Sam Ricketts on way to Wolves for a medical

Wolves were today on the verge of sealing their first signing of the Kenny Jackett era with the arrival of Bolton's Sam Ricketts.

Soccer - Premier League - Stoke City v Bolton Wanderers - Britannia Stadium

The 31-year-old full-back has been cleared to join the Molineux ranks after the clubs agreed an undisclosed but modest six-figure for his services.

Ricketts is having a medical at Compton today while smoothing out the last few contractual details.

Jackett told the Express & Star: “If all goes well today I will be delighted that Sam will be my first signing as head coach of Wolves.

“Sam can fill any of the back four positions and brings a wealth of experience and quality to our club.

“Professionally he is a first-class individual and I am looking forward to working with him again.”

The way for Ricketts was cleared to be reunited with Jackett came with Bolton finally sealing the capture of Blackpool right back Alex Baptiste.

Baptiste had signed a pre-contract agreement at the Reebok Stadium but then had his head turned by a more lucrative offer from Premier League new-boys Crystal Palace.

Bolton manager Dougie Freedman added: “Sam’s been a very good servant for this football club but I can’t, honestly, sit here and guarantee him a position in the team.”

Ricketts will add vital experience and has to be a captaincy contender to what is currently a youthful Wolves squad.

It has been thinned by the exit of senior players such as Christophe Berra, Stephen Hunt, Sylvan Ebanks-Blake and Adam Hammill and the exclusion of Roger Johnson, Stephen Ward, Karl Henry and Jamie O’Hara.

A regular Wales international who has spent the last two years at right back but is equally at home on the left, he has played in all five tiers of the professional game.

And he is something of a late developer after Jackett gave him his chance at the age of 23 at Swansea – then in League Two – after snapping him up from Telford United in the Conference in 2004.

That followed a loan spell with Nuneaton from Oxford United, where the Aylesbury-born defender started his career in the fourth tier, making his debut in October 2000.

Since then he has reeled off 458 appearances in all competitions. But prior to now he is most known to Wolves fans for his stunning 20-yard opener for Bolton at the Reebok Stadium on New Year’s Eve 2011.

That came on his comeback from a 10-month lay-off with an Achilles injury.

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Comments for: "Sam Ricketts on way to Wolves for a medical"


WOW young mean and hungry!


whats the matter? proved wrong again? lol

latvian wolf






get lost tesco. by the way kalou going to west ham, lol

latvian wolf

Oi g who you calling tesco ?

i've supported MY WOLVES probably before you were even born !!


It really does anger me when the same old drivel gets put on this site,the fat controller? wewould be in a more desperate position if it wasnt for mr moxey,as for Ricketts he will surely become captain and i welcome him to Wolves to help the younger squad members you need experience and yuth atthis level,so stop bleating support the team or keep away and go and watch the speedway,


Well done Wolfie - at last an intelligent appraisal of Moxey. It is so pathetic blaming Moxey for all the ills of the club. he doea what he thinks is best for the club and his major task is to ensure we don't ever go near bankruptcy again. A lot of younger fans probably believe the club will go on forever as I did as a kid but I was proven wrong. had it not been for Sir Jack Molineux would be a tescos superstore ironically.

To all fans Get off Moxey's back: get supporting the team with positive posts. Welcome Mr Ricketts - you're just the sort of player we need.


Does make you wonder tho, why do all these supposed signings go elsewhere?


Its seems to escape peoples attention that we are in league 1 our worst position in 25years and who has been in charge our great CEO Moxey and the book stops with him.So much for him being a great CEO .


Actually it was jack Harris who saved wolves he bought in the Gallagher brothers,who built Asda and gave him 75grand for a couple of dead weights from the albion,and started the rebuild process at the Molly.


Well said Wolfie and E11...It's the same old record about Moxey.

Give the new gaffer a chance and try to remember we are in the black. It would have been much worse had we not had our financials in control...

Now get behind the team and welcome Ricketts

Richie baby

Great to hear some experience coming in...moxey is great for wolves and can only be good for the club...a guy at my work said he blamed money for wolves demise...why ? I asked him...he couldn't answer because he knew jack, just happy to jump on the band waggon...saddo...up the wolves, and up with moxey


What planet you on E11Wolf.As CEO of our beloved club Moxey is totally responsible for us being a third tier club.Everything moxey does is geared to profitmaking and not stability.Football comes last last in his way of working.With his decision making at football levels we have gone from top tier to 3 in 2 years and remembering the Bhatti years it was by relying on youth and free transfer has been signings that very nearly took us out of the league altogether.As long as moxey remains as CEO then WWFC will always be a profit making selling club with no real asperations for success where it matters,on the bloody FOOTBALL FIELD.


The rot set in before the bhaties took over they just helped it along,to compare Moxey to them is the height of stupidity.


You're definitely not one of the cheerful brigade..

The Teecher

Here we go again.

Do you really believe that Wolves can be successful in the third division with just kids?

Let me take you back to the late fifties and the Wolves side you claim to have watched.

Williams, Wright, Slater, Shorthouse, Mullen, Wilshaw, Hancocks.

Would you have referred to them as old and decrepit ?

Think before you post. You make yourself sillier by the day.

This is Jackett's first signing if it happens, the clue is in the narrative.

So you have a blast at Moxey. Pathetic.


Sorry but I am getting excited about the season coming up - things are finally moving in the right direction - call me a happy clapper, don't care. But it feels good to be a wolves fan again.


Absolutely right.

The dark cloud

Listen my friend you are either a happy clapper or a doom monger on this site you can't win so keep on clapping and support the team.Come on you WOLVES


You watch he will only have one leg that's Moxey penny pinching again lol.


Come off it Baz, yesterday you were head of the J Moxey fan club so don't try to be on the other side today.


My touch of sarcasm aimed at the mindless few on here went straight over your head.


Oh, it was sarcasm was it? And who are the mindless few? Presumably just the ones who disagree with you?

This is an open forum for the expression of opinion whether for or against. I disagree with people on both sides a lot of the time and I'll say so without fear or favour. I am definitely in the anti-Moxey camp. He failed to provide diligent management by allowing McCarthy to spend over £20 million, often on players who were useless. Don't try to tell me he's a shrewd negotiator, he was just lucky that dumb managers were prepared to pay well over the odds for Fletcher and Jarvis.


Yet again another statement from the fringe,he gave 20million to the manager so he could bring players in,so no lack of investment than from Moxey but you employ experts ie managers to pick the players they want.Than to say he should have told the manager no you cannot have them, in you expert opinion what would have the fans said about that.


A good signing if it happens , mean while what experience have we lost at the back with the likes of Berra Johnson and the ever dependable Ward other than the countless mistakes that cost us over the last 2 seasons and Berra holding out for another stab at the premiership is he serious or does he mean blue square premier , sounds more like it , Look at all the big boys queuing up to sign our star players ,Not .


i'm shocked by this!

Kenny Hibbitts Left Foot

I'm shocked that you should be shocked by this!!


In shocked you're shocked that he should be shocked!


Im shocked that your shocked at northumberland being shocked.


Rhys.. Could you not see I had already stated that I was shocked by Kenny Hibbitt being shocked at Northumberlands sockedness? Shocking.


I am easily shocked though. I was even shocked when my wife left me for a lady wrestler.


Bearing in mind that we are for the time being a League 1 club, I reckon this is a shrewd signing. He will give us know-how at the back, which will be handy with a young defence. I am also guessing he will be a good presence in the dressing room. Although we are hoping for additional signings, more good news will be when Johnson, O'Hara, Henry and Ward are finally moved on. The club will then be able to shake off much of what reminds us of recent turbulent times - indeed it will be beneficial to all parties. UTW


Solentwolves. I agree with your comment, and reading between the lines of KJ statement I think he will be our new Captain too. As for the other four players you've named, I see they have been told to train with the Academy players, as their no longer part of the managers plans. UTW:


The BBC sport website says ( as of 5 minutes ago ) that the listed players are training with the first team squad. So what do you know that the BBC don't?


Lakeside. Its only what I heard on WM news at 10am. Its hard to believe anything these days. UTW:

Baldy Bouncer

No Lakey. Sky Sports News were at Compton yesterday and they were training with the kids yesterday and as i said "made my week"

Even KJ was adamant (Not "the" Adam Ant) that they were not part of his plans.

Just gets better and better. Roll on Preston away


Orlando Wolves

Agreed Solent Wolves - Hopefully he will bring some much needed stability and both to the defence and to the dressing room.

I would much rather have a 31 year old professional, internationally experienced player with a positive influence on the younger players than the example set by a troublesome, early morning inebriate in his late 20`s.

Dr Wolf

Say hello to our new club captain?

Ooga Booga

Have to admit - whether it's foolish or not - I am looking forward to next season.


Strange as it may seem so am , 18,000 fans wishing the club on,as opposed to the 10 on here shouting boo.

latvian wolf

Bazrat i'll give you lot till christmas and then when we're nearer to division 4 what will you do then? as one post was put on here the other day if things don't go well then the south bank will jump on Moxey, Morgan and Jacketts back and I quote "THEY WILL KNOW ABOUT IT"!

The Teecher

You really are a terrifying figure, Latvian. When they read your post, as they must....


.......they'll be quaking in their boots.

Ooooops, look down, your flies are undone.

Any comment on the fifties Wolves team being "old and decrepit"?

C'mon, you claim to have watched them.


I will do what I have allways done surport the team I love.



jon mason

how long before the knockers start moaning about his signing, ricketts is a good player bout time these whingers got a grip we are now a league one team not a big club, get behind kenny lets make the mol rock,get people in who want to play and can play and bye bye to ward ohara and the rest who have had no heart for a fight for 2 seasons,

i love this club and have since i was a boy i do a 500 mile found trip to watch em since i moved from the black country im 52 now and will follow this club till the day i die.


Don't be silly , you'll always get the idiots who complain at everything then , become happy clappers when it all turns out right . That's the only thing consistent with our WONDERFUL SUPPORTERS , moan ,moan , and awful at spelling and grammar .


Good for you..A real supporter.

Molineux Max

If he was that good a player he wouldn't be signing for a Div 3 club.


The last sentence will be a worry for Tony Daley. However, we should have plenty of cover IF he makes the first 11.


I thought we were going back to 'Young & Hungry' again!

Anyway I hope he fits in under 'Hungry' and will be our new Captain!


Will be the perfect signing, as we need old heads to bring on the many quality youngsters that will shine in division one! Now let's get rid of Henry, Johnson, O'Hara, Ward, Sako, Doyle and De Vries and rebuild - a championship winning team! 5000 Wolves marching into Preston... bring it on!

Bob Wolf

I just hope he is better than Rohan Ricketts.

We clearly need a few more experienced players as the youth team isn't going to get us out of league one. With the players leaving, think we need a centre half, central midfielder, 2 wingers and a striker.

Jez needs to get the business done, but can he be as efficient when only earning £500k a year??


I just hope he hasn't got rickets


Or Michael Ricketts.

Tim Vine

That one's a tea spitter, brilliant.


One word for you, Sam: meat pie and chips for lunch at the Newhampton.

Danny Crainie Double 83

Forget that Sam, come over Bilston for a proper nose bag, that part of towns too rough.......the women ay the best either.


On the contrary, the ladies of the Newhampton are easy on the eye, extravagantly curvy and ready to be very friendly in exchange for a Jaegerbomb and a packet of crisps.

Silver Wolf

Just shows how times have changed .... the standard pub currency for such service used to be half a lager and a packet of crisps - and a silver tongue of course! ;)



Greg Fletcher

Whitmore Reans or Bilston does not matter. Try down town Vanvouver in Canada. You have to wear a metal helmet and keep all your expensive possessions hidden. In some cases it can resemble a War Zone. Very scary I can tell you.



Might do well with the orange chips down the road at Newbridge. And as for Bilston, haven't the MOD listed that for target practice?

Danny Crainie Double 83

They won't target Bilston, Mr Lakey, not after we carried the rest of Wolvo in the war....we've also got the best chip shap in the world. Everyone knows it, it's the one where you need love bites to work there.

As for the Newbridge females, are they now takin crisps cos they're sick of Petes Nuts???


For the sake of decency I refuse to speculate on Pete's Nuts, or indeed what the barter price of a woman in Newbridge may be although I hear a pickled egg is a guarantee of trembling knees.


The ladies never get sick of those.


Majour's ftw :)

Bilston Ladyboys

Love you big time Danny plenty cheap


Not even Moxey could afford to drink in The Newhampton, must be the most expensive pub in town


£8.99 for a bottle of Rioja BEFORE the 10% discount for loyalty card holders, and you're beefing about the prices? Away with you, Scrooge.

The dark cloud

That,s one word is it?


Aaaaaaaaaaaand we have a winner!


welcome to wwfc sam, experienced defender who can play across the back four.

im hopefull kj will add to the squad, once the bakary sako money starts to come in.



Played for Telford in 2004, but Swansea scouted him and signed him. probably a bit too far for our scouts to go and have a look I suppose.


Idiotic comment. Swansea were fourth division at the time and Ricketts playing non-league.

Where were Wolves at that point ? You probably don't know.

Still it's another chance for you to take a swipe at the club.


...and please remind me now.... where are Swansea now , and where are we... perhaps Ricketts helped them back up the league ladder do you think?

Bonehead indeed !


You complete plonker !

Surely even you can see that the changes that took place for Swansea and Wolves in the interim years had little to do with a non-league player named Ricketts getting his first break with a fourth division side.

You really come out with some nonsense, pal.

Just read your post on the Hennessey thread. Priceless !

Oxford Wolf

Not a signing to get the pulse racing, but could prove to be a very useful player to add solidity to what has been a terrible defence for ages. With luck he may turn out to be the wise head we need and do for us what Jody Craddock did so well

Full Metal Jackett

kenny's the man. He knows this guy and what he can bring to the club. Get behind your manager and HIS signings you lot. Age is not a problem for defence, remember the Arsenal back four of Dixon, Bould , adams & Winterburn.

Clipboards ghost

I will be the first to say it, saw him on you tube and the more I see of him the more I like him.

Wolves ay we

Kev J

Not a bad signing as far as I'm concerned. I think we have lacked experience at the back for quite a while. Maybe not as sexy as when we signed Roger Johnson but look how he turned out!

I'm old enough to remember a way past it Emlyn Hughes and a nearly past it Denis Irwin signing for us, both in their 30's, but one won the League Cup, the other promotion to the Premier.

Millwall Wolf

This looks like a great first signing, if it goes through. Yes, we're all looking forward to Mr Jackett building a new team of exciting young players, but we also need some experience in there as well. Delighted that a player of this caliber wants to join us.


I am a Bolton fan and agree with you. Sam Rickets will be a great signing for the Wolves and will lead by example.A good pro who never complained when he wasn't in the starting 11.I think the Wolves need a few more like him and they will be back in the championship.Sorry to see him go.

rich finch

why is it some wolves fans moan at everything? you cant expect us to just sign young players and walk the league we also need a blend of experience aswell. For a league one side this is a really good signing experienced, versatile and a international. Get behind jacket and stop complaining !!!!!!!

Orlando Wolves

"why is it some wolves fans moan at everything?"

....Because they are happy being miserable, that`s why.


Stop bloody moaning

Greg Fletcher

I totally agree with you.

Every fan was screaming out for experience defenders last year and now we have one this lot of idiots are still moaning.

The ones who do the most moaning are the ones with very little to do with their lives.



I think this will be a great signing for wolves, stop moaning guys and get behind the club. Who moaned when Denis Irwin or Paul Ince signed who I believe were well over the 30 age bracket and went on to serve the club very well. UPTW


I actually think he is a decent signing for this season, but please don't compare Sam Ricketts with Dennis Irwin and Paul Ince. Two different ends of the spetrum..

spanish ray

A good signing for the position we are in at the moment.Let the knockers knock,they have nothing better to do.I am the first to moan if I think something is wrong and admit I can`t be right all the time but some of these so-called supporters would moan if we bought Ronaldo.I agree with the "moaners" about one thing though,How much longer is Morgan going to keep backing Moxey.He should have gone ages ago,and this club will never really prosper as long as he stays.


Ooga Booga has it bang on for me. Looking forward to some away days like Peterborough was last time out.

Shoes off if you love the Wolves.

Walsall Wood Kid

Beginning to believe all the moaners are sandwell village guys AS they surely cannot be WOLVES fans talking such drivel.


people moaning that Ricketts is to Old how about CRAZY HORSE Rip he was past his best when he came to Wolves

but we signed him and he won his only medal missing the league cup medal nobody moaned when he signed so give the

bloke a chance how about Dennis Irwin he's another we signed who did a job for us some times a good old head helps get the ship ROCKING IN MOTION


Sir Billy Quiet

Surely we could have forced Bolton to take O'Hara or Johnson?? its only fair!............

Looking forward to watching a new Wolves team next season.


Anyone slating signings of this ilk are idiots or Tesco fans? He had a choice of Championship teams but chose us! People though that are defending Moxey's significant part of our demise are clearly wrong. Whose fault is it that we did not sign the likes of Dann, Gardner, Distin, Demba Ba etc?


Why would fans of the 8th best team in the country concern themselves with the goings on at a lowly 3rd division club?


You are obviously still obsessed with your bigger and more successful neighbours? Anyway worry about your chairman's comments that you are punching well above your weight and with your fanbase and financial clout, you should be a mid table Championship team. Guaranteed bottom 6 for you next season due to loss of players and your 2013 form!


Because you based in sandwell which dos not exist,same can be said of your trophy cabinet,good home for the bats.

The dark cloud

You've had 1 decent season in the poorest premiership ever 1 decent season in how many and here you are on our site concerning yourself with our affairs me thinks you are a bit of an idiot.NOT CONCERNED MY RRRRR's

Greg Fletcher

My Sociology Lecture once told me that Arrogance can lead to contempt. I know understand what he meant.

Being arrogance does not bring you success or it does it shows lack of intelligence.

Maybe being from Sandwell I can fully understand the lack of intelligence. Be very aware of the facts of Birmingham City. There Fans were arrogant and look where they are. No money. Their Chairman on Embezzlement charges.


Bunghoolioo wolf

Dunno. But the 4th most successful English team of all time probably won't be too bothered about what a dirty horrible club from smethwick think!!!



Okay - why do you concern yourself with the goings on at our club?


So they have 8 leagues in the Sandwell Sunday league - now I dae know that!

Beau Aconstricta

Have you thought of taking up comedy professionally?

Old Golds Worth More

Sounds like a good signing to me, particularly for the Division we will be playing in. Captain material straight away, with Henry and Johnson out of the picture.

Tamworth wolf

Shades of Mad Mick here, Rickets is a specialist Left Back, but can play anywhere across the back. Just what we need even before the season starts, buy a player and play him out of position. Lord help us all


Just woke up have we! Jackett knows the player better than us and knows his strengths, so back to hibernation you go.






Sir Billy Quiet

You are either very young or don't watch many Wolves games. Once you claim that any player is the 'worst ever' your point looks ridiculous.



stearman in this league should do well it's only 1 level above his actual comfort zone ,

The Flying Winger

In fairness Stearman was a half decent CB who covered up a lot of mistakes and ground left by Berra.

In my opinion he was ruined by McCarthy and others who insisted on playing him at RB.

So he could become a good player again for us with the right coaching.

He was on the verge of the U21's England Team at one time.

Just my opinion.

Vaguely noodle

Once again I must come to the defence Richard Stearman.If he stays and plays I for one think that he will more than adequate in our back four.Where do you get this WORST DEFENDER EVER TO WEAR A WOLVES SHIRT from.It may be your opion but where,s your proof?As a Wokves supporter for 67 years I,ve seen some class and I,ve seen some crap but your statement certainly comes under the crap.So all I can say to you is ON YER BIKE.


Brilliant news, would've liked murphy aswell but if he dos t want to be here then I don't want him here! We need players that are proud to wear the short and are 100% commited to getting us out of the crisis were in!


Really folks, this is the 1 signing we've been screaming for about 4 years. KJ comes in and addresses it instantly. Where Mick, Terry, Stale and Dean all failed to do so. Actually, Dean did plug the gap with a loan signing, so a bit of respect for that.

At last a manager with some sense!


Yep and still our so called fans moan! I wonder how many will be up the Golden Palace next season? just like they were the last time we were here???????

Hong Kong Pete

This will be Mr Jacketts first signing hopefully.

Sam Ricketts was part of Hull's first ever in the history of the club to be promoted into the premier league. He obviously has the experience and will be able to help the youngers on the pitch

You cannot just have a team full of youngsters there has to be senior players to help them on the pitch and also in the dressing room.

Ricketts may be considered to old for some but his experience may be valuable to Wolves, in my opinion like others Wolves next captain


Watched him a few times at Telford, capable defender, admittedly in the conference and a few years back, but he struck me as a decent player.

As others have said we need experience so I am not complaining.

stu Favill

We have to face fact here - we are now a league 1 (Div 3) team, that has struggled for 5 years and has been in free fall for 3 seasons. Players want success and money today more than ever, and there is little promise of either at Wolves in 2013. The so called big players who have now been sent to Coventry came by & large for the loot cos no one else was offering them contracts that will set them up for life - pressure off for them i guess. So any players we will attract will be either untried & unknown who want to make a name for themselves or players in the twilight of their careers - that's the name of the game at the Mol for the near future. One would hope promotion is possible - at least we're in a better position when we fell into this league last time, & yes i was there & when we fell even further, buti think it will be a bloody hard slog in this league and i don't know if we have the tools to cope We'll see. There's a lot of water gotta go under the bridge yet,before a ball is kicked in anger. let's give Kenny a chance, anythings better than the last 3!!


When is the medical then, thought he might be looking at all the new grounds he may have to visit on his way to the mol


Yes likely to be a good signing. However I still think that defence is lacking depth and experience. If Karl is on his way out what about arranging an exchange deal with Leicester for St Ledger, if it's them, or indeed prevail on Mick for the services of Cresswell, should it be Ipswich.

Options are on here. Better still why not get 'em both.

chris h

I have always looked upon him as a decent player.With so many senior players being sold or released, we need some one to guide the young players.Jackett knows him and obviously trusts him.All managers like to bring in one or two of their former players. My only concern would be the Achilles injury, I have read comments from Bolton fans that he has not been so effective since returning from this injury.Still if he signs hopefully he will do a good job for us.I would play him in the middle with Baath.


We shall overcome some day

For deep in my heart I do believe we shall overcome some day

Remember !


Crikey is he still on his Way? Must be an incredibly loooooooong journey!

Definitive Wolf

July 4 and no word on the signing?


Is he still on his way ?

Where was he? Watching The Lions tour?


Blumin long medical !!!!!!

Poxey probably offered him £500 a week....



I should have waited 10 minutes before posting!!!

Great to see he has signed..