Crystal Palace favourites for Sylvan Ebanks-Blake

Wolves striker Sylvan Ebanks-Blake could be offered a contract lifeline by Ipswich – but Crystal Palace are favourites to sign him.

Sylvan Ebanks-Blake

Former Molineux boss Mick McCarthy is considering offering the 27-year-old, whose deal expires two weeks today, a short-term contract at Portman Road.

Ebanks-Blake isn’t expected to be fully fit until October because of his broken leg and ankle ligament damage.

Palace have been linked with a swoop for want-away West Brom striker Peter Odemwingie after being left with few attacking options.

Championship Golden Boot winner Glenn Murray, who scored 31 goals last season, will be out for up to 12 months after damaging cruciate knee ligaments.

Ebanks-Blake is currently doing his rehabilitation at Compton but Wolves have already said he and fellow out-of-contract players Christophe Berra and Stephen Hunt won’t be offered new deals.

As reported in later editions of yesterday’s Express & Star, Wolves have tabled an enquiry for Burnley’s soon-to-be out-of-contract striker Martin Paterson, 26.

But they face competition from six Championship clubs, including Wigan, who paraded Paterson’s former Clarets boss Owen Coyle yesterday afternoon.

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Comments for: "Crystal Palace favourites for Sylvan Ebanks-Blake"


If we dont keep players like SEB then weve no chance of gettin out of this leage.

morgan has to keep these players on.

It crazy we letting these plays go! Wake up peeps!,,,,,,,


He didn't want to stay, He's moved on- So should we!!

Wolfie Wolf Wolves Wolfie Woo

Don't be soft


It crazy Gringo !

Wolfie Wolf Wolves Wolfie Woo

get a grip. He's on too much money, he's too injury prone, and we don't need him

Derek Dougans Dog

Another inane comment from you Johnwolf, I would keep your coments to yourself, you make yourself appear not to understand the situation


SEB did nothing for us in the Premier and he looked too slow even in the Championship.

Quite rightly, we are clearing out the overpaid coasters who we bought second hand from relegated sides like Reading, Birmingham and Hull. Johnson and Doyle fall into the same category. I don't know how they had the brass neck cheek to pick up their wages. As for O'Hara - nuff said.

I can't wait to see big George let loose again.


Its crazy you are suggesting keeping players who have failed to deliver for atleast 2 years


Sad to see SEB leave, but at the end of the day he is no longer a Wolves player so why bother wasting space writing a report on where he is going

Left Back Required

Spot on. No news is good news but no news mweans creating it too. off you go SEB, we have Sigurdarson and Griffiths. Slim fits are better than over weights.


He has had his day anyway,we have younger,hungrier players who can take over now!!!


Are you sure you can get a more hungrier players than Blake?

Pie sales have plummeted in Wolverhampton since he left!

Sydney Wolf

Shows bad management to let him go on a free. How many goals could he have score in league one?

Good luck mate! You were a gem for us over the years!

Saft Harry of Tipun

Dimwit his contracts up,so we can't ask for anything.


About 10 just as long as he gets 50 chances always been a 1 in 5 striker he will struggle where ever he goes


Wow -SEB and II must both have missed those other 400 chances a season he was getting while struggling his way to winning the golden boot twice.


Absolute garbage



2007-2008 played 20 scores 12

2008-2009 played 41 scores 25 (not bad in crap Div.

2009-2010 played 23 scores 2 yes 2 top man

2011-2012 played 30 scores 7

2012-2013 played 23 scores 1 value for 30grand a week eh

2012 2013 played 40 scores 14 no wonder we are where we are


I am sure that Blakey would have negotiated a new contract at Wolves if our board had shown a bit of willing instead of just dismissing him.I for one am disappointed he is leaving.Thanks for your service Sylvan.Still love the goal you scored at Charlton

Wellington Wolf

I know first hand he is not interested in playing league one football.


So do the rest of us who read it in the Express And Star a couple of weeks ago.

Jackett Spud

Why is he continuing his rehabilitation at Compton? Why are we wasting our money getting him fit again when hes going elsewhere?

No Ambition

Embarrassing Post. - obviously forgetting the goals he scored in getting us promoted to the prem

The bloke has more than paid back the £1.5M transfer fee

His rehab will be costing the club peanuts.


Because he's still our player (and the club therefore has a responsibility...) until the end of June...

SydneyWolves AU

"whose deal expires two weeks today"

OH&S reasons plus legal / contractual reasons.

Think of it as a work site - he is still contractually in your care.


Because a knackered EB is worth very little but a fully fit EB will be worth far more!


My exact thoughts, the amount these physio's are paid these days he must be costing a fortune.

Should just send him on his holidays, we're doing the work that another club should be doing.


He still has a contract til the end of June so we are obliged at leadt until then.

Plus you seem to forget that the guy won the golden boot for us, scoring goals to get us in to the premier league (and the goal that got us up against QPR) so I would have said that deserves a bit of loyalty.

Personally I'm sad to see him go, even in the last few months before he broke his leg he was trying hard for us. If we had'nt lost him we may have stayed up. But, everyone moves on at some stage so good luck SEB and thank you

John De Wolf

Hopefully Ebanks gets another chance in the premiership with Palace. He never really got a good run of games under McCarthy in the premiership.

I'd tell Mick to get stuffed at Ipswich, a short term deal is insulting and I'm sure he'd only be used to get them promoted and then dropped again in the premiership.

Personally if we are genuinely looking at Patterson (which I hope we aren't) then I'd rather offer Ebanks a new contract.


I do not know why they even print this story, he is no longer at the club so why would we want to know

Any chance we can have a left back please Mr Thelwell? ★

So what,who cares ?

Paterson won't come to play pub league football.



Any news on the Wolves today?

Saft Harry of Tipun

There's plenty on Sky channel 112

Mills wolf

haha that's brillian mate :)

Cape Wolf

Chasing Marting Paterson and letting SEB go, from October, is this really going to improve the Wolves Squad? Hmmmmmm


Sylvan would probably fancy one more crack at the Premier League. Not convinced we need Patterson - would rather have Kevin Davies, despite his age, for all the other qualities he could bring to the dressing room. He could be our Phillips.


Solentwolves, couldn't agree more re - Kevin Davies, I still believe he's the type of striker we've been missing since big Chris Iwelumo. As you know I wanted Kenwyne Jones, when we was in the PL, even the championship, but in Div1 KD is the ideal rough and ready in your face type of striker, but he's much more than just that, he would score you lots of goals too. I would even go for Kevin Phillips too. UTW:


Is it the 90s again?

I thought we left recruiting pensioners, who didn't care one jot about the club or even getting into the team, for one last payday back in the Glenn Hoddle era?


Spot-on Solentwolves, Kevin Davies is class - would love to see him in an old gold shirt!


"whose deal expires two weeks today" - still a Wolves player, hence why he is still receiving treatment here and is technically still an 'employee' of the club.


What is wrong with some people, he as told the club he is not going to play in League 1 end of.


Actually the club have told him they don't want him and won't be offering him a new contract. SEB hasn't made any comments about the club.


Good Luck, and all the best Sylvan, I hope you make a full recovery, and go on to play in the PL again. As you didn't get many opportunities last time you were in it. Like the comment above, I also will always remember that outstanding goal you scored v Charlton, and many more excellent goals you've scored wearing the Gold and Black of WWFC. But we all know players will always come and go, as will managers, ( unlike a certain CEO ) But supporters will always be here from the first day they start supporting the club, till the day they DIE. UTW:


Jackett Spud SEB is under contract till july 1st. So we legally have to continue his rehabilitation until that date. SEB does not want to be playing in league one.

Like some of the other comments say, we have younger hungrier players who will have the chance to step up. If our young players are good enough this is the season for them to show it.

Roll on the new season. Please E&S don't print pointless stories in future.


Apart from a purple patch this season SEB has never been at his best since he first got injured 3-4 years ago. When he did eventually recover MM kept him on the bench thus not getting enough match practice preferring Doyle as the lone striker most of the time. I feel with a good pre-season & losing a little timber SEB will do a job for a top Championship Club. Our lousy predicament (Thx Moxey) will leave us starting from scratch again, been here before SO OUT OF DARKNESS COMETH LIGHT. UTW.


There is no way SEB would of played league one football so why are you blaming the club? He is at his peak now age wise and is a championship striker at best....he should be there.

He is doing rehab at wolves as he is still under contract there. He is probably entitled to rehab as a condition of contract.

Some people on here just don't have a clue.


'whose deal expires two weeks today'.

This is why we are still helping him with his rehabilitation.


naff off hes been a barrel of lard for 4 yrs now since we got promoted offers nothing made doyle look average as he runs himself into the ground has no attackin impetus at all plus he scores coz he gets in the box late not coz hes dynamic and drops off a defender. why is this reported onwards and upwards. UTW!!!!!


As usual the ignorant idiots are out in force again.

Firstly it is not bad management if a player will not sign a new contract, a player can do what he wants. SEB has the chance to play Premier football next year so i don't blame him at all for moving on.

Secondly, until his contract expires SEB is still a Wolves player. Therefore it is still Wolves news (albeit probably column filling on a slow news day). So under his contract he will continue his rehab at Compton, if Wolves did not this would be breach of care under contract.

Thirdly it is time Wolves fans got over their anger at everything the club, and to a lesser extent E&S, do. It is not helpful and certainly won't change the situation. The club had made changes, perhaps not all the changes a lot of us wanted, but changes are taking place, time to show some patience to see how these now pan out.

Ronnie Allen

He always looked a pie eater to me, disguising his fatness with his shirt outside his shorts.


New York Wolves

Its time to move on. Wake up and smell the roses of league one. SEB will be gone. Doyler will be gone. Sako will be gone. We have Sigurdarson, Griffiths, Cassidy and McAlinden up front. Maybe we need one more. The concern for me is not goal scorers, my concern is defense, that is were we need to concentrate our "feelers" in the transfer market.

nigel wolfnut

I think we have to have a reality check here. Kenwynne Jones in Division 1? Kevin Davies? Certainly I would agree that they could do a job but many more clubs at a higher level will think so too, and what sort of wages do you think they will command? I would suspect in the Johnson, O'Hara bracket - and these are the players the club are looking to offload. People - you might as well say David Beckham - oh - he's retired, well I think some of our players did last season too.

Surely he has to give Griffiths a go with Siggy. McAlinden certainly one to watch but Cassidy, well jury is out for me but perhaps this is his level. We're not shopping at Harrods folks - more like Poundland. Time to get real. Gross mismanagement has got us where we are and sadly at least two of those are still here. Any guesses??


Not sure what's difficult to get here. He's done well, his contract is up - so we can't ask for a transfer fee. He'll stay until his deal is up in 2 weeks and then he should go with the best wishes of all true Wolves fans who appreciate what he's done for us! Worth 10 of Jamie O'Hara/Roger Johnsons who don't care a jot. Good Luck SEB


theres a lot of tosh being said on here about the SEB situation

From what i can see throughout last season there were ongoing talks around offering him a new contract.

Remember that he could have gone to palace in january but didnt.

Our relegation has changed things. Seb doesnt want to play in lge 1 and for all his weaknesses he is too good for this division. His record in the championship is excellent. Also in lge 1 we cant offer him the type of contract we would have intended.

Why would he stay on at wolves when palace could offer him premiership football and wages ??

I'm not SEB's advisor but i would say to SEB to get himself fit and her will get plenty of offer. The ipswich offer if true is insulting to SEB , who is not injury prone like ohara, edwards.

Sydney - Mossvale Wolf

Well done Seb for some of your important goals for us (beating QPR 1 - 0) my last game before moving to Oz.

Good luck where ever you go. I don't think people understand, he doesn't want to play in L1 so no point in offering him a new contract. Let's all move on and look towards our young blood...UTW

btown wolf

Decent servant over the years but wolves need to move on from MM regime and ship out deadwood

Dave O

Totally Over Rated player in my opinion.

Still here Jeremiah PLEASE GO

bilston mon

Bring back bully he talks a good game


DAV O AND RONIE ALLEN , hold your heads in shame, this noncense about blakey being over weight, if he was how did he score so many goals. two especially spring to mind . last seasons over head kick against millwall and the classic against charlton away in our promotion season. neither of these goals would of been scored by a player over weight. blakeys demise was caused by mad mick failing to give him a decent run in the team in the prem. blakey needed to play week in week out ,not sit on the bench. either neither of you go games ,or you have had a bump on the head causing memory loss. didnt he score 15 goals in a struggling side,before injury robbed us of him?

Southern Wolf

The only disappointing thing is we will get no money for him.

He's a great part of Wolves history. he is the guy responsible for some of my happiest memories as a Wolves fan, the best days I have experienced and the proudest I have been as Wolves fan.

But it's over. He needs a change, we need a change. I genuinely believe he'll be more successful elsewhere and we will be more successful without him.


Typical of the incompetence of the club, Palace offered a million for him in January, and we refused....same happened with Zubar...Besiktas allegefly offered 2 million and we eventually let him go for nowt. How Moxey is still in a job is beyond me

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