Jez Moxey: Kenny Jackett is Wolves' 'Special One'

Wolves today unveiled Kenny Jackett as their first head coach – with chief executive Jez Moxey branding the new boss the club's "Special One."

Kenny Jackett with Jez Moxey this morning
Kenny Jackett with Jez Moxey this morning

The 51-year-old former Swansea manager replaces Dean Saunders after resigning as Millwall manager on the same day as his fellow Welshman Saunders was sacked last month.

And, with Chelsea expected to confirm the return of Jose Mourinho as manager this week, Moxey joked: “I want to apologise to Chelsea Football Club.

"I usurped their announcement of the return of the Special One by announcing the arrival of Wolverhampton Wanderers’ ‘Special One’, Kenny Jackett, as head coach.

“I’m delighted Kenny has joined us on a rolling 12-month contract.”

Moxey said Jackett had emerged from a “rigorous interview process” that whittled an initial list of 75 applications down to a shortlist of seven.”

He added: "Those seven were interviewed by myself and Kevin Thelwell, our head of football development and recruitment, and reduced to an even smaller list, who were interviewed by myself and Steve Morgan.

“At each stage Kenny emerged as the outstanding candidate.”

Jackett said: “I’m very proud to be the head coach of Wolves, it’s a fantastic club. It has huge potential.

"We all understand and have seen the troubles that it’s had in recent seasons but, coming into it now, it’s a really exciting time for me. On a personal level, I’m very proud to be here.

“I have left a Championship club to take over a League One side but this is a massive club and I’m really excited about the challenge.”

Chairman and owner Morgan missed today’s unveiling at the Compton Park training ground with Moxey saying he was on club business in London.

Jackett’s arrival comes after a process of talks lasting over three weeks which saw Owen Coyle and Steve McClaren also spoken to,.

Speculation persisted that Crewe boss Steve Davis also held discussions for the post.

Jackett had a lower-key introduction than many of his predecessors, having been paraded at the club’s training ground rather than the traditional appearance at Molineux.

The new head coach’s first task will be to win over supporters after fans gave him a lukewarm reception on Express & Star polls.

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Comments for: "Jez Moxey: Kenny Jackett is Wolves' 'Special One'"

Frank Chickens

Wow,75 people applied.I wonder if Bill Oddie and Benny from Crossroads made the shortlist?


I heard on the grapevine that COCO the Clown applied for the job after he heard that Molineux was being run like a circus these days.

hudds wolf

I thought Coco the Clown was already Chief Executive


Yep, and he made it to the final 7 as well before realising it was not the sort of circus he was used too and beat a hurried retreat.

Spud for Me

Come on, chill out people. Were you expecting Jose or Manccini?

Get real. We all love this club and think we should have an Alex Fergie type at the helm, but realistically we are in Div3.

Spudders is the man.

Moxey has to go.....but that aint happening anytime soon.

Big fat smug Moxey OUT.

Moxey must have some seriously compromising photographs of Morgan to have lasted this long.

We got the SPUDMAN.


The more I read about Kenny, the more positive I feel about this appointment. Just read an article on lifesapitch website from 2 years ago and the millwall fans were raving about him.

Mr Precious

Ha ha ha Brilliant!!!!

Bricks and Mortar

Moxey looking smug as ever i wish he learned to keep his mouth shut

Moxey Out


Well said Bricks and Mortar. "The Special One." Ye gods!Moxey never fails to spout the ridiculous. This goes with "we are too good to go down" and "Dean is our man"

What will he be saying halfway through next season if we are nowhere near the top?

The Voice of Reason

I heard that M Mouse and D Duck got through to the second stage.


I sent an application in the stead of my dog; Oscar made the shortlist to be interviewed but we are waiting for either the Wigan Athletic or Everton job to become available as he prefers having control over which players he can buy and select on a matchday in a managerial role and like Alan Curbishley, he is not a fan of the reduced job security involved in the rolling one-year contracts that Jez Moxey only ever offers.

Filthy Wolf

I think the 12 month contract says it all.

I'm sorry but so many 'fans' are posting about what he has done, but at Watford he was demoted so Graham Taylor could take over again after doing badly, and only then did Watford start to win. He got Swansea up first year but then got stuck in the very league we are now competing in and eventually gave it up. And at Millwall there was not a lot to be said really.

Anyone backed by Moxey ought to watch for the knife.............................


It doesn't fill you with confidence does it. This is the man who is supposed to transform our club and they've given him a 12 month rolling contract, not very special really is it! I wonder is Moxey now on such a contract given is performance in the last two years? Also why wasn't Thelwell sitting in on the final interviews? Isn't he supposed to be the man in charge of our football operations now? It appears that a few fancy words have been typed up by the PR department at the Molineux but nothing has really changed, not that any of us should be surprised about that! Same two clowns making the same stupid decisions. Good luck Kenny, you'll need it trying to get any sort of serious backing from those two!


This is a good appointment. Kenny has experience at this level.

He started Swansea's rise to the Prem, before they spent their millions, and he gained promotion / top half finish / FA Cup semi-final on a shoestring with Millwall!


12 months is a long contract, KJ will be sacked come Xmas.

Sir Billy Quiet

At Watford he was demoted? why not get his school records out while we are it!

Give the new manger a chance and support the club.

old golds worth more

Which knife would that be then? The one in your hand, or the one in Moxey's!


Rolling 12 month contract has been standard for several years as it is at many clubs. I'm not here to defend Moxey, but the disastrous appointments of Solbakken and Saunders were not his. Possibly he should take the flak for TC.

Also 'at Millwall there was not a lot to be said' except of course that he got them promoted from League 1!


'Special One' - is he having a laugh! Cheap one more like! As I said on the other blog, I will give Kenny Jackett a chance and that means more than half a season - even though he was not my choice! However its time all we fans stood together - we want one thing that's Wolves promotion next season!

I will pass my judgement towards the end of the season, but if does not look promising then there is only one thing that will satisfy me - that's Moxey leaving our club. Hope you are reading this Mr Morgan. Its make or break...


It was a JOKE! You know, HUMOR!


Sid Mozart

What part of the States you from Darlo?


..dur yes humor, as it said in the article. Yes did pick up on that one and as I said 'cheap one' - not a joke - serious comment!

Humor from Moxey neither makes me laugh or impresses me or I would be laughing at our current situation!


if it was a joke does that mean Moxey doesn't think he's special ?

I don't think Moxey should be making jokes; it just confirms that he doesn't take Wolves as seriously as the fans. You may say 'get a life' ; but to me Wolves are my life.

For this man to stand there and 'joke' after what he's done to the club makes me angrier.


Agreed, he deserves all our support. As it is the job is a poisoned chalice for anyone these days. If this doesn't come off I expect Moxey and Morgan to leave.


I think we are lucky to get the guy,let"s face it we are in the third division and that means the quality of football goes down as does the quality of player and manager. I welcome Kenny Jackett and look forward to next season with optimism.....its got to be better than Solbakken and Saunders!!

Mr Precious

Well said...

Cornish Wolf

I feel sure that the whole of the support at Wolves will wait with bated breath for your pronouncement on Mr. Jackett's progress at the end of the season.

Good luck Kenny, pick your own squad and make them play like Wolves!!

Up The Wolves


there's only one SPECIAL ONE and that's MOXEY himself , He must be where else could he be paid silly money for failure .

gold and black in the veins

read the head line and the following sprang to mind, Shut up Moxey !!!

How much more of the one line rubbish are we going to have put up with, great business mind P.R nightmare. When will he or more to the point Morgan, realise that he really hasnt got a clue. The whole 'we are looking for the right candidate' rubbish that was spouted at the end of the saunders debacle was ridiculous, we all knew it was going to be Jackett, ( resigned and had been linked to the job ) I doubt anyone was interviewed other than Jackett. We heard all this before with poor old Stale ( in my opinion we should have kept him in charge ) and a long term plan etc, then Morgan chucks his toys out the pram and sacks him ( suspect he was promised funds to sort then had them blocked ) Nothing against Jackett but its the Morgan and Moxey combo thats spoiling the wolves for me. Neither have come out and admitted the bungling decisions the pair have made got us in this mess, and tried to blame every one but themselves. e.g over paid work shy players, you two signed the cheques and drew up the contracts, who in their right mind pays that much for O'hara, Harry stitched us up good and proper. Also hears one for you, why sack saunders to then replace him with a manager with almost the same credentials ??? i.e poor championship record and all-right first division record, again doesnt add up to me.


Kenny Jackett has a much better managerial record than Dean Saunders, and that is a fact. As for O'Hara, I have to say that when he was playing for Portsmouth on-loan, he was a success and when I knew he was coming to us I was delighted, but did wonder about his tendency towards injury. Fans who are able to watch him every week will say he hasn't worked out - and I have to accept that.

Baldy Bouncer

"I’m delighted Kenny has joined us on a rolling 12-month contract.”

Well that installs me with as much confidence as Kenny must have.


I wish someone would put Moxey on a 12 month rolling contract because quite frankly he's been useless at his job the last two years. A CEO who has overseen two relegations yet still in a job? It can only be Morgan realising his own mistakes have been even bigger that's stopped him from firing him!


The special one

i bet moxey lives to regret saying that in 18 months

Mensa Wolves

I know it was a jokey comment but it does reveal how much Moxey's supernova-sized ego has been battered over the last dreadful, dreadful 18 months.

Absolutely not one bit.


be lucky last two seasons.autumn and winter.gone before the xmas lights come down


No he didn't. He was making a tongue in cheek joke about Wolves announcing the Manager before Chelsea!

And, with Chelsea expected to confirm the return of Jose Mourinho as manager this week, Moxey joked: “I want to apologise to Chelsea Football Club.

"I usurped their announcement of the return of the Special One by announcing the arrival of Wolverhampton Wanderers’ ‘Special One’, Kenny Jackett, as head coach"

Stop running Wolves down at every opportunity and report on the club properly

Numpty Hunter

Darlo forget it mate, most of the numpties on here ain't happy unless they are tearing the club to ribbons.

Think most level headed supportive fans understood the humour, the rest just want to use everything that comes out of the club as another excuse to continue adding to the demise!!!!

All of the credible national media that I have seen applaud the managerial traits of KJ, personally I don't know enough about him but am happy to see what he can offer!



Darlo...........How soon we forget

Moxey is still at the club whilst he's in charge we may get out of the division next season ....but we will never ever get any real success because what he lacks is any real heart for this club of ours.

Moxey is the problem

spanish ray

Morgan couldn`t even bother to attend."Club business" took him away, which club Morgan? Liverpool? What a wonderful Chairman we have.


So this appointment is Moxey's choice.

His special one.

If he fails then Moxey has failed.

If Jackett goes then so must Moxey.

That has to be a fact of this appointment.

I hope his choice is good and we get promoted but then again with the squad and the money the club has, then surely any muppet could be successful.

Good luck anyhow Kenny

We all await.

Farmer Ted

Can't agree with your opening statement. It appears to me that the footballing side of the role was initially sorted by Kevin Thelwell and as the list shortened Moxey and Morgan were bound to get involved. The final interview would undoubtedly have been about finance, salary, bonuses, transfers in and out etc, etc and any Wolves supporter who thinks Moxey , as financial director ( like him or loathe him) would not be involved along with his Chairman is misguided.

That's a long way from "So this is Moxey's choice"

The problem is that there is such ill feeling towards the two of them because of the hash they have made of things, that they can't do right for doing wrong. The only way to judge if they've 'seen the light' and this selection process, Kenny Jackett AND the two MMs are right will be retrospectively.

Do wholeheartedly agree with your last sentiments.


surprise, surprise. You won't publish something from a REAL Wolves fan that doesn't fit your anti-Wolves agenda

sports giant

Well if you were to post something sensible they might


When asked on SSN about the poll in the E&S regarding the poll on the next head coach and seeing Kenny Jackett finished 3rd did he (Jez Mozey) not take the fans views into mind? "No" was his blunt answer and started waffling on about something completely different.

I agree with other people on here, I will give the new head coach my backing this season as I have done with the others BUT I will not be utterly happy until Jez Moxey has gone from our club because he has not got a footballing mind only a business mind Nd that business mind is running our club into the ground with cheap cheap decisions and the wrong ones at that. I just hope Kevin Thelwells input in this descision has been good!

luke skywalker

Welcome & good Luck Kenny!

Worse than the Bhattis!


Ed of shrew

Worse than the bhattis! All your comments r spot on .MOXEY OUT! He looks like that Kim bloke from North Korea !!!!


Was not my choice but he is here, lets hope he brings with him his own backroom staff for we need a complete clear out of players and staff. That done we can look to the future and get some good results.


What a pity that Moxey couldn't find a tie to go with his new Jackett


The Hype has started!


A rolling 1 year contract doesn't spell SPECIAL ONE to me.....

Kenny Hibbitts Left Foot

Lets all hope he proves any doughters wrong, just cant help thinking where our ambition lies, 18 months ago we could have survived in the Prem if it hadn't been for penny pinching!!! Now look where we are......... Moxey out!!!


First come first served, the job is yours.

Sir Billy Quiet

KJ can rely on my 100% support.

101 chicken chow mein

after all the duds you appointed moxley i think you should wait before making your stupid comments again. not my first choice but good luck kenny, hope it works out.

Bruce, Trinidad

Let's give KJ a chance, although with Moxey looking over his shoulder it won't be easy. I note that KJ has a good record of managing teams in cup competitions. Dare we hope for an end to the practice of the last half dozen seasons of disinterest in cups and humiliations for a reserve team that doesn't seem to be bothered. I know that promotion is the priority, but does that really mean tepid cup games?


And, if he is a success, presumably you will be back on these Boards hailing Moxey as the orchestrator of the Wolves turnaround? No, I'd lay good money that you won't.

I'll be honest, if Jackett gets rid of O'Hara, Johnson, Henry and the others who have been stealing a living, then he'll have done better than the Managers before him. These are the true villians of the whole episode, not Moxey


Come back Dean, all is forgiven!


My prediction for next season? Around Xmas it will be 'Jackett get your coat.'

Danny Crainie Double 83

Swap the name Clarke for Jackett and i think you're pretty close, my little Dudley Steptoe friend.


Naa, ya missed it. Should 'av bin "Kenny get Jackett". And it won't take as long as 18 months!

Moxey muppet OUT!

Brains from Thunderbirds

Baggie Boy....

It is spelt "Priory"

But then you wouldn't know that coming from there.

Sir Billy Quiet

There must be a joke about Moxey and his oversize Jacket but I will let others dive in.......

Stour wolf

Until the cancer is cut from the mol which is you mr moxey it dosnt matter who is boss


Is Moxey willing to share his selection criteria with the fans? It seems to differ from the majority? However, the new head coach deserves all the support people can give. He's here now so we would be pretty stupid not too. Let's hope we're in the top 6 come Xmas or things might get sticky again? UTW


i agree completely goldonwonders absolute joke saying he's the special one this is not a time for jokes but hard work the fact moxey is in the spotlight yet again sums up that our club is run by him and only him he's fooled everyone yet again. Football has changed dramatically in the last 20 years how we are run is stuck in that era. Jackett may well be the one good decison in a while when you look at what he has achieved at swansea and millwall and we are in a more stable financial position. So for the football we should support the team however i feel that change needs to be made behind the scenes both looking at improving the team both on and off the field looking at more financial input aswell as letting the fans have there say.


I'm wondering what incedibly important stuff steve morgan "unable to be at the unveiling because he's on CLUB business in london" was engaged in, that was more important that a 5th manager/coach decision (4th hiring) in 18 months. I suppose, like all of us, he's embarrassed at smiling and uttering lines such as "here's our special one, to tale us up up and sway"


The more I look at the photocall picture of our Mr Moxey and New Head Coach Kenney Jacket I wonder, where did you get that jacket, just look at those sleeves, come on, have some pride in your appearance, Mr Moxey.


Pity we can't get jenson button too. A jacket and a button together what a combination.

Filtonwolf (Bristol)

Jez............................please SHUT UP !! You have already made a mockery out of this once great club of ours. Do not drag it any lower.


I think it would be a good idea too get them rolled up. Sleeves are not a good idea this coming season


1 year rolling contract hardly signals long-term planning. I guess it is long term when you compare it to TC's campaign, or even SS/DS. I would like to wish Kenny luck and I truly hope fans can unite behind him.

That said, his success will depend on the dual directors of relegations in Kevin Thelwell and Jez Moxey. I'm left wondering now who decides which players will be moved on? How much of a role did Jezin Moxwell have in the purchase of players like EGGERT Jonnsson? If we can't cancel their contracts can they be put to work in other ways e.g. ticket collector at the new museum or waiter in the new bar? To appease fans under-performing players could be sent out as helping hands to Wolves fans, a bit like community service, but for crimes against football fans.

I can't help thinking if Stale had survived the year he would have got rid of all of the troublemakers and bought in better players. Have to say his player recruitment was strong, but a mismatch with Mick's players that couldn't think in an open way to playing new ways.

Good luck Kenny, welcome to Wolves I hope the baggage of failure that surrounds the club is a thing of the past.


Jackett: will he blazer path to the premiership.


SBQ, KJ can also rely on my 100% support, he wasn't my first choice, but we should all back him, lets hope he proves us all wrong. UTW:

King Kenny or Jackett Potatoe?

Nice to see Morgan not showing his face!! No better way of passing the blame when things go wrong again

Stephen Morley

Mr Moxey are you seriously telling us there were 74 worse appliicants than Mr

Jacket, oh dear division 2 here we come !!!!!!!!!


While Jez and his remarks make me cringe, I'll put that to one side for the moment and say welcome and all the best to KJ. His achievements with whatever team he puts out will have a say in how cheerful I am likely to be in the coming months. Good luck mate, make us happy.


Happy with your appointment then Jez, hopefully will be more successful than your other appointmenst 'terry connor', 'stolbakken' and 'saunders'. KJ now needs to be given time and money and have total control of all footballing decisions which means jez keep to what u do best, counting cash...


Watch you back Kenny, Moxey's smiling. Oh and 75 did apply saw they would be working with Moxey and 74 withdrew applications.

quality counts

Yea special, working for peanuts while the fat lady keeps his paycheck intact...


Here we go again the numbnuts calling for Moxey/Morgan to leave not once have the idiots come up with credible alternatives.

I will surport the manager and i wish him well.

spanish rayr

Shut up Moxey you idiot.


for all who are saying, its the cheap option, erm no its not.

kenny clearly states that he has arrived on his own but will make recommendations for other staff.

plus the compensation paid to milwall f.c.



I think its a great choice to have Kenny Jackett here! Firstly there are plenty of managers in the leagues on rolling contracts - its good for both parties. We have to realise where we are as a club and that's league one.

Kenny Jackett has lots of experience with Millwall and Swansea in this league who didn't have much money and he got them both up and left them in a better situation than he found them. Millwall had no money what so ever last season and if the board would have bought the on loan players they had last season they may have well reached the playoffs (where they were for a while).

I expect some good, hard working and honest players to be brought in this season - something we need! He has my support and cant wait for next season.


give the bloke a chance if he cor see how poor our superstars am and dont get rid of them (we no who they are)then he will be struglin.cant think who is worst buckland or henry,sorry to upset ya mark


Folks trying to knock Mr Jacket, but he is a good bet for league one, good luck.

I dislike Moxey but his comment was tongue in cheek.

Maybe Moxey will be having the last laugh if our Special one proves to be.

Good job the spelling and grammar police are silent tonight they would have a field day.

cannock wolf

lets give a chance we can get no worse

Hertfordshire Wolf

Good luck Kenny I think this is a decent appointment given the circumstances.

Needs time and support of board, fans.

By the way is Moxey quite possibly the biggest prat I football (the joke about Chelsea)


I'm on holiday at the moment. Having to catch up with the news whenever I can. Must say I've never been so underwhelmed by the news that Jacko is the new manager. Hardly a thriller, eh? Wonder is his assitant will be called Bubbles by any chance? Wouldn't surprise me if he is as Moxey has been treating the fans like monkeys for so long.

Wake me up again when something interesting happens.


Get real we are in division 1 now support the club Wolverhampton Wanderers.If we all stick together we will get there. like in the past, give the Manager a chance and see what kind of football we play. Then have your say untill then give him a chance. The players let us down, time now for some of them to move on only those that want to play for the shirt, should stay. Lets all move on and show the rest of the division, what Wolves fans are realy like. Up the Wolves. Garry

Sir Billy Quiet (the real one)

I do not support the new manager




I detest Moxey.

Nothing more to be said........



Christ, these pics of today's press conference are some of the saddest I've ever seen. Three plastic chairs, one reporter and a Wolves hoarding that looks like it's about to fall over


Jez Moxey the luckiest man in Football. Today the snake oil salesman was again in his element.

Bronzed and barely able to button up his jacket , yes this is a man whose been haunted by the past 2 years.

Steve Morgan - you just don't 'get it'. You had a chance to lance the boil and blew it.

KJ I wish you well.


As Mr Morgan will not sell the club to somone who is capable of running it and Mr Moxey refuses to resign lets get behind the new manager as he deserves a chance. Let us not be negative like our players were last season.

woolfie 4371

If this is the best available appointment then god help us cause we're going to need it. The word boring comes to mind in this appointment. As for the special one my a*** , kj will be gone before next season I reckon. Wake me up when he's gone.

Putza Shiftin

special [ˈspɛʃəl]


1. distinguished, set apart from, or excelling others of its kind

2. (prenominal) designed or reserved for a particular purpose a special tool for working leather

3. not usual or commonplace

4. (prenominal) particular or primary his special interest was music

Or perhaps a really special offer ... a manager with his last chance to impress having had the worst form as a manager in the division since the new year other than Dean Saunders.


noticed the press conference was kept away from the ground? couldnt have anything to do with possible flak poxey would recieve. his stupid comment today sums the bloke up,after special one comment he stated he listens to what fans say. well if that is the case, WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE?


Special one has an average 40% winning reckord. Smells like prem football...


What a shambles! Moxey couldn't be bothered to wear a tie for such an important announcement in front of the media and decided to wear a jacket that in about three years time (and when he has devoured all the excess pies that are not sold at the games), he should be able to squeeze into.

As for Morgan not being present, that simply shows you the complete lack of interest that he has in the club. No excuses! Too busy making money for the club............... my $%#!!!!


We will see how special he is if and when they get back in the championship

Joe Wilson's clog

The sheer affrontary of this man Moxey!He has failed to put up his hand and accept his responsibility in Wolves' demise as well as going on as though nothing has happened.I've got news for you Moxey!The majority of fans are not fooled.The club cannot move forward until Moxey is on his bike.

Inside News

First signing will be Andy Keogh for a nominal fee. You heard it here first.


If you were Andy, would you come back?


No wonder more experienced managers shied away.......again the only type of contract Wolves offer is a rolling 12 month!

Well, what does that show then? Long term commitment from the club to find a decent guy to plan long term?

It only shows Morgans get out clause if Ken does not get success. We will soon see after 12 matches or so when Morgan becomes impatient and sacking rumours fly around! Morgan is just not a footballing man......period! Moxey out!


Just watched the video. Ken Seems a positive bloke but the fact that Moxey spouted that he has signed a 12 month rolling contract as that is the Wolves Policy! is typical of there short term thinking.

Well that IS NOT commitment for the long term and obviously players may be thinking well the boss maybe sacked if we do not get the expected results! and it starts all over again!

Morgan and Moxey are nothing more than hire and fire clowns! This is not change in any stretch of the is nothing more than a renaming exercise. Get behind the team whoever they may be....Yes! But I feel yet again we are seeing bulls..t in action.

Good luck Ken!


If he is the 'special one' then moxey needs to give him the money to spend to get us back to the premier league


I realised last night - look at the picture of these two, draw a bowler hat on both of them and its Laurel and Hardy - 'another fine mess'!??

Seriously I hope not; I will support Wolves - and Kenny Jackett, I will give him an opportunity to turn things around as all we fans should do. Regardless of the many views he's not the man, we've got him, so come on Wolves fans unite, support and wait until we have reason to criticise. IF that time comes then it's Moxey whose head we should be calling for - whether you include Morgan in that is down to you!


I am working in Texas and flew out of Heathrow at the weekend.

At the next departure gate to mine was a flight to Orlando and Mickey Mouse was there waiting to board.

Don't laugh, "He was wearing a Jez Moxey watch'


Hilarious Jez, My sides are aching with laughter, Hey ask the blind faithful if they have heard the one about ten Englishman, Irishman, and Scotsman.

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