Phil Parkinson the man for Wolves - Mark McGhee

Phil Parkinson was today tipped as a contender to revive Wolves’ fortunes as the club take their time to get the right man.

Soccer - Capital One Cup - Semi Final - Second Leg - Aston Villa v Bradford City - Villa Park

The 45-year-old Bradford City boss has enhanced his reputation after taking the Bantams to the League Cup final and the League Two play-off final, where they face Northampton in nine days’ time.

Kenny Jackett, the 5-2 favourite,  remains the name being firmly linked with Wolves on the footballing grapevine.

The club’s deliberately-worded statement pointing out the need to make the right choice and the management of the recruitment process by Kevin Thelwell suggests they will take their time.

After the Steve Morgan-driven appointments of Stale Solbakken and Dean Saunders, former Wolves boss Mark McGhee believes the Molineux hot-seat remains a great job – and reckons Parkinson would be idea.

The Scotland assistant manager said: "It’s a great job – no-one should have any fears going in there. Someone like Phil Parkinson would be ideal.

“He can get a team out of this division and that’s an advantage to Wolves. I know Phil well – I took him to Reading as a player.

“He’s really competitive and has the right personality for Wolves.  He has an aggressive side to him but he has a great work ethic which is exactly what they need at Wolves.

“The difficulty would be getting him out of Bradford if they get promoted.”

Peterborough boss Darren Ferguson is another name being linked, although Posh chairman Darragh MacAnthony is confident the former Wolves midfielder will remain at London Road.

McGhee thinks Ferguson, who played under him at Molineux, would also be a good fit for Wolves.

He said: "Darren has that connection and his dad now has the time to give him more advice so he would have an ally in the stands.

Meanwhile, Wolves Player of the Year Bakary Sako has been linked with Aston Villa, Norwich and Fulham.

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Comments for: "Phil Parkinson the man for Wolves - Mark McGhee"


Why would he come to us,if we were to lose 3 games our fans or should I say clowns would be calling for his head.

The Real Bangkok Wolf


The Real London Wolf

I agree - though I would not have expressed your views in those terms!

IMO, one major cause of our demise has been an element of our so called fans who have a death wish for the club. They caused so much negativity that they pressurised SM into really bad decisions & demoralised the team that I have supported for 66 years.

They even started baying for MM to be sacked BEFORE the begining of the season in which we were relegated.

Continuity with the right manager ( or should I say Head Coach!) is vital (Look at Sir Alec)

Let's find the right Head Coach & get behind him & hope to bounce back into the Championship! The real challenge is to find anyone good who would work for us!



Why do so many want to have a go at their own fans did you not go to Brighton. We're as good fans as anyone notice how Albion were on Clark's back when they went on that run. I hope you aren't going to tell me you think Saunders was a good appointment ?? All we want is a manager who plays good football and is strong enough to get rid of the cliques at the club. And Real London Wolf MM should have gone before the end of that season as he's proved himself to be inept at managing anything other than a relegation battle year in year out. + you haven't really got a point as what did happen at the end of the relegation season ????

The Real London Wolf


I criticise AN ELEMENT of our so called fans who called for MM to be dismissed prior to our Premier relegation season. I would add that they ALSO wanted him out the year we were promoted from the Championship.

I am suggesting that ALL parties have contributed to our current situation. (The Board, the players and SOME fans.)

Morale is a key element necessary for success especially in football. Continual "nasty" criticism inevitably has the "desired" effect - we loose!

Perhaps these so called fans were Tescos in disguise?


Tipton Wolves

If Bradford get promotion I don't think he would want to come to wolves and as for young Ferguson I'm not sure about him.


If we are to lose Sako who was our best player last season and again the only player worth a large transfer fee can we do a Sainsbury's

Buy one get one free with either Johnson and or O'Hara included in the deal.

Are we a buying club or a selling club

Last year we sold our best three players.

Will we ever learn. Something to look forward to sell our best players again and next season be bottom of Division 1


Its funny guys like you still haven't grasped the inevitability of losing your best players. You simply can't just hold onto the best in the Championship, if you go they just won't put in a shift as McCarthy would have called it. What do you want them to do, sign some premier quality in the championship in league 1? Funnily enough the players of that standard are playing in the premier league. You get the best money you can possible at the time. Stop living in the past...


Are we a buying club or a selling club?

We are a 1st Division Club with a sub £30m turnover and a £25m wage bill. Under the financial fair play rules a club at our level can have a wage bill of no more than 60% of turnover. That’s going to add up to £15m - £16m for us. In simple terms we want be able to buy untill we have sold enough payers to reduce the wage bill by £10m.


Why we ever ended up with a 40 man squad god only knows..Trim it to 25 maximum and flog the rest


Let's hope for the maximum 60% of £30 million. That is £18 million. Can the £16 million parachute payment be included in turnover? If it is I am sure some of it will be used to manage the difference between Championship turnover and that of Div 1

Baz from Perth

Well it looks like we will have loads of cash left over again, with the parachute payment at around 16mil that will probably be more than we are allowed to spend..I can hear Moxey spelling it out to the board room. Whats wrong here? we are in a sound financial is king!


we need to understand that we can't afford the clowns. We have to let them go and see if we can break the bank and keep the kids, davis, sigurdson, and maybe griffiths. We'll be turned over for everyone else, as we cant afford the wages.

Wake up, use the kids, bring in a couple and the guys above. We'll get back to the championship then, but the rest need to go asp, so that a new coach can mould the team

captain sensible

Mark Mcghee, intials MM. Are we going to take advice from cheque book charlie i hope not. Were in a big enough mess already. Wouldnt mind Fergie Junior, he has done great things at the Posh and we need great things done here. Still would anyone want to manage here after our track record ?


Fergie has achieved Great things?they were relegated with us wern't they?didn't he also get p.n.e relegated also.yeh really great.lets get downing in from the boggies.pshycho would shake em up and ship out the wasters.

Chris Camp

Terrible if Sako leaves - what sort of contract is he on. We need all the better players to stay if we are to have any chance of promotion,

Ilkeston Wolf

Bet its unlikely to be 4 years like the contracts we are saddled with on McCarthys dross.

Balham Wolf

Sako is a quality player who sadly will be off and who can blame him. The really frightening prospect is that players like Henry, O'Hara, Johnson, Edwards, Ward, Foley, Hunt, Doyle who are all on descent wages will be difficult to move on- WHO WOULD WANT THIS BUNCH OF OVER PAID PRIMA DONNAS WITH TWO CONSECUTIVE RELEGATIONS ON THEIR CV?

The debacle continues.....


Totally correct, mate. They are failures and who the hell would BUY them. I wish Henry would blow the gaff on how come Mr McCarthy's Boys capitualted!

The Voice of Reason

The last thing we want is advice from Mr Mcgoo.


A recommendation from the bloke who spent millions of pounds on the likes of Simon Osbourne, Steve Corica, Michael Gilkes and Robert Nistroj?

If it's all the same Mark, you can keep them. Ta.

The Nerd

I think those players showed a lot more desire than this shower. Anyways Simon Osbourne was ok, and didn't he sign David Kelly?

whitmore wolf

I thought Simon Osbourne was Karl Henry's mentor, always passing sideways and backwards. And as for Mark McGee the FA cup match semi against Arsenal he left Robbie Keen and Steve Bull on the bench and played Steve Claridge up front, much to Arsene Wenger's relief, that was one of baffling selections he made when he was in charge.

Ilkeston Wolf

Just when you thought we had finally heard the words Mark McGhee and Wolves uttered in the same breath for the last time.


I just wish Jez Moxey wasn't part of the selection process. Thelwell is the only football man involved, but is he enough? I'd like to think that such as Graham Taylor (who knows our club and has managed to retain a soft spot for us despite all) might be consulted behind the scenes.


Grow up Turnip tried to sell Bully.


& you call for 'him' to grow up?........

JTC - Chasetown

Who is Kevin Thelwell to make a decision. What's he done? Is he any good? What's his pedigree? The board should be seeking advise from more credible and more knowledgeable football personnel.

English Exile

Yeah, like Ian Rush and Jan Molby....


JTC. He is from Liverpool. Nuff said.

Nikky nokky noo

Exactly right. But they won't. We are going to end up with another fall guy.

Killarney Wof

I asked these same questions days ago. Never heard of Kevin Thelwell.

As for McGhee he has been a total disaster every club he served.

We headhunted McGhee from Leicester whch caused great friction.

McGhee brought his own crew with him, Colin Lee total waste of space.

Leicester replaced McGhee with Martin O'Neill, who was a great success, but needed a large cheque book almost bankrupt the club.

Bristol Rovers are blessed they sacked McGhee about 4 months ago.

Ex Wolves man John Ward got his job and turned their season around.

McGhee should keep his nose out of it. The same goes for our present

failures. McGhee has been a managerial failure.

Going back to 1969 we sacked Ronnie Allen brought in McGarry from Ipswich. Ipswich hired Bobby Robson, aclass act.

Once again Wolves Got it wrong.


I think he has been at Wolves about 5 years and done a great job with the academy lads.

Dave O


Brazil Wolf



Here Here!!


Of course they won't because they might be seen to be impartial and not in Jez's pocket

Colin Gooch-Strauss





Nice to see Colin hasn't lost the power of constructive criticism.


For people commenting on here about losing big names/players, I would suggest that after the last few seasons they would not be much of a loss and are few and far between? We may have to give people away to get them out of here but I would suggest that we might move on the following:- Hennessey De Vries Ikeme Foley Johnson Ward Sako Hunt Henry Edwards Ebanks-Blake Berra. If we do the wage bill goes down massively and we still might get £10-15m in transfer fees? What we are left with is a side like this and we can add a few:-

McCarey Doherty Batth Margreitter Elokobi Sigurdarson Davis Doumbia Boukari Griffiths Cassidy


Personally, I would offer the job of Head Coach to Graham Turner of Shrewsbury; our best manager since I have been on this earth (29 years)!

Then bring in a young and hungry assistant coach to work with Turner who will then inherit the manager's role when Turner retires.

I think giving a young, inexperienced manager the head coach role straight away could be a huge mistake.

Neilo M'Boro Wolf

I've said it before and I'll say it again, if it's a head coach we are looking for and we want to keep our BEST players then RAY WILKINS is the man with a up and coming young manager as his number 2. Siggy as already he wants to stay who will follow him.

mistey wolf

Agree with you Neill, Ray Wilkins would be a great choice for wolves.,He might even except the chance to coach the players here. It would give him a chance to get on the management ladder and always comes over as a confident coach and has great experience and

Contact's.yes please.

Joe 90

From the "twitter" of SAKO the other day he was quite happy at Wolves and loved the fans. Surely he is on a contract long enough to help us get up the leagues. He should not be allowed to go and in any case that is a decision for the new man who hopefully knows a little bit more about football than MOXEY and co.


We are a 1st Division Club with a sub £30m turnover and a £25m wage bill. Under the financial fair play rules a club at our level can have a wage bill of no more than 60% of turnover. In the simplest terms we need to sell anyone who can be sold or face a transfer embargo. Simple as.


is this the same mark mcgee who stood up in the reading social club after they had beaten us,and said we will be back here again next year in this room celebrating promotion. what happened mark??????????????????????


I remember your recommendations on Steve Corica..!!

Steve M.

Please NO!!!!! I am a Wolves fan based in East Yorkshire and I remember when Phil Parkinson got the Hull City job. Way out of his depth and a complete disaster, very much like Mark McGhee was at Wolves. He should keep his nose out.

goo gooo gagaga

i believe that thelwell is experienced although he is still an up and coming coach with his experience at derby academy etc etc. Yet there is always a chance that an appointment will not come off i think a manager with youth development pedigree is a must!!!! albeit the lesson that must be learnt from the past 4 years is that you need a massive turnover in players in the premiership to compete signing players on 5 year contracts is economically suicide as what happens if a player gets injured? i think 2-3 year deals is a max...also look at teams in the bottom half of the prem wigan and norwich will have the losest wages then other teams will be trying to impose a physicla side to there team such as newcastle and stoke. villa have had two good performances and are 13th in the league!!!! Crazy.. see we need to get our brand of football that is attacking with two wingers back then enough quality in order to shock our opponents we do not have that at the moment the creativity in the middle of the park is look a yaya for citeh i know amazing player but the basic of running into space creates opportunities henry does not know which way is forward!!!! either running or passing. plus i think sako should be kept even if its only until jan lets get as many points as possible lets become unbeatable lets become unplayable lets become what people dread meeting week in week out if we lose we lose after the other team have been battered not as if its a friendly in the algarve!!! UTW

Cadey (SE Asia)

I think the first thing that needs to happen is for Jez Moxey to leave the club. The fans hate this guy and will never accept him, no matter what. They must then choose the man to lead this once great team next season. Massive changes to personel need to be made, with young, hungry players, given their chance. I hope Mr Morgan doesn't take the cheap option as he has done after Mccarthy. The outstanding candidate out there is Owen Coyle. He is the dynamic manager Wolves need to lead them out of league 1.

Terry King

An open vote is an interesting concept of how to run a club, I assume those voting are buying shares first or do they just want to vote on someone else does with their money. I assume those who vote will be the same people who sang the praises of Mick M, and then slated him, who sang that Solbakken hated the Albion and then called for his head, and the same people who chanted support for Dean S and the team at Brighton, despite knowing that they had already had a bad season, but soon resorted to type and called them all the names they could muster?

Wolves will not return to glory until our fans support the team, not destroy the confidence of the team and what next year will be a young team. Any manager at the Molineux has had to attempt to build team spirit after the attacks not of the press and the away fans, but from its own "supporters".


Parky won't go to wolves. He's happy at Bradford, he's already turned down the Blackpool job and intends to stay with us and "do a reading" and get city back up the leagues!



Fair point but the Wolves job is probably the biggest job outside the Premiership? The problem for any candidate is that they would have to work for the muppets - Morgan and Moxey!

You can't beat blowing your own trumpet


The biggest job outside the Premiership? Are you mad? It's a small club job these days with Brighton, Watford, Leicester, Crystal Palace all more successful and more stable. Get used to it, the last glory days were when Gray scored in the old League Cup.

It is this unwillingness to face reality which makes me laugh. Call it League 1 if you will, it's actually Division 3. With the limited talent in the squad and restrictions he will undoubtedly face it is going to need a manager with broad shoulders, thick skin and a talent for completely rebuilding morale in players and supporters. The issue is going to be getting a manager that ticks all the boxes but is willing to come to a failing club with rude and impatient "supporters" who will boo the first time a goal goes in against them and then spend the rest of the season calling for the manager's head. Poisoned chalice for whoever comes in, heaven help them.


Leeds, Forest, Leicester, Birmingham etc. might have something to say about that claim. They've all been in the Premier League, some for longer than Wolves, some have a more illustrious past and some have more cash than Wolves.

That arrogance got you where you are today - League One - and STILL your fans think you're seriously in contention to have the likes of O'neill as manager. Truly baffling.


Does not realy have a good ring to it, that chant!

I would say that Wolves would be on more shaky ground......

Get Di Matteo in quickly before we appoint some unknown cheapo stop gap.

By the way, how much money have Wolves spent on paying ex-mamager's off? Could have bought some good players.........

Mr Financial clout( nee Moxey) how much?? Tell the fans how financially adept/inept Wolves are!

Express and Star - find out Tim Nash?


Brazil Wolf

To appoint a League1 coach / manager, like appointing a Championship Coach / Manager is to my mind very short sighted. If we did appoint such a person from the lower leagues we will have to appoint again when we return to the Premiership. So why not bite the bullet now and appoint a Head Coach from the Premiership and give him a contract sufficiently good enough to see the job through to the Prem.

If Morgan has a vision and the passion and drive to see Wolves back in the Prem, he will know it makes sense.

Chris N

Premiership style coach/manager would demand premier wages and we can't pay it. The new financial regulations are there to stop clubs spending their way out of a division so even with the parachute payment we can't spend it.


The concept of the "Open Vote" proposed by Brazil Wolf, would I imagine be purely for indicating to the Board and the Management the deep rooted mistrust, fans and supporters have of Mr Moxey's involvement in particular and the direction the Board seems to want to tread, making the same mistakes over and over again. It would not involve trying to make Wolverhampton Wanderers a collective like the Co-op, but would be a vehicle to highlight to the Owner, the deep unrest and the right decisions he needs to make to get the club, fans , management, players and staff all pulling for the good of the Wolves cause.


Here's another name for you terry butcher.....done well at Inverness Coley with no money...some shrewd buys, loans, free transfers and youngsters. Davis did well on loan before being recalled.

He would put some pride into our players and they would get short shrift if they didn't show it.

Cheshire wolf

I'm sorry but none of the names mentioned impress me or give me any confidence except one. For me there is only one choice and that would be Steve Davies of Crewe. 1. He is from the midlands area and a Wolves fan. 2. He has done wonders at Crewe bringing in youth. 3. He only spent £100k and made £6m in player sales. 4. He's has played at championship level and lower league level so understands what is required to get promoted

Loyal Danish Wolves

If we cant persude Sir Alex to take a year or two ;-) so what about Peter Schmeichel? He really wants to be manager in England!

69yr dispairing supporter

managers come and managers go moxeys there forever he is morgans no one man

Mature Wolf

Gary Neville- without doubt

Paul Terry

Sir Alex Ferguson or Alex Ferguson as he was known in 1986 was interviewed for the Wolves Managers job in 1986 and our board turned him down in favour of Graham Turner.. Not that Graham didnt do well but look what could have been. Also when the Owners from Man City we're looking to buy a football club some 6-7 years ago Sir Jack was approached and he only wanted ot sell to English people. We also trialed Ole Gunnar Solskjaer before he went to MUFC as we couldnt afford the £900k for him so Mark McGhee told hes best Man SAF .. the rest is history... Need I go on..


Money has been the biggest problem with wolves since sir jack got his cheque book out and bought players instead of the stadium. Taylor was about the best at picking up star players for little money. Not one manager has been able to attract enough quality with the use of big money that didn't get injured. We need a Nigel Clough type manager who will now build with youth and experience but who the board must trust 100% with football issues, Alex Ferguson was one game from being sacked at MUFC and went on to run the club from the top, we need someone with WWFC at heart and lead the club forward with our passion... Passion is what inspires others. This next decision is massive, Jackett - no, Ferguson - possibly. Moxey left stoke and they are an established premier league team now, if I was Mr Morgan I'd start by giving him his P45 first as last.


Keep your nose out of our buisiness Mcghee, you have enough problems trying to sought out Scotland, without trying to sought ours. Now you have mentioned Parkinson we don't want him. O'neill, Coyle, Mcleish, Curbishley or Di Matteo or youngsters like Phil Neville, Darren Ferguson with Mel Eves as football director. COME ON WOLVES.

West Ham Mick

You can have Big Sam if you want !