bother) the indignation felt from what sounds like a priviliged player's boast would skew your opinion into seeing it negatively.

Read in the cold light of day it was a sensible answer about his potential future. If your company went bust would you be applying for jobs at a similar level to the one you've been performing at? Or for ones several rungs below?

Mensa Wolves

For some reason the quote didn't appear in the message above, here it is below:

Asked if he will be wearing a Wolves shirt next season, O’Hara said: “I’m not sure. It’s always been an honour for me to play for Wolves.

"I have had some fantastic times and really good periods, but last season didn’t go well and I had a bad injury.

“I have played in the Premier League for five years so I think I’ve got the ability to play there.

“I’m back fit now and to be honest, we’ll have to see what happens.

“The Premier League is the place to be. Every team competes in there and hopefully one day I’ll get back there.”


Oh Bless, I am filling up


Taxi for O'Hara

Ady Bournemouth

Ermmm we not blaming 1 player Jamie, We blame most of the team & the management from the top. yet again ur talking rubbish & trying a pr stunt to make yourself look good! You have not helped your relationship with us fans by calling us embarrassing, hand signals & walking off the pitch at Brighton the way you did!

Disrespect the people paying your wages & that's what you get, get over it...


Ady just a point? Jamie DID NOT call the fans embarrassing in the first interview in the paper, he said that it had been embarrassing for the team/club over the last two seasons and that the "fans" deserved better, he also went on to say that they have stuck by us! I won't bother to go on about the rest because like the rest - you have made up your mind! like the rest you hate him, Johnson, Henry, Wardy etc,etc, what is mose important is not what you or the rest want, it's WHAT'S BEST FOR WWFC!

Has far as I am concerned we could have a culture of all moaning, drinking, smoking players out there, but if they played for the club and took us to were we all want to be - who cares!

Wednesfield wolf

Its a bit late for apologies Jamie. You should have thought of the consequences of your inappropriate tweets, why have you waited till now??, simple answer is no one wants YOU.

Bearwood Wolf

Jog on Hollywood !


Jamie, you could have done a job at Wolves, I believe there was no turning back the day the fans had a go at you outside the ground.............That was totally unacceptable coming from fans..............All the best to you & your family


"The fans" didn't have a go at him about four mindless morons did, that incident is being exaggerated for effect. I have not seen O'Hara complain of it since either, just fans trying to prove a dodgy point.

Wim A Laughing Stock

Happy to still be picking up his £40,000 a week wage packet though


And,according to Mel Eves is due a £6 mill pay-off from Wolves to get rid.


And good luck to him picking up the wages, whatever the amount, it's what his contract of employment entitles him to. Same goes for the other exiles. It's a contract, not a payment that can be witheld just because someone falls out of favour. The amount he is paid is a matter for the club alone, nothing to do with the fans no matter how envious.

I am really disillusioned by the small minded, mean-spirited comments on here, they reek of little more than jealousy and spite. If you want to take issue with wages and contract lengths then pick your fight with Moxey, he's supposed to be the financial and legal genius.


Spot on, fans are jealous that Jamie has a beautiful wife and earns a fortune.

Wolves fans have treated Jamie appallingly. His wife must think Wolves fans are the lowest of the low, which many would argue they are.

No wonder Jamie hasn't been motivated to play well.

So if you was offered £40000 a week and a 5 year contract you would turn it down..!!!! It's not O'haras fault that he was offered that contract, the blame goes down to Moxey and Mcarthy...


He is right, he is not the only one to blame. It starts off with the lack of spend - instigated by Morgan and Moxey - in our last season in the Premiership. To think that signing a reserve keeper, a centre half and a midfielder that we had previously had on loan for a total of £9.5m - shows naiveity and contempt to the mainly loyal fans. Then they had the chance to spend in the January window and spent £600k on Eggert Jonnson and loaned Frimpong and Bassong. How aloof can you be? Then we sacked Mad Mick - the timing was ridiculous - and replaced him with a novice, Top Cat! Relegated... we sold our three star players,we bought a European manager in and players and went with a foreign coaching philosophy and then never backed the manager, when the established players like Henry and Ward started whingeing about tactics. To cap it all we then brought in a novice and clown like Saunders!

The blame for the fiasco lies with Morgan, Moxey, Mad Mick, TC, Saunders, Henry, Johnson, O'Hara, Ward, Foley and to a much lesser extent Ebanks-Blake.

Anyway onwards and upwards. All roads lead to Preston with Kenny Jackett's fresh, young charges.


Gopod summary

This claim by Morgan that we were amongst the top spenders in the PL is nothing short of lies especialaly when you use the net spend figures; we also ran on an inflexible wages policy which stopped Mick being able to attract his top targets and yes he should have been sacked after Survival Sunday or well before the following Christmas but by the time he was it was too late, no one of any qualty would take the job on and the appointment of Connor was just the cheapskate option. The dressing room cabale was then allowed to dictate the dismissal of Stale and by the time Saunders arrived they had already given up.

And still the same policies are being pursued, so no lessons have been learnt from successive relegations. Fourth division here we come again.

Bring back the Bhattis and the Doc!


Don't worry we now have kids, deemed to not be good enough last year, who, all of a sudden are better than you. Unlike most of teh sheep, I am fully aware for your exile, its just Moxey and Morgan ensuring our demise continues. I hope you keep yourself fit because you will be back in the team within 6 weeks after the kids are run ragged in this Division. How anyone believes that this massacred squad is good enough is beynd me. KJ, you are playing a dangerous game here, I thought you would come in and stand up to Moxey, but as someone else as said, it's just Tommy Doc all over again

Jack ♣ Hat.


The sole reason for those players being ostracised is, they have become too expensive to keep. If it were for football reasons alone, then all of last seasons squad should be ostracised, agree?.


trust you to have a conversation with one of the most negative posters on OUR page.

now off you go back to the tesco page, sunshine.

there's a good boy.

Shifnal Wolf

All Morgan and Moxey want is a manager who does not rock the boat, and doesnt ask for any money for players. While Morgan is the owner of this club we will never attract a decent manager.

Tom Wolf

I cannot believe your level of negativity! Writing off the 'kids' who clearly have ability, not to mention commitment and desire, which was severely lacking last year.

Give them a chance and give KJ a chance, its clear that we wont be signing many more, if any, players so lets back the squad and see what happens!


Usual boring negative know-all nonsense from the self-appointed Chief Whinger - 6 weeks - so that will be middle of September right? I'll re-post this comment then and send you some salt and pepper as you'll need it when you eat your hat old chap! (academic anyway as JOH will be long gone by then...) UTW


Jiwal, you don't get it. O'Hara will never play for Wolves' first team again. It's not about ability and class, he has these things. His problem is attitude. There may be things that will never come out but the Gang of Four were isolated for a reason. If you have rotten apples in a barrel you have to get rid of them before others are infected. Many good players have attitude problems. You'll eat your words about the youngsters come Christmas. Some 'fans' on this site seem to want Wolves to fail. Good support is almost worth an extra player on the pitch. You only have to go to Man U and Chelsea to understand that.

Very Old Gold

The kids are a year older this year. Some of them have already done well at this level. I will wait and see, we are in for an interesting few months.

Marc Nobbs

My heart bleeds. How difficult it must be to train all week then not play on a Saturday BUT STILL TAKE HOME A MASSIVE PAY CHEQUE!

Oh, and we're not blaming one player. We're blaming all of them. Well, most of them. Well, at least three - one of whom has now gone.


"Asked if he had been made a scapegoat, he added: “It seems that way but I can take it on the chin""

And yet here he is moaning about being treated unfairly. He has been made no more of a scapegoat than any of the other failures who played us into the third division.

It never ceases to amaze me with footballers. If things are going well they can't wait to take the credit and the praise, but when they play so badly the team gets relegated not once but twice they complain about being treated harshly.


If Jamie wants to apply himself and make a difference to this team, I would welcome him back into the fold because when he's at his best he can be dynamite. The problem is, as soon as he signed his permanent deal, he's been more Dyno-Rod than dynamite and, perhaps sadly for him, has epitomised Wolves slump from the Premier League to League One.

He's a great player, but if he's not embracing the fresh start for the Club like everybody else is then it's better he departs.


Not sure what you are talking about. The coach says he will not play for the team.


ok Ohara all could be forgiven however your reponses to fans at Brighton last season didn't help your cause as for your football yes players have bad days but you didn't turn up for most of last seaon. you haven't been made a scape goat so get over yourself you take the wage so all anybody asks is you you play the football your worth and stop crying I wont even go into the red card incident with 3 games left? just get a grip its the clubs perogative to sell you because you underachieved I personally think your a disruptive player seeking attention for the wrong reasons fans have pay for the right to criticise if a player is consistently bad you should achknowledge this and strive to do better infact you do completley the opposite and moan your not Ronaldo

Italia Wolf

Sorry Jamie but you flattered to deceive when you first came and you didn't give 100% at all cos at times when you were meant to be tracking back you couldn't have run any slower!

Plus the tomes when you were bad bantering the fans on the pitch? that doesn't mean you were giving 100% either I'm sorry.

Probably best find another club mate.

truth hurts kid

It wasn't just u under performing you just played a good part!!! Non so bad as rubber johnson!!! Over paid under achieving Waste men. Do 1 ya mugs!!!



If O'Hara was to blame for everything that went wrong what happened in the 26 games when he didn't play?


You are not supposed to ask difficult questions like that. How unfair of you to use facts to confuse the audience. How can the vindictive and vicious posters answer it? Crikey, they'll have to find another scapegoat.

Harl Kenry

That's a Top Chirp as we say in Shepherds Bush!


As a regular vindictive and vicious poster are you stuck for words then?


Fair play to the guy for coming out and putting his side over. Can't fault him for that. Me, I would like to see him play for us but he would have to take a pay cut and mix it with the others which, it seems Doumbia is not. O'Hara COULD help us but he needs to cut his cloth accordingly but on the other hand he may well be on his way to QPR, if he is then good luck to him.

Fans cannot keep slagging him off 24/7. OK he did play below par but not all the time. There ain't one of us who have not made mistakes, that is how we learn in life and he is no exception.



your'e right Doyler - but that's the whole point "he isn't" being given a chance! like the others he has been put on the transfer list, our problem (the fans) is that we don't know what went on when KJ met them - were they offered pay cut's? were they told they were to be given the chance to prove themselves? or have other people within the club - maybe Moxey! told KJ that they need to go! 1, bad influence 2, Wages?


I think Johnson & O'Hara are on the list because of their wages and Henry & Ward were listed because someone had a word in Jackett's ear about their dressing room influence around the time performances suddenly dropped prior to Solbakken's sacking.

Filtonwolf (Bristol)

Well said Doyler. I can remember fans singing his name to the rafters.........oh how fickle we fans are. Also not forgetting that disgraceful scene when he was jostled and sworn at while carrying his son out of the ground post match.............do you / we fans feel proud about that ? I have been a Wolves fan for 50 years but I cannot deny that we might be the best fans ever when things are going well for us but hell hath no greater fury than a disgruntled Wolves fan. Say what you will to these thoughts .........sticks and stones etc but I defy any of you to sy I'm not right !!!!

cannock nut

He should never have put his family in danger by leaving the stadium exit where all the fans were gathered so soon after a humiliating defeat. Don't condone the behaviour but very foolish indeed. Like wise going on holiday and posting it on social media sites when your team mates are in a relegation scrap. Going on the radio putting himself in the shop window. Sarcastically clapping fans mid match. The list goes on. He cant justify his wages. Dont u think KJ can see his attitude and rapport with the fans are negative hence not in the dide.

The Voice of Reason

In that case Jamie what are you going to do? Are you going to finally prove your worth or are you going to walk away with your tail between your legs?


Good comment

Ok ohara will u show ur tru character now are u a fighter who will indeed fight for the good of the club knuckle down get in the team and show us your best

Or will u take the money continue to train with acadamy and then run off as soon as u can to another club

Becareful running don't pick up another groin injury (or is this from extra activities away from football )

Rusko Wolf

People will disagree with me to the point of calling me a Muppet but,


Agree it's never just one person's fault but those of us who paid good money to go to the Brighton game DID NOT see a player giving 100% and I don't believe he was injured! Time to cut your losses and move on Jamie - months rotting away in the reserves won't improve your chances of getting a move back to the premier league..

Mac the Knife

"Whatever I say is turned into a negative"

Step right this way Jamie O'Hara. Abuse, venom, ignorance and never-mind-the -facts-we're-wolves-supporters. Your world is their oyster.


How typical, gave 100% maybe, but there was plainly an attitude problem in the dressing room, as a senior player what did he do to try to get that right? The gang of 4 are getting their just deserts.

Rusko Wolf

Individuals will disagree with me up to the point of even calling me a Muppet but, I dont see why O'Hara cant be intergrated with our new young team and help to cajole them. This may be just what he needs and the extra responsibility may even bring the best out of him. These are just some thoughts so, dont be to harsh on me people!! :-)


I won't be calling you a muppet Rusko, I too would give him a chance has I would the other two - I have said it in answer to others on this page - it's not our likes or hates of players that count - it's whats best for WWFC! that's what most anti Jez/Morgan make the mistake - their hatred of these two goes far beyond what's best for WWFC, and surely that's what any true, loyal Wolves fan wants!


most true loyal Wolves fans want the removal of the parasite that is poxey. because you are a blind man you havet seen whats been going on the last 3 seasons, ask your blind dog and he will confirm this!


What good is a blind dog to a blind man?



Take you up a blind alley!


Mmmmmmm. Sounds like your looking for a way back Mr. fantastic!

The Realist.

'I didn't play to be the best of my ability but I always gave 100%'.



@ The "Realist," "'I didn't play to be the best of my ability but I always gave 100%'.


Did you ever play sport at any level? There are times that you give100%, and yet everything you try goes wrong. EVERYONE gets days like that. All he is saying is that he acknowledges there are days where, despite all he tried, he did not reach the standards he wanted to. Stop reading things in that are not there.

We all know he has ability. Another thing we also know, however, is that he was often playing at less than 100% fitness. That doesn't mean he WASN'T giving 100%, but just means he was giving 100% of what he was capable of giving. That is not what a fully fit Jamie O'Hara would give, and so he wasn't playing at the best of his ability. He wanted to, but just couldn't. Of course, our fabulous "supporters" were fully understanding of his fitness levels, and gave him all of the help he needed to get back to his best. They abused him, his wife, his kids in his arms, and all sorts of other methods of understanding required to lift and edify him.

I love this club, but would hate to play for it in front of the so-called Wolves fans. I dread to think of the abuse some of our youngsters will face this season. Last season it was, give the youth their chance." This season, already, we get what we wanted, and now this is "just Morgan and Moxey doing it on the cheap." First game where any youngster fails will see him vilified and driven out. After all, you need your scapegoats.

Many Wolves "fans" are a disgrace. Many of them don't even go to games, and yet come on here disrespecting players they have never seen play, apart from occasionally on SKY Sports.

The Realist.

Are you Jamie O'Hara in disguise?

P.S. I'm off to the Globe Arena next week. You going? I'd love to see you there. REALIST OUT.


Not JOH in disguise, but, unlike you. I AM a Realist. I played Rugby League at a high level, and can guarantee that I know what a crowd can do for a player having an off-day. I have been lifted by a real set of SUPPORTers on such days. I also know what it is like to play with an injury when you would rather not, but sacrifice the pain for the team. Sometimes, you want to perform at your best, even though not fully fit, but just cannot.

I will be at Preston, but doubt that you will. My guess is that you prefer the keyboard to the stadiums.

Do you sometimes put your own name into Championship Manager, and pretend that you are the star?

chris h

Brereton, I agree totally with your assessment of Jamie O'Hara,but definitely not your assessment of Wolves fans.Wolves fans are no different to fans of any other football club.Given what we have had to put up with,consecutive relegations and the like,I would say the 400 who went to Chesterfield for a start are better than most.You can support the team whilst still holding those responsible for the stewardship of the club to account.


I too agree with Brereton and with FTed further up on this thread.

There are far too many Realist type Wolves fans, a hard core of venomous pessimists just waiting for players to make mistakes or not play like Messi or Bale, and this has been going on for decades. Nowadays it doesn't stay on the terraces it manifests itself on sites like these. It's difficult to decide the ones that actually go to matches and ones that don't (apart from the obvious ones)

Unlike Brereton who as played sport at a high level I would suggest some of these have drunk beer at a high level.

However I agree with you that the majority of Wolves fans are good people who are mostly quite fair with their views although the avarice of Premiership and the media have changed this for ever.

Bottom line is ALL football fans at every club have the same mix.

Golden blood

Nobody is blaming JUST you Jamie. Roger and Moxey bear the brunt too.


No Jamie. We are not blaming one player. We are blaming two: you and Roger Johnson.

No turning back and certainly no sympathy.

Complete disgrace. No more need be said. Disappear.


I always thought that it was a team game with 11 players not 2 a side. There is also the management involved and the small matter of lack of investment over a period of years. For Jackett to isolate players like O'Hara is more down to him being told to get rid to save wages. Obviously to get moving upwards we need the strongest squad and the 3 isolated players would vastly improve our chances. I am amazed that KJ is playing Morgans game.

Filtonwolf (Bristol)

Oooooh please Richard are you so blinkered ? How the hell can you blame just two players ? For most of the season barely one of those players deserved to wear the shirt. The man at the centre of all the poison was Karl Henry...........he was the man behind all the unrest because he lost the armband and he gathered all his little friends round him. Do you remember the game where it all spilled out on the pitch with Johnson & Hennessey ? Kightly was the one that stepped in and he pushed Hennessey away and remonstrated with him not Johnson. It was also Johnson that indicated that Hennessey should save it for the dressing room at half time. So before you start pointing the finger at two players .........think on my friend !!


Offer him half his salary and play him on merit. On his day he can be one of the best

Would you work for half pay.


If it was £20,000 a week I might think about it !

Lord Filthy Rich

Gadzooks! do you mean to report that there are people out there being paid less than 20 big ones a week? That's what 13 years of socialism does for you. Peel me another grape Karl!


Oldrocker is right, I'd be really p***** if I was only on 20k a week

You want to get real, as if he's had loaders of offers, derrrrrrr!


Give him a chance to put things right


I agree mate, he should be made to play his way back into the window for any buyers to look at on half his wages


No Hollwood you never gave 100% everytime you played that's why we don't like you!!, Wolves fans like most fans are fickle but if you give 100% then that's all we ask and we will forgive poor games.

Karl Henry was a very poor player with a stinking attitude off the pitch (according to the experts on here), But one thing you cannot say to Henry was that he didn't give 100% once he crossed the white line.

I am gutted that the rumour isn't true that QPR want you, I hope i never see you in the gold and black shirt again as you are a disgrace, you are contacting the E&S to give your side but to me just says that you wasn't expecting to be at Wolves now with all the clubs in Europe tripping over themselves to sign you!!

Anyone falling for this nonesnse needs there head checking out.

Oh poor Hollywood with no clubs interested? You maybe surprised JOH but Wolves fans are not!!

Take you £40k a week and enjoy the money while it lasts as no other club will pay you that again.

Hollywood you reap what you sow!!

Bradmore Wolf

I think that the whole point they want you to feel uncomfortable. Two choices

1 - Stay at wolves train with the kids, never play a match whilst your career goes down the pan.

2 - Go

Take a pay cut and go somewhere else and show us just how good you are.

You might even score a goal against us and you can do that cupping your ear thing, wont that be sweet.


You made a rod for your own back Jamie, we paid good money for you, and good money to watch you, If you brought something from a shop and it didn't work right you would take it back, unfortunately wolves cant do that, so why don't you see KJ take a wage cut to match the young lads pay packet and try to redeem yourself and your careerer by playing your guts out for us and help get us back into the championship, and try to win back the wolves faithful followers, Oh and be a nice chap about it as well.

The Dark cloud

Just a few thinhgs to point out:

1 you say it was heartbreaking not playing on saturday YOU NEVER PLAYED on any saturday.

2 you say" in SOME games i did'nt play to the best of my abilities"that SOME should read ALL.

3 The bit where you say "the agony of not being able to play"truer words have never been spoken.

4 Being made a SCAPEGOAT this is an insult to goats try ASS.

5 When every photo of you is of your big fat grinning head instead of at least trying to look bothered about our demise whilst on

your massive wage packet only matched by your massive ego,i'm starting to rant now so i'll leave it at that.

Old School Wolf

I kind of agree what he is saying. What he has said on the radio has been miscontrued and uneducated fans are looking for a scapegoat. That said his performances have not been good enough for a player whom we thought would establish us in the Premier rather than relegate us to the Championship. I still believe O'Hare can do job for us, and would certainly play him ahead of David Davies. If Jackett is putting down a firm stance though so be it, and I do like Jackett's style, I just wouldnt disregard O'Hara altogether, Roger Johnson on the other hand...........

old golds worth more

You are not being singled out as the reason why we had successive relegations, you and the other senior pro's collectively were seen as the reason. Henry got the same treatment, as has Johnson, Ward and Foley (though why Foley seems to have escaped the exclusion is a mystery to me!). Your reaction to the Wolves fans in the crowd at Brighton last season, certainly didn't help your cause either. The dressing room unrest is another factor, whether or not you were directly involved doesn't matter, as the senior pro's are all tarred with the same brush. At least Johson and Ward (to their credit) have for once kept their mouths shut about their isolation. Maybe with Henry's departure things will improve, but that remains to be seen.


He is slow, immobile, injury prone and technically inept. Don't get me wrong his delivery is brilliant when he gets them right, but that is rarely, his work rate is poor and his overall attitude is not the 'never say die' us Wolves fans crave. It would be good for both parties to move on as he is clearly feels he is one of the scapegoats (rightly so) and playing reserve football is only going to harness his chances of being a 'Premier League' player. Cut our losses and get his huge 35-40k a week wage off the bill.

Jane Morris

Always thought Jamie had a hard job as creative midfielder. Played most of the time covering for Karl Henry and picking up the ball too deep which did not do much for his own game contributions. I said many times that he would do much better in Karl Henry's role with a different creative midfielder brought in. I really do feel that he had a tough deal here and the fan's turned on him alot, especially after his injury. His problems spiralled out of control though when he started to "give back" what he was getting (sarcastically clapping the fans etc).

I totally understand why a large % of fans want him out, but I always thought he was our best player, when fit and willing.

He would have been a rock just infront of the back four, and able to spread the ball left or right.

Nice to hear him say he is dissapointed over his exile and I actually wish him well in the future, wherever he goes.

Edinburgh Wolf

Looking forward to todays game of message board bingo..

1pt: Moxey/Morgan/McCarthy/Solbakken/Saunders out

2pts: We're all doomed!

3pts: Ohara/Johnson/Henry/Ward are useless/greedy/evil

4pts: KJ is a yes man.

5pts: Bully for England.

In the mean time I am also looking forward to the new season, seeing the youngsters finally given their chance and some positive football. KJ seems to be doing right so far, let's get some points on the board early and remember it's no longer 2010. Bring on Preston.


Agree with ohara he has been made a scapegoat . You can't afford to sideline players of his experience. Get him back in the team he CAN pass a ball and given a free role he is dangerous.


Up till the Brighton game he was one in a barrel of underperforming, overpaid, unmotivated apples. He coasted through the Brighton game, as most of them did, until he reacted to the song we sang him after he ballooned a shot from 18 yards into orbit. At that point he became Public Enemy Number One and understandably so. Then when he scuttled off down the tunnel IMMEDIATELY on the final whistle, he compounded the booboo. If he'd come out post-game, on his own, just for 2 minutes, and said he was sorry in front of the travelling support (or given that message by his body language) then he'd not have this antipathy towards him now. He knows what upset us - heck, even the Brighton fans saw him do it! Yet no interview apology or anything. Jamie - your move.


Oh, of course, how silly of O'Hara not to want to engage with a group of idiots singing abuse at him. What do you expect him to do? I'd have given the lot of you a sign you would understand. Why should he come out and make any effort at all to say anything to "fans". If he apologises then he's a fool.


Group of idiots?


A sign we would understand?

Wow! There ya go! Have a wonderful day, whoever you are. The world is a sunny, beautiful place, isn't it?


Yes, the world is pretty good. The day would be better if so called "fans" refrained from the disgusting personal abuse aimed at players or people they disagree with.


And you behave like that in your occupation do you?


For £20k+ a week I would button my mouth, pick up my pay for the duration of my contract; then walk away on a free to a different club leaving a nasty message with the press telling Wolves fans to FRO as I left; sailing into the sun with my personal fortune nearly sinking the boat...... I'd be surprised if that isn't what Roger Johnson and Jamie O'Hara will be doing.

Wolf in sheepskin clothing

I think he has been given a hard time.

I would like them to give him a chance but not johnson his actions from start to finish ruined the moral at the club.

He has struggled a lot with injuries that's not his fault that's the medical teams fault. His problems should never of got through our medical before a transfer.

This is his longest period injury free he might just of turned the corner.

Give him a chance I reckon

yarmouth wolf

The player we all know when playing for Portsmouth never turned up when we signed him . We don't blame one player it was all of you , but our so called better players instead of rolling their sleeves up threw their teddies out the pram and went into hurdles and blamed everyone else, which lost 3 managers their jobs , and more importantly this great club we the supporters love a double relegation . So please Mr O'Hara don't run to the papers claiming you have been unfairly judged , you have been paid very well for your so called 100% while we supporters who struggle with our hard earned cash to come and watch the dross you and the rest of the headless chickens have served up for the last 3 seasons .................. On another note good luck to Kenny and the boys for this season . WOLVES AYE WE !

Wolf in sheepskin clothing

I think he has been given a hard time.

I would like them to give him a chance but not johnson his actions from start to finish ruined the moral at the club.

He has struggled a lot with injuries that's not his fault that's the medical teams fault. His problems should never of got through our medical before a transfer.

This is his longest period injury free he might just of turned the corner.

Give him a chance I reckon

And he probably thinks Edwards playing behind lee griffiths !!!! He knows he is a lot better than him

chris h

I have been critical, very critical, on here for years of the stewardship of our football club by Steve Morgan and Jez Moxey.Spending millions on bricks instead of footballers ,failing to sign McCarthy's priority transfer targets and a general lack of ambition etc. But I think they are pretty blameless on the two biggest financial disasters in our history.Virtually all of us wanted the club to sign a tall dominating centre half and the same goes for O'Hara after a successful loan period.If anyone should be held responsible it is the guy I have defended on here many times,Mick McCarthy.He should have realised Johnson had been found out with his lack of pace and O'Hara's injury record should have been taken into account. We can criticise their wages and the length of their contracts ,but I am sure there was no alternative if we wanted to sign them.No doubt both players have not deliberately failed and currently feel aggrieved at how they are being treated,but perhaps they should consider the implications for the football club and fans of consecutive relegations,whilst they have been paid a massive remuneration package.Compromise is needed and both players if they want to resurrect their careers need to be prepared to make some financial sacrifices .


Assuming he has been quoted correctly, he sounds a little more contrite. But the damage has already been done by his previous statements and actions.

On his day I' don't think he's that bad a footballer, but his manner, attitude and behaviour to the supporters and the club last season, means that there is no way back for him at Molineux. The same equally applies to Roger Johnson.

Despite what people post on here, I believe that both O'Hara and Johnson will depart the Molineux at some stage - either in August or possibly in January. It maybe a loan to a championship club or even a lower status premiership club, possibly with Wolves partly subsidising their wages.


In simple terms ....you want out and we want you out ....good luck at your next job because that is all it is to you !!!


The problem we have is no one has come in for him and with 4 weeks left i doubt anyone will who can match his wages-demands, therefore i wonder how long he will be left in the reserves? one or two poor results/performnces from us and i can see moxey-morgan wanting him at least on the bench, that will be the test for KJ (i also fear the same maybe true for RJ and wardy.... lets hope we get off to a good start. He would do better apologising for his attitude in certain games last year and admit he was not up for it, he wont be forgiven but may get a little less grief.

John De Wolf

The best thing would be for him to move on. However, I don't think he should be given a free transfer or paid off to get him off the wages.

IF no club comes in for him, which they probably will at some point, it should be up to him to leave by mutual consent and have his contract cancelled or get his head down, apologise profusely to players, management and fans and play in League 1.

I would rather he stayed and played for us next season if we are unable to sell him or bring in another midfielder but the best option would be for him to leave on our terms e.g. sold for a transfer fee.


Don't speak on my behalf Jamie, I blame Johnson, Ward, Henry, Foley, Berra, Stearman, Edwards,Doyle, and yourself for our demise.

Don't come all this feeling sorry for yourself lark, it's your own fault for what's happend and now your paying the price. Thank the lord.

Btw, you enjoying getting blown away by our kid's skills?


Jamie you are a great player but for some reason you like a lot of wolves first team players lost the plot. Was it the manager, was it the players or was it the senior management. When the Chairman bursts and into the changing room and losses the plot things are not going well at any club. It's poor management, very poor.

I don't think wolves have a true leader in the chairman or in Moxey. Staff need someone to believe in and the way those two have run the ship it would appear we are floundering on the rocks.

Lets hope and pray that the new coach a) lasts and b) can do the job.

I like so many supports welcome the opportunity for the young lads but not if it is leading us out of the doldrums.We do need one or two more senior guys and Jamie you could have been one. You have a bad attitude which is all to obvious on the pitch with your sending offs.


Jamie you are a great player but for some reason you like a lot of wolves first team players lost the plot. Was it the manager, was it the players or was it the senior management. When the Chairman bursts and into the changing room and losses the plot things are not going well at any club. It's poor management, very poor.

I don't think wolves have a true leader in the chairman or in Moxey. Staff need someone to believe in and the way those two have run the ship it would appear we are floundering on the rocks.

Lets hope and pray that the new coach a) lasts and b) can do the job.

I like so many supports welcome the opportunity for the young lads but not if it is leading us out of the doldrums.We do need one or two more senior guys and Jamie you could have been one. You have a bad attitude which is all to obvious on the pitch with your sending off/s especially at crucial times.

So all the best for the future.

fed up wolf




gold and black blood

all together now

aawwwww the poor luv hes just misunderstood

as the song by gloria gaynor says

Go on now, go, walk out the door, just turn around now'Cause you're not welcome anymore..........but just for you we will rename it from "i will survive" to "wolves will surviv WITHOUT U"



Well, it isn't just Jamie is it? I've just read the article "Wolves At War" in the "Daily Mail". It has left me feeling somewhat disturbed. It has reminded me of what our wage bill for O'Hara, Johnson, Ward, Doyle, Hennessey plus whatever we pay Sako and Doumbia and other recent signings actually means to the club - and it is frightening really. Yes, it is a blight on our future, even with parachute payments and recent profits (where did they go?). What I am now asking myself is what actually is going to happen regarding O'Hara, Johnson and Ward? What if no one wants them? They haven't got squad numbers, yet they still have to turn up for training. They are still a presence in the club - a club that also doesn't want them. I mean, if they don't go - wouldn't we be daft not to try and make use of them despite whatever has gone on in the past? I reckon KJ could have been told when he was offered the job that whatever he might think, these players were going to have to leave and if he wanted the job, he had to accept that. I don't think it was his decision to leave these players out of his plans. Until this issue has finally been put to bed, people are still going to come on here and question what is going on at the club. The truth is Wolves have ended up in a financial mess that makes a mockery of all the prudence that had previously taken place at the club. Just as the Banks sold unsustainable mortgages without considering the future implications and created a disaster, so too we have created our own financial problem by beforehand not allowing for a drop into League 1 if it were to happen (which it unfortunately did) and seeking ways of alleviating the financial difficulties that would force us into. I pray that soon clubs will come in and take the unwanted players, plus one or two of the other high earners, and leave our young team to fight their way out of this league - perhaps with the addition of two or three older heads to show them the way.

Edinburgh Wolf

Man reads the Daily Mail and is left feeling worried, angry and confused shock!

It is sensationalist scaremongering wrapped up as a newspaper. Our finances are not as strong as they should be due to the relegation but we are still miles better than most clubs who pay much more in wages, receive less money in gates and have greater debts at the bank.

We have got some large earners for Div 3 and need to move them on and balance the books for the current climate which means greater emphasis on youth (long overdue anyway) but we are not even close to it being the early 80's.

If we go under or even approach "financial crisis", what will already have happened to Birmingham, Coventry, Bolton, Blackburn, etc?


I accept what you say re. the Daily Mail - and that is how I usually view it. I agree, right now we are OK - I guess I was looking further down the line. And yes, if those players have gone, then any financial fears will have gone with them. Seek out Moxley's article on the Mailonline web site just to see what it was I read.

Preston 0

I'd already read the Mail Wolves at War article, and there is nothing in it that we don't already know and hasn't been reported in the E&S months ago.

Whilst agreeing with most of what you have said I don't believe we have damaged are future. Not adding relegation clauses for a 'double dip' relegation was a mistake but with the squad we had perhaps a bit understandable. We were supposed to get out of the Championship at the other end!

The best recent example of a club mortgaging its future has to be Leeds United and their bumbling chairman Ridsdale's European dream. We are not in that situation.

Clearly the high earners have to go but we are taking a mighty big risk relying on as many inexperienced youngsters as we are. It may come off but if they get bullied and start losing its very difficult to turn it round .


Has his missus been on yet??????????????????????????


There is a new order at Wolves these days Jamie and finally you realise it doesn't include you!

Best get your agent to find a new club, you are no longer welcome here.

Wolves have moved on, so should you.


Hers another no hoper for you Sue.


No hoper, hardly, perhaps Sue is just a proper supporter and supports OUR players!!!!!

Sedgley Slayer

There is no doubt that O'Hara has not fulfilled his potential and his performances and arrogance have let the fans down.

However, I do believe that he has been unfairly made a scapegoat. He should not be perceived in the same way as Johnson, for example. Johnson was detrimental to the club from the moment he stepped through the door whereas O'Hara galvanised the team and was a big reason we stayed up in our second Prem season. Since then he has been plagued with injuries and a subsequent lack of form. For the money he is 'earning', there are no excuses for his performances (when supposedly fit) and he no doubt should be ashamed of his contribution to the clubs downfall. Yet, I think that many people on here just jump on the bandwagon and like to riddicule him when in truth, the main causes were bigger than O'Hara (i.e. the decisions of Morgan and Moxey over the last 18 months).

DJ Darkwolf

Have to agree with most of what the slayer says. Perhaps KJ should take him to one side, ask him if he will sign up to the new code of conduct and take a pay cut. If so offer him a way back. Get the feeling we need a bit of experience to support the young guns but it would not be fair on them if he stayed on present wages.

If not we will be paying his wages for nowt as can not see anyone making an offer for him


That's take it on the CHINS Jamie, it's hard to feel sorry for you when I've just had to cancel my pension cos of no money to keep my family going, I'd love to play for wolves and earn 40k a week, granted u may not be a wolves fan, but if u want to swap my 40-50 hr a week job with no future and no pension when I retire for your 2 hr a day kick about and 40k a week let me know.


Ok Jamie, maybe I was a little unfair putting you on ebay the way I did. I should have at least put a reserve price or a buy it now with best offer.


Would he try to negotiate a revised contract on a lot less money to stay? I don't think so as most would not. Then leave - simples.

Ye Olde South Bank

A worthy -but ultimately futile- attempt at polishing his damaged Wolves CV. Nice try...I'll give him that.

The fact is, the average, fair-minded supporter doesn't need to have played professional-level football in order to draw reasonable conclusions about those that are entrusted to wear the shirt. Fans can easily identify those that play with their hearts on their sleeves and especially those that don't. You, Mr. O'Hara, most definitely fall into the latter category.

At the time, I was quite excited about signing him. Today, I feel great disappointment, anger, but, most of all, cheated. Spare us the crocodile tears about not playing, Jamie, because it's only your ego that's been bruised.

Shame it came to this, but time to move on for both parties. Close the door on the way out.


Great post, says most of what needs to be said.


I think he was rushed back and was never fully fit last season. And although his off the field comments and actions are disgraceful, there are many players on the pitch more culpable than him last season. Considering his injury layoff.

If he wants to show he is heartbroken & loves to play he should take a 50% pay cut for this season and get back in the first team. Fully fit he is a good player. I'm sure his missus will have something to say about a paycut though

He needs to take the pay cut, prove he wants to play, play well and the Wolves fans will be on his side in a matter of games.

Footballs a fickle game...


Jamie you're a waste of space, you let the club, the fans and yourself down, you don't deserve to play football or earn the money you did. Try working in the real world


Well said mate, people like him are what is wrong with the game today. Get gone and take your orange Missus with you.


Not a massive Ohara fan, he has the ability to be a very good player, attitude n ego getting in the way, however last season there was not a cat in hells chance that Ohara was fit, let alone match fit, with a good pre season under his belt he may do well. However at £40k a week wages his future lies else where

Disappointed of Haringay

Hats off for admitting you were way off your best O'Hara.We needed you to be a £4m players and your were a £40.000 one> You let us down just when we needed you. You have a dilemma......................NOBODY will want to pay a fee for you and NOBODY will give you £40k pw. You were not a professional off the pitch either. You are wasting your talent,Jamie. No way back at WW

Beau Aconstricta

I think you will find Wolves have the dilemma not O'Hara.

older gold

We do not know exactly what clauses are in their contracts , but exile of the top earners must be no play reduced Pay! dont play em or sell em. Money again !!!! Watch them all be headliners for new clubs , if there was a way of getting loyal players it must be NO AGENTS is it heart ache or bank ache ? If He is so keen make him play for less

Bournemouth Steve

I commend some of the intelligent people who have responded by saying that JOH is not to blame and given reasonable reasons. For example, there are 10 other players at any one time and he didn't even play in the team on 26 occasions!

I'm a little disappointed by the majority of Wolves fans. The responses in the negative reek of 1. jealousy (yes, he earns a lot of £) and 2. a scapegoat, exactly as he described.

To the numpties who say performing to the best of your ability is the same as 100% - it is not. He tried but could not get to his best form - pretty simple. Does anybody think this might be due to not being fit (especially in the 2nd half of last season).

To the fans who can't get over his sarcastic applause at Brighton - were you the same fans who scared his family? Were you the same fans who abused him as being Hollywood and questioning his effort?! Thought so, in which case you probably deserved the sarcastic applause. to the fans who were not part of his in any shape or form, i can understand your disappointment.

I've not been impressed with him after thinking he was about a good a signing as we could have managed - he was awesome for Pompey and he did well for us on loan but i think if he goes, he goes wit my best wishes because he is a human being playing a sport and it didn;t work out.

If he could consider looking at a paycut, getting fit and helping our kids, i'd be as chuffed as nuts because he would be a class above in this league and be the attacking midfielder that KJ thinks Dave Edwards can be. I know who'd i'd prefer if they are both 100% fit, putting in 100% effort and on their game.


God that was hard work reading that.

Bournemouth must be a very depressing place with you about.

loyal wulfrian

Is he saying that it hurts to train hard all week and not play on Saturday, what for us or for some other team. If he wants to play for us in division 3 then he would be a great asset, if he did put in 100% every game, which I don't believe he has in the past. As long as he keeps his mouth shut and doesn't poison the youngsters maybe he would be worth a game or two if we can not get rid of him. I do have my doubts though, but shouldn't everybody be given a second chance? Kenny is the man he knows what is happening there more than the rest of us.


All alone with that money


Definitive Wolf

Your last sentence - too right! Nail on the head, methinks.

(My comment refers to Sedgley Slayer's post)

Sussex Wolves

I had high hopes of what he could offer, however he has demonstrated the worst side of the professional game today. Certain players have no loyalty to the club of more importantly the fans. I hope that he realises along with other players often mentioned that the average person living an average lifestyle in the end does have influence over the Hollywood's. Lose the fans then in the long run lose your career. Wolves will carry on, he may well have made the biggest mistake of his life and will have to recover from it personally I hope he does.

Paul's Blade

Every time O'Hara speaks (or posts on social media) he comes out with something even more ridiculous than last time. He really needs to learn to 'engage brain before opening mouth'.

Dutch Wolf

My agony was watching JoH trying to with about 15% effort and he reminded me on the wing of my gran going home with a couple of heavy bags of shopping!

We are better off without him and a new chapter without and pre madonas who think they are better than the team!


Broadbent-Deeley Wolf

You can be a marquee player...a difference maker. You have that in you.

But you have to carry the fans with you and it seemed to most of us that you melted away last year. Maybe that was partly due to not being fully fit...not sure.

Good luck at your next club...hope that chance comes very quickly.


You gotta feel sorry for him wife's constantly on twitter,agent want answer his phone and halfwits having a go at Morgan/Moxey,what is a bloke going to do.


Whatever the rights and wrongs of the past, both Wolves and O'Hara have a major problem. O'Hara seems to be trying to make amends, as despite his salary he does not do his long term prospects much good by not playing competitively. While he and the other high earners are clearly not part of Kenny Jackett's plans, how do you move on players who are on lucrative contracts when they are not in the 'shop window'? There may need to be compomise on both sides if this dilemma is to be solved.

Worcester Wolf

Jamie, there is no way you gave 100% last season, but you were not the only one. You have not been singled out, you are one of four SENIOR players who the new gaffer has obviosuly simply come in and realised you were not doing the job you had been paid to do, and like any decent manager in any line of work that means get rid. As a senior player you are expected to set an example.

The fans anger comes from your lack of respect to them at Brighton, although after the way your family were treated after the Blackburn game I'm not so sure someof the fans deserved any respect.

Like I said with Karl Henry. If you really want to show everyone just how sorry you are for the mess you AND the rest of the side have got us in to, show us you are a premier league player by taking a massive pay cut to reflect where we are now, and working your socks off in training and then maybe on the pitch. Its easy to walk away (although not so easy when no one wants you) but it takes a bigger men to realise he was wrong and DO something about it.

The choice is yours, simple as. Although for a guy who tends to hide behind his missus I'm guessing you will take the easy route


Having had to suffer abuse of former pupils while out shopping and at the swimming baths with my family, I can understand Jamie O Hara's feelings -I would definitely have coped better on those wages rather than 80's teacher salary though!

Ok Jamie,we should all look forward, get very fit and agree to play on much reduced wages at the start of this season putting yourself in the shop window correctly-then either get promoted with Wolves or move on to a better club-it's a win-win-win situation for you, the fans and the club.

If KJ can only stop: daft defensive passes that lead to goals, getting caught in possesion leading to goals, leaving players unmarked and unchallenged on the corner of the 18 yard box leading to 'wonder' goals, forwards blasting the ball not leading to goals instead of just getting it on target first and foremost, we'll be sorted.

As usual all our armchair managers are on here, get yourself a job and you would have less time to worry.


I think he has been a fantastic player, and any club would be really lucky to have him. He gives 110% effort, is up and down the park supporting attack and defence. Tackles like a tiger and passes like Glenn Hoddle. He scores superb goals and is always a threat at free kicks. He`ll be worth his weight in gold for any club that gets him. (in case another club is reading this)

Tony from Manchester

O DEAR WHAT A SHAME , GET OUT OF our club O Hara and fast, is there a mug out there ?

Half Wolf Half Biscuit

It been said before, when on loan he was good. When he signed he was ropey,then he got injured and never got back to anything like he should. But the biggest problem with him is his big mouth and his foot he seems to put in it.

Then on the final day of the season his attitude to wolves fans and his fellow players stank the place out.

Most of us fans would give their right arm just to wear the shirt and take his massive wage. To treat us with so much disrespect at Brighton was a utter disgrace and I don't like that type of player representing my club.

If I gave what he thought was 100% in my job I would be sacked. Jog on Ohara.

Stafford DeWolf

Mick's big time Charlie signings Johnson and O'Hara were supposed to consolidate the club further up the Premier league.

Both have given such poor value for the fees and high wages paid, that the club has been in decline since their acquisition.

Drastic action to arrest further decline on and off the field had to be taken.


Bit of a catch 22 here, if he's not going to play regular games he's not going to attracked any clubs. So well will be paying £40,000 for o,hara to be kicking his heels doing nowt. Think KJ should use him to supplyment the team as needs, at least this way he will earn his corn.

spanish ray

Wolves fans: our Jamie O`Hara agony.


A more cynical person than myself would suggest that O’Hara's sudden attempt to reconcile with the Wolves fans might be down to the fact that it is clear to all and sundry - including O’Hara - that no club wants to buy him.

Going to Preston



Nobody cares anymore o'hara, We have all turned to players who want to be at our club now. Young and hungry! You, Henry, Johnson and ward were the main reason for our relegations. Im glad your all leaving.




I've got my ticket and then it's Blackpool for the night, no happy clappers allowed on this one.


Bournemouth Steve

I agree with alot you had to say but i also disagree with some comments which is what this forum is all about, Hollywood has brought this all on himself (Apart from the idiots that scared his family who are scum), I agree that giving your best performance is not the same as giving 100% but even when he played bad he didn't give a toss, if he was running around getting a sweat on and putting tackles in but just playing poorly i can live with that.

I would put money on that he put weight on in some games as he was just strolling around and that is unforgivable, Also he shouldn't rise to the fans sarcasm, he is a professional footballer and yes he is only human but he shouldn't rise to it, i could name 100 pros in different sports that get abuse far worse and don't rise to it because they are always on a loser.

My biggest concern is the lack of players coming in yet again, Morgan is bleeding Wolves dry.

spanish ray

After a lot of soul searching I am going to change my original thoughts and agree with Rusco.Renegotiate his contract for a bit less [sorry a lot less],lets have some genuine oppologies to the club the fans and the players.Then make it known that he is expected to be the player he was at Portsmouth,cut the moaning,cut the crap and get on with it.If this happened and he played up again he should remember this would be his last chance in football,in this country anyway,no-one but no-one would touch him with a disinfected bargepole.


What is it with people on here and money? If its not players wages, its the cost of tickets, food or the museum. Most of the clubs money over the last 5 years has come from sky not the fans pockets., OHara is contracted to wolves for the next 3 years at £2m a year whether he plays or not so why would he want to take a pay cut?

chris h

Lifer, And where do you think Sky get their money from? It don't just drop out of the sky.They get it from fans who directly pay subscriptions and from advertising who get their money from customers . So one way or another the money comes from people who comment on here.


A little thing called personal pride that used to exist in years gone by?

Ye Olde South Bank

My sentiments exactly, Bilodave.

I agree with Chris h, too.


Wow. E and S and this player O'Hernia have certainly disturbed some fans. I don't agree with the way some fans have reacted to him, but he is certainly lazy , uncommitted to Wolves as soon as he had a contract, and really not a very good player. Move on mate el pronto.

quality counts

Yea he is heartbroken, he thought that lack of effort would get him a Premiership team... he has what he deserves... Dole money


So Jamie O'Hara wants to put the record straight, well Jamie the first thing to do is to apologise to the fans and the rest of the team for not only letting the club down but also yourself over the last 2 years, agreed good players do not become bad players overnight. secondly he needs to get really fit and I mean fit, to stop thinking he is someone he is not, the proof of the pudding is that no other club rates him highly enough to make a bid. He also needs to show the new management team that he really cares about the club, his team mates and that he will fight for the shirt. I think that he could still have a big part to play at our club.


Haha. Lovin the deluded dingles. You are where you are because you deserve to be there and long may you rot!!!!

Danny Crainie Double 83

I've heard your trophy room is rammed full of silverware, apparently you can hardly shut the door.......how long did it take Phil Taylor to drop it off?


So he's on his way.

Dubai then Jamie.


Haha, well Jamie. You should of smarted your attitude up then. Haha.


You know what Mr H, Try earning £15k a year stumping up for a season ticket & watch the same garbage football we had to endure for 2 years from you & many others in gold shirts then you'll know what agony is..............as far as your plight is concerned.


The Flying Winger

As with many other players we bought with an injury problem on the cheap it backfired.

When fit he was an excellent creative midfielder, he was rushed back before being fit and never achieved the midfield partnership with Henry.

The spats with the fans have meant that many believe he is too aloof.

Once again the board and management at the time are the culprit's not O Hara.


I don't know why we don't just forget about o'hara, Johnson, etc these are players that we bought in the prem got us relegated and relegated again. Kenny Jacket is perfect for this job giving the young lads a chance finally,the way they played against real betis was really good. so lets get behind they boys for the new season cus all the booing don't help no matter how much they deserve it!


O'Hara and Sako should stay and play, whats the point trying to sell decent players and then trying to buy inferior ones who probably don't want to come anyway. I think midfield was ok for a while last season but kept getting let down by the crap defence

Mikey "the union" Calvert

A number of points:

I do think that those like Jamie are amazingly privileged to be pro footballers and be on £40k plus a week

I do think that Jamie and the others like Steven Ward, Roger Johnson and Karl henry have contributed to our collective downfall

Nevertheless to blame Jamie and Roger and Karl and Steven for all the clubs woes takes away the real responsibility: the management structure and the owner. They are the ones to blame.

Most of my members earn the same that Jamie et al get in a week in TWO or THREE years BUT it is not a footballers fault that the Premier league is silly!

Football is on a course for disaster and clubs like ours cannot sustain this type of expenditure, but in my view we have a good coach in KJ and at last the seeds of our reconstruction perhaps.



Woodley Wolf

JOH seems to bring out more comments from us than the rest of the team & board put together.

We seem to be forgetting a few facts. O'Hara, Johnson and Ward are being kept apart from the team for financial reasons as well as team morale. KJ needs to sell due to the Financial Fair Play League. This includes Doyle & Sako, but reality is, we can keep 2 out of thes 5 (was 6) and Doyle & Sako have been chosen, despite the fact they are the most sellable. However, it is unlikely that we will be able to sell so come the end of the transfer window, we have the choice of keeping them, in which case, it is better for the club that they are used (if fit) to help the club move upwards. O'Hara has talent and was played over the last 2 years whilst unfit and therefore probably unfairly took the blame for below par performances. His comments, however misunderstood, have not helped. Johnson again fails into the same catagory. Ward, bless him, did his best but is not quality, does not really fit any position and is at best, an adequate utility player. His crime was that he was vastly overpaid in relation to his ability. Doyle is another case entirely. The guy looks class but then again, looks can be deceiving. His job is a striker. At this, he has failed to deliver over the past 3 years. At this level, he should be outstanding and knocking in goals for fun, yet somehow, we all know this will not be the case. He needs to be moved on quickly. If Moxey can get something for him, fantastic, if not get him off our books even if as a free transfer. Sako had a great first year and remains the best prospect of off setting some of others wages.

The other choice is come the end of the transfer window, we enter into a compromise agreement and have to pay them up on their contracts to get them off our books. This would leave nothing (and no time) for any transfers, and I suspect no money come January either.

Given the choice, isn't it better to get use out of a few of them. My choice would be to keep Sako and O'Hara, lose the rest by paying them off (or free transfer in Doyle's case). Midfield is where we are short on quality and experience. O'Hara can help.


i think if joh was not at wolves but we signed him we would be chuffed.however the future looks bright under jackett.seems such a waste of a decent player.cant decide weather hes better gone or have him in the team.will trust kennys instinct,utw

Ulster Wolves

I'm fed up with so called "Wolves" fans spouting off about the club and certain players. Those that do so have a short memory. In my opinion Jamie O'Hara was a decent buy. No, it didn't work out but to slag him off in a manner that some people have on comments pages like this makes my blood boil. We were promoted as a team, with supporters and a club going forward and we were relegated as a team, with supporters but with a club going backwards - Steve Morgan should have stayed outta the dressing room after the Liverpool game when we lost 3 nil at Molineux - that proved disastrous. I was miffed at listening to about 250-300 supporters in the Jack Harris stand (where I sit) and outside the front entrance shouting about wanting Mick sacked. It's a pity Steve Morgan hadn't more guts and stood up to them and let Mick carry on!!! Then we might not be in the sad position we find ourselves in. Get off O'Hara's back and any other player you want to slag. Support the club and don't continue to try and wreck it.

norfolk un good


Al in Oz

Just a thought Jamie and RJ as well,if you truly want to make peace with Wolves fans and want to play for us,how about offering to take a massive pay cut,surely in your careers so far you have earnt enough money to keep you going for a few lifetimes,try living like an ordinary person for a while.


'There are a few clubs interested but nothing has materialised', I wonder why as I'm sure Moxey isn't exactly holding out for anything like the massive transfer fees we forked out for him and Johnson. if O'Hara or Johnson really wanted to play football then they would find other clubs but only if they agreed to take substantial pay cuts and that isn't going to happen. I dont agree with re-integrating O'Hara & co with the first team as I fail to see them giving any positive influence, they haven't for the last 2 seasons at a higher level so why would they now?? and as for poor old Jamie being blamed for Wolves current plight?? yes he has and rightly so, along with Johnson, Ward, Henry, Moxey, Morgan, McCarthy, Saunders, Solbakken, Berra, Foley, Doyle, Connor and most of the rest of the squad and management involved over the last couple of seasons. Does poor old precious little Jamie expect a pat on the back from Wolves fans?? We need to move the likes of him out of Wolves as soon as possible in order to start moving forward


Yes Jamie,you have been an AGONY to W.W.F.C fans.

You posed to achieve what you wanted then ,LET DOWN MOST !!!! WOLVES FANS BIG TIME !!!!!!




Start looking for a Painter and Decorators Course Wulfrun College !!!!!!!

or try for your Hackney Cab Licence and get back LONDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BYE POSER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So 'HOLLYWOOD' is bleating to the press again, and back pedalling because no-one has shown any interest in signing a 'Premier League' player!!! If Kenny Jackett allows him to worm his way back into the team, I will never forgive him after he has made such a strong start by leaving these self obsessed idiots to train with the youth team. I think Jamie O Hara is a waste of space, he is nowhere near the form he used to have, and as a person needs to get his head from up his self obsessed ass!! Personally I will never forgive him for when my son was a mascot last season, and when he was taken in to meet Jamie he wouldn't take his headphones off to speak to a 10 year old boy who looked up to him.....from the Wolves fans perspective his actions towards them on the last day of the season, when they had travelled to the match knowing that we were already relegated was unforgivable!!!


The title should be "Wolves: Our Jamie O' Hara Agony"