Leigh Griffiths assured he's in Wolves plans

Wolves head coach Kenny Jackett has told Leigh Griffiths he will be part of his plans for next season.

Soccer - FIFA World Cup Qualifying - Group A - Croatia v Scotland - Stadion Maksimir

The 22-year-old had the one-year option on his Molineux contract taken up recently and received a call from Jackett before his first Scotland start against Croatia last Friday.

And the striker, who scored 28 goals on loan at Hibernian last season, said the call was a welcome boost.

He then played a part in part of Scotland’s surprise 1-0 win, playing 64 minutes to win his second cap before being replaced by Jordan Rhodes.

Griffiths recalled: "I spoke to the new manager just before I boarded the plane to go out to Croatia.

“He said he was looking forward to working with me and that gave me a lot of confidence about going back there to start pre-season.

“I’m going to work hard to try to get myself into the team. I have to concentrate on Wolves because my contract is there. I thought it was great of the manager to call me like that.

"It meant I came out to Croatia in an even better frame of mind and the Scotland manager topped it off by naming me in the side.”

Griffiths has now got his head around playing in League One and wants to follow in the footsteps of Rhodes, who scored 40 goals to help Huddersfield to promotion from the third tier in 2011-12.

He said: "Can I be a Scotland striker in League One? I don’t see why not. Jordan Rhodes did it at Huddersfield in League One so I just need to go down there, work hard and score goals.

“It’s about trying to kick on after this season’s form. As long as I am doing my job and scoring goals, then I will give the manager food for thought.

“Obviously, League One isn’t the most competitive league in the world. But there are a lot of games to be played and, hopefully, I can do enough to earn recognition from the manager.”

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Comments for: "Leigh Griffiths assured he's in Wolves plans"


League one = Scottish Prem

He should do well loads of goals last season in a similar division to the one he will be playing in next, assuming he is good enough to get selected.

Brizzle Wolf

Slightly harsh on the SPL. I would liken it more to the championship so hopefully he will shine. Leigh looks like he is settled to the fact he is staying at wolves now and I'm glad he is sounding more positive about things


As long as he stays out of trouble and stays focused, bully played in lower divisions and played for England, so come on griffiths you could be a hero here.

The Preacher

Lee Griffiths will not have the same impact for Wolves as he has had at Hibbs IMO.

I hope im proved wrong.


Sorry to be a pedant Preacher Man but you're wrong about one thing. It's Leigh not Lee (check first word in headline).


Do you feel better now. (get a life)

Latvian wolf

Some Preacher U R !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Griffiths will waltz through league just like the Great King Stevie Bull and His sidekick Andy Mutch did!

We will stroll through this league no problem

Keep The Faith!!!!!



Fair play if he can settle down, maybe he hasnt been the best professional in the past, but end of the day he is human.

Hopefully he can bring some of his form from last season, and give us a kick start, in hopefully a new starting 11 come start of the new season.

rowley wolf

leigh griffiths finally gonna get his chance at wolves & if he can show the form he did at hibs,he will be a great asset for wolves & hopefully we will tie him to a longer contract! hopefully him & siggy will rip lge1 apart! as for jackett wanting to keep stearman,i think it's a wise move,stearman was not good enough for prem,but for this level & championship he's good enough! im hoping we can also hang onto hammill,never been given a fair go at wolves but he's got the attributes to rip lge1 apart! as for sako wanting to leave,cant blame him but we should be putting a bigger price tag than 4m on him!


I agree. Siggy and Griffiths should do extremely well in this Div. As for Stearman I think he should go along with Ward, Doyle, Sako, Henry, O'Hara, Johnson, Berra, SEB.

Would have liked to have kept Hunt and hopefully Hammil. No reports on Doumbia and Boukari though as yet. If they stay this club will only be one season in this league IMO. But you never know!

Look forward to the new season but am still gutted by lack of management from people on a lot of money to do a job and have failed to do so and lost this club millions in revenue!

Still can't believe that they are still here and good honest backroom staff gone. It stinks!


Berra left us weeks ago!!!!

Vaguely Noodle

I think you,re wrong about Richard Stearman,he always gave 100% for the Wolves and I for one would welcome him back.He would certainly give us some backbone in the team in this league.He may have been out of hjs depth in the premiership but at least he gave us his best shot.If the chance comes Kenny,bring him home.


Who knows ? He could be another Steve Bull. Let us hope he does well and WE KEEP HIM.

His contract is up next summer and he becomes a free agent but I doubt we will keep him if he does well.

Still 20 or so goals will serve us well and make him a good signing on negotiating package for some club in the Prem

John De Wolf

A welcome boost and a great move by Jackett.

Making him feel wanted and part of his plans will ensure he gets his head around playing for wolves and score the goals to fire us back. Like he said Rhodes did it and so can he as he's proved this season in the SPL.

Griffiths and Sigurdarson should be the 2 best strikers in the league and hopefully a great partnership.

Paul The Wolf

Let's hope the lad makes a (good) name for himself, if he can do a JR I will be more than happy.


Well said now do it!


Good news at last......? Please!


well done on your 1st cap for scotland hopefully it will be the first of many others to come. Thats great to hear leigh looking foward to watching you play next season in gold n black. I was disappointed that the management in charge last season choose to play our overpaid, under performing forwards instead.

You can make a real name for yourself at wolves and across england. we have cropped out a fair few international players, for wales, england, ireland and scotland. Both under 21's and senior.

hope you bang in 35+ next season leigh get us back up mate!


My word. The lad has matured. 22 years old and he has got his head out of the clouds. Even with the wonderful season he has had with Hibs.

I look forward to seeing him in the team next season.

Let bygones be bygones. Let us all welcome him back to the Mol.

Mills wolf


I get the impression he's the type of player who needs to feel wanted, to be fair when he joined us he never go that, i bet if we as fans give him a clean slate and get behind him, he will settle here and help us get promoted !



If Bully can do it........Leigh, you can be a legend.

wilf ellis

leigh can be our ace, he can put himself in the shop window if he knuckles down and delivers the goods


Saying all the right things - looks like this season has seen him come of age. I was always impressed with him in Wolves reserves... hope he gets the opportunity to do the business for us because he can be a big player for us next year.

George h

I think that he is a great player and look forward to him coming back to wolves. He needs a chance to prove himself at wolves and for scotland


More positive news, I think if he can score 28 goals in Scotland's PL, I think he will score around same amount in Div 1. What little ive seen of him, he looks a tricky and lively little player, who with someone like Siggy or Cassidy, who could be a good foil alongside him. Or Kevin Davies, would be even better partner for him. As long as the strikers get the right service from the midfield and two good wingers, like Hammill,Forde,Ismail? I would go for Jerome Thomas, he could do a decent job. UTW:

Golden blood

Good attitude. That is encouraging.

What I will say Leigh. You have a damn site further to go with Wolves than you do with Hibs. If we gain promotion your career could go a lot further in England.

The opportunity is far far greater at Wolves than it is at Hibs. GRASP IT!



Many on this E&S Wolves board said this would never happen. It's going to happen!

Jackett obviously has some brass ones. Well done to him and Leigh.

Up The Mighty Wolves!

Stratford Wolf

This is very positive news for Wolves. Great move by our new boss and very good comments from Leigh. Lets hope LG materialises into another Steve Bull. UTW

Sedgley Slayer

It's refreshing to read something positive for a change.

Siggy and Griffiths up front in League One would do nicely! Good to hear that Jackett is getting the lad on board.

Add the likes of Batth, Davis, & Doherty and we are starting to shape up well with a fresh, young and hungry team.

We just need to get rid of the overpaid losers now.


Chillo Wolf

If his attitude is right then this could be brilliant for us next season

Balham wolf

Cassidy and griffiths should bag a hatful of goals. I for one am hopeful and after what we have been through looking forward to hungry and honest players instead of the wasters we have had for the last couple of years.

The Breeze

Cassidy ? You think ?

If he even makes the bench I shall be very surprised.

League of Wales star.

Left back required

That's the spirit Leigh. Say little. Do your talking on the pitch. You and Sig can set League One alight.

Mike T

If only this type of conversation had taken place a year ago. We would probably still be in the Championship and who knows

where we might have finished?

As I have said before, this issue of all issues was terribly badly handled.

Mike T

I also meant to say...don't worry Leigh you will not be the first Wolves player to represent their country playing in the third tier. I am sure Bully will mention it to you.

Nottinghamshire Wolves

Griffiths and Siggi up front next season ? Sounds good to me.

Worse than the Bhattis!

Sounds very promising. KJ obviously has a bit more about him than the previous numpties. Griffiths seems to have a keen and positive attitude now which leads you to believe it was how they handled him.

This bodes well for us because I think with the right backing and service he has the potential to be the leading scorer in this League.

A Pint And A Pie.

Bet he can't wait to be playing in Div 3.

Alan Hansen

He's sharp, he can score and he doesn't worry about missing.


Great to hear that Leigh wants to play for Wolves in Div 1, with a bit of luck he will score a lot of goals for us. I wonder who is partner will be, if Boucari and Hamill stay would Siggy partner him with Cassidy and Liam Mac on the bench. Any thoughts anyone. COME ON WOLVES.

paul davo

Bad attitude get rid if an offer comes in, his head is too big,

Apple Wolf














I think you've got a worm in your brain pal !


You need to get out more fella!!

The Teecher

Listen very carefully.

This is important.

What you post is NOT funny and certainly not very clever. Some of it is regurgitated nonsense some of it is nonsense, the rest of it would have even been rejected by Load of Bull.

Go away and practice your limp comedy elsewhere.

wolves boo-boy

Now that's more like it, this guy knows where the back of the net is, start him every game.

Nick Moreton

I am warming to King Kenny already!

Classy thing to do... I personally think LG will do a great job for us next season...


Fair play it's about time somone gave this lad a chance, all the right signals coming from jackett..i sence an exciting season to come.

Greg Fletcher

Well done Leigh. We are getting quite exciting to see you play.


Mensa Wolves

I wouldn't hold your breath.

Can you really see Morgan risk losing an asset for nothing at the end of the season?

If he signs a contract extension then great, until that point it may be best to just presume this is all part of the negotiation tactics to get more out of Hibs.

I imagine they have offered a few hundred thousand because they know he wants to stay with Hibs (see all comments prior to the last few weeks) Wolves want closer to 2million I would guess.

His agent is keen for the higher figure too as more commission.

Agent tells player the sort of things he should be saying to raise the price, the old walk-away...

Hibs and Wolves settle on 1.1million undisclosed with a 15% sell-on clause.

Or I may be completely and utterly wrong.


Alternative scenario 1: Jackett says to Leigh 'look son, you've only one year left on your contract. Do well for us, score loads of goals, get us promoted and win more Scots caps. Clubs, possibly Premier, will be falling over themselves to sign you. We can’t benefit, so you can take your pick and pocket a massive signing-on fee because there is no transfer fee involved'. Simples.


God you are cynical ! have a bit of faith.

Godd for Kenny Jackett getting him back onside. Morale and confidence are everything.

Mensa Wolves

I am neither God, nor Godd.



You and Mcalindon up front next season! I don't rate Cassidy! FWAW

Made in Wolverhampton

One Leigh Griffiths! There's only one Leigh Griffiths! Welcome back, mate, looking forward to seeing you help get us out of this dark period.


Thats a better attitude to have LG. I thought you would be trying to force a move. But your comments show maturity, I feel good about having you back to do a job (finally) and even more so now. I just hope it all goes to plan now. You can be our next Bully.


Glad to see he has changed his mind and attitude to wanna play for us, could be gold next season the form he is in, good man management from jackett too,

U t w


I liked everything he said until...

“Obviously, League One isn’t the most competitive league in the world".

Mensa Wolves

Give me eight months and I'll buy Wolves and put her back where She belongs.

Winning titles, Cups and competing at the top end of Europe.

Morgan! Sell me the club you stole.


Think league 1 is more competitive than scottish prem pal!


Looking forward to next season with Siggy & leigh up front,should take league 1 by storm Out of darkness

Orlando Wolves

Another great move by Mr. Jackett.

Note the differing attitude in Leigh Griffiths towards Wolves to that he which he had towards the previous manager.

I do think however that come the end of the season he will have reason to reflect on League One not being competitive. Not the highest quality obviously, but there will be plenty of competition.

Hong Kong Pete

Great news for Wolves l was hoping he would play with Saxo but Saxo he wants out.

Leigh Griffiths is welcoming the telephone call now let Wolves get the right players to form a formidable strike force to get this great club back to where it should be.

Honk Kong Pete

Sorry about spelling before l get ripped apart SAKO spelled with a K not X

Sorry just got up in Indonesia

Up the Wolves

The Teecher

I spotted it Hong Xong Pete, but as you live in such a fantastic spot in the world in which to support Wolves you are not on detention and will not have to do lines.

Saxo, Sako, Siko, Suxo, Sizo, Sir Gerald Nabarro and

I hope Leigh Griffiths comes back and does well, very well. Beyond that ? Well, let's just wait.

How's the Star Ferry, did a few trips on that.


come on son fill ya boots! we need a good goalscorer like yourself to take us back up to the championship at the first time of asking.i think this kid can score 30 plus goals in league 1 given a proper run in the team, as it seems jacket is prepared to do unlike the other muppet saunders who sent him back to scotland having scored 16 at the halfway stage of the season. in the scottish premier admittedly which is on par with the championship.if this kid has a good start to the season moxey needs to give him a new contract offer as he fits the young and hungry profile needed at the club.as this story tells he just needs a manager to love him a bit and make him feel wanted and then i think he will want to stay.maybe jacket is a little better at the man management side of things than what deano was


It will be so funny when you lot start bad mouthing him, after all the call outs last season.

Phuket Wolves

At last... the first of the future... can't wait to see this guy in action. Great attitude from him... Kenny's obviously impressed him.


Well done KJ the call to LG was the right thing to do and it had as Liegh said a very positive affect on him prior to this important game. Football like most team sports is won as much off the field as on and it appears KJ is aware of his role in developing at a psychological level players. If LG is returning to Molinuex with confidence it bodes well for his contribution to the team in L1 this season. If he can match Jordon Rhodes or his own tally at Hibs last season I for one would be very happy. It is a pity last Xmas the club did not recognise his talents and brought him back earlier ! His comments about working hard and playing for his place shows a great attitude !!!!!!! Roll on the 1st game a nice 30 yarder will do nicely !!!


a major plus at last as long as Moxey don't loan him out again or worse sell him .


Some good mature comments there from young Leigh. I hope he sees them through as we could do with a natural goal scorer up front.


Welcome to Wolves Leigh im sure you will be a massive hit with the Molineux faithful.

Roll on August


At least jackett has bothered to acknowledge this boy, the other two managers ignored him, maybe if we would have recalled him in January we might not be where we are




It's pleasing to see that he's making far more positive noises about playing for the club in this interview, than he was making earlier in the year.

His comment about playing in league one should be put into context. If he really wants to "kick on" as he puts it, then it's better playing for a club that (hopefully) will be looking at promotion next season, rather than for Hibs which is stuck in league that will only have one inevitable winner.

If he has got what it takes, then his career is more likely to prosper in the english leagues than in playing for a mid table club in the SPL. With only one year left on his contract, the problem for Wolves maybe in keeping him at the club, if he shows the same kind of scoring form that he showed in Scotland.


Did anyone see his performance for Scotland he was terrible,he should be OK in division3 it's about his limit.

Bewdley Wolf

I don't want to rain on anybody's parade here, but before we all get carried away, lets just remember that to comply with the league rules on players wages, the club will have to sell ANYBODY that we get an offer for.

Proven goalscorers are worth a fortune - just wait for the big offers at the end of the transfer window as clubs begin to panic buy and Griffiths will be off.


I reckon he'll do well for us in league one.

I also think we should look to Kevin Phillips (I know - I'm cringing too!), on a season long loan, as he could make a real difference for us next season.


Anyone in doubt about Griffths should take a look at some of his goals last season they were masterclass,he has the ability to become a top striker if given the chance which he never had under the last clown of a manager.


I do get the feeling that his heart is not into playing for Wolves.If his heart is not in it,he will not give 100 per cent.I feel it would be better if they sold him with a clause that any future transfers,Wolves will get a cut of them.

The Newt

He can't walk away for nothing next summer as even though he is out of contract clubs are entitled to compensation for any player who is under the age of 24 provided that they offer them a contract by a certain date I think. Griffiths, Batth and Doherty are all out of contract next year but are all under 24 so we can get a fee for them if they choose to leave. If we can't agree a fee with their new club it goes to tribunal. So the better Griffiths does this season the more the fee will be...

New York Wolves

Its very exciting news to here hear that Leigh is actually interested in playing his football south of the border. Kenny did the right thing to contact him before the Scot's win over Croatia. Leigh can be the next big thing for Wolves. He needs to spend some time with Bully. Siggy and Leigh up front, can't wait for the season to start!

woolfie 4371

I think Leigh Griffith's won't be the player that we all see for Hibs , football even in the SPL is Not even close to even league 1 , and I've watched loads of Scottish games the standard is close to league 2 standard apart from Celtic. I've been to loads of games in the SPL as I have family up there , and its poor quality very poor. I hope I'm wrong with LG, and he proves me wrong. But I doubt he will score as much in this league.


I think everyone needs a second chance but Leigh Griffith's has been a bit of a bad boy it seems like he's been welcomed back with open arms, so I wish some would show respect to the players who've always given 100% ,perhaps not at their best this year and now some want to see the back of them and kick them up the backside on the way out.. Hope Griffith's comes back and scores loads of goals and settles into life here which it didn't seem like he wanted to do last season.


bet for next season got to be wolves to go up and griffths top scorer!


Very pleased that Leigh Griffiths is staying could be the making of a great strike force with Sigurdsson, Cassidy and hopefully Leroy Lita if there's any truth in what is being said.

get rid of Doyle not enough goals for a striker I'm afraid.

Could be the next 'Bully' !