Bakary Sako's Wolves future still up in the air

Winger Bakary Sako returns to Wolves for the start of pre-season training next week with his future still unresolved.


Premier League Fulham want the £4million-plus-rated winger and it’s understood Wolves are aware that representatives of their most saleable asset are talking to the West London club.

Preliminary discussions have been held with the Craven Cottage outfit about the 25-year-old, although no agreement has been reached on a fee.

But, with Wolves chief executive Jez Moxey back from a short break, all parties have agreed to hold more talks in the first week of July, when it is hoped they can come to an arrangement.

If a fee and terms can’t be agreed with Fulham, then Lyon, Marseille and Lille are all keen on bringing the former St Etienne wideman back to France.

However, Sako is keen to stay in England after a largely impressive first season, where he scored nine goals in 37 Championship games and was voted Player of the Year at Wolves.

Lille would have to sell at least two players to finance a move for Sako, and at the moment, it’s understood Fulham are the only club Wolves are talking to.

While there is movement regarding Sako, interest is slower on some of the other high earners, such as Roger Johnson, Jamie O’Hara and Kevin Doyle.

The news means fans may be frustrated at a lack of movement on the transfer front after head of development Kevin Thelwell said on Monday that “space must be created” in the squad before players can be brought in.

Yet Wolves have been lining up targets behind the scenes for new head coach Kenny Jackett to assess and they are hopeful they will be able to move quickly when the time comes to pursue their targets.

Interest has also been lodged with Burnley’s soon to be out-of-contract striker Martin Paterson, who has attracted the interest of six Championship clubs, including Wigan.

Sources close to Stoke-based Paterson indicate Wolves are the only League One club the 26-year-old would consider joining.

The Northern Ireland international was courted by Wolves in the loan window in the spring when Dean Saunders was in charge but a switch couldn’t be agreed.

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Comments for: "Bakary Sako's Wolves future still up in the air"


a nothing story - must be a slow news day


Yep, nothing story's about an attacking player yet again, I don't know about you lot but it's about time we heard the club worry about the shocking defence we've managed to keep for so long, I liked Sako going forward but when he managed to get into a defensive position it was scary. How many penalty's did he give away? All said and done sort the defensive side of our team out it's quite obvious that's our problem. We all know sako's going to move on so start worrying about something that needs attention DEFENDERS!!! WAKE UP!! UTW


No offers for Ohara that does surprise me as according to him on the radio hes a premiership player


Did he say at what game?

We Only Need One Half!

No its not, he's outta there first chance he gets, and Moxey will be glad of the money!


I think story is - we're not sure WHERE he's going, not WHETHER.


What part of 'representratives of their most saleable asset are talking to the West London club' do you believe Moxey has control over? Is Moxey also responsible for global warming? Sako wants out. End of story. No point trunign it into another chance to have a go at Moxey.

Moxey's non existant conscience

Dead right he will be. That will cover his next bonus for doing such a wonderful job!!! and a few extra pies.


Your post title - Moxey's...... etc really is ridiculous.

Moxey is very good at what he does, he is skilled and committed and probably feels very deeply about recent disasters.

Think of a more supportive name for the team which I'm sure you love.

Now NOT KEEN on the Whole lot at the TOP

This story is on the site for 10 minutes and what have we got? A Tesco

posting. "We only need one half"! I think that should We only need 10,000 more supporters lol to match the average attendances at Wolves!!!!

John De Wolf

I wonder if the so called 'premier league players' have enough self belief to cancel their contracts and leave on a free? I doubt many clubs will pay a transfer fee and £40k in wages for the likes of Doyle, O'Hara, Johnson and Henry. I would let them go for free rather then pay them off. They don't deserve another penny from us. Letting them go out on loan is another option, as long as we don't have to subsidise any wages.

I hope Sako is loaned out for a season but it's likely he will be sold. I think the benefits out loaning him to premier league or champions league clubs outweighs the benefits of just selling him for only £4M.

I don't think Paterson is better then what we have and goes against giving the kids a chance. Long term Sigurdarson, Griffiths, Cassidy and McAlinden could all be better players then Paterson who is an average championship player at best. If we need an experienced forward go for Kevin Phillips who is also available on a free.


Have the offers come flooding in for the Premier League player Jamie O'Hara?


Yes, let's sell him as close as possible to 3rd August to ensure KJ has no funds for signings for the season start. Moxey, just get out of the club you make me sick

Sir Billy Quiet

Talking of 'making me sick' - same can be said for the constant 'season in season out' moaners like you...............


Why would you care? I seem to remember you saying previously that you were not renewing your ticket again & that those of us who have renewed are idiots.You are either a hypocrite & have renewed or if you have not then what makes you think that you deserve the right to make demands that people get out of Wolves,people like you make me feel the same way about you as you feel about Moxey!

Bridget,Philip and Gary

Typical defensive comment from Jez's son. Go to your room NOW.


He has 'armchair' etched into his soul. Save your fingertips for worthy discussion.

Ronnie Allen

Aye. Sell the pudding for oss mate.

Washed down wi a nice chianti.......mmmmm.......mmmmm....mmmmmm


Get him gone for 5 large then we can start buying new players.

Chillo Wolf

'Get him gone for 5 large ...'

Words fail me Rampton they really do


Well that's a first for you Chillo, YOU'RE usually full of nonsense.

Hope married life is treating you well.

We Only Need One Half!

be fair, he never said 5 large what!

Now NOT KEEN on the Whole lot at the TOP

WONOH. He did. They are five large Trophies, something you have not seen or would know about!!!!

M5 Wolf

Loads of clubs wanting player of the year Sako while "interest is slower" in O'Hara and Johnson. I imagine, given the size of their egos only JOH and RJ are surprised to hear this


Moxey as more breaks than "Kit Kat" do UTW:


I was just thinking the same thing! He's ALWAYS "just back from a short break". Mind you, his lunches are probably so long and extravagant that most of us would classify them as holidays.

Furzedown Wolf

What does Moxey do? Discusses the sale of assets, and....???

We still don't know what happened to the money from last year's sales - Fletch, Jarvis, Kights.

Of course Sako will want to leave. And although Moxey appears to be hot on selling, he's not so keen on buying.

Tot up in and outs over the past four years

Chi Chi the Panda

Am I the only one who finds it difficult to get interested or indeed excited about anything to do with Wolves while The Fat Controller remains at the club ?

Moxey's non existant conscience

No, I'm exactly the same. I've supported them since 1956 but until they get rid of him I'm on strike. He will not get another penny of my money.

Sir Billy Quiet

No you are not alone.......a fresh start requires Jeremy Moxey to leave Wolves - Steve Morgan and Moxey are the only one's that don't get it.


Why comment if your not interested oops sorry your a armchair fan.

Nomad Wolf

Mr Rat i can't get to many games due to my occupation but when i'm home i make a bee line straight for the MOL does this also make me an armchair fan or do i have to attend every game as you reckon you do to qualify as a Wolves fan and another question who instals all the armchairs at Wembley come finals days i,e Wolves-Burnley.


Luv the interest in Johnson ohara and Doyle a little slow that does surprise me !! Hope Doyle goes celtic tho think a fresh start and he will do well for for all the others on big Doe I can't see who wud want them to be fair

Simon Morgan

We need facts!

1) As I understand it in the Championship we spent 63% of our turnover on wages.

2) in league 1 our turnover would be reduced increasing the percentage above.

3) fair play rules in league 1 limit the turnover spent on wages to 60%

Given these statements, which I understand are facts, how many players have to leave the club before we are in a position to attract players?

Getting rid of Sako (how in my opinion was lazy dynamite) is not going to be sufficient I would suggest. If Doyler and Sako move on how many more have we got to move on before we can bring anyone in.

I might suggest we get rid of the toxins in the club first. Lets start with JOH and Karl Henry and then concentrate on building a midfield as we need them & wingers desperately.

Bunghoolioo Wolf

There was an article in the daily mail yesterday saying that Wolves top earners would be exempt from the FFP arrangements. Doh! I'd rather make a loss than see JOH or RJ in a Wolves shirt again.

Doyle? Henry? well I suppose they could stay on reduced terms but really we need to clean house.

I'm looking forward to a bit of grass roots, back to honest graft, football this year. It will be cathartic year for our club.


Brizzle Wolf

Think I saw it in the Daily mail online (I have Flipboard and subscribe to the Wolves channel otherwise I wouldn't read that trash) that some of our players wages are exempt from the financial play fair play rules AS LONG AS they have signed a contract longer than 3 years. This includes our wantthemtogo players Johnson, Henry, O'Hara. This means in theory we could buy players now and avoid being slapped with any embargoes. Would be risky to saddle ourselves with further wages and know Moxey would never allow this to happen but we could done. For a number 1 target maybe it is what we should do considering that in theory we should be the plum side at this level.

Mensa Wolves

'Wolves will be able to move quickly, when the time comes'.

When the time comes. Our future is out of our hands then?

We are totally beholden to the whims and wherefores of the transfer market. This is handy for the board who can now blame delays and missed targets on player greed, or agent intractability. Not our fault guv!

This isn't good enough. I fear we are under-estimating League One just as we did the Championship. We need to start building a functional team, a new style, and that takes time.

Wolves, take control of the situation, get rid of those you don't want and those who don't want to be here then go full-blooded to get the targets you do want.

Create the sense of a mission, a vision, a direction, a sense of purpose that you can sell to new players and use to rally our squad around.

At the moment we are drifting aimlessly, waiting to see what turns up.

No point researching and writing 25 page dossiers on a player if he's snapped up by another club before you can get your chequebook out. Utterly futile.


While many of your points are valid, the problem lies in 'get rid of those you don't want and those that don't want to be here'. How do you move on players who are contracted on Premiership wages but i) are not good enough to attract Premiership teams or ii) are too expensive for Championship teams? Even if they were offered for free, there still aren't many clubs who would pay those wages for the players on offer. I fear this could be a major stumbling block in developing a squad for the future.

Mensa Wolves

I suggest we take the hit, if need be.

It may not be financial suicide as there are plenty of desperate clubs and chairmen out there.

What it will do is send a message, a rallying call. A statement of intent.

We need to start paddling, hard and quick, against the downward stream we're in. Who ever thought we'd get relegated from the Championship?

If we have to throw some expensive ballast overboard then it will be worth it to set a new direction, get everyone paddling the same way.

We need to stop drifting and get some purpose about the club.

I think I've tortured that analogy enough to release it from Guantanamo now.


The ballast won't drift far in the canal to Pendeford, but if you transport it up here to Humberside, we've got a huge river with very strong currents out to sea. Should do the trick!


more will go when they start back next week hopefully the deadwood must go as soon as they can how many short breaks does moxey have cant he have a nice long break moxey out

Cornish Wolf

If it were at all possible this is the one player Wolves should at all costs try very hard to retain, regardless of wages.

He is on the face of it, the only player we have at the club with the natural skill to drag this current mish mash of a 'team' out of Div. 1 and back to the Championship at the first time of asking.

Pay up and keep him I say! (If he'll stay).

Up The Wolves

Silver Wolf

Good to see the Chief Exec is back after a short break .... where to this time ..... wonder where and when the next one will be.

Maybe if he leaves Wolves he'll take up teaching, a teacher friend of mine told me he's never more than a month away from one holiday or another. I wonder what Jez would teach .... not PE or games that's for sure. Cookery perhaps .... a pie cooking specialist? Then he could eat his own pies rather than his words. ;)

c hunt score

So he isn't allowed a holiday???


I'm not a dedicated Moxey basher, but the appointment of Kenny Jackett was delayed while he was on holiday too. Surely this is the worst time of year for him to be away (unless he delegates power to someone who knows something about football)

bus pass

About 80% of the picture will not be clearer until we host Walsall on Sept 7th and even then within the loan system players can come and go with a view to permanent deals in the January window.This brings its

own problems as the squad will take longer to bed in as a team.While it would be great to see the team hit the ground running Im not holding my breath.


No interest in O'Hara and Johnson! Really? I'm flabbergasted!

Tipton Wolves

If Sako leave then we have no left midfielder which mean we need to buy 1 or 2.

John De Wolf

Hammil?! Hope he stays and gets a chance

Tipton Wolves

Isn't Hammill a right midfielder, yes I do agree he should get a chance and would prefer that we get a left midfielder.


I don't think its that much in the air is it? The only question is how much he'll leave for and not if he'll leave.


1st of july,jeeez some people have got no patience.....utw


A club our size and word wide fan base you are bound to get some fans getting impatient.some of our fans have to fly in from far flung places,so they need to know in advance who we are signing.Let's hope they stop making us look fools and ditch that stupid huggle.

Wolves ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy we.

Ronnie Allen

Sounds like Scrabble chief. Fletch sometimes flies in from The Banana's.

Dave O

Another little break Jez, cant you just make it a clean break and leave for good

Jaime DLG

Best wishes to Wolves next season and hoping that Leigh Griffiths can score goals for you as he has been great for Hibs during his loan period. The guy is slight but he can handle himself against bigger players with his quick control and subtle lay offs. He also has great ability to score goals from 20/30 yds

For those who decry the SPL however you have got to realise that the SPL is a microcosm of the total English Leagues with teams like Rangers and Celtic well capable of surviving in the Premiership whereas teams such as Aberdeen, Hearts and Hibs have the potential and support to do well within the Championship. The remainder are equivalent to Div and Div 2 standard in terms of players and support.

I know that some will say that Leigh was playing in a mickey mouse league but many managers and players who come north to play in the SPL have been surprised at the standard here and Celtic with very limited financial resources did reach the knock out stages of the Champions League and clubs like Aberdeen, Hearts and Hibs re starting to bring through good youngsters

All the best Leigh thanks for your time at Hibs

Kenny's Guru

I'm astonished that the E&S journalists haven't picked up on this.

I've heard that as Wolves got relegated from the Championship to League One the players wages who are on at least a three contract don't get included in the Financial Fair Play restrictions.

If that is corredt

Sir Billys tights

Great news we can keep Doyler, Ohara, Johnson and Henry then, I was getting worried we may have to lose them.

Sources Close to Stoke-based Paterson indicate...

Include HP Brown,Daddie's Tomato Ketchup and Reggae Reggae.

Patak's Korma refused to comment.



Sako will go.

JOH and RJ stay put

No buying of Players, well none you will have heard of.

Prepare for more misery.

I for one am excited by the new season.

Taxi Moron

Stourbridge Wolf

Ha, ha, ha - cant believe Premier league clubs do not want to snap up O'Hara!

Give the boy credit, but unfortunately self promotion and self confidence need to backed up with decent performances on the pitch!


I wonder if Moxey ever does risk assessments? Probably not? The key risk is that we don't move on players fast enough to sign the players that we really want. This could result in still having players on the books that cost a fortune and don't want to play for Wolves whilst letting players for the future slip through our hands. WWFC have enough in the kitty to take a risk and bring in 2 or 3 players asap then make a hard concerted effort to offload the players we don't want. The squad return from training in a week or so which leaves KJ very little time to sort out what he has on his plate and start developing a formation and tactics. I guess Moxey could get in the legal team and see what it would take to sack the deadwood for non-performance in their job (some chance)?


How amazing wud it be to sack some of them and deal with the consequences later. .I wud just luv it

Filthy Wolf

Sad he wants to go, but we probably cannot afford him. Shades of Henri Camara in one way, but hopefully he will turn up for training!


Interest in our high earners is slow? Surely not slower than their legs?

spanish ray

Why can`t we loan Sako out for the season?Why can`t Morgan get rid of Moxey?Why can`t players show loyalty to a club? why,why why.


This is turning into a Ruddy farce !!

We're approaching July and still NOTHING..

Other clubs are signing players doing deals and we are standing still .


Morgan out

Moxey out

Thelwell out and super yes man Jackett out ASAP..


Yawn..... You've said all this before. Time for a new post!

Sir Billy Quiet

The departures of Johnson, Doyle, O'Hara, Ward, Henry, Foley, Berra, SEB should make no difference at all to Jacketts plans because if has taken any notice of Wolves demise he will have seen that these players will always let you down.

And if we can get someone to pay us money for any of these players we should be dancing around the Molineux.

Sako needs to be playing at a higher level than Wolves are - its the reality.

Bring in the kids and players with ambition.


I would especially be dancing if we could get money for Berra and Blake who are out of contract!

Vincent Caglistro

How comforting to learn that Jez Moxey is back from a short break! Has he been sunning his rhino-skinned torso in Crawley Town perhaps?


Lets be fair why would someone come in for O'Hara? Everyone was fooled by him his true colours are there to be seen now. The only way we will move him and Johnson is to take a big hit on the transfer fee, something Moxey will not be happy to do even with the wages their on.


those players mentioned are a disease in our squad please morgan just pay them off we then have move space to move in the transfer window and we get rid of them make a decision I worked out it will cost us 3.8 mil to pay 4 players off 0n 40,000 a week nd im guessing that's for 8 months a year....needs sorting asap. sako shouldn't go if the club just wana sell that's sad and it would infer that moxey needs to go business sense of s moron.


Talk me through the maths there!

£40k a week = approx £2m a year

The players have 2/3 years on their contracts, so to pay 4 of them off would cost around £20M. So Moxey might not be very successful, but I'm betting he has a better idea of contracts than you.


What chance have our teams in Scotland got when teams in Div ! are able to pay £40K a week... I dont believe it !

Why were you only asking for £150000 for Griffiths last New Year. Pity Hibs had not payed that at the time as we wpuld have got a bargain

But then I think that many players in England are overpaid and until English supporeters do something about it Football will die all at once if Sky went bottoms up.

quality counts

... they paid to much for rubbish, the fat man got the contracts wrong and we are stuck with them....estimate little change to start the season apart from Bakery will go....doesn't matter how much, he will go. Got to keep the pie man in pies.

We never leave early or boo!!

Having perused the fixtures it has now really hit home!! Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but instead of certain people's voracious appetite for negativity we should reserve our opinions until KJ has had an opportunity to develop a squad that he wants. We have to remember he has a number of players who do not wish to remain at Molineux. How the situation is handled is not solely down to KJ. Having said that, it's not an invitation to those previously mentioned to star having a go at JM, KT and SM.

History is something that we cannot change. Having recruited my 10 year old niece to support Wolves ahead of Aston Villa and Newcastle, her parent's teams, we will now have four of us on away days and at Molineux. We will continue to never leave early or boo!! UTW



They make you sick,! they make me vomit these so called parats on this site


And you make us sick with your constant repetitive drivel.

Esso Ian

All I can say is Moxey needs a permenant break , Get gone pie eater


Who nows Griffiths may be the new Bully , get rid ohairy, the crab, the drunkston,Berra . Wolves forever circa 1955. UTW..

paul davo

TAXI FOR MOXEY not renewing until he has gone, will enjoy the away games

Kenny Hibbitts Left Foot

Jeez what do you have to do to get a comment on here these days????? Oh stuff it!!!


Oh wake up and smell the coffee some of you lot we're a Div 1 team now ! who ever heard of good players signing for a Div 1 club???? can you name me one ever who wasn't over the hill looking for one last pay day? THERE ARE NO OPTIONS. The big earners have to go so we stay within the 60% cap. Jackett might bring in one or two old heads to lend experience to some of the kids but its the kids turn now and there aint no choice about it. Maybe if we'd have got an experienced manager who knew the division and given the kids a run last season we woudn't be in the mess we are in now


At this stage is the wolves "management" actually capable of organising a transfer? Or anything else.


A lot of these comments are embarrassing. We all know know the top earners need to go. Johnson and O'Hara have let us down but Doyle and Henry have been good value for Wolves. Don't pick on these players for poor decisions. I've stood and chanted their names when they were fantastic (0-1 away at Spurs) Problem lies in bad timing on managerial decisions but let's not enter next year on negatives. Time to rally round and get behind what will be a a good squad with half of them home grown.

We've been let down but these guys need our support. They'll be really good if we get behind them at this level.

Forget Moxey and support the Wolves!!!


Jez is back from a short break ?....pity it must not have been to painfull........Ahhh well perhaps next time


I'm with Ronnie , let him go ..... Never easy swapping a semi in Willenhall for a detached in Kensington