No way back at Wolves for Karl Henry

Wolves head coach Kenny Jackett today vowed there will be no U-turn over Karl Henry as he shunned the four transfer-listed players for next week’s Scotland tour.


Henry ideally wants to stay at the club where he has three years left on his contract.

Jackett announced his 23-man squad for next week’s trip to Stirling to the players this lunchtime.

The youthful party included Bakary Sako and Kevin Doyle – the two players most speculated about – and three goalkeepers.

But he stressed there will be no going back over excluding the long-serving former skipper.

Asked if the unwanted quartet – Henry, Roger Johnson, Stephen Ward and Jamie O’Hara – will be involved, Jackett said: “They won’t, no.

“Karl has his own situation but he won’t be going on the trip and he’s not in my plans. Can that change? It’s not a situation I’m necessarily going to consider or want to talk about.

“It’s not a situation where they will be in my training plans or game plans going forward. I’m looking at David Edwards, David Davis, Lee Evans and Jack Price, at the moment, in terms of central midfielders.

“Kevin Foley has some experience there as well. Those are the guys I have been looking at and I haven’t looked at Karl or Jamie.”

Jackett added: “We are taking 23 players including three goalkeepers and I don’t think there are any question marks regarding departures over any of them.

“Wayne Hennessey will be going but not playing and the other two keepers will play 45 minutes each in the games. Sako will be going.

"Kevin Doyle missed training with a groin injury yesterday but we fully expect him to be fine today and completing the trip.”

Jackett maintains the excluded four continue to work hard.

He said: “They are training with the under-21 group and we will treat them properly and with respect."

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Comments for: "No way back at Wolves for Karl Henry"

rich finch

looks like doumbia is finished aswell reading this, why take Sako then if he wants to leave leave him to train with the Under 21s aswell don't get him match fit for another team, give someone else who wants to play for wolves the game time.


I quite like Henry,good solid pro.need a steadying influence in the centre really,not young kids.He obviously wants to stay and make up for last 2 seasons of underperformance.

Rebuilding can sometimes go drastically wrong,look at what happened when villas-boas went to chelski

wolves ay i !!!


Henry is a limited type footballer who has been found out. We cannot afford to carry someone like him lacking natural attacking edge when going forward, he is too negative in the oppositions half always playing the ball back rather than looking for an opening for other players to latch on to near the box. Thanks Henry but no thanks your taxi awaits you goodbye. In Jackett we trust. UTW.

Compton Halt

No way Jose !!

King Kenny says No No No


Gabi whose chelski?


Hahaha. Spellcheck. Check your own grammar before mockin others. It's "Gabi, who's chelski" ahahaha. And chelski is a play on the fact it is a Russian owned club. Idiot.

mr idiot

henry had his chance last year and blew like most ov em , new start , new era !, so KH go and join MM and TC , and be happy with that !


I wish, but I think by now even Mick has worked out which of his favourites ultimately stabbed him in the back and two of them are now training with the juniors. I'm afraid these four wasters are not going to be easy to move on.


Henry Allways gives 100% to the wolves and is more than good enough for this level and the championship .

Just take a pay cut Karl - some of us do repay loyalty


Gotta agree completely

Bob Wolf

Can't say I'm inspired by the thought of Foley in midfield again. Or only having Edwards, Davis and 2 young lads in the centre.

What's happened to Doumbia??

And where is Ince?

Ince in.

old golds worth more

Ince? Which Ince would that be, Paul the manager of Blackpool? or Tom the £8 million target of Swansea and Cardiff!


Surely QPR will want a midfielder full of tackles to replace Barton when he finally gets his move to France

KH has the talent and needs frersh start

Sad to se go really, not helped by poor managers/tactics - he does as hes told/coached on the pitch and if told to 'hold, swivel and pass back' then thats what he gets paid to do

There were many who looked clueless under Stale's guidance and gutless under DS


Bang up to date our Bob.


well done king Kenny kick the deadwood out sooner the better


Why should the U-21's have to put up with these four disgusting and incompetent loons? Imagine the influence they are having on the young players. Make them train with the bin men round the back of the garages.

stu Favill

Aw come on they aren't completely useless, they're probably being used as bad examples. Have to get summat out of them - they are being paid enough!

Gold Harry

Errrrr yes they are - BIG BIG BIG Taxi for all of them plus you can get in it as well.


Where Karl is concerned, it must be about the potential wage bill over the next three years as much as anything, surely. Others have said this and I am inclined to agree.

Southern Wolf

But if that were the case and if Henry is as desperate to stay as he claims, then you could simply renegotiate the current contract. Henry takes a significant wage drop in return for getting to play at the club he claims to be passionate about and is desperate to make amends for.

To me it's clear. As part of the Interview, Jackett said 'I can do it but you have to tell me EXACTLY who is causing the difficulties and allow me to deal with those as I need. Any players you identify must be sold or released as I do not want them to be anywhere near the first team squad as we prepare for matches'.

On Day one, Jackett has turned up and Thelwell has gone 'O'Hara, Johnson, Ward, Henry. They are all a bad influence. Get rid at any cost'. And that's what Jackett is doing.

It wouldn't surprise me if Jackett has a clause written in that makes the club legally obliged to get rid of any transfer listed players so he doesn't have to include them in the squad - hence the distinction between Ward, Henry, O'Haha and Johnson and Doyle, Sako, etc.

I would not be even slightly surprised if we cannot sell the above players to see them released, even paid off, just to ensure the club meet the legal requirements.


A lot of hearsay and guesswork here. Jackett knows in no unsure terms who the fans don't like and who is on the highest wages. Those quartet are exactly those players. That, I believe, is why they are on the list.


This complete rubbish. Jackett is trying to get the fans and the mood in the club right and has to reduce the wage bill. What evidence is there that Ward or Henry have done anything to "cause difficulties"?


So why havn't Doyle and Sako been sidelined then?



did you watch any games

over the last two years


none at all but doesn't stop the experts on here...

Mick Hughes

Loads if you look at the last 3 years, who allways comes out in support of the manager, but is always there welcoming the new managers as the new masiers yep he comes from ashmore park. About time some of our fans smelt the coffee, cause if you go home and away every week you see it as clear as day on the pitch

Luke skywalker

Fairly accurate account of what the real issue is with this quartet. Bad influence in the dressing room which need to be eradicated' so well done Kenny. Doyle, sako just get on with p,aying football, hence their inclusion as Southern says.

Ooga Booga

Very satisfying.

Disappointed of Haringay

Training with the under 21s is where your collective talents have brought you. These 4 are not just our highest paid but our biggest under-achievers. You were not big enough players last season or the one before that...... you are whimps. Cancel their contracts at set them free.


That's the way Kenny!They've got us in this mess.No more chances.They've had enough.

Hartlebury Torch Man

Here here!


kenny jacket is already, proving before a ball is kicked in anger that he will take no messing about by excluding the notorious four.

he went for luke murphy,but the kid chose the championship, he went for boltons experienced sam ricketts and persuaded him to drop from the championship to league one.

the sako transfer is dragging on a bit, maybe he wants , a silly signing on fee or silly wages, but hopefully he will sign soon so kh can use the money to get another right back/centre back and attacking midfielder as it looks like razak might be going back to france. utw


I like this guy so much at the moment!!!


Oh dear, Karl, "not in my plans." You can't have it any clearer than that. As per my previous post, it looks like groundsman and boot cleaning duties from now on. On the other hand, if you are training with the under 21's, you can give them the benefit of your superb passing skills, discipline and goal-scoring expertise.


I've never really seen him as a goal scorer.


kenny you are laying the foundations to be a real favorite at Wolves

wolves forever

kenny jackett WHAT A MAN about time we had a manager who stuck to his word

good feeling about the coming years

Golden blood

Mick McCarthy stuck to his word. He was called stubborn.

Kenny has a long way to go to be as good as Mick. but a good start.

Yes our fans are rather dumb.


Mick was a good championship manager but a poor premiership one.


'A long way to go'.....does he? I'm a Mick fan but I can't really agree with you on that.


Remind me, who signed the players no-one wants ? remind me, who thumbed his nose at the travelling fans and played the reserves at Old Trafford, remind me, who presided over the 5-1 home surrender to West Brom, and please remind me, who was the one who signed Eggert Johnson, the man that hasnt figured in the last 4 managers' plans. He may have got us up, but he had no clue of managing in the PL

Florida wulf

Never a truer statement.


Who got us to the premier league?

Who kept us their for two years?

Who's departure started all this mess?

Who is the most successful manager since Dave jones.

Mick was fantastic. He gone. Now get his players out get jackets lads in. Sing from southbank and let's get that league one trophie in the Club



Mick had his methods and stuck to them.

but I bet he wish he hadnt stuck with the likes of henry,ohara,berra and co which lead to his downfall.

That kind of stubborness proves negative in the end


it would be nice to believe this - but surely the reality is, they are the big wages, morgan-moxey want them off the wage bill, the manager has no choice but to say 'they are going'. The other big wage guys are likely to be on their way, for bigger fees, but if not they are popular enough to stay. Is Jackett really making any decisions yet? I am inclined to believe this was part of the interview/job agreement.

yhhh who loved the crab, ward and stearman......... say no more


Fair play to KJ for speaking out on this after Henry's attempts at using the media to slate the new regime for treating him badly! He should be banned from speaking to the press and if he does fined the maximum amount for breach of contract, and if he does it 3 times, sack him for gross misconduct.

He is a bad egg who is still trying to cause trouble, even now. If he really loves Wolves, as he says, he will leave as soon as possible.

He should be releived that they are even allowing to train with the cluib at all, let alone the first team. And as for getting back in the first team he's havin a laugh.

Noone wants you here Henry, your attitude stinks and you add nothing in a footballing sense either. Get lost........


The sooner the club and dressing room are cleared out of these over paid under achievers the better. For a club captain to state in the press that he couldn't be bothered merits an automatic one way ticket out.... I hope Kenny is our man, from what I hear and have seen so far it's seems to be a postive start.....Results are another thing though


Kenny im starting to love you already. Get lost henry. Those four players are the main reason we went down! NO WAY BACK HENRY SO GET LOST! Lets get youth in who will put 100% in every game!




I like Kenny Jackett :-)

Spainish Paul

Firm words KJ good to see your sticking to the youth policy and stripping dead wood out.

world's greatest DJ

Henry - OUT

Morgan - OUT

Moxey - OUT

Spud - OUT

Going down again

wolf gang

It really does annoy me when people put comments on like this, what's the point?

Not keen on the Last Manager. Or the CEO

WG. They are TESCO's you can spot a mile away by smell and sight.

Beau Aconstricta

Fragrant and well dressed.

Not keen on the Last Manager. Or the CEO

Snakey. Which ONE are you talking about ten????

Not keen on the Last Manager. Or the CEO

Sorry "Then" not ten. You haven't got ten supporters!!!!!!


get a life and change the record

Daft Ada

From someone calling himself Moxeys undies.

The Teecher

Is that a statement or a question.

If it's the latter can I donate a '?'?


Can I ask in which world you are the greatest dj? Surely that's a job which requires originality, ability, humour and rhythm amongst other skills? All you've done is what the talentless bedroom techies do and re-mix somebody else's tune, and badly at that.


You must be one of the supporters (if you can even be called that) that should - no must go support someone else.

A tired old record from the days when vinyl was popular.





Shake it all about!

Mills wolf


That's what we need, a boss who isnt the player's mate, very impressed with our new manager so far !



Well done Kenny! Get rid of the deadwood!

Farmer Ted

Well there's the end of any sort of speculation.

It's now down to our jolly CEO to do what he is good at and get as much money as he can for them.

Just spare us the venom and abuse on these boards (wishful thinking), particularly on Henry and Ward who played their part in a great three or four years.

The last two years have been excruciating but not all their fault.

chris h

Farmer Ted, do what he is good at? He has had his successes and his share of failures,even doing what he is supposed to be good at.According to a Forest website we turned down a £500 k offer for De Vries from Liverpool last close season.According to at least one press report,Jez was holding out for a higher offer.Of course we let him go on a free this week.Then there was the £2m he was going to get for Keogh when Cardiff City were interested.We ended up selling him to Millwall just a few weeks before his contract was due to run out.We don't know what the final fee was,but you can bet it was a lot less than £2m.Then we have the £1m offer from Sunderland for Kenny Miller,Moxey turned it down wanting £1.2m,Sunderland withdrew their offer and the player went for free at the end of the season,when his contract was up.Moxey has had some successes,but playing hardball does not always work.Where to we go with Sako if Fulham get fed up and pull out of negotiations ?

Farmer Ted

Chris, don't we all have successes and failures in life?

You know my feelings about Jez, he certainly isn't perfect, far from it as Div 1 shows, but he isn't to blame for everything

This is all about reducing the wage bill.

If, and it's a big IF, we can move on "the Gang of Four" then then whole picture on Sako changes.

My opinion is that Moxey should hold out for a minimum of £4m and if he doesn't get it then Sako stays and plays. It's risky and dependant on the others going.....and of course that 60%.

This Platini led FFP is great for us whilst we are a big fish in a small pond but just you wait until we start swimming in a big pond.

Anyway the Lions won and with a bit of luck our favourite Scotsman will win tomorrow (Sunday)


Why has KJ taken Sako on the pre season tour ? Do you think maybe the club are thinking along the same lines as me ? The same could be said about Doyle too.

chris h

Farmer Ted,I think it is just negotiating tactics saying Sako and Doyle will go on tour.If they held them back,it would give the message to other clubs that they are desperate to offload.I am more interested in who they sign to replace them.And yes we all have our successes and failures.But we don't all have so many relegations on our CV and stay in the same job.4 managers have gone, soon the entire first team from the Premier days will be gone,and yet Teflon stays,as smug as a bug.I would not mind if I thought he will get it right next time,but I have no confidence that he will.


Can't you see Karl Henry is still trying to disrupt things and playing mind games with his Express and Star grunts and groans.

It's folk like you who keep leaving the door ajar for KH that encourage him to believe that there is a way back for him.

Knock it on the head now for Gods sake please he truly is not wanted here anymore.

Farmer Ted

Where do I say the door is ajar for him ? Where?

You need to slow down and read other people's opinions properly.


I think you need to go to specsavers where does he say he wants henry to stay I also do think we should remember the part he played in getting us in the premier and keeping us there

Orlando Wolves

Farmer Ted I thoroughly agree with you - personal abuse and vitriolic statements are not called for. With regards Henry and Ward they did play their part in the most recent `good times`, but Mr Henry has undoubtably been a dressing room problem ever since MM left.

I feel a little sorry for Ward (played out of position) and Doyle (lone role up front) taking so much abuse as they have. Whenever I have seen them they have always given 100% to the Wolves cause. Personally, I wish them both well.

With regard to Johnson, O`Hara, Henry and maybe a few others, gave the appearance last season of being on an unofficial `work to rule`. Also, there was evidence that they were a disruptive and undermining influence in the dressing room. Our relegation to League One being the end result.

Kenny Jackett is wise to have segregated them from the first team squad, maybe these `Premiership Stars` will have plenty of time to reflect on the fact that Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club is a bigger entity than they are !


Silver Wolf

Would it be jumping too many fences to think that by way of an almost surgical removal of the four listed players, Jackett has identified the dressing room cancer that brought about Wolves incredible fall?

If so, we can at least hope for spirited efforts on the field, a characteristic so surely absent for the past two seasons..

PJBed him in the bac

Silver Wolf

I don't think your jumping too many fences at all, you're spot on. With hindsight the signings of O'Hara and Johnson have proved to be disastrous, I believe largely due to dressing room jealousy of their wages in the first instance; however the other two miscreants should shoulder even more of the blame as it was obvious from their performances at this point that they stopped playing for Mick and effectively stabbed him in the back by leading a dressing room rebellion after Henry's loss of the captaincy - the worst Wolves captain ever in my opinion.

I for one fully commend KJ's stand and hope he is able to carry it through however much it costs. Don't back down Kenny.


Just like to correct my signing on title; don't kow whether it was my typo (probably) or the idiosyncracies of the E&S website but obviously part of stabbed him in the back was redirected.


No mention of Doumbia in the medium term, maybe he just means for this trip? Not sure what 'Sako will be going' means - if it is going on the trip then clearly some with very big question marks over departing. Kevin Doyle also very likely to leave I would have thought. Not sure putting KH in to train with the U-21s obviously very unhappy is a great move for the club or 'treating him with respect' maybe it's 'all due respect', but it couldn't be clearer than KJ does not want him around.

Orlando Wolves

Maybe training with the juniors is what it takes for the message to sink in with Mr. Henry and his cohorts.


Dave Edwards and Kevin Foley! Henry has his limitations but he's better than those two added together.

Edwards is always injured and Foley was without doubt our worst player last year.


No...he's not.

He's just awful!!!

Mensa Wolves

Great to hear!

Axis of power firmly back in the manager's hands.

I would say there is an argument for sacking all four. Would be costly but a great message.

From the midfield he's looking at I suggest Henry will need replacing with a creative, attack-minded player. This would probably be our marquee signing as they don't come cheap.

old golds worth more

I thought Davis was Henry's replacement i.e. a defensive midfielder for a defensive midfielder. Failing that, then Doumbia would be the ideal replacement as he is also a defensive midfielder, though little has been heard about his future at the club. I predict that there will be no marquee signings coming in either. We are in league one now not the Championship or Premiership, even an up and coming youngster (Luke Murphy) didn't want to come here. We will be saving as much money as we can for purchases next year, when we will hopefully be back in the Championship. So it will be good loan signings and youngsters with promise, till further notice.

Mensa Wolves

We need at least two significant signings to have any chance competing at the top end of League One.

I didn't really mean as a like-for-like replacement, I should probably have said re-allocate or re-invest whatever we can save from Henry into a midfielder with some guile. We look a bit dull at the moment.


Nice one Kenny , that's just what we wanted to hear the revolution is in full swing promotion bekons.


Despite the baying of the lynch mob, these four players are amongst the best at Wolves, and KJ's treatment of them may be somewhat short-sighted, unless of course he has identified them as being disruptive influences in the dressing room.


I think your last statement is the key one - 2 out of the 4 have been out in the press either moaning or saying they want out. If it was based solely on playing ability they we wouldn't be playing in league one.

Getting a united, well worked team will be the key to getting out of this league, regardless if the players aren't as technically capable.


You're being sarcastc, right?


Best at what exactly


Sarcastic clapping of fans

truddling round in midfield, getting caught in position

Crap corners

Being caught out time and time again for lack of pace and poor positional sense

Being continually owned by the right winger of the opposition

Never scoring

Blaming everyone else but themselves when we let a goal in

The list could go on

Amazing how you can apply nearly all of the above to all the fab 4.


4 of our best? That's why we're in League 1? How Ward is one of highest-paid players is beyond me. All of them have to go. Henry complaining to the press is symptomatic of the old culture of the club, which needs breaking up and is being done.


Pack it in simple Simon and behave yourself.

Cricket Bat

I was chatting to my mate about football when he suddenly said, "I once got a piggy back off Dale Winton."

Talk about going off on a tanned gent.

Danny Crainie Double 83

Looks like Jackett has gone in there and had to show them whose gaffer from day one. You can tell by the KH interview that he feels he shouldn't be treated this way, the wages are the main reason he's on his bike, but you can't help thinkin that KH thought he was Mr Untouchable. He's had it all his own way, from the days he was Mc'Carthys golden boy , til he got Solbakken the tin tack, so for me, it's not just missing out on the first team, it's losing his king of the dressing room tag..........strange how things went wrong when we changed captains!

Aldridge Wolf

It's quite obvious that Jackett sees Henry as a disruptive influence and he's dealt with it like so many should have before him. I'm liking Kenny more and more by the day.

Wait until normal service is resumed,losing games.


KJ was told to get rid of these four before he had chance to assess them


I so happy with kenny so far with wat he is doing at wolves ,he has come in seen wat the problems are such as Henry and Johnson and Ohara and ward , and reading this today about henry he won't back down on it myself I wanted warnock cus I no he would of come in a smacked heads together , but now warming to kenny , Henry just go mate u stayed wen better midfielders went such as milljas and jones and guediora I blame u for gettin stale sacked and I honestly believe we would of stayed up with stale if he had the full season at wolves


Kj looks like a good manager, get the unsettling deadwood gone, as a properly motivated Doyle could run circles round div 1 defences could be up for a 30 goal season from him? also his strike partner could be up for 30 too. looking for 50 wolves goals and running away with this league by Christmas.

new league goal/points record set by wolves his season. set an unwanted record last season lets set a wanted one this season lads.

You cannot presume we will be running away with this league by Christmas. We thought that last season and looked what happened. This league may be tougher than you think.


I believe we will. KJ won it before he knows what to expect. he's gotten rid of the destabilising players. wolves are a good team.

ok not as good as we were a few years ago butvstill good.


Comeupance (not sure how to spell it) at last... We will now see which of them is professional enough to 'man up' and orchestrate their own move to another club and which them are the sponges we think they are and sit it out in the dark soaking up all of their over-inflated salaries for the full length of their ludicruosly long contracts...

Thank you Mr Jackett for finally showing these players that the club, our club, does not revolve around them.


It should be 'comeuppance', but who cares? At least we can understand this manager after the drivel issued by Dean Saunders, and he clearly won't take any nonsense from our 'superstars'.


By the sounds of it KH isn't gonna go easy - he thinks he has the God given right to stay at Wolves and he is still trying to create waves - It's starting to emerge publicly that he has a very vindictive sinister influecing powerful character to him - hopefully he will be gone soon.

Ed Myers

Brilliant, if only we had got rid of these over rated players before last season... We might not have gone down.

No mention of Tongo Doumbia in Kenny's list of midfielders though, is he off too?

Would be a shame if he is, he showed real potential when he joined us.

Golden blood

Until he signed a contract.

SS only bought in Sako and Sigurdarson who are half decent. The rest were utter garbage.

DS bought in better players. Sadly the lieks of O'Hara and co were still here.


Good to hear KJ, sorry kh your time is well and truly up

Gerry Mannion

Although I thought yesterday that there was a possibility of a place for Henry to help the younger players, I think it is brilliant that Kenny Jacket appears to be his own man and remain strong in his views and committed to revamping the ethos and culture of the squad.

This should give confidence to both players and supporters.

The players now know that all of them are in with a shout if they show loyalty, effort and honesty.

What a refreshing change from the forever underperforming favourites that dominated the team sheets of MM.


Really interesting to see how this develops. Will we get to the start of the new season with these guys sitting in the stands?

Will Sako stay? Will Doyle stay? Why is he not including Doumbia in the group of central midfielders.

Orlando Wolves

In answer to paragraph 1 -

No they will probably be down the Baggies trying to attract the eye of a Premier League manager. After all they are Premiership quality, in their opinion.

Ronnie Allen

Been in the sun again chief?? I did that once and I saw the Queen. Well that's what me mam said when I woke up from sunstroke.

To Whitmore Reans................. and beyond..............


This is good! it keeps that clique from interfearing with the first team players and bringing them down.

I'm looking forward to the challenge of next season and a new Wolves team emerging from the ashes!

I hope Morgan and Moxey have managed to get the big TV screens working this year.......!!!!!! can't be that hard to get a new big screen in one corner at least. Will add to the atmospher!

Captain Awesome

Absolutely fantastic news about Edwards. He's going to tear League One apart. Perhaps our most underrated player of the last few seasons.

steve hill

i agree..edwards is not world class but he s a decent player who scores crucial goals..some of the other under performers last year like foley will almost certainly play better from now on given a less divided dressing room..including stears if he comes back..


KJ's stated intention of 'changing the dynamics of the dressing room' is a polite way of saying that he's getting rid of the overpaid, underperforming, trouble-makers, i.e. the Gang of Four. These are the guys who got four managers sacked. Good name, the Gang of Four! To Karl Henry I would say, what don't you understand about this? You're no longer wanted, even if you take a pay cut and swear undying devotion to Wolves. You've blown it mate.

King Kenny is beginning the remind me of Sir Alex Ferguson. He's the boss and he rules with a rod of iron. A new era for WW.


This is interesting firm line by KJ but part of me says-do we need to treat KH in this way ?. I will watch developments no U turn may be famous last words- We will see.CD


U turn if you want to KH but KJ is not for turning!


How the not-especially-mighty have fallen.


There is more than meets the eye here, it seems to me several players have been pointed out as the crux for our successive relegations, obviously Jackett is privy to more information than is being reported to us. It does seem a bit harsh to make several players train with the youth team with no chance of getting back in the main team. usually managers give players a clean slate, but not with jackett, it seems he has been told that these are the bad apples and they need disgarding at any cost. There is more to why everything has gone wrong at our club, maybe we will understand more when Karl Henry is sold or given away, as he does seem to like speaking out.


with a combined salary bill of over 100k per week, we can't afford them, that's irrespective of whether Jackett wants to keep them or not! That said I sense he's happier without them, the problem however remains how to move them on and get them off that salary bill ASAP!

Noodle Vague

Great to hear from Kenny Jackett. Not only is Henry's attitude suspect but his ability is inadequate to a progressive squad looking to improve. Ignore the few members of his fanclub who'll be moaning about "he could still do a job at this level" - I assume they're either relatives or they're thinking of a job in the bar.

What a change to have a manager who knows what he wants and recognizes a waste of space when he sees one. Proud of you Kenny. UTW.


At last a proper Manager who will not be influenced by these high earning under achievers

Luke Wolves Fan

Think this shows a strong stance, Karl came out and made a pretty emotional please to stay and be included and KJ has completley ignored this and stuck to his guns.

Must admit I wasnt wanting KJ at all as manager but everything he has done so far has been good, sadly we missed out on Luke Murphy but that sort of player is what we are crying out for.

loyal wulfrian

Everybody says what a fair guy Kenny Jackett is, so to turn his back on Karl Henry speaks volumes. He may see him as one of the main culprits in not playing 100% for the other sacked managers. In that case good riddance, he deserves what he gets.

To put the four in with the under 21s training also speaks volumes.



U21's.........should have put them with the U15's, that way THEY may have learned to keep the ball a little longer!


Whilst I agree with all you say, my big fear is the bad influence these four will have on the younger players' as they are hardly role models!

Orlando Wolves

I think Kenny`s move needs to be looked at as an incentive for them to move on - and an example to the youngsters that these players are not bigger than the club.


The wage bill dictates that the four need to go whatever they may think. Whether they can be got rid of at the right price is debatable. Interesting that Jackett is making this clear now and ensuring that everybody knows exactly what he intends. He brings some discipline and structure that is very necessary so that everyone knows their place and responsibility. Perhaps there is a concern that he may rely too much on inexperienced youngsters who will struggle when the Molineux crowd turns against them, as they inevitably will, if things go wrong.

I believe that KJ is doing exactly what is needed. Whether he will be given the time and space by the baying hordes is another question.


Absolutely spot on and Jackett must have heard that Henry and Ward were integral to the sacking of Solbakken and therefore wants rid of the troublemakers! Davis will be a key player this season and we still have the likes of Edwards, Doumbia, Evans and Price for the other central position - discarding Foley - and I would not be surprised to see us sign a creative central midfielder, as we lost out on Murphy?

I am looking forward to the new season and will be there at Livingston and hope to see a fresh, keen new regime!


I daresay that most of the comments regarding this article will be the usual abusive ones about Karl Henry. Quite frankly it's of little importance as Jackett has made it clear over the last few days that at some stage Henry, whether he or any supporters like it not, will be departing Molineux. It's a dead issue.

Far more interesting is the mention of the four players who will be competing four the midfield positions. Pleasing to see that two untried youngsters are going to be given their chance.

But slightly more intriguing is that there is no mention of Doumbia. Does it mean that Doumbia will be another departee? Is he injured? Or is it that Jackett does not rate him very highly?

Also, why take Sako on the tour, when his transfer is imminent? The same could also be said of Doyle, although that maybe a situation that will drag on far longer.


I can`t believe that most of you on here would rather have Dave Edwards than Karl Henry.


Where exactly has anybody said that? How can you comment on the non-existent? Understand why you chose the name knocker.


Nor me, people forget that with Karl Henry we got promoted an had 2 fairly ok seasons in the premier league, yes it started to fall apart and Henry was at fault as much as anyone else. But if you put aside the problems I would rather have Karl Henry any day over Edwards. The biggest problem we had was not shipping players on like him sooner, so they could be replaced with better players.

Cape Wolf

I don't believe it is a fair comparison to make. Edwards is an International, makes forward runs , scores goals and is an asset. KH is a liability

Bewdley Wolf

I do like what l'm reading about KJ.

As far as Mr Henry is concerned I detect begging taking place on his part, yes he signed a new contract last year, but like anything in life, things change. He has to go, KJ is right not to have him as part of the team moving forward. I still believe he's a liability, not reliable and from a position of player ability he's not improved, can only pass back or sideways and can't score.

He's a real shocker!!

Any way we can see the squad beginning to take shape and hope we can get a few more good signings. I hope we can start the season off on the right foot.

KJ could become a real favourite around the Molineux, I hope so.


I don't want the ball Foley.......................jesus get rid!

WV10 Wolf

Do we have a coach or a 'hatchet' man?

It is long overdue that someone had the balls to do what should have done some time ago and removed the garbage from the squad.

Kenny Jackett may not have been everyone's choice but he is now showing how a coach should react when the situation call for it. None of the 'mamby-pamby' stuff some coaches display but dare I say it, a touch of the Sir Alex's, "I am the coach and I make the decisions around here!"

Should the players respond to Jackett in the right way then there is hope for the future but if not, then the message is quite clear, ON YOUR BIKE!

Sami al-jabeer.

Well done kenny in sticking to your principles of leaving Henry out.

Arriverderci will not be missed!!

steve taylor

i wanna be part of the jACKET REVOLUTION.iM going back to watch the old gold again.

The Flying Winger

Think that's pretty clear then Sue.

Probably wasn't a good idea bleating to the press.

Same goes for the others,who along with the club's management have bought the disaster on us that we now have.

Surprised he is even thinking about Edward's, another who should be on his way.


Very clear...fair enough.


Unlucky karl!! Must.try.harder.

Marcos fandango

Karl how's about offering to play fo nowt and we will pay you if you help us to promotion


I agree with everyone about kj how good hes been since hes took the job getting rid of the deadwood but I still think moxey is pulling the strings telling him who to get rid of ,for the sake of the wage bill and balancing the books, UTW


Excellent Kenny!


Sako and Doyle are sellable assets that need to be kept fit to get the money in they require, the other 4 the Wolves just want rid of.

If Karl didn't get the message before, he must do now. His agent needs to get out and tout him round those PL clubs that were interested last season. Some footballers just don't get it they think they can perform as abjectly as these 4 have done for last 2 years and still walk into teams, outside football your career would be finished if you did as badly and pushing trolleys at Asda would be your next port of call.

Celtic seem interested in all our dross maybe that's a possible out for the fab 4.

Doumbia tbh who cares what happens to him, pretty poor last season. Back to France with Razak I think.


Well done KJ, full respect for this. If Henry had any sort of brain, he would ask for a cut in wages and show the fans some decent PR... get rid as soon as possible, no long do we need this passenger. I'm starting to like KJ, so much so, I'm renewing my season tickets next week


Oh God - just when it was safe to go back in the Steve Bull! In fairness this is the most positive thing I have read from you in 25 years - well done!

Woodley wolf

What is going on?

Whoever this imposter is, release JIWAL.

These comments are actually positive so it cannot really JIWAL


After all the ineffective tinkering during the past 18 months, at last someone is putting down guidelines set in stone. We want motivated players with a no-nonsense manager.


Doumbia has been away on international duty according to Birmingham Mail, it seems Jackett hasn't spoken to Doumbia yet. Agree with the comments above, the selected players been sidelined is more to do with the dressing room dynamics. Overall Jackett is doing what is needed, I think Ricketts is shrewd signing, I'm feeling upbeat about the new season.


Sue will be upset she worships the ground this selfish Individual walks on for some reason and cannot see the venom this man has within him. He's bricking it now he's having to leave Wolverhampton the big Instigator of the dressing room thinking he was bigger than Wolves ....Get lost Henry Wolves don't want you....

Sir Lupi

A cheeky bid for Gera on a free anyone??

Stafford DeWolf

If it was just about wages surely Kevin Doyle would have been transfer listed as well?

It sounds as if there's more to the listing of these 4 by the new manager than wages? Maybe this time the manager really did watch Jez's horror DVDs None would have impressed on the field or off it, in the dressing room or elsewhere. Identified as bad eggs at an early stage by Jackett maybe?


Can only think that this is the way the club are trying to force the players out. Like him or not, Karl would do more than a job for us in this league and the midfielders we have at present dont fill inspire me greatly. If Karl wants to stay and it's a money thing, see if he will re-negotiate, same with the other players if no-one is coming in for them, but to ostracize them this way i can't agree with. Why spite our nose?


Now if only he can get them playing a decent style of football rather than hoof and chase.

Goodbye to Kelvin



Nice to see that Kenny is sorting out the biggest team in South Staffs.

Who knows you might just make the playoff's this season.

Kenny Hibbitts Left Foot

K.J. is talkin the talk, lets hope he can walk the walk, looking promising, may have to make the first home game after all (even tho moxey is still here).

Huddersfield Wolf

Kenny...I think I love you.


A major cancerous tumor removal requires a lot of perpetration and research on the diagnosis, with a steady hand holding the scalpel, if major surgery is required to help save and cure the patient.

Jackett is saving Wolves.

Recovery time may take longer than expected, but Wolves will get healthier because of these sensible but tough, nonetheless, procedures to eradicate the illness that slowly began sickening the patient.

Nothing but best wishes to Henry, Johnson, O'Hara and Ward. They need to find other teams, and hopefully enjoy better times elsewhere.

Thanks, Kenny Jackett, for not flinching in a critical moment when the club needs your courage and conviction to make some strong decisions about its future.



Doumbia & Leigh Griffiths joining up with squad on Monday/Tuesday.

Victor Meldrew

King Kenny rules Molineux!

Looks like we have a REAL manager at last

Tividale Wolf

I like Kenny Jackett !!!

Old Gold and no shine..

The first five seconds of the new season will be critical.

Golden Wonder

These four need to go asap and by leaving them out of the squad, KJ is sending out the right signals that they are no longer part of the clubs plans.

If anyone in any other employment was suddenly demoted from a senior position to a minor one, i myself would think I'm out of here as soon as i can get fixed up somewhere else.

Hopefully they can get fixed up somewhere else as soon as possible so we can all move on with a fresh start.

Wardy and Henry have been loyal servants to the club whatever anyone thinks of their ability and you would think still get interest from some clubs. RJ possible loan and i'm still scratching my head over Jamie O's next port of call.


Im torn for the reasons some of these players are going. With what the manager has seen of them which is probably not enough as no games have taken place, it has to be a wages thing which is fair enough. We have to cut our cloth accordingly.

Roger and Jamie have to leave for everyones sake so well done Kenny on that one. (eBay cough cough lol)

Henry and Ward I would have kept for this season. They are probably high earners for this league though and maybe Kenny has other targets he wants to bring in for those areas.

Overall after the last 2 seasons I am happy for us to try anything different.

Common me babbies!

paul davo

it looks like cutting your nose off to spite your face KJ the 4 have not played well the last 2 seasons that we know, but why is that, KJ should take them to one side and ask them why, perhaps after the stick they feel they are the scape goats, after all its a team game, we stand no chance of any real money back for them so perhaps a good clear the air meeting is what is needed to get them back on board and playing for a chance to get away at xmas if they so choose, not playing them is the politics of the madhouse????????

Tettenhall wokves

I heard about the four players training with u21 last week , I also was told after just one day Henry was not happy and spoke to Jenny saying he used to be capt and was not happy ! To which kenny replied if u don't like it pack your bags and train at home , it's about time a managers stamps his authorities down in these big named Charlie's !! Utw


Personally speaking I wouldn't have Henry, O'Hara or Johnson training anywhere near impressionable youngsters who can easily be swayed by their nonesence.

I'd put the lot of them on gardening leave and have them nowhere near Molineux until they and/or their agents find them clubs.


My comment was screened and not posted. If I sugested the roman helmet rhumba is this perimissable when speaking of sir Crab Henry?


Shame on you Kenny Jackett, you have lost my respect already by excluding Karl Henry, however, I do think Kevin Foley would be an asset in League 1

Cape Wolf

Don't suppose KJ is gonna lose much sleep if he reads your Blog. Cancer has to be removed and the sooner the better.

Great decision KJ

chris h

Jenny, He will deny it,but it is the Nuremberg defence: Jackett is merely obeying orders.

Ash wolf

Why? Karl Henry is not going to get any better he's poor most of the time. We have to look to future n r young lads deserve his spot in squad just cuz he's a local boy with passion for wolves doesn't mean he should keep his spot. He's crap n most fans r glad he's going.







I am ashamed to be a wolves supporter by the way we are treating Ward and Henry. Ward is a model proffesional....... and henry served us well 5 out of 7 seasons. People have short memories. Please let them leave with some dignity, and don't kick them in the knuts at their lowest eb. They have limited talents admittedly, but they gave us their best years, playing out of their skin to keep us in the premiership two years, when we had no right to be there with the eleven on the pitch......

Happy to see them leaving, as it's time to refresh, but do we really think they derserve to be aboandoned in this manner.... NO NO NO


If they leave let them leave with a bit of dignity.. I hate all the nastiness , I will be accused of loving them if I stick up for them.

I also think it's time they moved on for them and us.

Orlando Wolves

I am not ashamed to be a Wolves supporter - but I am disgusted by some of the nastiness aimed at Ward and Doyle in particular.

With regard to Henry, I believe, overall has been a good servant for most of his Wolves career / alternatively / until Roger got here and his Captaincy was removed. It is the case though that he is a disruptive element and he should move on asap.



Sorry I beg to differ.

It was obvious from the day that Johnson and O'Hara (on a permanent basis) arrived that there were major schisms in the dressing room (financial jealousy?) which were exacerbated by the appioinment of RJ as captain. To me it was obvious at that point in time, from a combination of both body language and a lack of commitment on the field, that Ward and Henry, plus some others, were instrumental in the demise of MIck, the subsequent appointment of their mate - the hapless Connor and certainly in Henry's (virtually on is own admisssion) case the engineered sabotage of Solbaaken's tenure.

Far from being loyal servants to the Club Ward and Henry have played a pivotal part in our demise and far more deliberatley than the mercenaries Johnson and O'Hara. And if it were just about wages then why have Doyle (always committed) and Sako not been exculuded? Troublemakers not scapegoats.


The reason why these players are out of the frame has nothing to do with ability. Whether we like them or not, whether they have performed or not is irrelevant in this case. The facts are straightforward, they are, in terms of ability and pedigree the best players we have. The fact they did not/have not performed to their true potential is a combination of factors ranging from their own standards, ambition, attitude, fitness etc, combined with the manager of the days' motivation, tactics etc.

Therefore, if you are the new manager and believe you have the ability to get the best out of players (isn't what that management is about?) why wouldn't you want the best players in the club to be involved. Imagine the case of him getting all these players back to their best, we'd call him a genius. However, they are not being considered because he has been instructed by JM we have to sell them due to wages. It is as simple as that, plus the fact RJ and J'Ebay do not want to stay. None of them are obliged to take a pay cut, whether they stay of not. Would any of you? Therefore the only logical outcome is for a club to come knocking and if they don't offer the same wages, we'll need to decide whether we make up the difference to contract end. Or of course we could by their contracts out.

So, the way the club is handling this is reasonably logical but the downside is, if we do not get a decent offer before the start of the season then what do we do? we'll have four of the best players in the club sidelined and really demoralised and of course, still being paid high wages. Is this good management? They know their odds of being picked up by a better club are increased if they are training and playing with a positive attitude, not floundering in the reserves, therefore it does not suit manager, player or club to have them training with the U21s. Once again, this is poor club management, inevitably it has Jez Moxey's DNA all over it. That said, if he gets a good price for them and we get in some decent players for this division, the decision will be vindicated.


You must be on a different planet chum...


I have to agree, these players haven't got bad overnight, it's all about money.

Farmer Ted

Excellent post amongst a lot of ridiculous abuse.

It is quite clear that Kenny Jackett is acting under orders from M&M. Reduce the wages? certainly. Because they've been decisive? possibly.

Other clubs know of our dilemma so Moxey needs to be at his wheeler dealer best otherwise, as Suffolkwolf says, we will have some very high earners kicking their heels.

We're all counting on you Jez!



its not all about money. A good sign of a competent manager is knowing when to let decent players go to move forward for footballing reasons.

If you look at others Teams like Villa, Sunderland, the same thing is happening.

If you take villa , they have gone slowly backwards over the last few years . Lambert has come in and clearly wants to change this by reducing the age of his squad, but also to increase competition and change some attitudes.

Some of the older players like ireland have done nothing and simply need to move on. Bent's game doesnt fit what Lambert wants and he is also surplus to requirements. Both are good players but the manager has made a football decision to move them on.

Of course money comes into to it. Would you continue to pay 100+ grand a week for boths of these players to train with the reserves ??

As for our 4 transfer listed, none have actually played consistently well over the last 2 years or turned up in key games, so I dont think its such a big football decision. If i was KJ, my aim is to get promotion next season, so why would i put my trust in these players who are too used to talking to the press but bottling it and lying down in the games. These players are on good money but not producing,so why would I keep them?

i'm sure behind the scenes these four are toxic within the squad and have affected morale and positivity in the squad. Someday some of this will come out because the likes of Foley, stearman have remained in the squad so what does that tell you??

Also KH,and wardy have been at the club too long and have got stale. they deserve a fresh start somewhere else.


King Kenny. Hopefully we are moving forward - a clear out has been long overdue.

Old Golds Worth More

The difference between KJ and DS (a lot of people liked what DS said when he first arrived as well), is that KJ has so far backed up his words with deeds. The majority of posters in here want a fresh start with the team, by that I mean the same old players who have formed the nucleus of the team under the last four managers, sent out to pastures anew. The only thing to dismay me so far is the fact that Edwards and Foley look like being kept on, Edwards may be okay, but (I don't want to get my shorts dirty by tackling anyone) Foley IMO should join the gang of four and leave.


can only repeat what i said yesterday,congratulations to kenny for spotting the trouble maker who caused the problems within the dressing room in the first place,MR KARL HENRY.


So you really believe that KJ made this decision?

You don't think that maybe during the drawn out interviews he might have been TOLD these four had to go?


Just seen the squad printed for the tour north of the border that is going on Monday. Good looking squad KJ as included the kids I wanted to see given a chance, I hope they come off, or at least 3 or 4 of them. We know about Baath, Doherty and Cassidy. I want to see Price, Evans, Rekord and Mcalinden make it. COME ON WOLVES.

paul K Tamworth

Henry must go!!! one of the worst we've had in a wolves shirt. Can't even score a goal, dirty player gives the ball away you name it.

MacCarthy come and get your golden boy!!

why not take McALLE off me?.......

The first 5 seconds of the new season is critical......they better diliver.....

wearing the not what it use to be...remove the club badge from the shirt till they are worthy

wolverhampton wake up and look at them....its simple....bring football back to loyalty ,you only have to look at Fron Lowers or Derek Dougan to see what REAL loyalty means...

put it in the onion bag the way the Doog did ..the way bully did....the way the boy Richards did......

march over everyone ...god bless our heritage.....

we will prevail....

wolves since 1960......your pain is my pain........Jenny Kackitt...ok ....lets give it a try.....

if he boggs it up ....and we lose to M.K. dons off to support the Albion.......


Leaving these 4 out speaks volumes as to what the trouble has been for the last season & a half.

Dawn of a new era? /\_/\


Why not take Mcalle of me, if you want to be funny on here, the golden rule is spell correctly. It is deliver not diliver, I see where you are coming from with Jenny Kackitt but it is Kackett as in Jackett. So go and stand in the corner with your hands on your head you naughty boy. COME ON WOLVES.




A player 6 years past his sell by date that has stolen a career from this club and overseen the bypassing of so many better, more willing and able players in his painstaking time with the club.

Before the happy clapping begins have been a season ticket holder in all of Henry's time and cannot remember 2 half decent consecutive games in all that time. CONSTANTLY shirked his responsibility, was limited to being an anchorman and did that very poorly and as a supposed 'Wolves fan' was the first to go missing in the local derby's.

Davis has already shown to be 10 times the player for the position as was Surman, Guedioura, Milijas, Mark Davies, the list goes on and on and on. And before said happy clappers tell me the aforementioned weren't defensive midfielders..... well by production neither was Karl Henry. Good riddance overdue