Wayne Hennessey weeks away from Wolves return

Wolves goalkeeper Wayne Hennessey is set for another three weeks on the sidelines – but there’s no new injury worry.

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The 26-year-old hasn’t played since April 2012 because of a twice-ruptured cruciate knee ligament.

And he has been told by head coach Kenny Jackett to get a solid month’s training behind him before being considered to play.

With Dorus De Vries set to complete a free-transfer move to Nottingham Forest, Carl Ikeme and Aaron McCarey will start the season as the fit, senior goalkeepers.

Jackett said: “We are just over a week into pre-season training and Wayne has done well.

“But he’s broken down once and I think he should just get his head down and do a month’s training and re-assess it. He won’t be involved in any friendlies.

“He’s done all the sessions and doesn’t seem to have had a problem, but let’s see what he’s like in three weeks’ time.

“When he broke down before, we don’t seem to think it was because of his rehabilitation – we think it was the operation.

"But it’s vital that we get that one right.”

Meanwhile, Razak Boukari is due to see the club physios on Monday, but won’t be joining the pre-season tour to Scotland after 10 months out with a rare calf problem.

Boukari reports back with Tongo Doumbia, who is expected to join the tour along with Leigh Griffiths.

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Comments for: "Wayne Hennessey weeks away from Wolves return"

Definitive Wolf

After what Matt went through, you can understand the club wanting to play it extra safe with Wayne.


Razak Boukari, some calf injury that!


I'm amazed that Doumbia is still with us. I think it's fair to say, is it not, that he didn't QUITE fulfil the hype that came with him when he arrived... Don't think I'm being overly harsh there...

Sir Billy Quiet

petenuts - give a young player a chance?


When the new season starts he'll be 24 and in his 7th season as a senior professional footballer.

Sir Billy Quiet

In his first season in English football playing in a side that was heading for relegation?

24 is young to me, but then policeman have begun looking younger every year......


You would concede, would you not, that he arrived to a thunderous fanfare of trumpets, and in his first season, failed to live up to said enthused parping...? Circumstances notwithstanding.

old golds worth more

Doumbia is still with us for exactly the same reasons O'Hara, Henry, Johnson and Ward are. In other words nobody wants him, well not at the moment anyway. I don't think you were being harsh about him either, it sounded like a fair assessment to me. The one player who seems to have ducked under the radar lately is Foley, he was dropped towards the end of last season, and rumoured to be part of the clear out process, yet nobody from the club ever seems to talk about him when transfers out are mentioned!


makes sense for hennesy not to be rushed back as we have cover with ikeme and mcarey. utw


Who in their right minds sanctions bike riding as rehab for ligament damage. Only needs to fall off and we are back to square one . Sick note Boukari is a waste of space , get rid now and done with it....Doumbia is one of the worst midfielders I have ever seen, he can join the rest of Ebay...roll on 3rd August another season of misery and dejection


Point 1. Bike riding, less pounding stress on joints/ligaments etc. I know, its something I have to do.

Point 2. Doumbia, one of the worst midfielders you've ever seen..... Not sure what you watch or what your footballing knowledge is?? FIFA or Championship manager???

Point 3. Sicknote suggests a person who has many different ailments, not one specific problem that once properly rehabilitated should not diminish his skill and ability, which he has aplenty..............


Ah...Doumbia....great right up until he signed his 3ytr contract then no application or desire.

Given a little mid-season holiday by Stale as he was "tired" and still came back not giving an ounce more effort.

Doumbia will be great as long as he can be bothered....not holding my breath. I would make another space on the youth teams mini bus as I reckon he will be training with them pretty quickly once Jackett has got his measure.

The dark cloud


Baldy Bouncer

Typical JIWAL comment!!

Anybody in their right mind knows the recomended rehad from ligament damage, cruciate or medial, is swimming or cycling as there is no direct impact on the area.

I suppose you wouldn't recomend swimming in case he drowned.



Proper bundle of laughs, you, aren't you?

Bradley Wiggens

Down to Compton as fast as your Pizza Express moped will take you, Jiwal. You have some vital advice that needs to be shared with all and sundry.

Bicycles out.

Inner tubes out.

Saddle bags out.

Stabilisers in.


I don't mean to be overly pedantic, but Pizza Express don't do home delivery.

The dark cloud

And you would know that you loner

Bradley Wiggens

Apparently they kept falling off their bikes, no wonder that cheese, ham and pineapple dain't turn up.


"And you would know that you loner"


Just coming at you on your own intellectual level there.

Beau Aconstricta

Smashing replies. 'PeteNuts don't like it up him Captain Mainwaring.'


'Who in their right minds sanctions bike riding as rehab for ligament damage.'

Absolute classic.

Next week:


Orlando Wolves

"Who in their right minds sanctions bike riding as rehab for ligament damage."

Practically every Orthopaedic Surgeon and Physiotherapist who deals with ACL injuries recommend it. It builds up muscle around the knee while not subjecting the knee ligaments to the risk of further rotational damage.

Sir Billy Quiet

JIWAL - never ever a Wolves fan in a million years.

old golds worth more

I can't ever recall one of your posts being on a positive note, it's always somebody or other you want out. If things are as bad as you make them out to be, why not save yourself a lot of heartache, and don't bother turning up to watch matches. Or better yet, save us from more of your bile, and don't bother to post your comments in here either!


I have a solution. He should wear knee pads.

Nuneaton Wolf

Simple solution to your worry of misery and dejection - don't....bother....going


a qualified physio has obviously sanctioned bike riding as rehab for ligament damage,which is the norm in the 21st century.

razak boukari will be one of the better players for us this season.

doumbia is one of the best players i have ever seen.

roll on august 3rd another season of elation and joy.


Razak should come good next season

As for Doumbia being "one of the best players you have ever seen"?

Are you being serious about that

Lazy is an understatment!


This is obviosuly Jiwal doing a stupid backwards statement to negative tripe he usually gives us. The clue is in his name spelled backwards...

Jiwal probably just a baggies fan anyways...


I think you will find Jiwal its one of the FIRST exercises that you can do after a cruciate op and going forwards one of the best in rehab ! And no I am not a surgeon but I did have knee reconstruction after a ruptured cruciate and was playing again in 10 months, so the bike did me no harm .................


I dont doubt that Truth. I am merely saying he should be on a static, riding on roads etc, one slip , and we could have broken bones .... being on a BMX thing on our horrible roads is just asking for trouble...inside a gym on static fair enough

Sir Billy Quiet

Cobblers! you continue to make yourself look a fool with every post.................


"BMX thing"....ha,ha, classic! What's to stop him falling off the "static" in the gym?....& anyway, he's a goalkeeper!, he's going to be chucking himself all over the shop soon enough, or are you going to recommend that we don't play him with the 'Big Boys?'...

Beau Aconstricta

Stabilisers! That's the answer.

Big Bob

If you keep breaking down Wayne, maybe you should get a new bike.


Jiwal, you must like setting yourself up to take a hammering, are you a bit kinky do you like having everyone rubbishing your comments. Unless they are sensible keepe'm to yourself, everyone of us as opinions about every aspect of the game, but the one you made about cycling is stupid and no one agrees with you. Cycling is good for you even if there is nothing wrong with you, do you watch Englands rugby team on TV you will see the replacements warming up on exercise bikes. I heard our coaching staff were going to introduce them but they frightened the Tipton crew might pinch them, (sorry only joking).COME ON WOLVES.

quality counts

Its JUST the same as Murray, he will be weak and should get fit and then Wolves should TRADE HIM QUICKLY