Wolves place £4m price tag on Bakary Sako

Wolves today set a minimum price of £4million on wantaway Player of the Year Bakary Sako.


The club have received serious interest from Fulham and at least one other Premier League side.

That's plus an un-named Champions’ League qualifier in the 25-year-old winger, who cost £3million from St Etienne last August.

Sako is one of many players who want to leave Molineux after relegation to League One and the Express & Star believes Wolves are looking for well over £1million more than they paid for him.

Fellow big earners Roger Johnson, Jamie O’Hara and Kevin Doyle among others are also looking for fresh starts and will be offloaded if Wolves can strike the right deals.

Wolves are hoping they can drive up Sako’s price just as they did with Steven Fletcher and Matt Jarvis last summer.

The duo eventually left for £14million and £10.75million respectively, but are patiently waiting to see what offers come in.

The Frenchman appears to be the most saleable of those looking to leave after quickly settling into life in the Championship, scoring nine goals in 37 League games.

However, it's understood negotiations are in the very early stages and his sale is expected to drag on for some time.

Wolves are prepared to cash in on the former France Under-21 international, as he is believed to be earning more than £20,000-a-week.

Saving that salary would allow manager Kenny Jackett to manoeuvre significantly in the transfer market.

Jackett wants to speak to all the players when they return for the start of pre-season training in 13 days’ time, so no-one will be allowed to leave before then.

He also wants to keep Richard Stearman, who has returned from his loan spell at Ipswich.

The former Leicester defender, who left the Foxes for Wolves when City were relegated to the third tier five years ago, is believed to be cool on the prospect of playing in League One for the first time.

Stearman’s former Wolves boss Mick McCarthy is keen on taking the 25-year-old back to Portman Road on a permanent basis, after he impressed in his 15 games on loan.

Huddersfield are interested in taking Adam Hammill back to the John Smiths Stadium, where he spent three months on loan last season. But they are being rivalled by one undisclosed Championship club.

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Comments for: "Wolves place £4m price tag on Bakary Sako"


Please,Please not Stearman in a Wolves shirt again !!!!

Ally Robertson

Stearman isn't good enough for the Wolves fans on here! Get a reality check. We are in League One.

Stearman was a liability in the Premiership but one of the best center halves in the Championship and would be far and away the best center back in League One.

I would love to have him back.


Give it a rest !!


How much would Stearman be worth if they said we didnt want him? Its a negotiation....


sakko must stay, lets lone him out.

If we keep sakko and Hendry we will be sure to get atomatic promocion.

Steerman will be solid for us in L1

Tricky Dicky


I thought he played snooker????????

DazLarkin the Postman

Sako stay

Berra out

Moxey out

Johnwolf in


If I was Berra I'd be finding out where the nearest job centre is.

No one wants you. Legend in your own mind.



Best not criticise the spelling on Johnwolf, he won't be very pleased. There's only him who speaks the truth on here !!!

ian hopkins

thick dingle !!!!!


Sell Sako for 4mill . But give KJ the money now when he can make use of it. Not a big false promise of money later.


Johnfool, if you lone out a player, how will he assist in making "sure to get atomatic promocion"?

manc Foz

i,m glad someone else is on the same wavelength. The guy is a liability and what people see in him i honestly don't what......

Alan Hansen

In '82 Brazil showed that you can't win the World Cup without a solid defense


Moxey will sell Sako right at the end given Jackett no time to buy a replacement, just like he did with Jarvis and Fletcher.

Get rid of Johnson and Ohara and we don't need to sell Sako


Clue is in the story Bluewolf..... "wantaway"


As if sako is gonna play in div one wake up!!!!

jon mason

why the hell would we want to keep stearman hes as bad as berra and you want get rid of hamill give him a chance dont listen to moxey hes an idiot


C an you repeat that in English please ?


Defoe keep Hammill! So under rated, think he could be a great Wolves player. Needs to be given a game or two! Come on me babies


Sign Defoe, now there's a good idea at last!

We Only Need One Half!

"Wolves are hoping they can drive up Sako’s price just as they did with Steven Fletcher and Matt Jarvis last summer."

Yeah, you may find another idiot like O'Neill, just a pity for you he is out of work at the moment, he may have offered 14 mill!!!


Surely most premier teams would pay £14m for 10 to 12 goals a season from a player like Fletcher even if he is only fit 50% of the time.

O'Neill, IMO, is overated but he's no idiot.


Yet you lot seem to think Odemwingie is only worth 3 mill???

John De Wolf

Would it not make sense to loan Sako and save the wages that way? Then he can re-join us next season if we get promoted or be sold at a higher price then £4M if he impressed in the premier league/champions league.

I don't mind if we keep Stearman. He did well at Ipswich and I think he was unfairly criticised at times, mainly due to the fact he played at right back. His best position is centre back and the season we got promoted he was named in the team of the year as a centre back. However, if he doesn't want to play for us then good luck to him. I would rather play for wolves striving for promotion in league one then move to Ipswich.

I really hope Hammil gets another chance and we don't sell him. He is the best winger we have left at the club (as Ismail is yet to prove himself) and if KJ plays 442 he would be a great asset in League 1. He never got a fair chance at wolves and there seemed to be some problems behind the scenes but hopefully he's learnt his lessons. He's only 26 and would be a great player for us next season if he stays.


Totally agree 100%!!!!!!


Same goes for me too another 100% agreement, especially with regard to Hammil.

Mike T

Spot on about Hamil. The last time he played a full game for Wolves was against Chelsea (that long ago!). He was man of the match and Lampard should have been sent off for taking him out! Just cannot understand why he has been frozen out by four managers.


frozen out by 4 managers who know a damn sight more than you.

this isn't football manager or fifa its real life mate

hammill is an awful player and awful human being

he doesn't pass he just tries (and fails) to run through players and ends up on his arse all the time.

Bolton away, there was his chance to get us back in the game 1 on 1 and he bottled it.

not to mention he's a female paramedic beating lowlife scumbag.

get him out of my football club.


If you think Hammil should stay then you know nowt. Do you actually go to games?


Totally agree apart from the bit about Hamill. He's not good enough. We have younger players who can come in and do a better job.


Also agree, but only 66.66%!

Not sure about Stearman as have never really been convinced he can perform - too many silly mistakes. That being said, maybe League 1 would give him the chance to show he can do the business.

Don't want to see Sako go, so the loan idea would be much more sensible.

As for Hammill, KJ has already mentioned playing with wingers so why would we get rid of one who has looked decent when given half a chance and could do the job? There has been clearly been trouble off the field, but surely this can be dealt with given the change of manager. According to reports KJ has offered an olive branch to Griffiths who seemed more of a trouble maker than Hammill and he seems to be happy to come back (according to some reports).


a very considered comment, unlike some posted. I tend to agree


Agree too or at least get nearer % million for him. I am sure Stearman would handle League 1 but he doesn't want to be here and about 80% of support don't want him anymore either. But I think one to 1.5 million would be enough to get him out and a hungrier versatile CH in.... or maybe we already have him here... Doherty, Margreiter, Batth plus 1 more.

Wolves 4 Life

Completely agree with the sako situation ... Loan him out , cut his wages to half unless a club is willing to cover 100% of wages ... Hopefully get promoted then we get him back the following season... I would then say that

M&M would of done something good for wolves the 1st time ever


If Sako is being offered a deal at a Premier League club in Fulham now, why would he opt to be loaned somewhere, just on the off chance he could play Championship football in 12 months time?


What you say makes a lot of sense.


Problem with loaning players is if we don't get promoted our finances would seriously be affected. Teams would know that the £4m we want now would turn into £2m because we'd need the money.

It's too much of a risk to take, and that £4m can help build a squad of players capable of getting promoted.

Still think £4m is too low though. should be aiming nearer £6m


This is the club coming to terms with the fair play rules. Moxey needs to reduce wages by around 40% and a player sale helps in two ways, the wage bill drops but also Moxey can use the expected transfer fee as part of the clubs anticipated income, to show the wages are no greater than 60% of that figure. This is a massive hit and will cost the club millions with the contracts players are on and every other club seeking to take advantage.


Saki would be a liability at this level! Can't defend and is seriously over rated! Cash in while we can. Mark my words, you'll not hear of him again when he leaves us! Another Camaraderie in my opinion


Hamill only looks an ok sort of player when he comes on for the last 15 minutes running at tired defenders, but not very affective for the full duration of the game. Everyone keeps on about this Ismail, is he any good !! He seems to be around longer than Ryan Giggs. He couldn't get in the MK Dons team so can't be all that good.

Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson

Absolutely! That would be the optimal solution for Wolves. Loan him out to Fulham

OZ - Ex Sedgley Wolf

Sorry John De Wolf, but I don't think you looking at the future. I think Stearman is one of the worst players to put on a Wolves shirt and even if you like you say he'd do a good job in L1, what then ? .... give him another contract if we get promoted..... talk about going backwards ...!!

Orlando Wolves

I tend to agree JDW. Even if they sell Sako only looking to profit by a million seems like a cut price deal to me.

Does this smack of desperation, or is it another stroke of brilliance by Jez Moxey ?


The most shocking part of this story is that KJ wants to keep Stearman!

No, Nay, Never -


What is a 'minimum' price for a player?

You would have to find a stupid club to come along and pay more than they need to!

Given the fact that he still presumably has at least 2 years left on his contract the £4m price tag looks a bit light to me


Get him gone with the rest of the wasters so we can rebuild.


If Sako hadn't conceded so many penalties Wolves would still be in the Championship.


bye sako and thank you and good luck as far as the likes of ohara Johnson ward henry doyle and co sooner they go the better out with the old in with the new let the new era of wolves begin wolves till I die


thank you? thank you for what? thank you for your illustrious career with us? thank you for all the goals you scored in our promotion season? thank you for helping us in our cup run?

for crying out loud we had him for 12 months, he scored a couple of good goals but the fact remains he was in a side that got relegate form the Championship. £4m is a good price IMO, what we paid and a bit extra.


I believe if Sylvan Ebanks Blake and Barkery Sako had not sustained injuries towards the end of the season we would still be in the Championship. That said I believe living on past glories is a mistake once morale and confidence go or indifference steps in. If players do not want to play in Division 1 they should go.


Sako is the only player in the current wolves squad that is a premiership player - and will be a premiership next season.

£4 million a steal for a proper premiership club.


I can't wait to log in later and find the enthusiasm that greets the idea of losing Sako and keeping Stearman.


If that's the case make sure you get a sell on clause unlike other players who have gone from us and no sell on clause when the player has gone for million's to different club's

Disappointed of Haringay

Glad these are moving on , but Stearman returning NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I am afraid HENRY must go> he has been captain for 2 relegations and player conflicts.Bless him but he is a big part of the player problem. All that old gaurd of McCarthy Boys must leave. They have tried and ultimately failed. Young and hungry? you are having a larf!!!!

jason s

why only £4million for sako,we should be asking at least double that for him,as for stearman let him go for free as no one in a right would pay.we should keep hamill as he has not had a decent run in the team since we have signed him and hamill deserves his shot.


It's because Sako isn't English, otherwise we would be talking £10m+ and a possible world cup winner in Brazil 2014. Thats how we get things done.

are you watching what I'm watching

£8 million for a player who scored 1/4 at championship level and was part of a relegation battle ??

If we get anywhere near £4 million for him we should snatch their hand off.

Paul's Blade

Just think what he could have achieved if he'd had any sort of decent service from the midfield...


Bargain buy at that, look again Mr Moxey at least worth 6M


Mention of Stearman.

Swivel eyed loonies enter stage left.



Why not as we are a selling club and that's why we are in League One and in freefall!


Use whatever profits coming in to benefit the team for the coming season, Mr. Moxey. The priority has to be a swift return to the Championship. The fans deserve nothing less after the sufferings of the past two seasons or so. There will be some profit from off-loading high earners both in fees/reduction in wage bill, plus parachute money and whatever is left from the Jarvis/Fletcher deal that you were so proud of, Mr. Moxey. Do not mess about with players released because they do not quite cut it, look to buy some proven lower league guys who can do the business, plus a Kevin Davies or two who know what it is all about and can galvanise the young group we are likely to have with our own youngsters added in. Play it straight with us, Jez, it's high time you did - there's more to life at a football club than only numbers on a spread sheet. It's time to give it bit more - it would be ridiculous for a club like ours to be totally tight-fisted in its approach to regaining its original status.


Solentwolves, What an excellent post, I fully endorse your comment, and i've been saying about players, like Kevin Davies, Shaun Derry, for ages, they have the mentality you will need in Div 1. I would also like Kevin Phillips as ive stated before, he lives local, his son plays for our Academy, and would score shed loads of goals in Div 1. But your post is spot on Moxey needs to spend the cash, they owe the supporters big time. UTW:


Great post and what about Phil Neville from Everton in a player coach capacity if he fancies it?


Should have got KP in 2003 when he was free! Spot on with everything


Great post.

Pardon me though if I disagree with the need to bring in players like Kevin Davis.

With Sigurdarsen and Griffiths, backed up by our emerging academy players we have a wealth of forwards.

We desperately need a rugged, no nonsense midfield 'Boss', you know, the old Mike Bailey type, to keep us from being bullied by lesser (no disrespect) teams.

I'm already looking forward to next season.

Kenny wasn't my first choice of manager, but I, for one will back him for now.


£13.3 million Profit from last seasons sales,£16 million parachute payment( plus a further £16 million over the next two seasons).

WWFC is far better placed financially than any other club in league 1 and Moxey can have no excuse for another season of failure.


And the rest please, he is worth 7 mill at the minimum.


rob, use your bonce. Put it out there at £4m, get multiple offers and then start the bidding. BTW, can I buy a used car from you please......

Wednesbury Wolf

Stearman i think could do a job for us next year, decent championship player, sako if were all realistic we knew he was going so lets hold out for the best price we can as im sure there will be a few suitors, as for o hara and johnson id take what we can just to get them off the books. Get some passion back into the dressing room and on the terraces.


Why sell our best player ? I forgot we are a business and not a serious football club and once hes been sold the money wont be spent on buying new players.

I think morgan is saving all this money from players sold and in the near future he will try to buy liverpool again and it wouldn't surprise me if he doesn't change the home or away kit to red.........bully should have got the job.

Bunghoolioo Wolf

Taxi for madabout wolves! Bully????


Finally someone's saying it like it truely is. Good on you madabouteverything. More please!


would be good to get 4 million for sako, stearman will go to ipswich, doyle to celtic/reading, roger to palace and o'hara to west ham.

karl henry will also leave, and kj can start to build his own team. utw


Nice one Kenny, call Ipswich bluff over Stearman. He will go but lets collect some cash. Same with the others, dont be too rash. And if O Hara wants a pay off tell him he is starting at Orient away. That should see him off. If thees players want to go let them find someone who will pay them what they think they are worth, not pay them to go.


Saving his salary will go into Moxey's pocket only, I am sure his Bonus Pay relates to the profit at the club and at the moment we are still making profit by selling off our prized assets. This is not how to run a club Moxey ! You need to spend money to make money, you are running this club to the ground. Moxey out !!!

It also sums up which way we are going for the year ahead, jacket wants to keep Stearman, please this player is useless , way too slow and doesn't read the game ! Moxey is having his say I reckon as this player is on low wages, disgraceful management .

psalm 23

Higher value than Odemwingie, surely not. Someones's having a laugh!!


Well OdemWhinger has a questionable attitude and has been schooled by the Baggies so of course he's worth less!

Jack ♣ Hat.


Yes, but Osaze scores goals like the three he put past your lot, remember that nightmare, it got Mick a panic sacking and then the bottom fell out of wolves world.



Jack. I say please engage brain (if you have one) before operating Gob.

Jack ♣ Hat.

£4m seems a high price for a divi3 player.


Now NOT KEEN on the Whole lot at the TOP

Jack. M Y O B!!!


Sako 25 years old Odemthingie almost 32 enough said!!


Thought our jez wudv slapped 5 million on him..shame really as he was exciting on his day, but I feel it will be good business to let him go as league 1 is a hard working more direct devision. Sako didn't really relish the old tracking back part..I think he will make a good prem squad player tho.


His haircut is worth at least £2m, so his asking price should really be around £6m or more...

Obviously some bad management and financial inneptitude going on here....

Boooooooo! Moxington out etc etc!


This Management knows how to do solid and good business, selling at the right prices... Beneficial to the club.

I am happy, from the media Kenny Jackett has his wits about him, while Jez always does well on the money side.

The club is in safe hands... Onwards and Upwards.



I see our CEO has got a new name 'OLDGOLDNBLACK.


Really well why have been relegated twice and had 4 different managers in just over 12 months if thats the definition of well run call me a chinaman.

The Real Bangkok Wolf

I was going to post something about "Onwards and Upwards" but I can't be bothered as I'm loosing the will to live with M &M still at the club.

The Real Bangkok Wolf

Re oldgoldnblack

I was going to post something about "Onwards and Upwards" but I can't be bothered as I'm loosing the will to live with M &M still at the club.


Go and have fun looking at the books on a Saturday afternoon then if that's what pleases you. To hell with football.


Re Sako

Wolves could offload the salary bill if they loaned him to a Premiership club for the year. If Wolves get back to the Championship he could then come back to help get the club promoted having had Premiership experience or his value would almost certainly go up beyond the £4m being talked about now.


I keep reading this suggestion on these boards and, genuinely, I am curious as to why fans think these deals work? Why would Sako, after a year in the Premier League, want to return to the Championship with a newly-promoted club with absolutely no guarantees of a return to the Premier League anytime soon? I understand he is Wolves' player, but you cannot hold him to ransom and force him to stay - the game doesn't work like that sadly.


Ben Foster to name just one did it with you lot!!!!


Oh yeah, genius. Just as the same suggestions for Fletch and Jarvo last year, they'd be worth ooooh... at least a quarter of what we got for them.


Half the wages, but twice the player of Ohara and Johnson, sad to see you leave, one of the few bright sparks last year

U t w


We'll be left with a midfield of Henry, Edwards, Doumbia and Davis....may the Lord have mercy on our souls


Doumbia? I doubt it - sale/loan to France I reckon.


What with £4M for Sako, £3M for Doyle and approx £2M for Johnson and O'Hara making £11M for starters, then the £1.5M each for the other players we could possibly off load, namely Hamill, Ward, Stearman, Foley and Edwards or Henry it adds another £7.5M to the coffers.

£18.5M plus the parachute payments, the actual amount I know not, say £16M we have a mighty bank balance.

On top of this we have the remainders from the Fletcher and Jarvis sales so that full amount we could/should have in the bank is eye watering. This for a League one club Woah!

There are about 14 or so Premiership managers wish they had this amount of money to spend and not go into debt. Again this is amazing and if we cannot use this money wisely to get the club back into the Premiership in two years then we will never do it.

OK we are down in the dumps at the moment but let us hope that Mr Jackett can do it for us.

As the motto says 'Out of darkness cometh light'

I have that hope


We wouldn't get 1.5 mill for all 6 players you lumped together , let alone 1.5 million each ! who on earth would pay that for Ward or Foley for goodness sake !

Walthamstow Wolf

If we get half of his projected fees for the players mentioned, then with retained profit and and the last of the parachute money we should have a £30m+ kitty.

There are other ways of doing the sums, but it all ends up looking the same: there's plenty of money for KJ to rebuild the team.


And the new financial fair play rules...?

A Pint And A Pie.

With that logic you must be Saunders in disguise.

psalm 23


I love it, pure comedy genius!!


Yeah, the first four, who are the most likely to want-away in any event, should net around £10 - 12m. I don't see why Doyle, Johnson or O'Hara should go just for the asking. Stears is worth at least what we paid for him, £1 - 1.5m, and Berra (remember him?) 1.5 - 2m+. I can't see Hennessey being all that keen to have L1 on his CV so he's a likely to want out also, and he'd be worth a bit too, say £4m+. Hammill and Ward might fetch £1m- between them, the others? well let's just say there may be no urgency to move. Nothing for Hunt or EB. Ten players there already, maybe one or two others could also go.

So all in all £18m in transfers (plus wages saved, substantial in the case of Doyle, Johnson and O'Hara, plus Sako) and parachute payment £16m, would give a positive cash inwards of your £30m+ - even if from a different mix of players.

Now for the real deal

1) We need to keep Stale's better players Siggy, Doumbia, Boukari, and the Academy lads who made the breakthrough, and yes some of the senior heads

2) We will need to spend ....carefully, properly, but mostly we need to invest some serious money in this team if we want out of L1

3) Inbound transfers will be absolutely crucial - we need quality defenders (CB and LB), midfielder (goalscoring) and a line leading forward, at least

4) Better hope that Chris H, below, is wrong, and he normally ain't.

5) Keep the green light on for hope - better to travel in same than expectation

Neanderthal Norman

We should trust our Jez to do the right thing,stop being so negative.


Trust Jez?! Are you taking the p1ss?


Sako was a great replacement for Zubar and Berra , in the giving penalties away department !

Good player but he would not stay even if we could pay him the wage , he simply will not play in that division the same as Doyle and co.

We HAVE to realise where we are at now as a club before we start spouting off about who we should be signing and who we should not be selling........


KJ did have my backing...if its true he wants to keep Stearman i might have just changed my mind. Common Sense please!...he's appalling!

Wellington Wolf

KJ is playing the game as Ipswich want Stearman for next to nothing, Mick M will buy him for Ipswich but for the price we want.



Here's a thought, why not blow all the transfer kitty on another new stand for when we reach the Premier League. Oh, hang on...


Nothing will change at Molineux until we get rid of Moxey at the moment all decisions on players are based on how much money they can make on selling and how little they can get away with in reinvesting in players.Like the one of the previous comments players will be sold in the last few days of the window which means that we will miss out on quality players you can write the script year after year.

Mark B

Are we forgetting where we are? Stearman is probably Championship level at best but we are not there so he could do a job for us without wasting more money.

We have the youngsters that will help in the defensive shake up as well so another money saving exercise.

If Sako wants to go sooner rather than later and keep Hammill.

This is now down to integrity of the players that have put us in the position were in to man up for a season and get us promoted.


I only said the other day, that I would prefer to loan Sako out for the season, and see what league we are playing in next season. As i hope we get promoted at the first attempt, if we don't, let him leave with our blessing. But we know what happens when players say they want to leave, they leave end of story. Its a shame, but if he's going to leave, lets get the best possible price for him. But at the same time, its states the club will hold out for the best price, like they did with Jarvis and Fletcher, that's all well and good to a point. They did it with those two, but the deals were that late, it left SS no time to spend money on players, and some if not all of that money wasn't spent in January either. So whilst I want the most we can get for Sako, it must not be at KJ detriment, as he needs money to spend too. But Moxey will have ££££ signs in his eyes, plus the saving of £20,000 a week. That will seal the deal with Moxey. As for Stearman I always thought he would make a good player, but I must admit, he did worry me at times, as he tends to make rash tackles by diving in, and giving penalties away, and getting sent off for it. So at the right price, say £1m, I would let him go, as we've got enough Right footed RB's and CH's, who are equally as good, if not better than him, who've earned their right to play this season, and seem to be more committed than him anyway. UTW:

Angry Wolf

Stearman is a good average Championship player, and should do well in div 1, as is Berra. It’s great to go with youth, but we still need some experienced players in the squad.


4 million? Gotta be worth 6, surely?

By the time they'll have sold what they can, added the parachute payment and the tightly hoarded cash from the sale of Fletcher/Jarvo/Kightly we'll probably have enough to lay down some great foundations.

New stand anyone? The Jez Moxey Echoing Hollow Stand? Or maybe The Morgan Mausoleum Stand? You know, something that will leave a legacy ... a monument to monumentally bad management.

Danny Crainie Double 83

Money,money,money ! Is there anything else on a football clubs agenda these days, is this what Sky has turned us all into, slaves to players salaries. On a previous thread 'Sickofitall' sums it up when he asks who remembers the days when , before and after a match, all you could hear was talk of favourite players and tactics, all we get now is how we can't keep paying Johnson, O'Hara e.c.t. Every football fan around world will name you the Prem top four next season, the winners of the SPL, the top two in Spain and the Bundesliga champs, but how many medium to small clubs are in that group......none, and the reason there ain't any, is because they're all trying to develop talent that these mega clubs take a fancy to, open the money pit and Hoover up. I ain't glad we got relegated, but I ain't bothered either, a couple of new grounds I ain't done and some new towns to potter around, but more than anything, I hope to be watchin players who are proud to wear the shirt, players who cherish a win more than a cheque. I read up all the time on both WBA and Wolves message boards, the general talk is about finances and it seems many posters have degrees in amateur accountancy, some of the posters know their football and give out positive , constructive outlooks, but the road always leads to money and the managing of it. The Euro Super League scenario is not impossible, if Sky wants to put its whole lot into that, we will finally get back to British , brass tacks football, not this diluted euro stuff where diving, spitting and pulling out of tackles is tolerated. Sky money is all well and good, but should it all go towards Toure's200k a week or helping hard up fans to enjoy a Saturday afternoon...the time has come to follow the German example, where you can afford to take kids to a match, get them into the game and then get them playin. How can dad get little Johnny interested when he cant afford it himself ! Money is the root of all evil, my old girl was right all along. Wolves ay we...


Agree with your sentiments 100%. The love of money is the root of all evil, the state of the country proves that as well as the state of football.


Well said DCD83, I love the thought of making it easier at the turnstiles. I wonder if there is merrit in suggesting that the Sky money can make its way down to football at community level- via the clubs of course, it would be nice to see clubs coughing up a bit of the pie for use at grass roots level


chris h

Selling Wolverhampton Wanderers by the Pound. Good money for more bricks.I suppose when Morgan and Moxey finally move on,one of them will leave a note saying'sorry the money has run out'.

Rick wolf

4 million that's about right, I think he's an average prem player,at best, but made us look good, a bit of an headless chicken at times.

spanish ray

I agree with John De Wolf about loaning out Sako but not about Stearman.He and Berra are probably the worst two players ever to have put on a Wolves shirt.

Fozzy Bear

If you think Berra and particularly Stearman are probably the worst two players ever to put on a Wolves shirt you either haven't been watching Wolves for very long, are an armchair fan, or, just plain ignorant.

Depending on how long they've been supporting Wolves most fans on here could name dozens of players far worse than those two. Both of whom played their part in getting us into the Premiership.

Don't talk utter rot.

Cape Wolf

Spanish Ray, have you had too much sun? Remember the mid 80's?


Stearman can do a good job in League one.

As for the rest, Sako will be sold, o hara cannot see who would want him, probably a championship club on loan, Johnson again probably another championship club on loan.

Doyle will be sold for peanuts.

Karl Henry thats a tough one,maybe he will stay?


Psalm 23, Sorry mate, even Johnson has a higher value than Odemwingie!

Johnson is an awful man, but Odemwingie is a total mercenary- touting himself from a good club ( Albion) to QPR...for what? Just money . You are better off without him. At least Sako acted with some dignity to the end of the season.

psalm 23


Your'e totally right about Odem being a mercenary but as a very talented forward he has a value, agreed not as great due to his contract only having 12 months but all the same he is that rare commodity of being a regular goalscorer. Good luck to you guys but I think 4Mill is a touch optimistic for Sako.


Don't think anyone should get worked up about Stearman. KJ needs to play hardball if we want to get a good price for him. First rule in buying and selling is that buyers want something all the more if the owner doesn't want to sell. If we go round saying we want to get shot of him, we won't get tuppence. Calm down in the back row. Of course, this strategy won't work for the Likely Lads, Messrs O'Hara and Johnson. Everyone knows we want to see the back of THEM. We might have to pay them to go simply to get them off the payroll. Johnson is slow and Hara's legs have gone. I would also loan out Doyle and Sako for a season to higher level clubs, and have them back next season for (hopefully) a promotion push for the PL.

Dave the Rave

Some of you fans havent got a clue Stearman is a good centre half he is not a right back,along side Batth great patnership for league 1.Sometimes i think to my self wolves fans havent got a clue about football.

Chris White

Can't believe that anyone seriously thinks that Stearman would want to drop into League One - Put a months Salary on the fact it's not going to happen

Oxley Wolf

So Stearman is cool on playing in league one - not as cool as the fans are at the prospect of us keeping him. Send him on his way with our blessing.

It never fails to amaze me how players in relagated teams want away as they feel they are too good not to be playing top flight. If they were really top flight playes how the hell did we get relegated in the first place. They all need a reality check!! I am a big fan of Kevin Doyle. No agent and not a money grabber. Two dismal seasons but his commitment is never in doubt. He is a true professional. Hope he finds a decent club. Most of the rest are a waste of space. Do think Hamill should be given a better chance though.

R.C. wolves fan

I can't see what the issue that people have with Stearman, I think most Wolves fans agree he is not Premier league standard but is a proven championship level, he always gives 100%, I can seeing him being a good partner with Danny Bath at centre half in league one, we need to get a reality check of where we are.


People have to remember we are not a great club we have not been one for 30 years , Relaity check we are a division 1 club and we will only attract divison one players . As for Sako he was Wolves best palyer but what are you comparing him with the rest of the Wolves squad ? who were utter rubbish I dont think we will get much more than 4 million good player but so predictable with his left foot wiil soon get found out at a higher level .

Forget what Mr Moxey puts in the paper Mr Jackett will soon put him in his place Mr Moxey likes to gee the Wolves fans up for what ever reason but eh look down the road we could be like Covetntry further a field Portsmouth

. I think what Wolves need is more transparity we do not see the whole picture Mr Morgan needs to get a good PR person / football brain because I believe his heart is in the right place but he is to much like a supporter and what do we know shouting sack MM and then we moan when they do, we did not want Bruce then moan when he gets Hull promoted and why has Mr Coyle not had a job before Wolves came along and I cant believe some supporters wanted Mr Mclaren seen him on Sky lately

We need to get behind the team this year so much negativity if we do get young players in we need to back them 150% not moan eh we know its the Wolves but thats why we love them

Filthy Wolf

Sako had his moments but like a good burger was only good in batches, and faded.

Sad that players 'want away' when they are responsible, but there are plenty we all want to get rid of. Will be interesting to see at the end of the summer if any stay out of loyalty and take the wage cuts to suit.

Kelvedon Wolf

Though our Mr Stearman is not blessed with much natural balance and has often found his feet were not designed for the close control of a football, he's pretty quick, good in the air and shows heart for the club, so I'd rather have him in the squad at this level than someone who would rather be elsewhere. Stearman for England!! :)


I like the idea of Stearman coming back, perhaps he will get a fair run in his best position. A Baath and Stearman partnership sounds good to me if Margrieter fails to make it, i have always liked Stearman and i hope he sticks it up to you doubters and don't forget he is local lad, i hope the few months with Ipswich as done his confidence a power of good. COME ON WOLVES.


'Jackett wants to speak. to all the players' when they go back for training.Here we go again.By the time all the players have yet again been assessed,we will be late getting into the transfer market.I also wonder if Moxey & Co will hold out until the last minute with the sale of Sako.Also the money not being used for signing players.With Stearman coming back it all sounds so familiar and depressing.Soundsmore like no change.Meet the new boss-same as the old boss.


We were never gonna hang onto Sako need to get rid of the Ohara Johnson's etcetc. As a club we have to realise where we have been taken by Morgan and Moxey. Our page on the championship section of sky text has been taken by YEOVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says it all


Ok its now time to sort this mess out. Any player who wants to leave after talks with kj keep them well away from the yougsters. And ohara is a prem player ? I reckon he must of been looking at a sticker album from a couple of years ago .


4 million sounds a bit cheap.. After he was one of the only successes last season. We basically sell him for what we paid for him and what we paid in wages for last season.. Not much of a profit that.. You know what if Wolves want to balance the books, get rid of Jez Moxey, that will save us over a million a season before we even start.

Dorset Wolf

Can't believe some of the comment on here referring to why we need to sell our best players, why don't we keep Sako etc:

WE are a third tier club, why would a player of Sako's quality want to player for us in this league? I'll be sorry to see him go, a great player on his day, but, for me, not consistent enough to cut it in the higher leagues. We should take a decent offer and don't string it out too long to enable us to do some business with the money we receive.

As for the likes of O'Hara and Johnson, just take what we will be lucky to get, rip anyone's hand off and offload the wage bill. The will leave the rest of McCarthy's mates from his Irish love affair who we need to also offload at any given chance. Start next year with a fresh team, promote the youngsters and look for a few seasoned pro's towards the end of their career and we might have a chance of getting out of this division.

Sean F

I'm seeing people shouting out for money, but I can only see us getting back what we paid for him. Don't get me wrong, Sako is worth double what we paid for him, but our new-found league status will see interested clubs play hardball, something we can't afford to do.

I can only see us getting BIG money for Sako from clubs overseas, I can see Fulham offering £3m, very modest spenders nowadays.



Frank Chickens

Ken Dodd wouldn't waste his time in Wolverhampton,as he's from Knotty Ash,which is a nice part of Liverpool.


We can't field 11 young and hungry players in League One all the time, we'll get turned over. We also need some old hands, and, yes, Kevin Davies would be ideal or even Kevin Phillips. As for Ken Doddyman, he's funnier than you.

Farmer Ted

Kenny Jackett's first challenge will be trying to persuade players he wants to retain to stay and play in the third division.

I would think there's little chance of Sako staying and we need to make £4 million the very minimum. Those on here knocking Stearman are being short sighted. His best position was CB not RB and he put in some good performances there. He would be outstanding in the Third, but, can't see him wanting to stay.

Who gave away most penalties, Stearman or Sako ? Bet it's close !

The more worrying aspect is the commitment of players (and their agents !) like Batth, Hennessey, Ikeme, Sigudarsen, McAlinden, Davies and everybody's favourite top goal scorer elect, Griffiths.

I'm not saying they all want to leave, but, we are not home and dry by any means and other clubs will be sniffing around and hearts and minds may change during the summer.


if they let stearman go back to Ipswich I'll pay his bus fair!

The Teecher

Bus fair ? Is that one of those carousel things that goes round and round and round.........and children can clamber aboard and press the hooter ?

Stearman did a good job helping to steer Ipswich away from relegation. He should have been doing that for Wolves.

Nice one Moxey, the loan made real sense. At least it pleased fans like dinglewoody !


Who is Sako ?

Who Is Doyle ?

Who is O'Hara?

who is Johnson ?

they are Players that all had a hand in Wolves being relegated twice so why keep them they aren't the back bone really are they

we haven't had a back bone for a few seasons now . Wolves need a workhorse at the Back a oldhead in Midfield and a good Raw centre Forward it might be leigh Griffiths who knows but we have got to wait and see what Kenny Jackett as in store

whatever Happens we are Wolves Aye We








Mike, i'd almost agree with you but

Mike, i'd almost agree with you but I think Berra ties with him for that Honour.

All these fools claiming he's so good...............how many goals have we conceded in 3 seasons...............says it all!!


Far be it from me to question the E & S's integrity about this story, but there is not one single quote that is attributed to Jez Moxey or from any spokesman from the club. There is no mention on the official Wolves website about Sako being up for sale for a minimum price of £4m. In the past our beloved CEO has conducted negotiations with his cards held tightly against his chest.

Why would he announce to the world and his wife a minimum price for such a saleable player such as Sako? Normally if you have an asset that you feel will generate a lot of interest, you set a price that is higher than you would expect to get. You can always negotiate down, it's much harder to up the price once someone has met your minimum acceptable price.

As for Stearman, he would be useful if he was allowed to play as a centre back and not at right back. But perhaps it maybe time for him and Wolves to part company. If he wants to leave, and McCarthy wants to sign him for perhaps around £1m, it may suit all parties concerned.


Jackett should get ready for round 1 of Moxey inter-fearing in team affairs.



sako worth 4 mill but Jarvis over ten your having a laugh atleast 6-8 mill shorley

The Teecher

Stop calling me shorley !

old golds worth more

I agree with you entirely, he must be worth a minimum of £6 million in today's inflated markets. Anyway the parachute payment should easily cover his wages (one of the reasons given for selling him). By all means sell Doyle, O'Hara, Foley, Ward, Henry, Stearman and Johnson (though I'd actually like Johnson to stay), then we shouldn't have many if any players salary worries.

kenny's long neck

Shorley??? Where is that?


All the people slagging off Stearman need a reality check, Unless we sign Terry,Vidic or players of the same standard then Stearman will do just fine. Yes in the prem he was a nightmare, in the championship he is steady, in league 1 then he will be one of the better ones.

Oh and for the record MM has been playing him at right back at Ipswich so I wouldn't go on the great games he has had there either.

Stop bloody moaning!!!!


Sako for only £4 million??


This is the REAL price of Moxeys mismanagement, of numerous consecutive Transfer Windows

Last Summer, he waited until the the dying embers of the Transfer Window, to sell Fletcher and Jarvis, so that he could squeeze an extra million out of Sunderland and West Ham.

The Result?

We (by his personal admission), ran out of time to fully reinvest as was promised

By January of course it was too late.. who wanted to come to Wolves then?

So here we are now..the start of a Moxey created 'fire sale' of heavily depreciated assets, all of whom are desperate to leave

If successful Football Financial Management, was a simple as trying to squeeze every last penny out of every negotiation .. with no heed or recognition to other factors ..then....

Wouldnt lots of other 'Successful Clubs' just do that ..and nothing else??

So far, his wheeling and dealing has led both Wolves and Stoke into the abyss

Clever stuff eh?

The Man is a disgrace


You only have to look at Moxey's smarmy smile to see he is nothing more than a con man, and we put up with him.

As soon as he is out the better.


Stearman has always been unfairly criticized, if he is played at centre back and not right back then him and Batth at center half will be great, a decent left back and Doherty.

We need the poison moving from the club in RJ and O'Hara and Doyle went stale along time ago although he always tried. Henry, Hennessey and Sako will also be moved on I should think. Could players likeEggert Johnson make an impact?

Ikeme, Doherty, Batth, Stearman, a left back, Hammil, Doumbia, Edwards, Boukari, Griffiths, Siggy

amsterdam baggie

come to us sako you would great in blue and white


Sako - ideally I'd loan him, but £4m minimum is good business. Re: Stearman, Foley, Ward etc etc etc they have to move on


I love the fact you idiots think any money received from transfers will be re invested in the team!

deluded fools the lot of you

South bank

Guys guys guys, are you not forgetting we are in league 1!! Stearman will be more then good enough. All you guys thinking we will keep hold of our star players are crazy, Doyle, Ohara, roger, Henry,ward, , sako, doumbia and a few others will either be sold or not part of the X amount of players you register for the first team squad. We have to slash wage bill and all costs,hotels and travel from 32 million to 12!!! That alone won't be easy


mike the bike couldnt of put it better my self. dont call steerman bambi for nothing, always on his backside, and one of the reasons always got on a cast on his hand,takes inpact of his falls. along with the other garbage of ward,berra and henry, TAXI FOR IPSWICH. on the subject of an experianced centre half,he is already at the club. wolves fans need to forget the past, take another look at his performances last season, forget the previous season,not all his fault, and of course he need to take a pay cut, that man ROGER JOHNSON.


£20.000 a week looks like money well spent when you compare it to the likes of Johnson and O'Hara on double that. Absolutely criminal.

Jack ♣ Hat.


shorley!, cringe, expect "The Teecher" to be on your case.


worse than the Bhattis!

Stearman doesn't want to play in League 1? Music to my ears!

Honkg Kong Pete

l was hoping Saxo would stop at Wolves however his intention is to leave, so let him out on loan and then get rid of somebody who does not want to help Wolves back to where they should be.

He was very happy when he got to Wolves just shows the caliber of the player, is it money orientated or what, either put him out on loan or get the most from the sale so they can buy other players.

I was looking at the prospect of playing up front with Leigh Griffiths but that looks long gone.

Those who do not wish to play in the famous Gold and Black should be got rid of as soon as possible before any effect on the younger players who are going to play this season.

Tim Vine

I'll take that suggestion with a pinch of salt.

Hong Kong Pete

Sorry for spelling before l get a hammering Sako with a K not an X

Just got up in Indonesia

Sorry to you wolves fans

Sir Billy Quiet

He can pack his bags with anyone else who does not want to play for Wolves - his got a great left foot but the rest of his game needs massive improvement.

Moxey will get the best deal because he gets a bonus on player sales...


Tim Vine

Whats your opinion on the suggestion please


4 million for sako is nonsense. how much did saha go for ??

yes he gave a few penalties but also won most of the games we did win sometimes singlehandedly.

stearman needs a fresh start and ipswich and mick are a good fit. though stears has played in this lg before,

we need a new defensive line up save ikeme. couldnt see the likes of berra, stearman,ward, keeping clean sheets even in lg 1 .

Joe 90

What a shame that CRADDOCK has retired, he would have been ideal in the defence in Div 1. By far the best centre- half on Wolves books for some time. Pity he did not play last season.

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