Wolves start to look for Bakary Sako replacement

Wolves head coach Kenny Jackett today insisted the race is on to replace Bakary Sako.


Player of the Year Sako is set to seal a £4million-plus move to Fulham next week, as Wolves were today hoping to complete Jackett’s first signing in Crewe midfielder Luke Murphy.

With Wolves resigned to Sako’s departure, the player’s representatives have negotiated with the Craven Cottage club and an agreement on personal terms is in place once the fee is thrashed out.

But Wolves chief executive Jez Moxey and his close friend, Fulham counterpart Alistair Mackintosh, are still haggling.

Moxey, aware Sako is easily Wolves’ most expensive asset, is keen to drive the price as high as possible, just like he did successfully last year with Steven Fletcher and Matt Jarvis.

Fulham remain leading contenders for Sako’s signature but Lille, Lyon and Marseille are keen to take the winger back to France.

Sako wants to prove himself in England and there are one or two other clubs in this country who could come to the table if the move to west London falls through.

The departure of Sako would be the third winger Wolves have lost this summer, with Stephen Hunt freed and Adam Hammill sold to Huddersfield.

And Jackett has already put out feelers for a natural replacement on the left.

He said: "Sako is the only natural wide left player in the squad and, if he does go, that would need some attention. And we would need that option in the squad? Yes.

“We would want someone who has played there, someone with experience there and preferably left footed.”

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Comments for: "Wolves start to look for Bakary Sako replacement"

mr idiot

can see the pie man messing this up as well !!


Whatever fee he manages to get is irrelevant as, just with the £20m plus we got for Fletch & Jarvo, it won't be reinvested in the squad, so who cares whether its 3, 4, 5 or 6 million? It won't make a difference to what is spent in players anyway.


Like he messed up with Jarvo and Fletch? O_o

Not keen on the Last Manager. Or the CEO

Tarbster. YES. Amongst many many other cock ups


Er, how did he mess up with the sale of jarvis & fletcher exactly then?

Bas Wolf

Easy what has happened to the money? So who were the replacements and how much did they cost,also how useful were they in helping avoid second relegation.

latvian wolf

?????? You can see him messing this up??????

Come on m8 he's screwed everything for this club so what's new?

jez moxey junior

At least your opinion is consistent with your moniker!

I suppose negotiating £14M for Fletcher and £10M for Jarvis were also instances of the 'pie man messing...up' as you so eloquently phrase it!!!

chris h

Moxey/Morgan did well getting all that money for Fletcher and Jarvis.But they messed up big time not using the money to strengthen the side to keep us in the Championship.Now we are missing out on targeted signings because of our lowly status .They have downgraded our football club.What we are talking about is gross mismanagement.And yes the pies are not very good either.

We paid £3.5m for Sako, £2.3m for Sig, £3m for Boukari, £500k for Georg, £3m for Doumbia. We spent plenty.


It makes perfect sense.

Attendences going down, Wolverhampton employment going down, TV football going up, less money to spend on tickets.

Lets go down the tables and match our business to the economic circumstances of Wolverhampton.

When things pick up in a few years we move forward and upward as fincances dictate.

Build and generate business income while you wait for the good times

Well done Morg and Moxey forkeeping the club safe

My tongue is stuck in my cheek......help


chris h

Clearly you are in denial.Do the maths.How much did we spend ,how much did they collect from selling our best players last close season,how much profit did they make in 3 years in the Premier.How much did they spend last Jan . Where did we finish last season.What division are we in???????Pretty basic stuff to understand really isn't it.

jez moxey junior

I would just like to point out that I didn't post the message (quoting the money spent last summer) immediately beneath your initial post but it is re-assuring to discover that I'm not the only supporter who is 'denial' of the might of your fool-proof logic!!!

I think that post does makes an excellent point however in that, for a Championship side, we did actually spend signficantly last summer (second possibly only to Blackburn who spent £8M on a single player?) and, if reports, are to believed we also enjoyed the second highest wage bill of any Championship side last season. This would leave me to surmise that it was the choice of how this money was spent (primarily the Managers responsibility?) which is the overriding issue here.

chris h

Moxey jnr, it is the net spend that counts. We were significant net sellers of footballers last season.We sold our best players and only spent about half the money received on buying new players.We spent nothing,other than a kid who was not ready for the first team,in Jan despite being in a relegation battle. It also appears three years of profits carried over from the Premier days were not made availble to sign new players.We know that Stale wanted to sign new players ,I heard him say so when interviewed after the Luton game. According to reports in the Express and Star, Dean Saunders wanted to bring in a striker.No one arrived.Responsibility for our downfall rests fairly and squarely on the shoulders of Steve Morgan and Jez Moxey.

The ONLY reason 3M was paid for Doumbia was that Albion were looking at him, and Jez thought if Dan Ashworth rates him he must be a good player.

Sad but true....

Not keen on the Last Manager. Or the CEO

JM Jnr/ EVEN a blind squirrel will EVENTUALLY find a nut!!!!

jez moxey junior

It will find a deluge if it's reading this message board!

Not keen on the Last Manager. Or the CEO

JmJnr. That's very true. Have you seen the number of TESCO's on these sites. I include you in those by the way.

latvian wolf

yes m8 it is consistent as you so eloquently put it but please be so bold if you will as to tell me what happened to the £25-000-000 plus we got for fletch, jarvo and kights ???????

I suppose your answer will be oh! we spent it all on a new stand with half a roof. THE SOONER POPPA MOXEY IS OUT OF MY CLUB THE BETTER!!!


Cos all the rot you write certainly makes it seem like you are!!!

Wonder how many extra PIES he got LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!


Taking mosy pf yhe window meant losing out on opportunities. It would have been better not to have haggled for additional pennies if the money could have been used earlier.


The amount of Wolves fans defending Pie and a Pint Moxey defies belief. A highly respected football writer for the Daily Mail, Martin Samuel, wrote that it is unbelievable that he has kept his job? Yes he has made the club money but by insisting on rigid salary structure we have lost out on many like Demba Ba, Distin, Dann and Gardner! Look at the imcompetence last season, when we could have got a fee for both Zubar and De Vries and now they will both go for nothing!

Dutch Wolf

Don't think you understand that Morgan controls the budget NOT MOXEY!


Like who ?

huntys mum

Why did you give ma boy away for free den?


I will be sad to see him go, a player just too good, for the old 3rd Division.. Was a ray of light in last seasons gloom... Not too sure how he will do with Fulham, but now is his chance to play at the top level in England.. Will be our biggest departure, money wise, this part of the pre-season.. But it will reduce the wage bill and free up cash for new players coming in...

Rumours of Karl Henry might be off to Leicester, lets hope so, for all concerned...



Mr idiot..

What like he messed up Jarvis/Fletcher deals??....get a life.

Also doesnt Boukari play on the left???

Wolvo Sam

Nah, think boukari's a more natural winger

Wolvo Sam

Right winger I should say

Not an idiot

Boukari played on the left at Lens, and on the right + as a center forward at Rennes.

Southern Wolf

So basically Kenny, Stephen Hunt?


Hunt has gone, Wolves messed up real bad


What planet are you on? Moxey is one of the best dealers in the league when he is given a chance.


Which league? We're tumbling down through them at the moment. Not sure how we're managing that with such a good dealer at the helm.


He doesn't understand opportunity cost and this is a problem.


A Bako Haiku by Pete

Farewell Bakary

You served well those who sought a

Rhyme for "daiquiri".

I thank you.

Sir Jimmy Mullen-Hinton-Wagstaffe

Sako has to go, of course. Shame cos he was capable of putting some really good crosses in. Johnson and particularly Berra should hang their heads in shame that they failed to score from his corners.

We seemed to have had wingers on both flanks who seemed unable to consistently cross decent balls into the box. Pesko, Hammill and Forde all very poor. Until Hunt came back Ward was probably the best at the forgotten Molineux art of swinging a decent cross in.

My doubts about Sako being Premiership quality revolve around his poor defensive qualities and those penalties, but good luck he made a miserable season almost bearable.

No he didn't, what am I saying ?


Can see why your name is MrIdiot.

Moxey has made his fair share of utter cock ups but in the transfer market the guy can't be faulted.

Got us record fee's for Jarvis and then Fletcher, he negotiated a record loan fee when he loaned Henri Camara to Celtic. Even incoming transfers he managed to get Roger for £4m in fact MOXEY OUT! In seriousness how utterly pig sick would you be if we spent £7m on him. £4m was bad enough.

Knock him all you like for the other stuff, but transfers he's always been spot on. John Richards didn't give Robbie Keane a sell on clause which over the years has cost us millions.

pie man

The sell on clause is a one off, so yes John Richards did mess up but it only cost a percentage of his 1st sale. Yes he did manage to get a few million extra for Jarvis & Fletcher but holding out for a few weeks longer reduces the time to get in replacements. What about some of his other transfers ie Hunt, O Hara etc, dont think the pie man will be making much profit on those!


I think at the time John Richards actuallly got the best deal for the club with Keane? The only club that gave our valuation was Coventry @ £6m and if we had sold for something like £5m with a sell on clause, we would not have got anymore!

Colin Peppiatt

Lee Molyneux to play left wing. He has goals in him, a free-kick expert and a perfect name for Wolves

Tipton Wolves

I like the way Jackett think getting natural players in their position, having a left footer playing on the left and I hope we get a least 2.

Manic Depressive Wolf

No, we'll just get one player with two left feet.

Bojangles Wolf

Erm... We had another natural left winger... Johnny Gorman but they released him aswell...


WHY do we not show some ambition and keep him,we are now just a league 1 selling club


What a strange comment!

The club realistically don't have much say in the matter if a Premiership club comes calling with a decent offer. Sako is a good player and does not want to be plying his trade in Division 1, so no matter what the club wants, the player will choose where he wants to go.

As for us being a "league 1 selling club" do you not read all the fans posts from the last few months saying we need to get rid of most of the existing players? Most of the squad are Premiership and Championship failures and I for one am glad that we are selling. Good riddance to these poor players.


What i am saying is we only have one decent player left,and we seem to be selling him too cheaply to me.Surely we would be better off keeping him and storming to the top of league 1 for the whole of the season and getting promoted,rather than taking a chance of staying down this season as well.

nathan b

Harry forrester from Brentford !!!!!!!!!!

Whisper Wolf

Moxey Aside ... don't ya just Love Kenny Jacket ... the "Spud" as some on here call him ... especially after months of Dirge from thicko Saunders


chris h

Mike, Transfers he has always been spot on? Think about it. He signed Frankowski and Rober Taylor.He turned down bids from Liverpool for De Vries last season,now he has let him go on a free.I don't blame him for signing O'Hara,but a five years contract for a player with a history of a bad back is questionable.He agreed to a reduction in transfer fee for Lescott from £6m to £5m.Lescott went for over £20m a couple of years later.He said he was going to get £2m for Keogh but had to sell him in the end for peanuts to Millwall a few months before his contract ran out.He failed to get star youth player Mark Davies on a long term contract,he allowed Dave Jones and Ebanks Blake to run down their contracts.Then there is all the failed transfer targets.He is Chief Executive,we were in the Premier now we are in the third division.That above all tells you he has not been' spot on'regarding transfers.


Worse than that Ferguson bloke!, letting Ronaldo go, signing that rubbish goalkeeper Taibi, not signing Messi..............I'm suprised he ever got a managers job...!

chris h

Cornwall, You are right so much worse.Third division football and a current squad that is shaping up nicely as our worst since the mid 80s.As I said to the other Moxey fan,some of you are in total denial at what is happening to our football club. I can understand how some jouralists remain supportive of Moxey,professionally they need to or they might miss out on future stories etc,but how any person purporting to be a fan of Wolverhampton Wanderers can still think Moxey is doing a good job is unbelievable .Two relegations,season tickets down 50% in 3 years , selling all our better players ,relying on untested kids and failing to bring in any replacements. Plus parachute money running out.What a wonderful job Jez Moxey is doing.


& I can see what a true supporter you are chris h by the way you dismiss the young talent we have at the club. The same youngsters successive managers have been slagged off for not playing! Yes, I am aware what league we are in, are you? the same league we have been loaning out such youngsters to at other clubs. What signings are you hoping for really?,

Am I a moxey fan?, NO! but I'm also no fan of the current cancer of supporters constantly looking for ANYTHING to slag off within the club. Mistakes have been made, yes, & big ones at that, but I still back morgan to help the club! Moxey? no! I think he is too high profile, too in your face & should be reigned in, football matters need a football brain & the club has needed a 'middle man' or director of football if you like., for a while now................but until you can show me something & someone better, I will back morgan!

chris h

Cornwall, I have been going 50 years,stayed with them under the Bhatti era,never walked away.True supporters care about the state of our football club.I use this forum to express my concerns.Some of us saw this coming(although the full extent of the decline I think has surprised everyone and we may not have reached the bottom yet.).This season the club is in receipt of £16m parachute money ,plus they have 3 years of profits from the Premier league salted away somewhere.This gives the Wolves a big advantage compared to every other team in the third division.We should use this to rebuild the side.If we don't and rely mainly on untried kids we will struggle in this forthcoming season.Then where do we go,when the parachute money runs out?


Message to one of the "close friends", stop haggling, it must be done to death at stage - put your efforts into landing Luke Murphy and the others that need to come in e.g the left winger, defenders, etc. Thanks.

latvian wolf

Dow think the e & s like me as they don't print my comments


glad to see all the numptys sticking up for poxey and his marvelous profit making. wanst it the same bloke that said our star players WONT be sold last summer. you must all be so pleased a nice healthy bank balance and visits to the likes of crawley ,preston, vale, instead of old trafford ,anfield. yes that makes sence, NUMPTIES!

Money brought in money spent

Players sold = over 28million at start of the season. Which we were told by Moxey at the time would be reinvested in the squad.

Players brought 12.3 mill according to chris.

So from Moxey history if Sako is sold for 4 million plus were looking at around 1.5million mark been available for new players which get 1 average player unless lucky with gamble on a young player for the future.

I still maintain the best option is load Sako out for a season or two to prem team, in which time we could be back fighting to get into the prem again or at worst sako's value would be higher.

As yet not heard Sako wants to leave only that Jez want so sell him, I seriously question him being on top wages like others that we need to get off the wage list.

Not even 12 months have run on Sako's contract yet so if Moxey had any thing about him loaning to get off wages while keeping our best saleable asset, who is only going to increase in value playing in the prem and adjusting more to the English game.

So its a win win for us

1 Save his wage

2 Increase his value

3 or get a better player back

For once it would be nice if Moxey thought about the bigger or longer term picture ie a little money invested at the correct time at any point over the past 3 seasons would have saved us millions and millions of lost revenue prize and T V money and we are talking around the 100million mark if all the info is correct about the current tv money for the prem this season.


Moxey is good with money rubbish with football ..Now weve got this new guy Thelwell in hopefully some of the football decisions might be a little less disastrous.... Mind I'm not sure it was Moxey's decision to appoint Solbakken or Saunders I think they were more Morgans choices...I hope Moxey and Morgan take more of a back seat from now on and let the football men get on with it


contractual release clause for a certain realise clause for a certain amount fee otherwise keep him and his pay packet and let him work for what he is payed for in the end he would/could be our hero

gold n black

Talks opened with Nathan Delfouneso over loan move from the Villa.

Quite capable of filling Sako,s boots in this league.


Replacement for Sako. Back to France then, ye?!! Did we need to let Hammil go? Wolves will not be able to replace Sako with the

same quality in this Division IMO. Buying another left sided winger yes but not the same quality. On the other hand maybe a loan signing would be better.

This may be the most viable option, we'll see. The dead wood will hopefully be starting to leave in the next few weeks; Thank God! or KJ.


Vaguely Noodle

Why does Sako remind me of Henri Camara?Not very often in the game,not for the 1st division too tough,scores the odd spectacular goal,now thinks he,s too good for the Wolves.Sounds very much like Camara to me.The only thing he has,nt mentioned is being African footballer of the year.Please Mr Moxey work your magic with the money side of things,as you did with Fletcher,Jarvis and Kites but this time ensure that KJ has all the money we get to spend on new players.COYW.

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